Uzbek Imam Declares That Thinking Of Another Man During Sex Will Make Children Gay

 The Imam declared

“For example, women are fantasizing about handsome Turkish soap opera actors. There are many such posts on social media by some married women. It’s like having three people taking part in the [sexual] intercourse. . . . Men, too, are not allowed to imagine another beautiful woman when they are having sexual intercourse with their wives, because this may lead to the birth of a lesbian child.”

Saifutdinov is also a professor at the Tashkent Imam Al-Bukhari Islamic Institute and advocates what he says is a “moderate” form of Islam.

You can see the video as part of this article.

37 thoughts on “Uzbek Imam Declares That Thinking Of Another Man During Sex Will Make Children Gay”

  1. Okay, here’s something to ponder. If Uzbek imam Rahmatulloh Saifutdinov declares that women who think of other men during sex will produce gay babies, does this mean that if a lesbian thinks of a man during sex with her lesbian partner that she will eventually conceive heterosexual babies via in vitro fertilization?

  2. What this one iman has said is no different then of religious cults like Tony Perkins, or Pat Robertson or Billy and Franklin Graham has said.

  3. This is just a way to blame the mother if her child is born gay.

    They are stuck in Medieval times.

  4. Bent people got no reason to live. Think of Marilyn Monroe when you have sex without a rubber.

  5. Okay, so, we can expect an entire thread lambasting this imam’s beliefs, not to mention, his snappy taste in fashion–quite predictable. Given that certainty, I just couldn’t resist in contributing an alternate, unconventional–and, I suspect, highly controversial–angle, which, I anticipate, will not be mentioned, discussed or included in this list of comments.

    So, to begin, no, I don’t agree with or adhere to this individual’s convictions, but, in an age, where we, as a society, are finally–after much resistance–beginning to embrace the once foreign notion of the mind/body connection, the question, which must be posed, is this. . .how truly regressive, or progressive, is this imam’s thought process? A visit to one’s local library or neighborhood bookstore will reveal shelves of books touting and promoting the mind/body connection, whereby one is persuaded and, to an extent, admonished, to embrace the immense, incredible, untapped and, still, mostly mysterious, power of the mind over one’s body. A concept which was, previously, in the West, poo-pooed and ridiculed as freaky, if not, just downright weird. Now, after much research, meditation, –once reserved for what we called, gurus–is openly, commonly and proudly prescribed and encouraged as being a method, which, when followed, religiously, can elicit various physical changes in the human body. Yes. The power of the mind–alone–unleashed to bring about measurable and verifiable physical changes in the human body. A once laughable and bizarre concept, now, being embraced and stamped with widespread approval in the medical community. The power of prayer–again, nothing more than, in essence, the power of thought and the power of the mind–which was once painted as belonging to the realm of religious nuts, is now revealed to bring about dramatic and, previously, unknown, physical manifestations–changes in heart rate, blood pressure, etc. It wasn’t so long ago, in the distant past, that claims of meditation or prayer, being responsible for improving one’s health or manipulating a heart rate, would be dismissed as ludicrous.

    This imam, whether we admit it or not–which we won’t, because it is too much fun to ridicule him–is simply taking the concept, of the mind/body connection, to an extreme extent. A fervent belief that one’s thoughts can, and do, influence and manipulate what occurs in the human body. If we believe that our minds are powerful enough to bring about physical changes in the body, then his claims, on the power of thought, only diverge in the degree to which he is willing to take his claims.

    Just a different perspective, folks.

    1. I agree with you. That was a good analysis.

      Let me add, if I may, the point is, the Imam is working to get people to have better attitudes. Isn’t that what our Mainstream Press and Liberal media and Liberal academia do all the time? Try to influence us to think what they want us to think. no matter how stupid.

      Look at all the insanity we are bombarded with on transgenders, for just one example. We are told that some dude thinks he is really a woman inside, and damn all scientific evidence to the contrary, the NYT pumps out that garbage on a regular basis. We are told, as women, that if we don’t want some dude with a dick peeing in our restrooms, we are transphobic! All of this in an era when we are also being told that we, as women, are under assault by the males in our society. No sh*t, Sherlock! We have to let ex-men wrestle on the girls wrestling team, or chicks taking testosterone get away with it.

      The difference is, the Poor Uzbeki only has to hear this in the Mosque, and not on every TV show he watches, where it is built into the story line like it is here in America.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  6. It’s a theory that needs testing. Has anyone conducted controlled experiments?

  7. Yeah. Go around to the other side of the world and criticize muslims or whomever. Leave us alone here in America, the home of the brave and free. I am an 8th Day Dog Adventist. We believe that on the 8th Day God Created Dog and Put Dog On Earth To Guide Humans. Dog Spelled Backwards is God.

    So, do not get started on us on this blog.

  8. “a “disease that worries the world community.”” – what does this crazy imam stuck in medieval fundamentalism know about the rest of the world?

    1. Autumn – anyone who thinks like that has a direct pipeline to God.

  9. roughly 50% of us here in the US have similar thoughts, so why go half way around the world to find a stupid imam and write about his thoughts

    1. Because it should serve to remind people of exactly what you said. That too many humans are willing to believe anything that another confidently repeats over and over.

  10. Yeah. Religious nutcases. I went to a Catholic University and the dumb priests their thought that Jesus was born but Mary and Joseph, his parents, did not have sex. I suggested at the time that perhaps there was some sperm interjected into Mary but the priest was outraged.

    1. Liberty2nd – did you get to the part where he had siblings?

  11. From all the vast personal experience this Imam has with “sex”, it’s surprising he hasn’t gone blind.

  12. Fortunately we don’t have a religious nutcase as vice president, who subscribes to the wonders of conversion therapy. That imam is oh so different.

    Religion is tyranny — either imposed by others, or worse, self-imposed.

    1. Exactly. Which is my fear about impeaching Trump. If we do so, we will have a President with a direct line to “god” and his “god” can tell him to do anything and he must obey. If you think Trump is scary, you should be very afraid of mister mini pence with his direct line to “god”

      1. You should be more terrified of an individual, wielding such power and authority, with no connection to God.

      2. It is people, like you, who serve and follow many gods. Pence doesn’t follow gods; Pence adheres to and follows God. There is a difference between the two; however, I wouldn’t expect a fool like you to understand the distinction.

      3. Paul, didn’t W have a direct line to God? So the still-suffering Iraqis should take heart – it was all God’s Plan. Fundie Christians seem to focus mostly on the OT God – all the smiting and smoting.

        Not afraid of Pence’s beliefs in terms of Christianity – rather his fidelity to the Free Market Gods

        Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam just signed the TPP – the Aussies and Kiwis fought like hell but lost.

        Thank you Donald Trump for not selling us out to the globalists!.

  13. The imam’s admonitions are not all that much different in principle from the old warnings here in the U.S. that masturbation would make the practitioner go blind. Or the more common fundamentalist religious warnings of brimstone and hellfire.

    There’s no shortage of individuals and institutions — worldwide — that attempt to control behavior by means of unwarranted fears. And that includes polititians aplenty.

    1. Yes. There’s little difference between politics and religion.

      1. There is a vast difference between the two, unless, of course, you are referring to religious institutions, which, by their very nature, are directed and controlled by human beings. Anywhere that you find human beings, in charge of any type of institution, there will, undoubtedly, be politics; however, when religion is described as a personal, private and internal belief system, whereby one connects with a higher power, there is, indeed, a vast difference between politics and religion.

      2. Not for Democrats and Liberals there isn’t. Politics is the new religion for them. Worshipping the Flying Spaghetti God of the Bible, has been replaced by worshipping the Flying Spaghetti God of Transgenderism, or Open Borders, or Global Warming.

        The SJWs are nothing more than the WCTU harridans of the early 20th century busting up salons with axes.

        Democrats even have their own Doctrine of Original Sin. They call it White Privilege, and they believe in its destructive power with all the religious fervor of a Flagellant whipping themselves along a dirt road in Medieval France while trying to dodge the piles of steaming ox poop.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  14. If this were true there would be a lot more gays and lesbians around. 😉

      1. David Benson – I was thinking everywhere. The rates of homosexuality would be much higher.

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