Sirens: Emails Appear To Confirm That Stormy Daniels Was Selectively Targeted By Ohio Detective And Her Uncover Teams

1531390682941We earlier discussed the dropping of the highly dubious charges brought against Stormy Daniels in Columbus, Ohio.  The arresting officials insisted that they were at the Sirens strip club on an undercover mission entirely separate from the appearance of Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels. Emails now appear to contradict that account — raising not only the question of selective enforcement but political bias.  There is also the question of the false statements allegedly made to investigators.

According toThe Fayette AdvocateVice Detective Shana Keckley reportedly has emails that show that the team went to Sirens because of the announced appearance of Daniels.  Keckley sent herself announcements of Daniels’ appearance.  A whistleblower is quoted as saying that the team went to the club to arrest Daniels and relished the prospect.

The question is whether the sheriff’s department will hold these officers accountable for their alleged selective enforcement and lying to investigators.  If proven, should the officers be terminated or what should the punishment be?

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  1. another group of firmly leftists persons who could really care less about the problem of sex workers oppressed by these stupid laws, is the LGBTQ press.

    while they tend to run MORE pro-legalization articles and copy than other sectors of media, they are still very weak and very hypocritical

    take this for example. there is a movie in the works about some he-she who owned “rub and tug” locations nick named “Tex” who was known for cross dressing and surviving a certain mob war that broke out in Philly. I think I have that right. Maybe not. But Scarlett Johanson is being pilloried because she wanted the role which is supposed to go to some sort of “real” trans person and not a “cisgender” like ScarJo. People may have seen the recent news stories. I will not link

    And so the LGBTQ lobby which is pretty much obsolete in the wake of Bowers V Hardwick and US v Windsor … see here…

    continues to fail to repurpose itself in the wake of its total victory over heterosexual norms in law.

    It thus doubles down on an insignificant tempest in a tea pot and misses the opportunity to really help a lot of people who could stand to be helped by some real libertinage and not this ongoing politically correct war of words which is perversely intended just to mostly punish normal people

  2. “The bulk of the emails that the whistleblower provided are from the email account of Detective Shana Keckley. Keckley was one of the lead-arresting officers the night that the “sting” operation went down.

    “It is clear that Keckley and her fellow officers were there because of Stormy and only because of Stormy,” the whistleblower told the Advocate in an interview.

    Police said that Daniels was caught up in an investigation into human trafficking and prostitution the night she was arrested, but the emails released draw questions as to if Keckley and others targeted Daniels.

    “The emails definitely show that the police lied about it being a prostitution and human trafficking mission,” the whistleblower said.”

    FIRE OFFICER SHANA KECKLEY. Defund the phony departmental vice squad budget.

    Here is the key question for any vice squad budgetary audit?


  3. Wow, this is some important sh*t.

    Actually, I stopped caring about Stormy Daniels before I ever heard of her, tbh.

    1. Stormy is just another obnoxious porn star. She should have been free from false arrest in this one incident.

      The more important issue is the freedom of free adult sex workers to earn their bread using their own bodies. It should be legal. Instead it is the basis for countless phony arrests

      constant harassment by police tasked with enforcing these oppressive laws

      and the basis for hundreds of millions of asset forfeitures a year


      every perversion among consenting adults in now legal but if one dollar changes hands pursuant to a vanilla sex act down to touching boobs or an improper massage, JAIL!

      How fair is that?

      1. The more important issue is the freedom of free adult sex workers to earn their bread using their own bodies.


  4. I still like her mug shot. She just seems to be mildly annoyed about the whole thing.

    1. You like vulgar colored hair, improperly styled and combed; skin slathered with man-tan; a wretched excess of eye makeup and an asymmetrical nose.

        1. I too thought he was talking about someone else with some of those same style methods.

        2. Natacha, whose been in a spitting rage for a couple of years now because Trump called Rosie O’Donnell a ‘fat pig’?

          1. Yeah, that’s the one. She hates bottle blondes, too.

      1. the mugshot is still favorable to her. she is not that pretty. and, she has an unsightly abdominal tattoo.

        1. Mr. Kurtz…..That’s not a tattoo…. It’s a “Sell By” date.

  5. When our nation’s top law enforcement agency is politically weaponize to selectively target our citizens, and half the country thinks that’s justice, then we should expect more and not less of this brand of justice. This is not justice, this is lawfare. If you find yourself supporting lawfare for any reason, then you have absolutely no reasonable complaint when it works against you.

    1. Oh Yes what’s being claimed that is amazing things/matters. Let me add few words here on some of other MOST IMPORTANT MATTERS/ISSUES FACING OUR GREAT NATION much more HUGELY since very long and “on other hands” NATION’S both Major Political Parties just fighting for nothing but onlyfor it’s political gainings as like SLEEPING IN FOOL’S PARADISE knews nothing HOW MUCH NATION TREMOUSLY SUFFERINGS and since how long this happenings.I got an AMAZING FACT OF REALITIES relating to similiar ones here about ALLEGED’ CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE OF BIAS & INJUSTICE done to this Layman by Houston-Harris County CIVIL COURT OF LAW. # 4. Too In this alleged issues both Plaintiff and his Lawyer TED A COX COMMITTED both Criminal and Civil OFFENSES. God Bless America and All FELLOW AMERICANS.

    2. Olly, it sounds like you’re expressing what’s known as ‘manufactured indignation’.

  6. Rogue cops selectively enforcing the law are a worse danger than a stripper who the Left has temporarily adopted as a hoplite in their War On The Guy Who Beat Hillary Clinton.

    Stormie Daniels’ arrest, even if it had its intended consequences, would have just made a martyr out of someone who took money to remain quiet about a private transaction and welshed on the deal (after being encouraged to do so by someone who’ll drop her like a bad habit once he no longer has use for her). It was both evil and terrible strategy.

    What do you do with cops who waste taxpayer time and money on a bogus bust? Who misuse their public trust for personal or political reasons? Fire them, suspend them, or fine them. Criminal charges ought to be considered, too.

    1. Oh yes this Layman FULLY agreeing with what this guy claims. God Bless this fellow Americans.

    2. the problem is not just one bad lady cop on vice squad it is the funding of vice squads to harass sex workers in the first place

      and the laws which remain on the books

      people can pass out any kind of strange, bizarre, perverse sex for free–
      as a matter of fundamental civil liberties—

      but if a regular stripper in Ohio gets caught slapping her boobs on a guy’s face it’s a crime!

      in this case Stormy was not a regular but a transient so the elements were not met.

      just think of how ridiculous this law was in the first place.

  7. If they lied to investigators, fire them. Their credibility in court for any arrest has been compromised.

    If we don’t hold law enforcement to a high standard…well… we get the mess we currently have. Long past time for a change.

      1. if they started firing every cop that lied as part of an investigation soon there would be a whole hell of a lot of job openings. but maybe this lady cop deserves to be made of an example of since she presumed she was doing exactly that in the first place.

  8. Steffani Clifford. Not Stormy Daniels. Why not call Trump: Stormy Donald?

  9. Maybe she can relate to General Flynn, Carter Page, Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Neilsen, Steve Scalise and all of those who have been selectively targeted over the last few years because of the insanity of the liberal left and who HADN’T committed a crime. Even Paul Manafort has been selectively targeted for a non-crime since we now know his Lefty counterpart , Tony Podesta, who is brother to a Hilary sycophant and shrill, John Podesta is NOT going to be targeted. I really don’t have any sympathy for a woman who distorts the meaning and importance of woman-hood as a porn actor.

    1. The lex talionis doesn’t work like that, even given that Daniels is a willing foot soldier in the Left’s crusade against Trump. And it’s not a tradition we should return to. Rogue cops are a much more imminent danger.

  10. Jon Turley only cares about this dumb story because of his cozy relationship with former student/intern/lemon-head serving as Daniel’s attorney.

    1. I think you’re probably right, Bill. How else to explain his weird obsession?

      1. Foxtrot, take note that Professor Turley appears on TV often. Don’t you think they set the agenda and Turley is merely following up?

        But Turley’s question is about something other than Daniels. “Emails now appear to contradict that account — raising not only the question of selective enforcement but political bias.” To the present, I haven’t seen anyone discussing the issue he raises which is very important. Perhaps that is because the more important issue is how the sitting President has been targeted by highly placed individuals in the FBI, DNI, and CIA. I wish we could hear more about how bad targetting is (by government officials) no matter who we are talking about. His question here is what we should do to the policemen. My question is what we should do about the highly placed deep state officials that have done worse and caused harm to the nation along with a deep mistrust of our high ranking officials that are supposed to be protecting our nation.


  11. Good on you Stormy….get a great lawyer and sue the pants off the Dotard’s enforcers.
    Wonder who the ORDERS to go to the Club came from.?????

    1. The boss’s orders of this vice squad sting came from Columbus, Ohio “Democrat” Police Chief Kim Jacobs. Ask Chief Jacobs what went wrong.

  12. Poor Stormy. I’d make the officers watch one of her her “movies” and then write an essay on how the arrest impugned her virtue. Three pages, single spaced!

    1. Mespo,

      This isn’t about Daniel’s actions, it is about illegal activity engaged in by law enforcement. Just because you don’t like person X or person Y does not mean their rights are fair game for authorities. Illegalities by law enforcement officers effect the functioning of any just society which is supposed to be about the rule of law.

      These police should be indicted and put on trial. Citizens like yourself who allow the rule of law to be broken in our nation are part of the problem we face as a people. Some people hate immigrants. Other people hate Assange. Other people hate Republicans. Other people hate Occupy and so on. Hatred of other people and groups is not the basis for excusing illegal actions against them by police.

      I will not make a moral argument, rather it will be a practical one–there is no reason to believe you might eventually fall into a hated group. Since you have willingly supported the break down of the rule of law when it applied to others, there will be no law left to which you can look to for help either.

      First, they came…. Either stand up of every person’s rights or you will lose your own.

      1. She was never prosecuted; she was arrested. And after all she did engage in prohibited sexualized touching for money which means she could have avoided the whole “plot” by keeping her anatomy to herself. She’s hardly blameless. Give her a few shekels for the hours long detention and send her on her lascivious way.

        1. She was never prosecuted; she was arrested.

          So all’s fair until we’re indicted; then we deserve justice? Comey, Strzok, Mueller, et al would approve of that message.

          1. Not all’s fair until indictment, Olly, but all’s not hair on fire either. She should be compensated but let’s not make her Jean Valjean. What amount is fair to you for around four hours of detention?

            1. Not all’s fair until indictment, Olly, but all’s not hair on fire either.

              Who decides when it’s hair on fire? Arresting Daniels for this violation of the law would be equivalent to pulling over the driver of a speeding muscle car, going with the flow of traffic, because you loathe everything about the driver. Yes they’re speeding; yes their violating the law, yes they’re loathsome; but was the purpose of pulling over this one car serving a just purpose? If it was targeting of this one person as retaliation, then that is lawfare and that in my opinion is a hair on fire event.

              1. “Who decides when it’s hair on fire? ”
                That would be reasonable people who know the difference between jaywalking and capital murder. You have no idea what motivated the cops and playing swami wouldn’t make it so. They may just have wanted a high profile bust or maybe they don’t like her movies or the color of her fingernail polish.

                1. That would be reasonable people who know the difference between jaywalking and capital murder.

                  That reminds me: Back in 1971, I was 11 years old when we took a vacation to Mesa Verde National Park. When we were down by the cliff houses, I picked up a rock and threw it down the canyon. A park ranger saw me and promptly yelled at me to stop. I had no idea why his hair was on fire. I’ve thrown rocks before and I made certain I was not going to hit anyone in the process. Geez, get a grip. Then he came over to explain to me and anyone within earshot; that’s vandalism, he said. What if every tourist that came into that park decided to pick up a rock and throw it? It wouldn’t be long before they ran out of rocks. It would also encourage other behavior detrimental to the preservation of the park.

                  So yes, reasonable people know the difference; but it’s not about knowing the difference in crimes. It’s about knowing who, what, when, where, why and how the law is being enforced. Reasonable people determined it was hair on fire time prosecuting and jailing a sailor for transmitting a photo taken of the interior of his submarine. Reasonable people determined Hillary Clinton could essentially sell her bathroom server on the black market because she said everyone was doing it.

                  1. “What if every tourist that came into that park decided to pick up a rock and throw it?”
                    Silly logic because of the implausibility of the condition. It won’t happen and they know it. You were justly reprimanded just for the wrong reason. There’s a rule of reason in the world and those who lose that perspective end up with P*ssy hats saying crazy stuff on TV.

                    1. There’s a rule of reason in the world and those who lose that perspective end up with P*ssy hats saying crazy stuff on TV.

                      I’ve read this several times and I’m not seeing that Cicero would put perspective ahead of right reason. I certainly don’t believe there is any perspective that justifies using lawfare to target people we don’t agree with. But hey, I’m no lawyer.

                      “True law is right reason in agreement with nature; it is of universal application, unchanging and everlasting; it summons to duty by its commands, and averts from wrongdoing by its prohibitions…It is a sin to try to alter this law, nor is it allowable to repeal any part of it, and it is impossible to abolish it entirely. We cannot be freed from its obligations by senate or people, and we need not look outside ourselves for an expounder or interpreter of it. And there will not be different laws at Rome and at Athens, or different laws now and in the future, but one eternal and unchangeable law will be valid for all nations and at all times, and there will be one master and ruler, that is God, over us all, for he is the author of this law, its promulgator and its enforcing judge. Whoever is disobedient is fleeing from himself and denying his human nature, and by reason of this very fact he will suffer the worst punishment.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

                  1. Cindy Bragg – it is clear someone got hit in the face with a high profile bust. 😉

                    1. Paul C….lol…. And I believe there is legal precedent: Mansfield v. Grand Teton Park Police

                    2. Cindy Bragg – you will have to pull the case law for me, I do not have access to Lexis-Nexis.

                    3. Cindy Bragg – I was sure the Mansfield v. Grand Tetons was a quadruple reference. 😉

        2. mespo727272

          Have you ever been arrested?

          The arrest itself is a degrading, frustrating, humiliating experience.

          I appreciate your partisan stance, I don’t like Pinkos either, but we are a nation of laws and the cops set out to selectively harass a person whom they apparently didn’t like. Dead wrong.

          We are better than that.

          1. “The arrest itself is a degrading, frustrating, humiliating experience.”
            Humiliation? For a hooker … er, sex worker … who takes her clothes off and rubs men (and women) for money (plus does lots more on the silver screen) while her kid is in attendance at these strip clubs, if her husband is to be believed and why wouldn’t you? We ARE better than that but let’s not equate an hours long “humiliation” by detention with some wrongfully convicted guy who served decades in prison. This publicity ho has already been paid rathe handsomely and it looks like she’s willing to spread it around.

            1. Again mespo,

              You confuse your hatred of and disdain for another human being as an excuse for injustice. Someday, someone in power could easily point the finger at you, saying, I find lawyers disgusting prostitutes who are worthy of any injustice that comes their way. Lawyers always spread their legs for clients with enough money. Isn’t that what many people say? Isn’t it often true that many lawyers will do odious things for enough money?

              You keep missing what his happening here. Law enforcement is being used to “get” someone via illegal methods. You really should not be for this action, not ethically speaking and not as a member of a society which is going down because so many of its citizens no longer care about the rule of law.

              1. I know exactly what appears to have happened. For reasons known to the officers (and not to you), they targeted a stripper that they thought would violate the law and set her up. True to form she violated but they missed an essential element of the crime and she was freed hours later. I’m “not for this action,” as every one of my post proclaims agreeing the cops need some punishment and the ho oughta be paid. I’m just not seeing this as a threat to the Republic that the hair-on-fire crowd thinks that it is. What do you think she get? One billion and an apology?

                1. What your posts actually say is this is no big deal. Yet the abuse of power is a big deal.

                  This is what you said and I responded to it: July 26, 2018 at 6:50 AM
                  “Poor Stormy. I’d make the officers watch one of her her “movies” and then write an essay on how the arrest impugned her virtue. Three pages, single spaced!”

                  “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”

                  ― William Faulkner

                  1. Just to be clear, your post which shows no compassion or sense of justice at all, did not include the quote by Faulkner. That is a quote I have put in response to your speaking of a fellow citizen who was set up by the police (and probably on orders further up the food chain of power). You have said you are a Catholic. I don’t remember that part of the bible where Jesus admonished people for being prostitutes? I think he used to hang out with one!

                    1. Again, the local elected officials are all Democrats. If they have anything against ‘Stormy Daniels’, it isn’t likely for political reasons.

                    2. Jill – there is no evidence that Jesus hung out with a prostitute. That was a misreading of the Gospels by some idiot Pope.

                    3. he admonished a samaritan woman with 5 husbands or something like that

                      there is an oral tradition that Magdalena was a reformed prostitute but it’s perhaps a lot of confusion emanating from different sources. this link seems to be a fair treatment of the subject


                      Stormy is no Magdalene! Even if she was subject of a false arrest based on a stupid law

                  2. “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”
                    ~William Faulkner

                    Faulkner was a philandering drunk whose word on morality is less than authoritative. Now, he knew a thing or two about writing Southern — in between binges — so he had that going for him.

                2. She should just be glad the charges were dropped and move on.

                  If she was really going to do something worthwhile she would advance the interests of legalizing sex work. The fact is she is mostly just a porn star and now “celebrity” and since porn is a form of legal sex work she could really give a damn about anybody besides herself, most likely.

                  Which is probably why her husband is dumping her

                  1. Welcome to the Leftist world where all humans are equal in terms of credibility, sympathy and virtue. Never mind that’s a condition of humanity that “never was and never will be.”

  13. The only “punishment” will be on an innocent victim. Stormy’s daughter

    Stormy Daniels is actually a married woman. She married her 3rd husband, Glendon Crain in 2011 & is now getting another divorce. Husband Glendon sues Stormy for divorce in Texas. And includes a divorce petition and restraining order, both dated July 18, 2018.

    In 2009, Daniels was arrested for domestic violence against her husband at the time, Michael Mosny. She allegedly hit him several times after an argument over how he did their laundry and failing to pay their bills.

    Stormy Daniels Divorce: Estranged Husband Glendon Crain Claims She’s Putting Daughter in Danger

    1. Looks like she’s catching up to Trump in the ex-spouse department. I think being married to a porn star or actor would be challenging under the best of circumstances.

      1. She ‘caught up’ some years ago and is now surpassing him. She’s 33 years younger than Trump so she’s got plenty of time to just crush him in this race (if she’s willing to keep lowering her standards).

  14. The did less than Comey, Strzok, McCabe, etc. I would give them a couple of days off without pay.

  15. If they targeted Daniels for political reasons then lied about it they should be terminated and prosecuted, as should Brennan, Rice, Comey, Strozak or any law enforcer who can be proven to have politically targeted someone with law enforcement then lied about it – to a FISA judge, congress or otherwise.

    1. steph,

      Yes, this is exactly correct. And further, these are very heavy hitters, in this case, likely Trump’s own people, in other cases, members of the IC. That any citizen would cheer on the abuse of power is repulsive and ruinous to our own society.

  16. Career limiting moves

    What often separates police officers from their careers is not what they did, it’s when they lie during the investigation.

  17. Why am I surprised? Now shouldn’t you turn your attention to Trump’s attempt to extradite Mike McFaul and others? Isn’t that an issue worth discussing?

    1. There are any number of current stories that Turley does not seem to want to highlight.

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