The Crack Suicide Squad: The Trump Team Moves Toward The Worst Case Scenario

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the emerging strategy from the Trump legal team with the addition of Emmet Flood and the comments of Rudy Giuliani. It is strikingly familiar to those of us who were around for the Clinton impeachment.  The team appears to be moving toward the worst case scenario as the only scenario.  That puts the President on a path that increases the risk of impeachment.  The rhetoric is already laying the foundation to refuse to cooperate and litigate issues like a subpoena in court.  Just as the Clintons claimed a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was out to get them, the Trump team is alleging a “deep state” conspiracy.  The team is now on a course of confrontation — a course that could make things far worse unless Special Counsel Robert Mueller yields to the public taunts by figures like Giuliani.



Here is the column:

In Monty Python’s film, “The Life of Brian,” the lead character hangs hopelessly on the cross when a small army arrives to rescue him. His relief is short-lived as Otto, the leader, promptly announces that they are the crack suicide squad trained to kill themselves “within 20 seconds.” The scene comes to mind as President Trump’s newly reconstituted legal team seems eager to make quick work of any active defense. Indeed, Rudy Giuliani seemed intent in beating that record of 20 seconds by half.

Giuliani has now given special counsel Robert Mueller a May 17 deadline to yield on limiting demands to question the president, but he left unstated what the Trump squad might do on May 18 if it does not get its way. The “Otto” in this case could well prove to be Emmet Flood, who was selected in part due to his work as a member of President Clinton’s defense team. The Clinton defense, however, is nothing to emulate.

Clinton lost in the courts, culminating in a unanimous judgment against him in the Supreme Court over a refusal to appear for sworn testimony in Clinton v. Jones. Clinton’s strategy ultimately cost him and his office dearly and led to his ignoble and well-deserved impeachment. Trump could curiously “pull a Clinton” but might want to look where it left his predecessor.

Months ago, I encouraged the president to take a deal with Mueller and sit down immediately to answer questions on four discrete categories that notably did not include the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal controversies. As noted then, time was of the essence and matters would only get worse. The president waited, and now FBI raids, counsel turnover, and endless contradictions have left the Trump defense in tatters.

Even with this ruinous history, the adoption of a Clintonesque defense may be personally satisfying for Trump but would come at a prohibitive cost for himself and his office. Indeed, as suggested by Giuliani, it could have Trump become the first president in history to invoke the Fifth Amendment. The strategy of declaring the special counsel investigation a “witch hunt” and perjury trap is clearly cathartic but also untrue.

Both the special counsel and the federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are investigating real crimes by such characters as Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Moreover, any sworn testimony with prosecutors is a potential perjury trap. That does not mean that you inevitably will be charged with perjury. Indeed, Clinton clearly lied under oath yet he was not criminally charged.

The current strategy, including Giuliani’s recent self-immolation on national television, seems designed primarily for public rather than prosecutorial consumption. It is in many ways the adoption of the worst-case scenario despite a number of available options.

This scenario maximizes the likelihood of impeachment if the House of Representatives changes hands, which is the Clinton strategy. The team appears willing, absent Mueller caving in on the limits of questioning, to defy a subpoena from the grand jury. While limited, the existing case law favors Mueller, as it should. A president should not be able to defy a subpoena in a nation committed to the rule of law.

So why fight the subpoena? Because the Clinton defense is not about success but about survival. You run a series of losing skirmishes in the hope that, just before a final coup de grâce, you can renegotiate conditions for a sit-down as Clinton did in his appearance before a grand jury for a limited four-hour videotaped session.

The idea is that you present the special counsel with the danger of a constitutional crisis in a defiant president in contempt unless he yields to conditions. Giuliani and others have referred to “two or three hours” as the absolute limit, an apparent effort to allow a negotiation of a Clinton deal. Putting aside the high costs to the office of the president, the strategy could just as easily result in utter disaster in this game of constitutional chicken, if Mueller does not jump first.

Two obvious problems exist with this strategy. First, Clinton was limited to four hours, with counsel present, because he had already given a deposition under oath in the Jones case on Jan. 17, 1998. Independent counsel Ken Starr already had that transcript when he sat down with Clinton on Aug. 17, 1998. Trump will not have submitted to the prior testimony and faces a much broader set of allegations, a well-based reason for Mueller to refuse such a limited period.

Second, once Trump has forced this issue to go through the courts, Mueller would not have an obligation to yield to Trump. He would have a court order compelling an appearance and could even demand a conventional appearance without counsel. That would leave Trump alone and the same lawyers demanding that he degrade himself and his office with an invocation of the Fifth. That would very likely lead to his impeachment, particularly if the House switches parties in November.

The adoption of the worst-case scenario as the only scenario is unnecessary and premature. The embarrassing suggestion of Trump’s counsel is that he cannot be trusted, even with prior questions and counsel present, to avoid self-incrimination. They would rather risk an end-game leaving no option, from their perspective, to an invocation.

It is a strategy that works for lawyers: If you do not recommend cooperation, you cannot be blamed for an interview gone bad. It is also works well for prosecutors: If Trump is left with no option but invoking the Fifth, Mueller needs only to leave the choice to Trump to join the legal suicide squad. He could effectively invoke himself out of the presidency.

Trump may indeed prefer the worst-case scenario and replicate the Clinton defense. He could survive and, if mere survival is the measure, he might be able to claim victory. Maybe. Clinton secured a handful of Republican votes in the Senate along with all 45 Democratic votes. Trump could count on the need for 67 votes as giving him the edge.

He could survive impeachment by the House after spending all of his term in grinding litigation, like Clinton, only to be saved by a largely partisan vote following a Senate trial. It would not necessarily spare him from indictment, but Trump might be able to fly away on Air Force One on Jan. 20, 2020, and very well call that victory.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University . You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.


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    1. Sure. Organize a five digit population to charge the border in a dozen different places, throw rocks, throw Molotov cocktails, try to cut through the fence, burn huge piles of tires to try to obscure your position, and then whine to the media when border guards let you have it with live ammunition.

    2. I wonder what willistina would do if 30,000 people mixed with armed Hamas terrorists tried to kill her? Hamas and the Palestinians used military tactics to get inside the border and kill innocent Israeli women and children.

    3. “From inside Gaza, the reality of the so called “peaceful demonstrations”. Watch Hamas hate speeches. See how they build their propaganda at the expense of brainwashed, deceived and manipulated unfortunate people. Understand why Israel has no choice but to protect itself using lethal force”

        1. There is no such place as ‘Palestine’. In 1920, the British government assembled 3 Ottoman subprefectures, modified their boundaries some, and called the territory ‘Palestine’, Over the next 28 years, the term was favored by the Jewish population of the territory. (The Jerusalem Post was once called the Palestine Post. The territory was dissolved in 1948. The Arabs who lived there in 1920 consisted of town dwellers and sedentary peasants who spoke local vernaculars on the Levantine Arabic spectrum and a Bedouin population who spoke local vernaculars on the Eastern Bedawi spectrum. People very like the former could be found in Lebanon and most of the Syria Mandate and people very like the latter could be found in the Transjordan, on the Sinai Peninsula, and on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. The Arab populations weren’t distinct but part of a geographic continuum with surrounding Arab populations. Arabs migrated to the territory from Egypt and Syria and migrated outward to Egypt and Syria. Yasir Arafat spent at least 2/3 of his formative years in Egypt and Edward Said spent all of his in Egypt.

          No matter what forensic games and outright lying John Pilger and others in the British chatterati engage in, you’ve still got the same problem on the ground. Most of the Arab population on the West Bank and Gaza lives in a world of make-believe and formulates its political goals around that. The make-believe is that they’re in a position to dictate terms to the Jews. They aren’t and never have been. Their political goals are to seize the property of the Jews and kill as many of them as they can. There’s a minority (maybe 1/3 of the total) who would be content with self-government and calling off the conflict through bargaining. Even if they were 2/3 of the population and not 1/3, the die-hards would likely be too numerous to suppress and numerous enough to disrupt any posited settlement.

          1. Naeve one side mainstream Right-tards still ranting in the schoolyard.

            Brown ‘Palestinians’-135CE were well known long before neo-Con newboys White ‘U$A’-1776 destroyed native Red Americans. And, well before European White ‘Israelis’-1948 terror-bombed White Brits and destroyed native Brown Palestinians, ongoing unchecked.


            1. Brown ‘Palestinians’-135CE were well known long before neo-Con newboys

              Not outside the mind of peddlers of historical fiction. The British made use of a Roman provincial name in 1920, but there is no political, social or anthropological continuity between the 2d century ad and the 20th c.

              1. Shallow, naeve, one side mainstream Right-tards still ranting in the schoolyard.

                Check facts, join dots, go figger.

                Brown ‘Palestinians’ from c.135CE including and co-existing with original Brown Mizrahi Jews were well known long before White Anglo neo-Con newboys ‘U$A’-1776 enslaved Black Africans and mass murdered native Red Americans. And, well before White European Ashkenazic Jews suddenly became ‘Israelis’ in 1948 by terror-bombing and killing White Brits and then mass killing native Brown Palestinians, ongoing unchecked.



                1. With all this BS talk one would expect the Mizrahi Jewish population to be all over the Middle East. They were killed and expelled from these nations without their possessions so very few Mizrah Jews remain anywhere in the Middle East but Israel. That is what Willistina thinks is tolerance.

                  Arabs live in Israel, can vote and can serve in the Knesset along with the Israeli Supreme Court. Woman and gays are treated as equals. In Arab lands women are treated as chattel, gays are thrown off roofs and anyone but a Muslim is a second-class citizen.

                  Hamas: “When We Talk About ‘Peaceful Resistance, We Are Deceiving the Public.”

                  See the video of what Palestinian leaders are actually saying in Arabic to their people.


                2. Simply repeating inventions doesn’t turn them into ‘truths’. Speaking of ‘Palestinians’ at any point prior to about 1959 is comically anachronistic.

            1. Narrow, shallow, naeve, one side mainstream anti social Right-tards, still ranting in the immoral schoolyard.

              Deludedly thinking it’s moral for one persecuted people to persecute another people, with no conseuences. Disingenuous In deep denial of the sole cause of the 1948-ongoing Levant/Palestine/Izrael/Mid-East BIG issue.

              That nearly 1-Million brown Levantines/Palestinians/Mid-Easterners in their own homeland were and are displaced, persecuted, and murdered by invading White Europeans who themselves had just been displaced, persecuted and murdered.

              Logical answer(s) please in your own good timewarp Capn Right-tard.

              1. Willistina is a blowhard that talks a lot but can’t provide facts.

                “Deludedly thinking it’s moral for one persecuted people to persecute another people”

                The Israeli’s do not persecute. They have a nation and a right to their borders. In Israel, Muslim Arabs can vote, sit on the Knesset and the Supreme court. Women are not stoned to death and gays are not thrown to their death off of buildings. Nowhere in the Middle East is there so much freedom for Muslim Arabs that are not part of the elite.

                What you forget is that it was 600,000 -700,000 Palestinians that left Israel on their own because their leaders told them to do so and about the same number of Jews were forced out of Arab lands except they were deprived of their property and frequently their lives. I don’t hear you calling for their right of return and the return of their property.

                Mass movements of people have not been an uncommon event in the world. Look at the movement that occurred in India and Pakistan. How come none of those people are still considered refugees? They aren’t.

  1. I think everyone will get a laugh listening to these high power women that have children and exceptionally difficult in the news jobs.

  2. BIG Al, near or far, follow the FACTS.

    TRUE Yank, GOOD Company Bill ‘Blaster’ Blum’ knows WAY too much FACTS about FAKE ‘Yanksters’ all for GREED exploiting and destroying humanity including millions of innocent kids.

    FAKE ‘Yanksters’ are LYING Tyrants. as bad or worse than so called ‘Terrorists’ or Commies’.

    And check GOOD Company TRUE Yank, ex-Black Ops expert Col Fletcher Prouty.

    1. Willistina, you talk a lot but say very little. The little you say tells us a lot about you and it isn’t very good. Below I copy a little information on your friend that I provided earlier. Maybe someone can introduce you

      “your hero William Blum believes the US is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. He equates the US to Nazi Germany. He has a good number of devoted readers that are enemies of the US. Blum announced himself “glad” when Osama Bin Laden endorsed his book saying “This is almost as good as being an Oprah [Winfrey] book.” That rating by Bin Laden helped promote his book which had almost no sales to a much higher ranking book. He has associated with communists and terrorists.”

      1. BIG Al’s typically selective so called ‘facts’ that you write are routinely wrong anti social Right-tard rote.

        Oft repeated by Right-tard Fake ‘Yanksters’ since WW2 killing multi-millions including innocent kids fer GREED and fake profit – not fer people..

        Right-tard fake ‘Yanksters’ easily trashed by pro social TRUE Yanks from: Buffet, to Blum, to Finkelstein, to Farrow, to Chomsky, to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, quote (my brackets), “Al Queda hurts us, but not as much as (Right-tard media MONSTA) Rupert Murdoch has hurt us!”.

        US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations ……killed…20-million…in…since-world-war-ii/5492051
        Apr 15, 2018 – US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since … since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars …. mercenaries in the U.S. and Great Britain to serve alongside Zaire’s army.

        1. Willistina, says: ” ‘facts’ that you write are routinely wrong anti social Right-tard rote.”

          It was the people Willistina loves that killed over 100,000,000 people outside of war in the twentieth century. I take note that you don’t copy any of these facts that are so-called routinely wrong. You don’t quote them and prove them wrong because you can’t defend your position which is part of a totalitarian culture and the culture of death.

          Despite Willistina’s hateful impression of the US the US has been the most civil superpower ever and has elevated the standard of living of tens of millions of people around the world. The US has made some mistakes, but that is normal for any power that exists.

          1. His link is to a 911 twoofer site run by a faculty head case in Canada.

            1. There are a lot of lunatics in the world so I guess there should be a good number in Canda as well. I don’t think these are well-adjusted people.

              1. Well, a great deal of time and attention goes into formulating perverse theses and trying to defend them with factoids which have passed from one website to another and one disreputable author to another. My personal favorite was the philosophy professor at the state college in Minnesota who assembled a compilation on the Kennedy assassination. Among his recruits was some fellow who visits Dealy Plaza and gets the idea in his head that he’s talking to surveillance devices. It was a set of sprinkler heads. The philosophy professor in question was later prominent in rounding up other cranks to sign 9/11 twoofer statements. They call him Uncle Fetzer.

                1. I am not too upset with those that look for conspiracies since our government frequently hides things to protect themselves rather than the nation. Not only that but many in the government aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

                  What I object to is the lack of understanding of the conflicting data they present and how they deny things that have been proven over and over again along with their lack of understanding of statistics. If one prints enough sh-t some of it is bound to come true. We have quite a few people on this blog that think their personal biases constitute proof of a conspiracy.

                  1. I am not too upset with those that look for conspiracies

                    No. Conspiracy is an a priori assumption, which is why they don’t notice that they’re arguing in the alternative. There are conspiracy pushers who make an attempt to build a case from factual materials (see Josiah Thompson or Cyril Wecht) or simulate that (David Lifton, who spent 16 years researching a book that appended crucially on a knowledge of surgery and forensic pathology that he did not have and appears never to have sought out). Morgan Reynolds professes to believe the World Trade Center was hit by a Cessna and that the WTC bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Kennedy assassination were all perpetrated by some shadowy cabal which has successfully peddled lies for 50-odd years. It’s a psychological disposition, not evidence and argument, which lies behind this.

                    1. “It’s a psychological disposition, not evidence and argument, which lies behind this.”

                      NII, you are very correct. I think this is the dividing line that normal people should start to recognize when they read the postings of some of the crazies on this blog.

                    2. Blame Israel psychosis as demonstrated by Ken. Here is a video behind the scenes in Gaza.

                    3. Proven time and again, ongoing over 4-canturies by post-Reformation anti social Right-tards here and elsewhere. Like their uber role-model psycho serial killer Henry V111, Deeply paranoid in denial they think they do wrong while always in seige-mentaility mode, running scared about so called ‘Boogeymen’ conspiracies.

                      And no critique is valid – even from their own, like ex-Black ops expert Col Prouty, and many more pro social worthies quoted here and elsewhere. Q.E.D.

            1. MLK, a great man with many words of wisdom that you and your type will never understand.

              1. Anti social Right-tard sad types.

                Can never face Great Man TRUE JEW (family Holocaust survivors) Dr Norman Finkelstein Ba., Ma., Phd.

                1. There is always a kook in every group that espouses self-hate and there will always be those foolish people or kooks themselves that listen uncritically to them.

                  1. For a bit of real-time history, Willistina should read the following and then go to the site for the pictures and video.

                    Hamas official: 50 of the 62 Gazans killed in border violence were our members

                    Salah Bardawil’s confirmation means number of acknowledged members of terror groups who died on Monday and Tuesday is now 53

                    By Judah Ari Gross and TOI staff16 May 2018, 4:59 pm

                    A Hamas official on Wednesday acknowledged that 50 of the 62 Palestinians reported killed during Gaza border riots on Monday and Tuesday were members of the Islamist terrorist group, bringing the total number of known members of terror groups among the fatalities up to 53.

                    “In the last rounds of confrontations, if 62 people were martyred, Fifty of the martyrs were Hamas and 12 from the people. How can Hamas reap the fruits if it pays such an expensive price?” said Hamas official Salah Bardawil in an interview with the Palestinian Baladna news outlet.

                    Questioned about the figures by the presenter, Bardawil said they were “official.”

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                    “I am giving you an official figure. 50 of the martyrs in the recent battle were from Hamas,” he said.

                    Hamas spokesman Fawzy Barhoum did not confirm all 50 were members of the Islamist movement. He told AFP Hamas paid for the funerals for all 50 “whether they are members or supporters of Hamas, or unrelated to the factions.”

                    Palestinian mourners surround the body of Yazan al-Tubasi, wrapped in the flag of the Hamas terror group, after he was killed during clashes in Gaza the previous day, during his funeral in Gaza City on May 15, 2018. (Mahmud Hams/AFP)
                    Bassem Naim, another senior Hamas official, declined to confirm or deny the number but said it was a “large movement and has great popular support.”

                    It was “natural to see members or supporters of Hamas in large numbers” in such a protest, he said, adding that when they were killed they were “participating peacefully” in demonstrations.

                    The Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad had said on Tuesday that three members of its Saraya al-Quds military wing were killed by Israeli forces in Khan Younis.

                    The Israeli military shared a portion of Bardawil’s interview with an Arabic news outlet, accompanied by English captions.

                    Hamas official, Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil is clear about terrorist involvement in the riots

                    — IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) 9:20 AM – May 16, 2018
                    “This proves what so many have tried to ignore: Hamas is behind these riots, and the branding of the riots as ‘peaceful protests’ could not be further from the truth,” said IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.

                    According to the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry, 62 people in total were killed during border clashes on Monday and Tuesday.

                    Israel has not put out its own official death toll, but officials have questioned the accuracy of the Hamas-provided figure. In one case, a Gazan doctor told the Associated Press that an 8-month-old baby, who the Gaza ministry said died after inhaling Israeli tear gas on Monday, had a preexisting medical condition and that he did not believe her death was caused by tear gas.

                    The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday had said that at least 24 members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad were killed in day-long clashes Monday. At that stage, Hamas acknowledged 10 of the dead were its members.

                    Hamas press release on May 15, 2918, announcing the deaths of 10 of its Interior Ministry members in clashes with the IDF the day prior. (Courtesy)
                    The IDF said its number was based on a joint investigation with the Shin Bet security service.

                    “Most of the people [from terror groups] killed belonged to the Hamas terror group, and some to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” an IDF spokesperson said.

                    Among the dead, the IDF said on Tuesday, were all eight members of a cell of armed Hamas operatives who were killed in a gun battle as they sought to breach the fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

                    Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry said 60 people were killed in Monday’s demonstrations, most by gunfire, and more than 2,700 were injured. Another two Palestinian men were killed Tuesday as smaller protests broke out in Gaza, the ministry said.

                    IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and other senior officers monitor the Gaza security fence during violent protests along the border on May 14, 2018. (Israel Defense Forces)
                    Israel has blamed Hamas for the deadly violence, saying the terror group encouraged and led the protests, which included attacks on Israeli troops and attempts to breach the border fence. The IDF said Sunday that Hamas planned to send armed terrorists through any breach in the fence to “massacre” Israelis.

                    After the first “March of Return” protests in March, Hamas acknowledged that five of its terrorists were among the fatalities, but it subsequently refrained from acknowledging whether its men were among the dead.

                    On Thursday, Hamas’s Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar said he hoped to see a mass breach of the Israeli border during Monday’s protests timed to coincide with the US embassy’s move to Jerusalem.

                    For Hamas, the terror group that rules Gaza and seeks Israel’s destruction, Monday’s border protest was the culmination of a weeks-long campaign to try to break the blockade on the territory. Israel says the blockade is necessary to prevent Hamas from acquiring weaponry and attacking the Jewish state.

                    Monday’s demonstrations also protested the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, viewed as a major provocation by the Palestinians and the Arab world. Palestinians see East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

                    Palestinian protesters look up at falling tear gas cannisters dropped by an Israeli quadcopter drone during clashes near the border with Israel east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip on May 15, 2018. (AFP/ SAID KHATIB)
                    Hamas has said protests would continue in a weekly format, but it was not clear if it would be able to maintain momentum during the fasting month of Ramadan, which begins this week.

                2. Finkelstein is a pit bull puppy dog who works for Noam Chomsky. He’s never published any original research because his entire publication programme consisted of assignments from Chomsky to trash someone’s reputation. (Finkelstein calls himself a ‘forensic scholar’). He was treated remarkably indulgently by academe until Depaul decided to put a definitive end to his academic career.

                  1. Anti social Right-tards’ vast walls of overcompensating waffle clearly mean ‘they doth protest more than a little too much’.

                    Sooo, overcompensating, anti social rabid Right-tard wafflers answer a real simple ask fer schoolyard simpletons in one short para – if ya can?

                    WHY was the supposed ‘peaceful state’ of invading White Europeans so called ‘Israel’ born by TERRORISTS, so called Jews TERROR-bombing and killing White Brits in brown peoples’ land also displaced and mass killed by so called ‘Jews’ themselves survivors of mass murders. When TRUE pro social compassionate JEWS & CHRISTIANS (like Dr MLK, Dr Finkelstein & Prof Chomsky) HELP, not harm, all people?

                    Strickly logical short answer please in Ur own good timewarp Capn anti social Right-tard schoolyard simpleton.

                    1. Actually, Jews migrating to the Levant prior to 1948 set up agricultural colonies market towns. Violence in mandatory Palestine began around 1929 and was the initiative and program of Hajj Amin al Husseini.

                    2. Rephrase anti social Right-tard schoolyard Nutta, “Actually, a few White European TRUE Jews migrating from Russian pogroms to the indiginous brown peoples’ Levant prior to 1948 set up peaceful agricultural colonies and market towns. Violence came from the violence-prone White Brits unlawfully mandating PALESTINE which anti social Right-tards STILL fake claim never even existed!. By 1948 the invasion of White European Holocaust survivors were TERRORIST so called ‘Jews’ who TERROR-bombed and killed White Brits and also displaced and mass killed the indiginous brown people. So called ‘Jew’ TERRORISTS, an absolute INSULT & DISGRACE to compassionate TRUE JEWS and CHRISTIANS s like Dr MLK, Dr Finkelstein & Prof Chomsky, HELPING, not harming, all peoples.”

                      Q.E.D. (agin..)

                    3. I love when people say nice things about Chomsky. He was in Cambodia at the time of the killing fields in Cambodia where 1/3 to 1/2 of the population was slaughtered. He was reporting from there at that time and told everyone how wonderful things were. To the credit of some of his followers, they walked away from him and his popularity dropped. But with time not too bright people forget and new ones that know nothing of the killing fields join on. I don’t know if you are old enough to have forgotten that piece of history or too young to have gained the common sense necessary to recognize bad people for what they are.

                      As I said earlier, you need to learn a bit of history.

                    4. Learn some history Willistina so you can debate the situation on a higher level rather than making inane comments you know nothing about.

                1. The cancer, mentioned in the video, is the leftist type of thinking that Willistina holds so dear to her heart. I can imagine her at bedtime turning off the lights, closing the door and listening to the speeches of Stalin. When she wakes up her dreams become her personal reality that permits her to get through the day and excuse her all her personality flaws and her envious heart.

          2. Quel Surprize.

            Moi further factual replies now totalitarian-Stalinist BLOCKED in so called ‘Free Democracy’ U$A?

            Bwah! Hahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha. LMFAO.

                1. Chomsky made excuse after excuse always attempting to explain away how under his feet millions of Cambodians died. He deflected. But to Willistina, death, whether 10’s of millions or a hundred or more millions of deaths don’t really count, as long as she can promote her ideology which is a culture of death, destruction, and subjugation.

              1. Know nothing, shallow one side mainstream Righ-tard/wrong-uns in the schoolyard need to learn the full facts and nothing but the facts from GOOD JEW Chomsky.

                Unlike BAD JEW Right-tard Repugnant Party BIG Punk KISSINGER, quote, “We’ll drop BOMBS from everything that flies onto anything that moves!”

                1. Take note how you have to rely on videos or someone else writing the text for you. That is a sign you don’t know a thing that you talk about and can’t defend the points being made. I refer you to the anti-Chomsky reader that will take Chomsky apart point by point and demonstrate how he twists and lies while making sure one is apprised of the real facts.

                  Chomsky holds the title for being praised by America’s enemies. One that comes to mind is Osama bin Laden who states that Chomsky is “one of the most capable” citizens of the United States.

    1. DSS – Mueller has had no problem in harassing the innocent before, nothing has changed.

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