Day 4: From Diamond Head To Pearl Harbor

IMG_8212Day Four of our trip to Hawaii started early with a trip to the Diamond Head crater.  This was my second hike up the crater, but the first such venture for the family.  We then had a great lunch at Duke’s restaurant in Waikiki and journeyed on to Pearl Harbor. We finished the day with an evening dip back on the North Shore.  It felt wonderfully decadent.  

The trip up Diamond Head was far less punishing than when I did it a couple years ago in 90 degrees at high noon. We started around 9:30, though I would recommend much earlier to catch the dawn and avoid the sun.  At that time, the parking lot was already closed. There is parking back down the hill across the street from the entrance. It is a slightly steep climb for any older family members but not that bad. Only about a quarter of a mile and you walk through a long narrow tunnel for cars (the space is very tight so you have to keep an eye out for cars).  We loved the hike even though it was crowded on a Sunday (I recommend weekdays if possible).  We finished with pineapple drinks at the entrance (a bit pricey at $10 a pop but really refreshing after roughly the 2 hour hike).  Here are a few pictures:

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We then went to Waikiki where I could not fail to notice the rather incongruous Christmas story between bikini shops:


The beach area was crowded but still gorgeous, including some incredible trees along the shore:


We then went to Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, damage to the Arizona Memorial docking area has led to the suspension of boat trip to the memorial. They still do “boat bys” but you are lucky to be able to spot part of the Arizona.  What you get is a good movie, but it is not as popular.  Since we were running late (and they close at 5), we went to the Missouri instead.  I love this old battleship where the war ended.  Indeed, with the Arizona just off the bow, you can see where World War II began for the United States while standing where it ended for the world. It is an amazing vessel though the tour is pricey at $25 a head.  (You however can take pride in helping support the Big Mo.  Here are some pictures:

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We drove back to the North Shore for a dusk swim and some shrimp from the shrimp trucks (also not cheap at $15 a pop for dinner, but surprisingly good).

Thus far, it does not seem like Hector will hit us, though it is giving the Big Island some bad weather.  We have one more day in Oahu before we take a short hop to our next island: Kauai.

4 thoughts on “Day 4: From Diamond Head To Pearl Harbor”

  1. P.S. Professor…….Your description of standing on the Missouri, with the sunken wreck of the Arizona so nearby, was pure poetry, disguised as prose. As one of your loyal readers, thank you for that.
    Hope the rest of your trip is just as rich, and enjoyable.

  2. Professor Turley…….Wonderful pictures! Thank you.
    My husband says those are banyan trees……native to India.
    Thomas Edison brought one to Florida in the 1920’s and now it’s the largest one in the nation. They’re amazing, and exciting to behold!

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