Liberty University President Calls For Trump Critics To Be Arrested

220px-The_ScreamLiberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. issued an alarming tweet that suggested that critics of President Donald Trump including James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jeff Sessions, and Loretta Lynch should be arrested.  While we are living in an age of rage, such statements from a university president is deeply disconcerting.  This follows a disturbing poll showing a surprisingly large percentage of Republicans believe that the President should be able to shutdown media organizations.  It seems like the rising distemper in this country is turning us against the foundations of our system from due process to the free press.

In his tweet, Falwell Jr. wrote:

“Are there any grownups w/ integrity left in the DOJ? When I was a kid, I watched Repubs join Dems to force Nixon out. Now Dems won’t join Repubs to lock up Comey, Lynch, Ohr, Rosenstein, Strzok, @HillaryClinton, @BarackObama & maybe even @jeffsessions despite damning evidence!”

Why leave out Bernie Sanders and Rosie O’Donnell?

The very suggestion that criminal arrests are an appropriate response for people like Sessions or Lynch shows how grotesque our national dialogue has become.  While Liberty University is often criticized for its academic curriculum and mission, Falwell is still the president of a university that represents students and faculty alike.  This is an irresponsible and unwarranted comment from someone who represents an institution.

Falwell previously made a gratuitous jab at Sessions, who he called a “phony” and said that Liberty students snubbed him on a visit to the university. Why would the president of a small university ridicule an attorney general who visited his campus?

In the meantime, President Trump has again issued a new and in my view unfair attack on Sessions, tweeting he is “scared stiff and Missing in Action.”  The suggestion is that Sessions should violate his recusal decision that was reached after the recommendation of his own career staff and many of us outside of the Justice Department.  I have previously criticized Trump for such tweets.

The greatest danger of the increasing shrill dialogue today is to make the unthinkable thinkable — like rounding up critics or political opponents of the President.  I understand the frustration and emotions are running high on both sides but we remain joined as a people by a common covenant based in the rule of law.  Disagreeing with people does not  make them criminals and arrests are not a way of amplifying our differences over policies or politicians.


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      1. “Yet typically in the national security field (and to a striking degree even in corporate and private associations without a formal apparatus of secrecy) even the “weakest links” do not break. No one tells.” -Daniel Ellsberg

        An excellent piece by Daniel Ellsberg:

        Secrecy and National Security Whistleblowing

        By Daniel Ellsberg

        “Since wrong-doing virtually always requires both secrecy and lies, and further secrets and lies to protect the secrets and lies, the wrongful operation — especially in a regime that approaches democracy — is commonly highly vulnerable to a breach of secrecy by any one of the many who share the secret. Yet typically in the national security field (and to a striking degree even in corporate and private associations without a formal apparatus of secrecy) even the “weakest links” do not break. No one tells.”

  1. The problem with completely dissing Info Wars is demonstrated at Drudge today who refers to:


    If the MSM isn’t carrying such news with pictures (unless the news is false) and Info Wars has proof then though Info Wars publishes a lot of garbage one has to blame the MSM for not carrying all the news.

    “The mainstream media completely failed to report on Antifa members in DC yesterday, some of whom went on to assault police officers, carrying a banner which openly advertised their intention to put bullets in their political enemies.
    Numerous video clips and photos show Antifa members carrying a large black banner which reads, “It takes a bullet to bash a fash.”

    One has to look at the pictures and the videos.

    Does anyone wish to say the pictures and videos aren’t real and shouldn’t have been reported by the MSM?

  2. This is one of those threads that reminds you that contemporary liberal discourse has almost no value.

  3. Glad to see you jump in on this too, Markypoo.
    You don’t seem to know what this exchange is even about, but you might have another shot at figuring it out if and when you sober up.
    In the meantime, avoiding the actual issues under discussion here, since just being an *******, seems to work very well for you.
    Continue to use this forum for the sole purpose of entertaining yourself, as you’ve said before.
    Maybe your Mommy will throw down some silly putty for you entertain yourself on your down time here.
    It doe not seem to take much for you entertain yourself, and that’s far more important to you than having any real thoughts or contributions here…beyond, of course, your aspirations to break out from the farm league and achieve Adam Clymer status as a major league *******.

    1. Haha. “Issues.” There are no issues here. You, your ilk, and the other gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees and pocket traitors don’t recognize “facts” even when they kick your ridiculous conspiracy prattle squarely in the nuts. That being the case, there’s no saving you or your fellow travelers. So, you just keep doing you in your alternate world, and when reality invades your little cocoon with yet another knee-job, just remember who provided your diagnosis. I certainly hope I am clearly explaining “what this exchange is about.” Thanks for playing.

      this is to “but hannity is so persuasive to me” tommie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – It would be nice if in your rant about facts if you had thrown in at least one fact that you knew to be true. It would make us think you knew something.

      2. There are issues being discussed, Mark the Moron.
        We can go into a side issue of why you get dumber and more obnoxious by the day, but if the posting comments that demonstrate your stupidity is your compusive hobby, there’s not a lot to discuss.

  4. Frankly, Falwell’s tweet chills me to the bone. The number of republicans who are willing to give sacrifice freedom of the press, the only thing standing between us and a dictatorship, chills me as well. Too many would bury their heads in the sand and refuse to see the dangerous path this nation is on. Too many blindly support Trump and believe whatever he tells them without question. Is the history of the 1920s-1930s in Europe repeating itself?

    This was an excellent, albeit chilling post. Do you mind if I re-blog?

    1. This was Falwell’s tweet:

      “Are there any grownups w/ integrity left in the DOJ? When I was a kid, I watched Repubs join Dems to force Nixon out. Now Dems won’t join Repubs to lock up Comey, Lynch, Ohr, Rosenstein, Strzok, @HillaryClinton, @BarackObama & maybe even @jeffsessions despite damning evidence!”

      I think it was a bit hyperbolic, but his point was on target.

      What we are really seeing today is leftists preventing free speech by conservatives. They are not using more speech rather they are using violence and censorship.

      1. The headline of this column does not match what was in the tweet.
        I don’t see anyplace where Farwell says that these people should be locked up for criticizing Trump.
        What he does say is that they are guilty of criminal offenses and should be locked up for alleged criminal acts.
        As with any other allegation, he can try to make his case that there were crimes committed.
        ( well, as with “most” allegations…..a lot of people “just know” that Trump committed crimes, so there’s no need to provide proof).
        That’s different than saying “lock ’em up for criticizing Trump”.

        1. I think Professor Turley provides a particular bias in his op-eds especially when one looks at what he chooses to write about and what he neglects to write about. Of course, the blog is merely an avocation so it must align itself with the taste of the news media he writes for rather than vice versa.

      2. Frankly, I think Falwell is a nutcase who profits from his followers, yet fails to do anything of value in the world. Religious leaders should stay out of politics. That said … I would love to see bi-partisan action in Congress to remove the ‘man’ from the Oval Office before he does further damage to this nation and the planet.

        1. Frankly, I think Falwell is a nutcase who profits from his followers, yet fails to do anything of value in the world.”

          That is your opinion, jilld, and his followers might call you a nut case as well, but where does that get you?

          “Religious leaders should stay out of politics.”

          Why? Do you think religious leaders don’t have valid concerns and should lose their First Amendment rights merely because they are religious leaders?

          “That said … I would love to see bi-partisan action in Congress to remove the ‘man’ from the Oval Office before he does further damage to this nation and the planet.”

          Why not list the damage he has done along with the proof. That would make your statement a bit more valuable.

          So far the last GDP was 4.1 and unemployment 3.9. I think that is pretty good. Very low minority unemployment. Isn’t that good as well? I won’t mention all the good things he has done while I wait for all the bad things of significance backed up with a modicum of proof.

      3. just the sort of hyperbole the left uses every day, that’s all

        a foolish remark at best, not news, just another dumb tweet. you want some heavy handed censorship? i say ban twitter. fun!

        oh wait no dont ban it just tax it. we will get a lot less stupidity if there is a use tax imposed

      4. Allan – it all started when Democrats gleefully joined to keep Clinton in office and then joined him on the lawn for a selfie.

  5. “You’re”, not you’rs….s too close to the e in my comment to Weasel Bill.

  6. I dislike Falwell and his right wing “Christian” ilk greatly. However, I have no problem with his tweet – free speech and also many many Left Independents would actually agree (after due process of course!).

    I just wish that more self proclaimed Christians would listen to a more nuanced and intelligent voice like Jake Morphonious…

    1. No one questions Falwell’s right to express his dribble.

      The point is that it’s dribble.

      1. “The point is that it’s dribble.”

        Wildbill, don’t you mean drivel? You dribble all around the blog saying how are or were a conservative while you dribble. That is what happens when one becomes a bit rabid,

    2. Spiked,
      The right-wing “Christian” ilk that you disdain, packs em in — tons of people of ALL races—every Sunday in the mega church out on the highway here. I attend, and sing in the chancel choir of, the beautiful, historic Episcopal church in town. We have had maybe 3 blacks visit, and a few Hispanics join, in the 10 years I’ve been there. The Episcopal church is attended by mostly progressives and liberals. The clergy and Bishop are very liberal and “inclusive” they say.
      Look around, son, and you’ll see that the evangelicals are sincere when they preach that they love and accept all. Checkout the colors of faces in the congregations. They have taken to heart:. “Red and yellow, black and white…they are precious in His sight…..”
      They also use a word few liberals use..and understand; forgiveness.

      1. Uh, Cindy – God does love ““Red and yellow, black and white…they are precious in His sight…..” so it would be most Christian-like NOT to kill them for Israel and the oil corporations. You don’t have to be liberal to get that.

        BTW – most mega churches are social clubs and weak on theology

        1. You appear to be an angry, cynical person, and a robust anti-semite.
          Good luck.

        2. I second that — Christians should by now be tired of supporting murder in the service of those two golden calves.

  7. What did Christopher Wray know and when did Christopher Wray know it?

    If Christopher Wray DID NOT know of the Obama Coup, Christopher Wray is grossly incompetent.

    If Christopher Wray DID KNOW of the Obama Coup, Christopher Wray is grossly corrupt.

    Lisa Page to Peter Strzok, “…POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    Lisa Page to Congress, “…the texts mean what the texts say.”

    1. More nuttiness from Crazy George.
      Now it’s Christopher Wray leading the Republican coup d’état?
      Or Jeff Sessions?
      What nonsense…

  8. Impeach/prosecute the criminal members of the Obama Coup D’etat in America:

    Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Brennan, Clapper, Farkas, Power, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Obama et al.

    1. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “…a dupe which will live in infamy,”

      guilty of subversion, gross negligence and dereliction.

      1. George, you’ll never be convicted of anything because you can always cop a successful insanity plea.

        You and your nutty conspiracies.

    2. This is the most disingenuous post I have read at this blog. It’s disingenuouss because Turley claims this is about “critics” of the president. He knows better. What Falwell alludes to is the involvement of all of the above in a criminal conspiracy involving gross abuse of government surveillance, espionage and law enforcement powers against the opposing candidate and then, the sitting president of the United States, going on over two years now with not even an accusation of an ethical impropriety by the president, let alone an actual crime. The only demonstrably serious crimes that jeopardize national security, democracy or the rule of law are those committed in the course of this operation against Trump and his associates.
      Many people — including Democrats — have called this what it is, an attempted coup.
      There is no other accurate description of what is going on. At this very late date, anyone who pretends that’s not what this is, is on my opinion not an honest person.

      1. That’s fine because in my opinion anyone who buys into the coup myth is not a
        very bright person.

        An attempted coup by Republicans Wray, Mueller, Rosenstein and Sessions?

        Don’t make me 😆 laugh…

      2. I’ll qualify the above statement by saying I would not want to lock up Sessions, based on what I know at this date, but I would remove him.
        And, no one should be locked up without due process, of course.
        But, nearly all of the names on that list are people we already know have committed crimes, or should be suspected of having committed or having known of crimes.
        “POTUS wants to know everything” about Strzok and Page’s participation in obstruction of justice.
        Same POTUS knowingly communicated with Clinton on her illegal, unsecured private server, using a pseudonym. Etc. Yes, the holy Obama Himself. When will we see him getting proctologized like Trump, his family and everyone who ever shook hands with him?

    1. fyi…the emails from 2010 says:

      “Obama Leak Investigations (internal use only – pls do not forward).

      Brennan is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists learning information from inside the beltway sources.

      Note — There is specific tasker from the WH to go after anyone printing materials negative to the Obama agenda (oh my). Even the FBI is shocked. The Wonder Boys must be in meltdown mode…”

        1. “WikiLeaks revelations raise new questions about the death of journalist Michael Hastings”

          By Bryan Dyne
          9 March 2017


          One of the 8,761 internal CIA documents leaked by WikiLeaks on Tuesday reveals that the agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence has been exploring methods to hack into vehicle systems since at least 2014. As WikiLeaks noted in its release accompanying the documents, “The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

          While the anti-secrecy organization makes no specific charges in this regard, this information raises new troubling questions about the car crash that killed journalist Michael Hastings in June of 2013.

          Hastings, who was 33 when he died, was the Rolling Stone reporter who wrote an article in 2010 that led to the removal of General Stanley McChrystal from his post as ranking US commanding officer in Afghanistan. Hastings perished at around 4:30 a.m. after losing control of his car and crashing into a tree while traveling at about 100 mph.

          At the time of his death, Hastings was investigating another major figure within the Obama administration’s military and intelligence apparatus, then-CIA Director John Brennan. At the time, police declared that there was no “foul play” involved in the accident. Before the accident, however, Hastings had informed his colleagues that he was under government surveillance. He also suspected that his own vehicle had been tampered with, having asked a neighbor to lend him a car.

          What the WikiLeaks documents show is that Hastings’ suspicions about his vehicle could very well have been justified. Meeting notes dated October 2014 show that the CIA has a division known as the Embedded Development Branch which lists “potential mission areas,” such as software and networking devices, as targets for hacking. One of the targets listed is “vehicle systems (e.g., VSEP),” likely referring to the embedded computer systems that play a major role in the operation of modern cars (though the acronym is not spelled out).

          1. “VEROPHARM”

            Joseph Rago –

            “Wall Street Journal Reporter Asks Russia For “Clinton Information” —-Turns Up DEAD 2 Days Later”

            “A Wall Street Journal Editor who was investigating how a Russian
            Pharmaceutical firm could have been purchased in 2014 by an American
            Pharmaceutical firm while Sanctions against Russia existed against such
            business transactions, has been found dead in his New York City
            apartment. The crux of the dead journalists investigation was how
            then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton influenced the transaction to be
            finalized, but only AFTER her husband Bill was paid $500,000 for giving
            a speech in Moscow.

            The Russia Consulate General’s office in New York City was contacted
            by Wall Street Journal reporter/editor Joseph Rago who requested a
            Thursday (20 July) in person interview with consular officials regarding
            an upcoming article he was preparing on Hillary Clinton and her links
            to Russia. Rago failed to attend the meeting and was later discovered
            dead in his apartment of as yet “unknown causes” just hours prior to
            this meeting occurring.”


            1. An interesting piece:


              This sounds like a good idea. Successfully implementing it, might be a bit tricky. I’m not saying it’s not doable.

              “Depository of Work in Progress”

              “This case reminds me of Michael Hastings, who was allegedly investigating CIA Director John Brennan, before was killed/murdered in a strange fiery crash in June of 2013. I wish we could read what Hastings was working on.”

              “So, on that note, I suggest that a “depository of articles in progress” be set up for journalists working on “dangerous” material. In the event of a person’s suspicious death — the key or code is unlocked, which results in automatic release (open source) of the data. Instead of murder covering up secrets — it would be a trigger for the release of sensitive material. It might be incentive to not add to the ever-growing body count.”

                1. I have reason to believe that anonymous is a strong advocate for removing the veil of State secrecy that breeds the suspicion that incubates the paranoia that eventually leaps out of the petri dish in the form of wild-eyed conspiracy theories. IOW, less State secrecy would yield fewer conspiracy theories; fewer conspiracy theories would make our current predicament far more manageable than it currently is.

                  1. I suspect she’s a Lefty nut job who actually believes the conspiracy nonsense. “Truther” maybe?
                    It will be interesting to see how she interacts with the Right wing nut jobs here; Oky, Crazy George et al.

                    1. anonymous has never posted any Truther comments in the time that I’ve been here–a little over a year. anonymous was here long before I showed up. She has never responded to any of the Truthers who have posted on the blawg. She has a keen interest in gun control. Since most of the Truthers are also Sandyhook false-flag enthusiasts, I doubt that anonymous would sit still for September Eleventh false-flag theory either. I think she mostly wants more transparency and far less surveillance. Sunlight disinfects the tinfoil hat conventioneers, too.

            2. Might be true, but I wouldn’t take anything from Hal Turner unless he names credible sources.

            3. Hal Turner’s wiki entry….

              “Harold Charles “Hal” Turner (born March 15, 1962) is an American white nationalist, Holocaust denier,[1] and blogger from North Bergen, New Jersey. In August 2010, he was convicted for making threats against three federal judges with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Prior to Turner’s arrest, his radio program, The Hal Turner Show, was a webcast from his home once a week.”

              That’s why you’re Crazy George, Crazy George.

              Even your sources are all nuts.

          2. Seattle–Tacoma plane Crash:

            Anyone paying attention has to alomet always question the media/govt’s story line.

        2. Look, we already have Crazy Confederate George and Infowars Oky posting plenty of crazy conspiracy stories. Could you at least make an attempt at pretending you’re sane?

          1. Isaac, you’re a funny guy. The outlets alleging Trump lies all the time, which are allegedly “checking facts” for us, are known liars, practically owned by the cryptocracy, and base nearly every attack story against Trump on anonymous cowards.

              1. Were guessing allowed, a cryptocracy might be either a government by means of secrecy or a secret government.

                Unless, of course, it refers to government by the enbalmed and entombed. (Like they had in Ancient Egypt)

            1. David H., I disagree with Isaac that the anti-Trump media should band together and call him out on his inaccurate statements and lies.
              They’re already doing that individually, and if they do it as a group, it’ll probably be seen as “collusion”.
              Trump is, and has, largely by-passed the media with the broadcasts from the Trump Tweet Tower.
              The reason that the “TripleT” communication is effective is that the public may despise and distrust the media more that they d&d Trump.
              Besides, any possible reconciliation between Trump and the media was squashed in about 18 hours, starting on March 1, 2017.
              If Trump had any desire to reconcile with the media…and that’s debatable….he dropped that idea after 3-1-2017.

          1. I’ve lost track of which fruit loop we’re talking about. I think TBob got the ball rolling. And it could always get worse. I’ve recently been thinking of rehashing old Thule Society screeds about Sumerian Foo Fighters from the planet, Aldebaran IV. But these youngsters nowadays don’t know a thing about it.

            1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – wasn’t the Thule Society re-invented by the Nazis? And I am well aware of Foo Fighters. 😉

              1. But of course you’re well aware of Foo Fighters. They’re in league with Sasquatch and Nessie. Aren’t they?

                1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – supposedly there is a Foo Fighter at Area 51. The Foo Fighters were reported by US bombers doing raids over Germany. When the Allies went into Germany and German-held territories, Foo Fighters was on the list to find.

                  BTW, You skipped my question on the Thule Society. Are you going to answer it?

                  1. No. I’m not going to answer your question about The Thule Society. Go ask Martin Bormann, instead.

                    1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – you are one who wanted to wanted to start the Thule Society again.

  9. The papers, that Trump lambastes in his pot calling the kettle black routine, should pool their resources and illustrate through graphs and charts Trump’s career as a liar. If Trump the liar, the master of fakery, the potentate of disinformation were to be outed on a consistent basis, perhaps his lying a** would get bounced sooner rather than later.

    The problem is that Trump lies so consistently that one becomes either immune to it and discards it, or like the dupes, believes it; the old tell a lie often enough and it will be believed.

    No person or paper lies so consistently and blatantly more than Trump. Even collectively Trump’s detractors have less presence with their truths than Trump does with his lies.

    If a hundred or so papers had a ‘Trump Lies’ watch on the front page, every day, and it was corroborated by facts, then perhaps the twit would stop tweeting.

    1. Isaac,,..
      Some publications already keep and publish their tallies….the totals are usually different.
      Pooling together and deciding on a total wouldn’t make much difference, except that you’d have one quasi-monopoly of publications doing the counting and publishing instead of several different publications doing this independent ly.

      1. Tom

        The point of banding together, a la Washington Post’s ‘Fact Checker’, would be to counter the unrelenting stream of lies and misinformation tweeted by the Twit. A well designed, visual, chronicling of Trump’s lies and nonsense could serve to offset with truth what is often accomplished by lies, a la ‘Tell a lie often enough and some will believe it.’ Banding together would serve to expedite rebuttals to examples of this travesty of a tweeter.

        Trump was not elected by the popular vote but by a successful strategy. Since November 2016 Trump has been employing that strategy without pause. The vehicle is the tweet. The message is composed of lies, half truths, and vitriol. The target audience includes those who if they don’t understand clearly how bad this is, might just vote for him again or not vote at all.

        A slice of voters down the middle could very well be the difference between bouncing Trump’s lying a** in 2020 and having to put up with him for another 4 years, which could be the most dangerous for America. Right now Trump is campaigning and overdoing the lying. If he gets in again, he won’t have to campaign any more; he will be free to run this country into the ground to satisfy his ego and bankbook. Either he or Pence will give out pardons and America will need another dozen years to recover.

        If the papers could produce irrefutable retorts of truth to counter Trump’s lies on an immediate and ongoing basis, the negative effects of Trump’s lies will be mitigated to some degree. That degree could very well be the difference.

        1. issac – would a lie be like “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?” Or “Everyone is going to save at least $500 on health care insurance.” Or “I found out the same time you did when I turned on the tv” Things like that?

          1. Obama’s not the President. Trump is. Obama tried to do stuff, made promises that did not come true, call him a liar. Trump lies on a regular basis, regardless of promises or anything else. Trump is a pathological liar. The public needs to be kept abreast of this. Obama’s lies are of a type peculiar to a campaign promise not kept; all politicians make these lies, mistakes, call them what you will.

            Trump lies to defame his opponents, create success where there is none, and sometimes for his own amusement. The public can decide for themselves if a tough guy like Trump who lies more often than tells the truth is for them. However, they should be made aware on at least as a continuing basis as the tweets/lies/etc.

            The National Enquirer? Is that the paper that is obsessed with Saquatch and UFOs? That explains a lot if only a sense of humor.

            1. issac – it is important to keep up on Big Foot and Nessie research. 😉

          2. PC Schulte,…
            But those lies were told by THEIR lier, and are therefore acceptable.
            Closer to home here, you can see the Loon Liar and Propagandist- in -Chief spouting off first thing every morning, “correcting” and distorting the words in JT’s columns and the words written by others who comment.
            But she gets a pass, and sometimes active encouragement, from some here.
            Because she is THEIR loon liar and Propagandist.
            Get it?

    2. issac – there is no newspaper in the country except The National Enquirer and The Onion who prints the truth anymore. I dropped my subscriptions years ago.

      1. PC Schulte,…why did you exclude Weekly World News as a true source of news?
        Are you unaware that they are still online, or do you dispute their claim that they are “the world’s only reliable news”?

        1. Tom Nash – I find Weekly World News to be unreliable because they do not keep up to date on Nessie and Big Foot. You can put a handle on a printing press, but that does not make it portable. 😉

      2. Mark identifies the Democrat party firmly with Russophobia.

        I think that’s mostly just anti-Trump kooks. To be fair to democrats. Most of the ones I know don’t run around prattling this nonsense like these obsessives do.

        Well, it’s a long way since the days of Red Scare, but the interests of the military industrial complex remain the same: demonize Russia.

          1. just a couple old guys with fun t shirts. not kooks. you’re a kook because you see a russian behind everything you dont like

    3. the Post has a comprehensive accounting of the day glo bozo’s often hourly bald-faced lying. However, the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees and pocket traitors already know this, but don’t care since they’d “rather be Russian than Democrat.”©

      this is to isaac

      1. PC Schulte,…
        I was, of course, joking about THE ONION and WWNEWS being my main sources of news.
        On a more serious note, right here, on this very site, I can rely on LOON4BREAKFAST, WEASEL BILL, AND HHNN for their objective presentation of the news.

        1. You’re suggesting that the nameplate for the full-sized Nash sedan was not Ambassador?

          The model years 1949, 1950 and 1951 were the best. They featured the so-called “bathtub” look. One of the Tappet brothers–Frick or Frack (I forget which)–used to call his The Sleek Black Beauty. The other one claimed that there were snakes living inside it.

          1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – both brothers could have been correct.

            1. There was only one Tappet brother who was willing to admit that you couldn’t parallel park a ’49-’51 Nash Ambassador. The other claimed, “So what? Who cares?”

              1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – the only Nash I was in was the one where the front seats went flat making a bed with the backseat. Great car for going to the drive-in. 🙂

                1. I believe that’s The Rambler you’re referring to. Though some folks dubbed it The Whiplash, instead. Besides, the last thing horny teenagers needed was a bed on wheels.

                  1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – it was the very thing horny teenagers needed. 😉 God, it was convenient.




    American right-wing media, and Fox News in particular, are ‘not’ in the business of educating followers. That was ‘never’ their business.

    Real journalism is the process of dissecting issues; taking them apart and analyzing every piece. Careful dissection typically reveals the complexity of an issue. Political issues ‘are’ generally complex.

    The complexity of issues is difficult to convey in commercial newscasts. Frequent commercial breaks are a serious handicap with regards to dissecting issues. For this reason, non-commercial newscasts like NPR, PBS and BBC are most effective at dissecting issues.

    With regards to print journalism, the finest newspapers and magazines are those that devote the most space to so-called ‘hard news’. Their stories are extensively detailed. In lesser newspapers the opposite is true; stories tend to ‘lack’ detail with less coverage of hard news.

    Conservatives distrust the finest news sources for the very reasons that make them fine sources: ‘Details and complexities tend to muddy conservative narratives’.

    Conservative narratives, by their very nature, tend be simple-minded. Ideas like, ‘Tax cuts generate more revenue’. ‘Guns keep people safe’. ‘Regulations stifle business’. These are examples of simple-minded narratives that promptly fall apart when carefully dissected. This is the reason right-wing forces felt the need to create their own media.

    Fox News is not concerned with dissecting issues. Fox has no desire to muddy conservative narratives by examining complexities. The real mission of Fox News, and right-wing media in general, is to promote talking points. To craft simple narratives that stick in the minds of common folks. This brings us back to Professor Turley’s column and these tweets by Falwell and Trump.

    Followers of right-wing media don’t want to hear why Trump can’t arrest or neutralize everyone standing in his way. One can see this impatience in comments on this thread. Whenever Professor Turley explains why Trump critics can’t be arrested or neutralized, certain commenters will typically write that Turley is sympathetic to ‘deep state’. Or that Turley is really not that smart. Or that Turley is ‘just’ an academic and not a real lawyer.

    The readers making these comments are undoubtedly getting their news from right-wing media. Simple narratives for common folks are all they really want.

    1. UPDATE….UPDATE…..

      1. Tom, I love the Social Sciences. For that reason I seek sources with heavy concentrations of detailed, hard news stories. One only gets that coverage from the upper mainstream. The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, PBS, BBC, Vanity Fair, New Yorker, New York Magazine and Bloomberg,

        Even the New York Post is more reliable than right wing media; The Wall Street Journal, as well. Any name identifying New York is probably a good source. New York has a strong talent pool of well-connected writers.

        But conservatives hate almost every source above. Conservatives hate them because those journalists are well-connected. Those journalists have years of experience at taking issues apart and getting to the core. And that process rarely favors conservatives. Because simple narratives fall apart quite easily.

        1. Peter,…
          I’ve consistently listed my primary news sources as THE ONION and WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, ever since I got tired of giving the the dozen or so news sources (“other”news .
          I know you didn’t ask…just saying I’ve been through related exchanges like this many times.
          A popular stereotype of conservatives is that they only watch, or primaily watch, Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.
          You can go back and read the comments; if there is an obsession with mentioning Hannity or Limbaugh, it sure as hell is not by the conservatives posting here.
          It’s a milder example of the careless use of words like “fascist, Nazi, or dictator” in that it is an easy, handy way to try to discredit those on the other side of an issue.
          Which is why I’ve called out you commies😉😃 in response; both sides can play this exaggeration game, this stereotyping game, and occasionally I wanna play too.
          You’re too smart to fall for that bait when I call out “you lousy commies”… of your fellow liberals proved that he/ she was not too bright, and almost immediately took the bait a day or two ago.
          Which was not a big surprise, given who it was.
          I don’t pretend to know what ” liberals” or “conservatives” read, beyond the group of liberal and conservative people I actually know.
          But I’ll tell you that I have seen liberals on this site here using ShareBlue, Mother Jones, Vox, The Daily Beast, The New Yorker and other oublications that are either crazy left, or slanted left, as sources.
          Then those same people bring up Hannity and/ or Limbaugh when nobody else has.
          This goes beyond irony.
          Maybe later we can get into the issue of the writers for the mainsteam press being overwhelmingly Democrats and liberals, and how that can impact coverage, and WHAT is covered, and what is glossed over or buried far in the back pages.
          But I gotta run for now, you commie☺😊😀, and should be back in several hours to review what other commie propaganda you’ve posted here.

          1. should be news sources “that I acually read” at the end of the first sentence.

            1. Tom, you’re touching on a couple things.

              Firstly, I should have noted before that people on the far left appreciate simple narratives as much Fox News viewers. And for that reason I resent when conservatives apply the term ‘leftist’ to every Democrat. ‘Leftist’ should only be used in describing ‘bona fide leftists’. And they include high ratios of Bernie Bros.

              Secondly, there are logical reasons fine journalists tend to skew liberal. Because most of them live in New York and Washington. The worldview from Midtown Manhattan is starkly different than Omaha. But news ain’t happening in Omaha.

              Even Dallas and Houston, two very large markets, aren’t really major news centers. Nor is Phoenix, Atlanta or Charlotte.

              Major journalists need to be in New York or Washington. They also need to be well-traveled with strong educations. Educated, well-traveled people tend to skew more liberal. And as I noted above, people with the ability to dissect political issues know that simple narratives tend to fall apart.

              1. Peter Hill,…
                I think what you’re saying is that you see a problem with lumping the terms “liberal, leftist, and commie😊😀 all together.
                Why don’t you go back to your bold print headline, Peter, about HOW THE RIGHT WING MEDIA MAKES CONSERVATIVES STUPID?
                Glad to see that you’re so careful not to generalize, or exaggerate.😏😕😃😂

    2. Ain’t that the truth…Look at all the nut sacks on Turley’s blog discussing their favorite whacky conspiracies…

      1. @wildbill99:

        COINTELPRO? MKUltra? “The Plutonium Experiments”?

        Just “whacky conspiracies”???

        1. Bill, see all the work you made?

          Those whacky conspiracies are genuine grievances of God-fearing conservatives in decent outer suburbs. And they don’t appreciate your dismissive language.

            1. Some people define their politics in terms of conspiracies. I found that true with the Bernie Bros. The Bernie Bros were posting Russian memes as much as the Trumpers.

              1. I think that was actually David Brock and his hired troll army attacking Bernie… that part of what you were mentioning?

                1. Tom, seriously, I don’t know what you’re talking about with David Brock. In fact, I never heard that name until I started posting on this blog.

                  During the 2016 Campaign, my Facebook stream was dominated by Bernie Bros. And they were posting anti-HIllary memes that were undoubtedly from Russian trolls.

                  There was one in particular that showed a May Day march in Havana Cuba. Yet the caption claimed it was giant Bernie rally in California that the ‘mainstream media didn’t want us to know about’!

                  During that campaign I discovered Bernie Bros included some seriously ignorant people. A high ratio of them seemed to think that the Democratic party had some obligation to let Bernie take over. Never mind that Bernie had never been a Democrat. Never mind that Bernie kept attacking the party. The Democrats were supposed just him the keys

                  1. And I’d never heard of Alex Jones or Infowars before hearing about it here.
                    But just that secondary exposure was probably enough to influence me and make me part of ‘the conservative dark side”.
                    The point is that you have extremist, and slimy, publications on each end of the spectrum.
                    If you’re going to make some bulls*** claim about the “right wing media making conservatives stupid” , then I’ll throw that crap right back at you with the left wing media doing the same for liberals.

                  2. Peter, if you never heard of David Brock despite all those years studying the news media as you profess don’t you think that makes your sources of information incomplete? If you didn’t hear about him then it is likely you know little about those faces that are behind the scenes pulling your strings.

          1. Gee, and I thought they were either terminally stupid or nuts.
            Whack on, Fruit Loops, Whack on!

            1. As I said, Weasel Shill, I can see that you probaby would have done well in “the newspaper business”.
              Be intersesting to see what rag would have hired you, but there’s no shortage of stooges like you in the media.
              If you need a recommendation as a writer for one of David Brock’s publication, I’ll give you a glowing recomendation.
              They can always use more clowns like you.

              1. Whoops, it looks like the sensor doesn’t like one of my words. Let me try again.

                “Tom, wildbull roams the land spreading his bull$h-t providing a lot of fertilizer but not providing much of anything else. He talks from both sides of his mouth and from his other orifice as well contradicting himself over and over again. He seems to have a good relationship with H*ll and often refers people there. He was a low-level newspaper guy having nothing to do with the intellectual side. He adds very little to the conversation because he knows very little. I am one of the lucky ones he condemned to H*ll. I can say whatever I wish being lucky that he makes sure to keep his bull$h-t far away from me.”

            1. Why? I wouldn’t believe any crap from the World Socialist Network (LOL) anyway.

              1. You must’ve at least clicked on the link in order to discover what the acronym WSWS stood for. Unless there’s another way to get that info.

                1. Sure I did. I check out posters sources, to evaluate their comments. That doesn’t mean
                  I stay to indulge in the nonsense there.

                  Crazy George just posted a cite from a Holocaust denying nutbag.

                  That’s why he’s Crazy George.

                  1. Agreed. But I can assure you that there’s no way on this Earth to lump anonymous in with Holocaust denial. That’s verboten und tapu.

                    1. The holocaust denier link was from Crazy George. anonymous has her own set of nutty websites.

      2. And I’m sure that our folksy, even-handed, intellectually honest pundit here would be just as apt to point out the liberal “nut sacks” here, because he’s sooo fair-minded and even-handed.😕😏
        Your wear your hypocrisy well.

          1. This anonymous character looks to be a real lefty nutjob, Tom. What with his World
            Socialist Network 🤪🤣🤪!

            1. I have reason to believe that anonymous is a woman. She has already admitted to being far from a conservative. It is at least necessary and possibly even vital to tolerate a certain amount of dissension amongst the ranks for that sake of avoiding “friendly fire” situations. Personally, I dread the day when anonymous turns her pens and pencils in my direction. Discretion is the better part of valor. Indiscretion, the second best. Except where Krazy Kat Rambler is concerned.

    3. “American right-wing media, and Fox News in particular, are ‘not’ in the business of educating followers. That was ‘never’ their business.”

      That is why Peter with all your education from the mainstream news you couldn’t respond to the fact that JFK looks more like Trump than he does to the Democratic Party of today. Your response to changes economically was a single number that was debunked decades ago and your response to immigration was that Democrats want secure borders because it is only 3 hours from the border to LA (something like that). You didn’t cover space and foreign policy. That is your gift from the MSM, pure ignorance. I’m waiting for your responses and if need be will repeat our respective statements.

      1. Allen, I am aware of your frustration.

        In the course of informal political debates, whether live or online, the opponent demanding the right to question you seeks ‘control’ of the debate.

        That opponent is confident they can bust you. If only you let them frame the whole debate.

        That opponent wants to grill you with questions phrased in such a way there is only one logical answer. And if you don’t give them that one, logical answer, said opponent will call you a liar or coward.

        That opponent wants to make you parrot their talking points. And again, they’re confident they can pull it off but you must play along. You must allow them to frame the whole debate in their own, leading words.

        It’s like a fighter being asked to let his opponent throw the first 5 punches. No champion, however tough, will play along with that. It’s just a nerd’s fantasy! And that’s what you ‘are’, Allen; an aging nerd with stupid fantasies.

        1. No, Peter, there is no frustration on my part for you have shown yourself to be a shill unwilling and unable to debate. Why would I be frustrated when you so clearly proved exactly what I expected? It would be nice to have a real debate but I learned a long time ago that you don’t have the knowledge or the mind to actually discuss the political economy.

          I’ll copy my statement about JFK here and later start copying some of the laughable thoughts you had in your replies that made anyone with any awareness recognize that you are a vacuous individual.

        2. We were talking about history and history involves long timelines. 50 years is enough time to see how the Democratic Party has moved further toward the left and to also demonstrate how the Republican Party as a whole has moved in that direction as well.

          Look at the stance taken by JFK on all the major issues:

          Taxes: Both Kennedy and Trump markedly reduced personal and business taxes. Both believed the way to raise revenues was to increase business activities by reducing taxes. Both relied on growth. Today the Democratic Party has repudiated conservative economic policies that worked in JFK’s time and are working today. Neither JFK nor Trump sold America short. JFK believed every dollar taxed was one dollar less for growth.

          Foreign policy:

          JFK was naive when he first came to office and could have started WW3 but he was strong against Russia and had a relatively strong foreign policy. Like Trump, he recognized America’s strength and its leadership position. He didn’t bow to foreign despots something Trump would never do.


          Like most Democratic leaders he didn’t push for open borders. Even Chuck Schumer called for border control prior to Obama’s Presidency. Trump believes like Kennedy that a nation has borders that must be controlled.


          Kennedy pushed exploration and pushed us to catch up to the Soviets. Trump is calling for a space force.

      2. Why the hell should we listen to you, Allan.
        I saw it in BOLD PRINT, HHNN, that the right wing nedia has made you “stupid”.
        Hill Headline News Network report is just above this comment here, if you doubt my source.😏☺😀😂

          1. Tom Nash has the best typos ever. But he forgot one letter in the phrase right wing nedia. Let’s help him out by putting the letter “r” between the “e” and the “d” to create the phrase right wing nerdia. Allan’s favorite.

          2. Tom Nash, listen to this idiotic statement by Peter Hill when discussing secure borders and illegal aliens.

            “Democrats don’t push for open borders, Allen. That’s an absolutely stupid talking point. The border is only a 3 hour drive from L.A.”

            Logic and understanding are non-existent in Peter’s world. One can only laugh at his replies.

    4. re: “The real mission of Fox News, and right-wing media in general, is to promote talking points. To craft simple narratives that stick in the minds of common folks.”

      This can be applied to MSDNC as well as millions of Liberals hang on Rachel Madcow’s every word. She is the equivalent of a Sean Hannity.

      Turn off MSM – they are funded by the same people – pro war, pro corporate control.

      1. Spiked, most cable news caters to the Culture Wars. And the Culture Wars, in my opinion, are a tragic waste of time. But the cable networks have plenty of time to fill.
        I don’t get my news from them.

        1. And the Culture Wars, in my opinion, are a tragic waste of time.

          Fine, then tell your confederates to withdraw from the field and leave the normies alone.

          1. Confederates..??

            Oh, you mean Millennials who came of age during The Great Recession? Yeah, they tend to entertain socialist ideas. That’s because they came age at a time when Capitalism seemed to be imploding. It’s hard to tell those kids that was just a one-time thing.

    5. you are saying basically the conservatives are stupid, because they communicate effectively

      grow up~!

  11. Where we are headed as a nation is not good. Just because we may have philosophical differences doesn’t mean that someone with an opposing viewpoint should be locked up. If you break the law that’s one thing. I concider myself to be somewhat of a traditional/ libertarian, I believe most liberals really are decent people who just don’t take into account the total ramifications of what they believe.

    1. Except that Falwell never said that someone with an opposing viewpoint should be locked up.

    2. I’m Libertarian also. However, based on current usage, I don’t think I could define what a “liberal” is in today’s climate. Just as there are degrees of wackjob-wingnuts, there are degrees of non-rightists which vector from the fiscally-conservative yet libertarian on social issues over to the true and unabashedly socialist–and all points in between. Yet all are presently painted with the “liberal” brush by the hanity/rush cultists to the point where such a label means little to nothing.

      this is to bob

  12. Jr like his dad is a con-man that will use that message in his fund raising letter soon to come.

    1. By his conduct, what he says, his attitude and behavior, I can’t believe he is a Christian. Of course God only knows but…This is a fool. The university must relieve him as president . He is a disgrace to propose such; he’s just his racist, bigoted attitudes😡

        1. I think that Weasel Bill mentioned that he was in the newspaper business.
          That was likely a good occupational fit, as two-bit hacks can do well there, especially if they’re writers.
          I’m glad that we have a replacement for “Louise”, that other icon of journalism who once posted here.

            1. You’rs the expert, Weasel Bill.
              Based on my writings here, why don’t you tell me, you jackass?

              1. I’m betting on fool.
                The kind of dope who eats up dumb azzed conspiracy theories because it allows him to think he knows something most people don’t, a salve for his damaged ego.

                1. OK, Fool…now tell what “conspiracy theories” that I “eat up”.
                  This isn’t something that you can just pull out of your a** and throw out there.
                  Maybe you could pull that s*** as a hack writer, but here there’s some feedback.
                  Since try putting your money were your two-faced mouth is, you LSOS.

                    1. No….It is a matter of calling you on your horse****.
                      So, did you care to put your money where your lying mouth is, or continue to deflect?

                    2. Nice work. they get butt-hurt when called on their ridiculous paranoid-conspiracy wackiness.

                      to wildbill

                    3. Marky Mark Mark – pro tip: No one and I mean no one gets butt-hurt over anything you say.

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