Marriott Sends Employees Into Re-Education After Outrage From China Over Tibet Slight

Mao_Tse-Tung,_leader_of_China's_Communists,_addresses_some_of_his_followers._-_NARA_-_196235200px-Marriott_Logo.svgThe sheer market power of China over American companies was on full display in Nebraska this month where Roy Jones lost his $14-an-hour job with Marriott for “liking” a tweet that referenced Tibet.  When the hotel chain was hit with a torrent of complaints from China, Marriott not only fired Jones but assured China that all employees would be sent for retraining.

Jones does not remember liking a tweet that noted that Tibet had been listed as a distinct country by Marriott.  Indeed, he thinks it was a clumsy hand movement around midnight at the end of a long shift answering complaints and questions from customers.  View image on Twitter

Friends of Tibet congratulate global hotel chain International for listing as a country along with and .

China was irate by the listing of Tibet as a country despite millions around the world who still object to the 1950 takeover by China.  China demanded action and forced Marriott to suspend all online booking at nearly 300 Chinese hotels. A Chinese leader also demanded not only a company apology but that the company “seriously deal with the people responsible.”
Marriott dispatched a top official to fly all the way to Omaha to fire this low-level worker.

Craig Smith, president of the hotel chain’s Asian division, made an abject apology to the China Daily that Marriott.  The company decried the listing of Tibet and asked for forgiveness if it “appeared to undermine Marriott’s long-held respect for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”  He then announced an “eight-point rectification plan” that included education for hotel employees across the globe and stricter supervision.

Nothing like a program of re-education to go with an abject confession of guilt.  Call it Marriott’s Cultural Corporate Revolution.

42 thoughts on “Marriott Sends Employees Into Re-Education After Outrage From China Over Tibet Slight”

  1. China is a representative republic under a constitution. The Chinese government is not limited and individuals do not have rights and freedoms. What the Chinese republic does not have are constitutional limits on the power to tax and a Bill of Rights.

    In America, the government cannot tax for “individual welfare” and can only tax for “general Welfare”. American citizens have freedom of speech, thought, religion, belief, assembly, discrimination, press, communication, the right to private property, to bear arms and every other conceivable natural and God-given freedom and right per the 9th Amendment.

    Central planning, redistribution of wealth and social engineering are unconstitutional.

    America must return to the mandated, original and intended restricted-vote republic, the severe limits on government and the full, literal compliance with rights and freedoms of individuals.

    China has no restraints on the power of government.

    America does; rather it is supposed to, per the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights, 1789.

    People must adapt to the outcome of freedom.

    The outcome of freedom does not adapt to people…dictatorship does.

  2. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

  3. On the one hand, I can understand that it was inappropriate for a Marriott employee to use a Marriott social media account to like a political post. That may be against company policy, and there may be corporate policies on how to respond on the misuses of Social Media.

    On the other, China abuses human rights and invaded, and seized Tibet. All of us have the right to say that such garbage stinks. We can like the Dalai Lama, if we want to.

    China demanding the “re-education” of Marriott staff on the sovereignty of China is where this crosses the line. Marriott must decide if it is an American company, or a Chinese one. Personally, I do not care to financially support Chinese re-education of American employees. If Marriott does not stand up to China, then I will take my hotel stays at a company more in line with American values.

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