Clinton: People Calling For Me “To Go Away” Are Sexist

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziAfter a year of blaming sexism for her defeat, Hillary Clinton argued this week that people begging her to stop her public appearances are themselves sexist despite former supporters among those objecting to the negative impact that she is having on efforts to regain power.  Even her most passionate supporters like Sen. Claire McCaskill have publicly rebuked her.   Clinton refuses to acknowledge polls from before her nomination showing that she was the most unpopular candidate to run for president in history.  Nevertheless, Democratic members and power brokers forced through the nomination — ultimately losing to the second most unpopular candidate to ever run, Donald Trump.  Virtually any other leading Democrat would have likely won the election but Clinton has struggled to blame others — including self-hating women — for her loss.

We have previously discussed how Clinton has compiled  a long list of people responsible for her loss to Donald Trump with the notable exception of herself.  This includes her explanation (and her supporters) that it was not Clinton but self-hating, misogynistic women who could not vote for any woman for President.  Despite the criticism over her past statements and additional polls showing that she remains hugely unpopular with many voters (and would still lose to Trump), Clinton continues to blame others for her loss.  Thus includes her recent speech at the India Today Conclave where Clinton repeated her view that white women are under the thumb of their husbands and vote as they dictate.


Ruth Mandel, director of the university’s Eagleton Institute of Politics, was blunt when she asked Clinton what her response has been to people who call for her “‘get off the public stage and shut up.'”  Clinton responded “They never said that to any man who was not elected.  I was kind of struck by that.”  Clinton insisted that male candidates have never been told to fade away. That is entirely and demonstrably untrue.  Losing candidates often adopt a low profile in the interest of their parties.  None have been so unpopular as Clinton, who has long been viewed by a majority of citizens of being dishonest.  Nevertheless, Clinton said this week”That began to happen after the election. … I was really struck by how people said that to me — you know, mostly people in the press, for whatever reason — like, ‘Oh, you know, go away, go away.'” She fails to mention that this was coming from a variety of Democratic leaders who she promptly ignored despite warnings that she was undermining efforts to rebuild the Democratic party before the critical midterm elections. It was more important for Clinton to continue to deflect blame for her loss than yielding to those trying to oppose Trump and retake the Congress.
She cited Gore, Kerry and McCain. However, Gore did take a lower profile immediately after the election and later focused on the environment — not retelling his election defeat over and over again.  Kerry became Secretary of State and spoke within that limited context.  McCain is a sitting U.S. Senator with an ongoing political office.  Putting aside these obvious points, Clinton ignores that Democrats are asking her to stop her speaking tours because it is harming their efforts to retake one or both houses.
The refusal of Clinton to heed the public requests from other Democrats to stop her public events is something of a signature for the Clintons.  Bill Clinton triangulation strategy worked for his reelection at the cost of his fellow Democrats who were destroyed in the resulting elections.  It was and remains all about the Clintons and their need to shape the narrative to deflect criticism.  In doing so, Clinton is playing into the hands of her critics, particularly Trump. They love Clinton staying solidly on the public stage with Nancy Pelosi. Indeed, Pelosi is currently the best issue for Republicans in polling.  Some voters are willing to vote Republican simply to prevent Pelosi’s return as Speaker.  Pelosi however refuses to retire — as she has over repeated losses during her reign as Speaker and minority leader.
In December, we discussed the Gallup poll that showed that, after an active speaking tour promoting her book and her retrospective on her loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has actually become even more unpopular.  We have previously noted that polls have shown Trump would still beat Clinton in a head-to-head election (and here).  While Trump is also facing declining polls, he is at the same level or even higher than Clinton. Clinton posted the lowest polling numbers yet with only 36% popularity and an unfavorable rating of 61%. Polls are showing Trump at 38 percent.  While a new poll shows that half of people feel Trump should resign, it is clear that they want Clinton even less — the very same position held by many in the campaign.
Before the establishment all but anointed Clinton as their candidate in the primary, polls clearly showed that the voters did not want an establishment figure so the DNC worked to guarantee the nomination to the ultimate establishment figure. However, it clearly goes deeper than that.  Even against one of the most unpopular figures in history (Trump was even worse at 63 percent unfavorable), Clinton could not even maintain a majority of women with favorability ratings.  Clinton prefers to blame women as being weak or self-loathing than the more obvious reason: she was a terrible candidate who seemed incapable to dealing directly and honestly with criticism.
What is interesting is the Clinton appears to be convincing no one, but her diehard supporters (who continue to invite her to these events).  Her polling numbers are getting worse with her speaking tour, but she travels from insular enclave to enclave.  It is the same delusional bubble that led so many diehards to push through her nomination. In her shrinking circle, she remains popular while every poll (and increasing criticism from Democratic leaders) show that she is singing to an increasing isolated (and shrinking) choir.

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  1. Both of my senators are quite capable. My representative isn’t and needs to be replaced by the Democrat running for the office.

    All four people mentioned happen to be women.

    Is this sexism?

  2. Hillary conjures many images in a matter of seconds, like…. so much ill-gotten wealth yet incredibly bitter, the most unpopular American to date and going strong, a failure presidential candidate….twice, failure wife, failure mother, failure grandmother, failure first lady, failure lawyer, just a miserable sad person

    Have pity on her. She is deserving of that

  3. Hillary Clinton is yet another feminist who attacks and tries to silence women unless they vote how she tells them to. Under the thumb of their husbands? I don’t think so. Leading up to the last election, I witnessed Liberals insulting and threatening women online if they didn’t vote how they wanted them to. Suffrage? Great, as long as you toe the party line. That’s not freedom. And that’s not equality. Women clearly did not cower under the thumb of Liberal pressure. Clearly, they voted however they wanted.

    It should be a celebration of the women’s rights for women to hold a diversity of opinion.

    People across the board are uninterested in Clinton because, for one, her worth as a speaker was in selling political favors, and she’s all out. For another, all she wants to talk about is how unfair it was that she lost. She didn’t attach herself to some noble cause to focus the energy of her golden years in making the world a better place. She just keeps on insulting the basket of deplorables, women, men, her own party…

    I was gobsmacked when people sincerely told me she was the most qualified candidate in US history. It was a ridiculous statement then, and more so, now. They were 100% assured at her qualifications, and yet most people now understand her to be dishonest. If they were so wrong them, have they grasped the concept that they might be wrong now? Perhaps, all that hateful talk and identify politics really is the wrong path, and people really do have a lot in common regardless of race…

  4. I think that the more Hillary Clinton speaks publicly about her election loss, the more she loses overall support throughout the country.

    Most people will accept the initial statement of someone who suffers defeat. But after hearing the story multiple times, they get tired of the excuses and blaming of others for their defeat. She makes a comparison to Sen John McCain. But she only goes half-way. She says that no one told him to go away after his defeat (which may or may not be true; I know of some people who loudly wished that he’d go off in the sunset), and says that was because he was a male. She didn’t point out that he didn’t continue to lament his defeat in public, and say that he should have won except for the Republican voters who crossed the aisle to vote for Obama. I don’t recall him giving any excuse for his defeat that was stated more than a month after Election Day. Instead, he accepted the defeat, conceded the election to Obama, and moved on with his life.

    Did Hillary Clinton not take those steps after her electoral defeat because she’s a female? I don’t know; I’ll leave that speculation to others.

  5. One could scour the entirety of the OED and never find fitting words or phrases that adequately illustrate the depravity and the moral bankruptcy of Hillary Clinton.

    That others offer their blind support to this charlatan shows how dangerous she is.

  6. This witch wants to stay relevant so she can still collect money for speaking engagements. She like a drug. If people would stop buying it, it would go away.

  7. She loves playing the victim. That’s why she’s still pretending to be married, to Bill.

  8. Plus, have you noticed with Democrats, a thing is never what it is. Never anything simple. No, if she loses the race it can’t be because she is wrong about so many things, or that people just dislike her. No, there are Cosmic Forces at play, gigantic conspiracies by husbands who intimidate their wives, vast conspiracies of Right Wingers, mystic intangibles like Sexism, Racism, and The Universal Club against Hot Sauce!

    That is because Democrats are full of themselves, and full of sh*t. They think they are super intelligent, and therefore, should anyone disagree with them, it must be something wrong with the Person Who Disagrees, Because it sure can’t be them, or their theories. No, they are the Very Epitomes of Morality and Smartness on Planet Earth, even though most of what they promote doesn’t actually work, and leads to the end of civilizations,

    But! They have a college degree, you know! That is the kind of blind hubris that permits them to pick up baseball bats and attack when Conservatives come to speak at campuses! Because they must protect the world from Nazis! By shutting down Free Speech with baseball bats! They never get it, that they have become the Nazis.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. “They think they are super intelligent” — and that highlights one of Trump’s most brilliant strategies during the election — when he proclaimed, “I love the uneducated.”

      He KNEW democrats would jump all over that and proclaim themselves superior to Trump supporters. LOL
      Aside from being pure nonsense, when democrats behave that way, it doesn’t win them any friends.

      That was, in my opinion, one of the most brilliant political tactics in political history. But Trump doesn’t get any credit for it.

      “*** 11. What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.
      12. Hence his victories bring him neither reputation for wisdom nor credit for courage. ***”
      _______________________________Chapter IV, Tactical Dispositions — Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

      1. True. One thing my Father taught me, was that I should never underestimate the intelligence of people who worked with their hands. He said that your average mechanic was more intelligent than your average college professor. Because the competence of the mechanic requires that he get things right, or you will be back with your car, and say unkind things to him. But professors never get that kind of instant feedback.

        Plus, he said that come the Apocalypse, who would you prefer in your survival group – – – a Professor of Elizabethan Literature, or a machinist? Not that there is anything wrong with Literature, or Poetry, but he said people have mistaken knowing about that stuff as “intelligence” when it is more a distaste for getting your hands dirty.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. HG Wells had a biological/physiological explanation about the intelligence of people that work with their hands, which he briefly mentioned in The War of the Worlds. If you’ve not read the book and are only familiar with the movie versions, there’s a lot of theoretical science in the book — projection about what humans will become after a few million more years of evolution. The Martians actually represent future humans trying to annihilate their own past — and the humans are horrified at what they will become in the future.

          Wells was a trained biologist who studied under TH Huxley.

          He referred to the hands as the “teachers and agents of the brain.” My own dad was a genius, and I believe a good deal of that came from working with his hands. He was chief mechanical engineer at TRW — pretty high-tech stuff — graduated from Case Institute of Technology (now Case Western Reserve U,) in just two years. And yet he LOVED working with his hands — had a woodworking shop in the basement, repaneled rooms in our house, worked on his own cars, built his own radios, etc.

          And I’ve noticed that my own brain thinks much more clearly after I’ve been working with my hands — making something or working in a garden — almost anything.

          HG Wells knew what he was talking about.

        2. Your dad and Mike Rowe would have gotten on very well together.

      2. Has anyone ever in all history violated to such magnitude, and with such glee, Sun Tzu’s first rule of war? To whit: “Never underestimate your opponent.”

        MSM news reported that HRC had 97% likelihood of winning. Also check this reply from the alleged all time smartest quasi-black person, Geeziz Soetoro Obama (and his like minded friends, our over lords who teach us what to say and think, and how to act:

        Pelosi: “Take it to the bank” Trump would lose. If anyone thinks Nancy Pelosi does not smoke a lot of pot, I have a red bridge for sale over SF Bay.

        How many millions of DNC welfare queens stayed home drinking beer, smoking pot, eating Cheetos and Twinkies, watching Oprah, talking on their Obama phone, because their demigod Geezis Soetoro Obama swore to them Trump would lose?

        And Isaac and Natacha say over and over again how stupid is Trump…………

  9. I find it interesting that so many here have what amounts to a visceral dislike or even hatred of Hillary. Not necessarily for what she has done or hasn’t done, but for her appearance or mannerisms or tone of speech or ….. Just don’t like her. It is curious. I also find Independent Bob’s comment earlier, about “me me me” with respect to Hillary, amazingly oblivious in comparison to Trump. Has Hillary ever put her name on a hotel or a golf course or a casino or a phony university? Did Hillary ever put her name on the side of a jet airplane? And yet Trump is just a “regular guy” ??????

    1. Jay S – what was on the side of the Clinton Presidential candidate’s plane? Her name is on coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, and I am sure some women tattooed it on their vagina in sisterhood. BTW, she is part of the CF, too. And all its little off-shoots.

    2. The big difference is that Trump is tearing up the corrupt establishment, whereas Hillary represents the corrupt establishment. And Trump (like him or not) is a man of accomplishments — whereas Hillary’s major accomplishment is cashing in on the name-recognition she got from being married to some guy that got elected president. And she calls herself a “feminist” after exploiting that connection with a man.

      There are many many differences between Trump and Hillary that allow one to overlook some of Trump’s less pleasant characteristics.

      And there’s also the matter that Trump has his own personality. Love him or hate him, he genuinely is who he is. Hillary literally has no genuine personality. She’s a collection of things that advisors have told her to say over the years. She’s 100% artificial.

      And Trump has a sense of humor, and I suspect he has a very high IQ. Hillary is a humorless dimwit.

      So like I said — there’s lots going for Trump that allows one to overlook things that aren’t necessarily admirable. Hillary has NOTHING going for her that allows one to overlook her many disgusting characteristics.

      1. Your whole comment nailed it, but particularly:

        She’s a collection of things that advisors have told her to say over the years. She’s 100% artificial.

        Plus, she hasn’t put her name on things, because she hasn’t actually built things. That being said, she is somebody I would have voted for before the email silliness, and Trump entering the race. Because in D.C., phoniness is the name of the game, along with lying,

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Ooh, I wish you’d kept that last sentence to yourself. There’s no universe in which I’d have ever voted for the fictitious Bosnian sniper-fire dodger. When she peddles crap like that, it’s just a way of calling anyone stupid if they vote for her. If you’re gonna tell a lie, it should be believable. If you tell a ridiculous lie, you might just as well spit on the person you’re telling it to.

          Hillary reminds me of the swindler, Merriweather, from Little Big Man:

          “Listen to me, a two legged creature will believe anything and the more preposterous the better: whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. The horses of Arabia have silver wings. Pygmies mate with elephants in darkest Africa. I have sold all those propositions.”

          Sort of like — dodged Bosnian sniper fire, turned over all of her work-related emails, nothing classified on her server.

    3. Jay S – mostly just annoyed by the way she has gotten away with so much unethical, deceitful, and downright criminal behavior, and is a multi-millionaire to show for it. And that said behavior was hurtful to our country. That’s where she differs from a, say, Bernie Madoff.

  10. It is real simple, Ms Clinton:

    We do not trust you or think you commonly tell the truth.

    First Lady, marginal Senator and failed Secretary of State is no resume for the Presidency.

    We are still waiting for the scripts of your speeches to Wall Street Banksters you promised to release- you know the ones that were opposite what you were saying on stage.

    Finally, you had no problem with a rigged Democratic nominating system to steal the nomination then complain about the national results being rigged against you?

    Ms Clinton, you are a grifter. An entitled grifter that put Donald Trump in the White House.
    Deal with that accomplishment.

    1. Whereas, running a fake university, peddling dubious steaks, setting up gaudy casinos and overpriced golf venues IS an appropriate resume? I certainly am confused !

      1. Jay S – you are just jealous that you did not think of it. 😉

      2. Trump has traveled the world in order to execute business transactions and build things. Hillary has frequent-flyer miles compiled to accomplish nothing — actually less than nothing, considering the harm she’s caused.

      3. I did not vote for Trump and this is not about Trump.

        Ms Clinton was not a good candidate and in my mind, unqualified.

        While we are at it, please do not trot out the popular vote, as we have never elected Presidents by popular vote. She was known to be in trouble before anyone voted.

        I worked as a volunteer with the Sanders campaign and polling showed Bernie could beat any Republican running and that Hillary would be a heavy lift. The Hard Knot Clintonites (Bernie’s not a Democrat!) and the DNC SuperDelegates made sure she got the nomination. She lacked enough voter chosen delegates for a first ballot nomination- that should have set off a strong warning signal.

        1. DavGreg – calling Hillary Clinton not a good candidate understates it, don’t you think? 😉

          1. Relative to people wanting to elect a Democrat, it is enough.
            Knowing we are past Peak Clinton is a good thing.

            1. Yes we are. The young progressive Tulsi would play well against da old fat porno King that is mean to immigrants.

  11. I don’t see how there can possibly be an sexism involved in criticizing Hilary Clinton. For example, I detest Hilary Clinton. But I don’t even think of her as a woman, let alone in any kind of sexual context. To me, she is a merely a Deep State creature. Clinton is so full of herself to even contemplate that anyone gives a damn what the composition of her chromosomes are.

    1. You might have hit the nail on the head. Maybe the reason Hillary keeps screaming about sexism is to remind people that she’s a woman. Nobody thinks of Hillary as a woman — for the same reason they don’t wonder what sex Godzilla is.

      1. William Bayer – I think Godzilla is male, but I do not ever remember it mating in any of the movies. 😉 I sure am not going to sex it.

        1. Oddly, I have a very dim memory of seeing one of the Godzilla franchise movies in at a Saturday matinee when I was a kid. The local theatre sort of specialized in running cheap Japanese scifi on Saturday afternoons. This would have been in the late 1950s or very early 1960s. Aside from Godzilla, Godzilla vs. King Kong, etc. — probably even including Godzilla & King Kong Meet Abbot & Costello — there were the Japanese flying saucer flicks, the ultimate (in my childish opinion back then) being Battle in Outer Space (echo effect: space space space space).
          Anyway, I have a dim recollection of one of the Godzilla movies ending — after Godzilla was dispensed with — with a slow pan to the ocean surface, then beneath the surface, all the way to the bottom of the sea, where sat — wait for the focus — EGGS!

          1. William Bayer – I do own several Godzilla movies but I am so behind in new movies I am not going to track them down. However, I vaguely remember the Japanese referring to Godzilla as he. And there is no reason he could not reproduce on his own. 🙂

    2. Hillary thinks the people who voted for Jill Stein are sexist.
      Not sure how that makes any sense.

      Hillary thought the Presidency was her birth right. We now know she will never be President, Amen and Amen. If 4 years of Trump is the price, then so be it.

  12. Hillary, you may want to review the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights, 1789. Americans have the freedom of speech, thought, religion, belief, assembly, association, socialization and every other conceivable God-given, natural right and freedom per the 9th Amendment. Americans have the right to be as racist and sexist as they choose. If Americans cannot discriminate, Americans cannot be free.

    “Affirmative Action Privilege”, non-discrimination and fair-housing laws are unconstitutional as they violate the right to possess and dispose of private property “…in exclusion of every other individual.”

    James Madison defined “private property” as “that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

  13. If ya elect Hillary ya get Bill. If ya get Bill ya get Monica. If ya get Monica ya get a triangle. It is said on Cloud 9 that Hillary and Monica had a thing going.

  14. She is not only sexist, not only a sex deviate but a victimizer of women on a serial criminal level and only makes second place in the Democrat (make that sociailst progressive liberal ) party and proves how stiupid those party membes are to still be supporting that group of wierdos

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