Clinton: People Calling For Me “To Go Away” Are Sexist

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziAfter a year of blaming sexism for her defeat, Hillary Clinton argued this week that people begging her to stop her public appearances are themselves sexist despite former supporters among those objecting to the negative impact that she is having on efforts to regain power.  Even her most passionate supporters like Sen. Claire McCaskill have publicly rebuked her.   Clinton refuses to acknowledge polls from before her nomination showing that she was the most unpopular candidate to run for president in history.  Nevertheless, Democratic members and power brokers forced through the nomination — ultimately losing to the second most unpopular candidate to ever run, Donald Trump.  Virtually any other leading Democrat would have likely won the election but Clinton has struggled to blame others — including self-hating women — for her loss.

We have previously discussed how Clinton has compiled  a long list of people responsible for her loss to Donald Trump with the notable exception of herself.  This includes her explanation (and her supporters) that it was not Clinton but self-hating, misogynistic women who could not vote for any woman for President.  Despite the criticism over her past statements and additional polls showing that she remains hugely unpopular with many voters (and would still lose to Trump), Clinton continues to blame others for her loss.  Thus includes her recent speech at the India Today Conclave where Clinton repeated her view that white women are under the thumb of their husbands and vote as they dictate.


Ruth Mandel, director of the university’s Eagleton Institute of Politics, was blunt when she asked Clinton what her response has been to people who call for her “‘get off the public stage and shut up.'”  Clinton responded “They never said that to any man who was not elected.  I was kind of struck by that.”  Clinton insisted that male candidates have never been told to fade away. That is entirely and demonstrably untrue.  Losing candidates often adopt a low profile in the interest of their parties.  None have been so unpopular as Clinton, who has long been viewed by a majority of citizens of being dishonest.  Nevertheless, Clinton said this week”That began to happen after the election. … I was really struck by how people said that to me — you know, mostly people in the press, for whatever reason — like, ‘Oh, you know, go away, go away.'” She fails to mention that this was coming from a variety of Democratic leaders who she promptly ignored despite warnings that she was undermining efforts to rebuild the Democratic party before the critical midterm elections. It was more important for Clinton to continue to deflect blame for her loss than yielding to those trying to oppose Trump and retake the Congress.
She cited Gore, Kerry and McCain. However, Gore did take a lower profile immediately after the election and later focused on the environment — not retelling his election defeat over and over again.  Kerry became Secretary of State and spoke within that limited context.  McCain is a sitting U.S. Senator with an ongoing political office.  Putting aside these obvious points, Clinton ignores that Democrats are asking her to stop her speaking tours because it is harming their efforts to retake one or both houses.
The refusal of Clinton to heed the public requests from other Democrats to stop her public events is something of a signature for the Clintons.  Bill Clinton triangulation strategy worked for his reelection at the cost of his fellow Democrats who were destroyed in the resulting elections.  It was and remains all about the Clintons and their need to shape the narrative to deflect criticism.  In doing so, Clinton is playing into the hands of her critics, particularly Trump. They love Clinton staying solidly on the public stage with Nancy Pelosi. Indeed, Pelosi is currently the best issue for Republicans in polling.  Some voters are willing to vote Republican simply to prevent Pelosi’s return as Speaker.  Pelosi however refuses to retire — as she has over repeated losses during her reign as Speaker and minority leader.
In December, we discussed the Gallup poll that showed that, after an active speaking tour promoting her book and her retrospective on her loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has actually become even more unpopular.  We have previously noted that polls have shown Trump would still beat Clinton in a head-to-head election (and here).  While Trump is also facing declining polls, he is at the same level or even higher than Clinton. Clinton posted the lowest polling numbers yet with only 36% popularity and an unfavorable rating of 61%. Polls are showing Trump at 38 percent.  While a new poll shows that half of people feel Trump should resign, it is clear that they want Clinton even less — the very same position held by many in the campaign.
Before the establishment all but anointed Clinton as their candidate in the primary, polls clearly showed that the voters did not want an establishment figure so the DNC worked to guarantee the nomination to the ultimate establishment figure. However, it clearly goes deeper than that.  Even against one of the most unpopular figures in history (Trump was even worse at 63 percent unfavorable), Clinton could not even maintain a majority of women with favorability ratings.  Clinton prefers to blame women as being weak or self-loathing than the more obvious reason: she was a terrible candidate who seemed incapable to dealing directly and honestly with criticism.
What is interesting is the Clinton appears to be convincing no one, but her diehard supporters (who continue to invite her to these events).  Her polling numbers are getting worse with her speaking tour, but she travels from insular enclave to enclave.  It is the same delusional bubble that led so many diehards to push through her nomination. In her shrinking circle, she remains popular while every poll (and increasing criticism from Democratic leaders) show that she is singing to an increasing isolated (and shrinking) choir.

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  1. The Decline of the Democrat Party, in a nutshell:

    Harry Truman: “The buck stops here.”

    Hillary Clinton: “The buck is a misogynist — no, I’m mean it was all Putin’s fault — that is, Comey did it! — it’s all just a vast right-wing conspiracy — my staff let me down — Facebook! — weak-minded women let their husbands tell them who to vote for — Deplorables! — Russia Russia Russia! —”

    Dear Hillary: When people tell someone to go away, it’s not because that someone is a women. It’s because that someone does more harm than good, is a lying, corrupt, ignorant, incompetent, annoying, pretentious, arrogant, cheating, swindling, senile, stumbling-drunken imposter with a personality like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    All Hail Hillary the Magnificent, Queen Pope of the Parallel Universe, Ruler Over the Sun, the Moon, and All the Liquid Rainbows of Infinity (until the medication kicks in).

    It’s bad form to show Her Majesty your backside, so moonwalk when you exit her presence, and try not to trip over all the empty vodka bottles littering the floor.

          1. LOL — a posted a similar list of Hillary attributes at another website the other day — a pretty long list — and some of the replies I got were hilarious (Hillaryous), as people did exactly what you did, saying “you forgot ugly” or “you forgot the smell,” etc.
            Yours was a good one

            1. Thanks! She provides a lot of inspiration. 😉

              You wouldn’t happen to remember that website, would you? Or would you? I’l love to see that list. Meanwhile, I’ll copy the list above.

              1. At the Daily Caller comment section. Would’a been an article about Hillary in the last 3 or 4 days, maybe more recent. I use the same icon on the Disqus comment platform, so if you locate one of my comments at the Daily Caller comment section, you can click on it, check out my comment history, and scroll down to find my comment, click on it, then read the replies. Meanwhile, I’ll try to remember which article it was

    1. Harry S. Truman was one of the best Presidents of that 20th Century.

      1. Could be. He was a bit before I was born. At least he accepted his responsibilities and took responsibility for his actions. I could be wrong about this, but I believe he was the only 20th-Century president without a college degree. Education is great, but I’ve known a lot of people that get messed up by having too much education and not enough real-world experience.

        1. Harry Truman didn’t go to college, but he was very well read, especially from books about history. Going to college does not imply learning much of anything, and we shouldn’t presume that those lacking a BA are ignorant. Also, the standards of education have deteriorated, unfortunately. In his late 19th century high school, Harry probably got the equivalent of a BA in humanities from today. Back then, even an 8th grade education was respectable.

          1. I agree with ALL of that. A good high school education is better than a crappy college education. In particular, my own opinion of higher degrees (Masters, Ph.D.) is that there are a measure of one’s ability and willingness to conform, and aren’t actually an indication of superior knowledge or ability. Ph.Ds I consider particularly worthless and counterproductive. In most cases, they instill arrogance — and it’s unwarranted arrogance.

            And I chose Truman to contrast with Hillary because my impression is that he was a stand up guy that did what needed to be done, and took responsibility for his own decisions. He was, to my understanding, a no-BS kind of a guy.
            That’s a marked difference with Hillary. She’s almost the polar opposite in every regard.

            1. William Bayer – Hillary’s problem seems to be that she cannot take responsibility for her own mistakes. Nothing can be her fault. She has a bigger case of hubris than Oedipus Rex.

              1. Not to mention a bigger rear end and probably a bigger bar tab.

                1. William Bayer – her liquor is probably an in-kind donation from the brewery of her choice and drop shipped where ever she goes.

              2. Hillary’s problem seems to be that she cannot take responsibility for her own mistakes.

                A truncated sense of agency is occasionally seen among men and is quite unremarkable among women. The thing is, most women aren’t that adventurous or ambitious, so their blame-shifting is circumscribed to what goes on in their house, goes on among their friends, goes on among their relatives, or goes on in an office suite with seven people working in it. Also, very few women are as aggressive as Hillary Clinton. Women generally dislike clear-cut confrontations, often defaulting to mediating and temporizing behaviors. That’s not Hillary. Hillary Clinton was fired for cause at the age of 27, by a supervising attorney who has said that he employed many lawyers over a period of 14 years, but only three he’d never give a reference for; she was one of the three. Her adventures in commodity trading were at age 34. Few women have to work the hamster wheel to make excuses for that type of misconduct.

                1. DDS – You clearly have not met my wife and the women she works with. They are aggression on wheels. 🙂

          2. Truman was born in 1884, and for those in that cohort outside Kansas City, to attend high school was atypical. About 2/3 of the student body where Truman attended was female, and the curriculum was biased toward literary study. I once lived in a suburban district in New York which handed out its first high school diploma in 1893. My great grandparents attended private high schools because there was no public high school in the section of Genesee County, NY where they lived. My home town in 1900 had about 150,000 residents and a single high school serving the whole city. In Truman’s cohort, a high school diploma was as unusual as a graduate degree is today. Truman’s brother quit school at age 12. As late as 1928, the majority of youths in this country between 14 and 18 were not enrolled in high school and many who were were following vocational courses.

  2. Someone needs to work up a vaccine so that we may be inoculated permanently against the HRC virus. It’s like Herpes and never goes away completely.

    1. Some can’t wait until da orange marmalade porn virus go back to T rump Towr and takes Javanka with him, No more Clinton’s or T rump’s need run for office,

      1. You don’t need an apostrophe to make a plural. At least, President Trump is accomplishing something positive and making American great again, whereas all Cllinton is doing is screeching and whining.

      2. Original Ken – You are probably going to have to wait until 2024 considering who the Democrats have to offer and since they cannot get Hillary to shut up.

  3. Obama and HRC, two of the biggest proponents of illegal immigrants voting to determine the fate (early death) of America: HRC lives among 95% whites, Geeziz Soetoro Obama lives among 87% whites.

    Meanwhile, they sentence the rest of America to live in a 3rd world dung heep, a world that NEVER EVER TOUCHES THEIR WORLD.

    1. Hi, Kris Kobach! Your performance recently in court was a debacle. The judge thought you were an idiot. You have not a shred of evidence for your silly claims. But welcome to the site. You’ll fit right in.

      1. Thanks for confirming and agreeing with everything I posted.

        How many non-English speaking households do you posit are within 20 miles of Geeziz Soetoro Obama and HRC?

  4. Why wouldn’t she speak freely, John McCain or Mitt Romney sure have not.

  5. Undeniably, Clinton gets very sexist responses from many people. I don’t think that pointing out she is hurting her own party by crapping on others, including her own very sexist remarks concerning other women who won’t worship her, is an example of sexism.

    Insisting that she shut up isn’t right and in some cases, does seem motivated by sexism. However, a reality check isn’t necessarily sexist.

    Rather than telling her to shut up, the Dims could disavow her ideas along with their deep attachment to oligarchys and members of the MIC. But then they wouldn’t really be Dims anymore!

    1. GOD BLESS HRC! I suggest in the strongest possible terms the RNC clone this witch and keep some version of her going “to infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

      A vote for any DNC member is a vote for HRC, a vote to give the vote to every one of the 11M illegals cleaning DNC Progressive bath tubs for cheap (and wiping out the black race in America), and a vote to abolish the 2nd Amendment! Whoopeee! Christmas early this November!

      Bring it home, HILLARY! BRING IT HOME, WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I”m not sure why this is a reply to my post other than to illustrate the real sexism Clinton attackers use when speaking about her. Why be sexist? It’s just stupid.

        1. There is no such thing as sexism. That aside, why be the way you are, Jill? It’s just…oh, you know the drill.

        2. I’m a woman and not “sexist” towards her. I just cannot stand her. It’s an issue I’m struggling with because I’m a Christian and I need to love her. I am trying to pray for her. I am not commanded to like her, though. Why should one worry about not being sexist towards her? Did she worry about not being sexist towards married white women whom she accused of being dominated by their husbands/bosses/sons? Did she stand up for the women victimized by her sleazy husband?

  6. Hillary has some kind of medical issue. She almost fell down the stairs in India. Then falls in a bathtub fracturing her wrist. Will Hillary retire & do some gardening or pick up some kind of hobby? Nope.

    1. Hills has a blood clot disorder: Da blood thinners make ya dizzy’. T rumpers get off on making fun of da handicapped and sick just like their leader

      1. Coumadin is rat poison. Hillary takes rat poison and has had blood clots in her head. She has had fainting spells, concussions, double vision, and has slipped, tripped and fallen while in the shower, while walking down stairs, and up stairs, in hallways at the office, and at home, and even while boarding airplanes.

        She could “not recall” simple answers to over 30 questions asked by the FBI about her illegal server and mishandling of classified material. Have you ever seen Hillary move faster than a slow-motion waddle? she saunters and waddles along, and still trips and falls.

        Blood clots, balance problems, concussions, double vision, fainting spells, memory loss, dehydration, and her oh-so-very bad judgment — ALL of this has to do with Hillary’s brain function. But nevermind all that, she should have been the first woman POTUS anyway, just because she’s a woman. THAT’s her playing the sexism card herself. SHE made being a woman the primary reason to vote for her. It didn’t work, and now she’s making it the primary excuse for her loss.

        1. TBob – there are four new blood thinners on the market which are much safer than coumadin. I only know this because my doctor wants to put me on one. 🙁

          1. Good luck. But be careful. My late FIL died from hemorrhaging shortly after starting on blood thinners. My advice would be to start with a low dose, and increase it slowly only if necessary. If I get similar advice to yours at some point, I may tell the doctor to pound sand.

            1. Jay S – at this point, I may just double up on the baby aspirin first. I ripped a toenail a couple of weeks ago and there was a huge pool of blood. That was from one baby aspirin. I am holding off but I have already had two strokes.

          2. An elderly relative was put on coumadin because she had the heart condition AFib. She also has macular degeneration. After taking coumadin for less than a year, she had spontaneous retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes which resulted in further loss of vision. She researched it and decided that coumadin did not actually cause the bleeding, but the bleeding was much worse because she was on coumadin. She then made her own informed decision to stop taking coumadin – despite the greater stroke risk without it. When she told her doctor she would no longer take it b/c she didn’t want to take a chance on losing more of her vision due to retinal bleeding, he did not try to convince her otherwise. He seemed to think she was making a smart decision. That was over seven years ago and she’s now well into her 90s and doing fine – without the coumadin. At the time, she told the doctor that she thought this ‘coumadin clinic’ routine was a bit of a racket and he did not disagree. Definitely do your own research and good luck with it.

      2. Original Ken,

        Kenny Rodgers offers a free self defense course to mitigate whiskey & cattle prod attacks. Here’s a sample video of the training curriculum.

      3. I do NOT get “off” on making fun of someone’s disability. I am a Trump supporter and also disabled. If she is indeed disabled, I would not think that is a laughable subject. However, just lumping all “trumpers” as enjoying making fun of handicapped and sick is SICK. So you’re just being hypocritical.

    2. TBH, I think her issue was the sandals. They seemed to slip on the steps. You can see her take them off after the second slip.

  7. The most unpopular and the second most unpopular; this is the oligarchy within which we live. At this point, it doesn’t matter if the President is a Democrat or a Republican; as long as the choice doesn’t come from the sludge at the bottom of the barrel. Clinton is morphing into the growth on the barrel. Please STFU and go away. America needs a Democratic House, at least the Senate. If Clinton doesn’t STFU and go away, she will be more responsible for the damage done by the turnip than the turnip itself. Trump is fiddling with his self destruct button. Trump will take care of getting rid of Trump.

    1. Dude, increase your medz! You live in Canada, right? Is Trump the Prez of Canada?

      1. Dude

        Naturalized American citizen, conscious choice, not just a romp in the hay and whoops. Keeping Canadian citizenship as it broadens the soul. No meds necessary, sharp as a tack, broad perspective coupled with tremendous ability to focus. Dude.

          1. Joseph Jones – issac still hasn’t figured out how our system of federal and state government work. He should have learned some of that on the citizenship test, but they must be lowering the bar.

        1. Where do you stand on Canada’s thought control crime in which persons who deny the Western-approved definition of the Judaic “holocaust” (AKA holocaustianity) are imprisoned?

          Ditto, where do you stand on the totally insane science-denying thought and speech control crimes in which Canadians may force persons to address them using congenital gender denying terms?

  8. I think what you’re neglecting is that the Democratic Party doesn’t have a deep bench. Fauxcahontas has begged off; Jerry Brown is past 80; Bernie Sanders, Joseph Biden, and John Kerry will all be between 76 and 80 in 2020; Wesley Clark and Bill Bradley show no interest in re-entering public life (and will, in any case, both be over 75 in 2020); Bob Kerrey might be a better prospect, but he hasn’t managed a successful election campaign since 1994 (and, in any case, will be 76 in 2020); Tom Harkin, Albert Gore and John Edwards are what accountants call ‘dead inventory’; Kristen Gillibrand is the prototype for Tracy Flick; and it’s difficult to imagine you could move Kamala Harris off the shelf anywhere but California. Charles Schumer is the sort of lout that only Downstate New Yorkers put up with. The congressional Democratic leadership is a collection of geriatrics. None of Obama’s cabinet members established any kind of public constituency. The current Governor of Pennsylvania is an interesting chap. He’s indicated no interest and will be 72 years old in 2020.

    1. You didn’t mention Viginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. He’s thinking about it. God help us. And Eric Holder. He said he’s still mulling a presidential bid and will decide early next year. How about a Holder/Harris ticket?

      Hard to say that and not laugh. Eric Holder seriously believes he has a shot.

      1. Andrew Sullivan once crossed paths with McAuliffe at a public function. He said the man left a trail of green slime wherever he walked.

        1. For once you are da slime all Tery is delusional if he thinks he can get votes. Corrupt businessmen only get nominated in da pub party. No thank you.

    2. You heard it here first: CA AG XAVIER BECERRA is the 2020 DNC nominee for POTUS. Bank on it.

        1. Original Ken – you could send in the Electoral votes today and they would be the same as with Hillary.

  9. She’s 70, the age Richard Nixon reached in 1983. Nixon was at the time living in a somewhat peculiar suburb in Bergen County, NJ, spending time with his grandchildren, and writing on topical questions. I doubt he received invitations to many speaking engagements, certainly not paid engagements. After he completed his memoirs, he did not write about himself (except as a peripheral character in some biographical sketches he published). His wife wrote no memoirs; her daughter compiled a biography after her death. The pair relinquished their Secret Service protection in 1986.

  10. I hate that photo of Hillary. We put it in the outhouse to scare the rats away. It works. The rats puke and run.

    1. Your visceral hatred is remarkable. On the other hand, I would put pictures of DJT in my outhouse, and use it for toilet paper.

  11. There is, of course, no such thing as ‘sexism’. It’s a bit of rhetorical gamesmanship, not a coherent concept. Women who invoke the term should be ignored.

  12. Clinton simply refuses to apply the same rules to herself as constrain other Presidential might-have-beens.
    The rule is to find something to redefine yourself in the public’s mind, and NEVER try to relitigate the lost election….don’t focus attention on it….MOVE FORWARD.

  13. I wish she WOULD go away – AND come up with a new word to bash her anti-supporters with.

    1. What I find most amazing is that she has the guts to go out there and speak and criticize people, all the while, she has commented so many crimes and gotten away with them all. She should be locked up, trial first, please. But how could a jury not find her guilty for those crimes. Think about it.

  14. Seriously, maybe they are really asking for her to go away and sick of her message and messes. I think the guy above my comments who quoted Oliver Cromwell said it very well. I wish her no injuries either, or some real introspection and thoughts of other people. And, that we mean her no ill, but are just sick to death of her deal with her husband that first it would be his turn and then hers. She has no claim to fame at all on her own. She did nothing but make money in both her positions in representing NY, which she never ever lived except for Chappagua, and as Secy of State the Clinton’s cashed in with Pay for Play /go away.

  15. Keep her on the speaking tour. The more damage she does to herself and the DNC before the midterms the better. 😉 It will be interesting to see which bone she breaks next.

    1. Amen. (Not that I wish her continuing injuries but of course her activities are her own choice.)

      1. Same here. I certainly wish her no harm, but both her and Obama’s narcissism are very good for classical Liberals (the five that are left), Moderates, and Conservatives. She’s digging a grave for her entire party, and she shows no signs of relenting anytime soon.

    2. I don’t think she and her doctors have come clean. That anaesthesiologist in Florida makes a persuasive case that she has Parkinson’s disease. He may be wrong, but he’s not a kook.

      1. Interesting. She doesn’t display the “shuffling walk” but maybe that is for more advanced cases. I also don’t see her “shaking” or having uncontrolled hand movements. Strange head movements, maybe. (not joking)

  16. “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”
    ~Oliver Cromwell to another hanger-on government

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