Marriott Sends Employees Into Re-Education After Outrage From China Over Tibet Slight

Mao_Tse-Tung,_leader_of_China's_Communists,_addresses_some_of_his_followers._-_NARA_-_196235200px-Marriott_Logo.svgThe sheer market power of China over American companies was on full display in Nebraska this month where Roy Jones lost his $14-an-hour job with Marriott for “liking” a tweet that referenced Tibet.  When the hotel chain was hit with a torrent of complaints from China, Marriott not only fired Jones but assured China that all employees would be sent for retraining.

Jones does not remember liking a tweet that noted that Tibet had been listed as a distinct country by Marriott.  Indeed, he thinks it was a clumsy hand movement around midnight at the end of a long shift answering complaints and questions from customers.  View image on Twitter

Friends of Tibet congratulate global hotel chain International for listing as a country along with and .

China was irate by the listing of Tibet as a country despite millions around the world who still object to the 1950 takeover by China.  China demanded action and forced Marriott to suspend all online booking at nearly 300 Chinese hotels. A Chinese leader also demanded not only a company apology but that the company “seriously deal with the people responsible.”
Marriott dispatched a top official to fly all the way to Omaha to fire this low-level worker.

Craig Smith, president of the hotel chain’s Asian division, made an abject apology to the China Daily that Marriott.  The company decried the listing of Tibet and asked for forgiveness if it “appeared to undermine Marriott’s long-held respect for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”  He then announced an “eight-point rectification plan” that included education for hotel employees across the globe and stricter supervision.

Nothing like a program of re-education to go with an abject confession of guilt.  Call it Marriott’s Cultural Corporate Revolution.

42 thoughts on “Marriott Sends Employees Into Re-Education After Outrage From China Over Tibet Slight”

  1. I used to like Marriot and it was one of my first choices, but when a problem occurred I found them to be most difficult and impolite. They have both corporate and franchise operations so when one has a problem with the franchise suddenly Marriot is not involved.

    This present incident is sickening. It demonstrates that Marriot, along with not caring much about the occasional customer that was improperly treated, doesn’t care about their workers. Marriot has no respect for itself or this country.

    Goodbye Marriot.

      1. I should have added that everyone who feels the same ought to write an email to the Marriot Corporation to let them know how they feel.

  2. We need to recognize Tibet as a separate nation territory. And the Chinks can recognize Texas as part of Mexico or Spain.

  3. I smells a lawsuit.

    This will illustrate the minerals flowing though Trump’s body. Let’s see how he deals with China, the tariffs, the South China Sea, etc. We have Russia mucking about in our election circus. The US mucks about in Russian elections. China dictates American corporate behavior. We needs us a hero.

  4. Guess I will have to take Mariott off the list of places to stay. I am going to have to get a travel van.

  5. Just shows how insecure this nation is about it’s existence as communists.

  6. Money, the greatest tyrant of all, chalks up another one. As for Marriott, it’s ust another globalist lackey. I wonder if it walks two steps behind its Chinese masters. I like Hilton better anyhow.

    1. I just cancelled Enterprise and haven’t been near an Olive Garden or Red Lobster for well over ten years. ATT same and I haven’t been on a US Scare Air or United since one was Eastern and the eighties for Flewbited.

  7. The formerly free country of Tibet has been a conquered slave nation of China for Decades but it’s Pelosi’s favorite vacation spot so… wonder she gives China and the other socialist nations a round of applause.

    1. Many counterfactuals in that comment but the worst is to state that the People’s Republic of China is socialist. Not at all. It is a state capitalist dictatorship.

      1. That’s true but it uses a form os State Economics still so you count that as fettered Capitalism not true market capitalism.

    1. Darren,

      It’s about 4 am here & I’ve to many beers, but I love this week & all the Docs smiling, they & I think they’ve kicked my loved cancer’s azz!

      People may not understand, had not the one doc at , St J/St Fran…,at the other place had not been such an Azzhole my loved one would have received the death sentence as their other sibling did about 4 years ago.


      These people have done a fine job, pass it on.

      When it comes time to kick Cancer’s Arse:

  8. I am hopeful that Roy Jones is teaching his pug to piss on toy Chinese tanks whenever anyone says “Xi Jinping, President for Life”

  9. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

    – Mao Tse-tung

    “We will bury you!”

    – Nikita Khrushchev

  10. I wonder how much damage will be done to various Marriott hotels in China itself? The result of the anger over firing someone over something so trivial might impact reservations at those hotels. Which might decrease the need for all the employees it has in China now. Americans especially dislike something like this.

  11. The Trump tariffs on China are overdue.

    Support a Free Tibet.

    Guess that I won’t go to China anytime soon (or spend money there).

    1. Wrong, Mike! The victim was working in an “at will” state of which 49 states are “at will” employment. Montana is the only state. Even in “right-to work” states where there are unions, most contracts will have “just cause” contractual language.

  12. I was booked for a room at a Marriott next week in Florida and cancelled the reservation just now. The internet can be quick. Screw the Chinese.

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