Birth of Red Heifer Hailed As The Harbinger Of The End Of Times In Israel

Among some fundamentalists in the Jewish and Christian faiths, there has been an obsession of the coming of a flawless red heifer as a divine harbinger.  Both Jewish and Christian breeders have been trying to engineer the harbinger by breeding a flawless red heifer in order to bring about the building of the Third Temple and/or the second coming of Christ.

The Bible states  “Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke”. (Numbers 19:2)  The red heifer must therefore be perfect and even a hair of a different color can be enough for rabbis to disqualify a calf.  Rabbis carefully examined heifers hair by hair to find the perfect red heifer as they also import frozen embryos to genetically jumpstart the biblical prophesy.

Rabbi Chain Richman, director of the Temple Institute, hailed the red heifer’s birth as an indicator that it is time to build the Third Temple — the key step for the End of Times.

For many of us, the global effort to breed a perfect red heifer seems perfectly bizarre and irrational. However, the Temple Institute is dedicated to preparing the reconstruction of a Third Temple in Jerusalem, and has been attempting to identify Red Heifer candidates.


This effort is closely followed by evangelists in the United States as discussed below:


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    1. Naw, this prez has Balls 4 times to big to be a lil Bull.

      Now the last one was a catcher so I hear, the Islamic terrorist, ask Michael. LOL

  1. Fanatics? Maybe should be spelled Phanatics as is Schizophrenia. It is appropriate that this story appears just as my local retailers are stocking their shelves full of Halloween Goods of witches, skulls and pure bred black cats.

  2. Per Jesus’ own words, one of these three conditions exist:
    1. Jesus’ so-called “Parousia” (second coming) occurred circa 70 AD, or
    2. One of the 1st C hearers of Jesus’ words is alive today, or
    3. Jesus lied

    Prior to Jesus death circa 33 AD, Jesus told persons living in the 1st C they would “see His coming again.”

    Read Mathew 24. Every definition of the word “you” confirms that Jesus’ Parousia occurred in the 1st C and could not possibly occur later than that. No definition of the word “you” is consistent with Jesus’ Parousia occurring later than the 1st C. When a person predicts the future to a group of persons using the word “you,” either one of the hearers of the prediction experiences it, or the speaker lied. Big. Fat. Period.

    Language always, positively, and absolutely prohibits use of the “you” referencing unborn persons 2k years hence. Comparing Jesus’ words to a still “future” coming of Christ in 2018, “you” (present 1st C conversation) and “them” (unborn persons 2k+ years hence) are mutually exclusive pronouns.

    Every single one of the Bible predictions can be interpreted to be consistent with Jesus’ 1st C Parousia. Hint: it’s not the “end of time,” but rather the “time of the end” (of the Mosaic Age).

    Deuteronomy commands every single Judaic male to visit the sacrificial temple twice annually. The non-existence of the Temple is not an excuse. To disobey this command is to be physically and spiritually and permanently “cast out” of the gate (physical and spiritual death). Since circa 70 AD when Nero’s army destroyed the Judaic temple, the physical and spiritual nation of OT Israel ceased to exist.

    Each letter of the ancient Hebrew alphabet can be assigned a sequential number. When the numbers signifying “Nero” are added together they equal “666.” In Ioudaios historian Josephus’ book “The War of the Jews” (wrong translation of “Ioudaios,”), Josephus describes that Nero was wounded in battle and thought to be dead. Instead, Nero was healed and the world was surprised to find Nero alive. Exactly consistent with the Bible v. that says Nero “came back to life” or similar. We know Josephus was accurate because he was a Roman prisoner at the time, and they would not allow him to lie.

    1. JoJo said, “Language always, positively, and absolutely prohibits use of the “you” referencing unborn persons 2k years hence.”

      If so, then the verse that says, “For you have the poor always amongst you,” does not refer to “us.”

  3. Man has tried to interfer with God’s work in the past and that has never worked out very well so i dont think man can engineer anything perfect in the eyes of God.

    1. Paul – the Messiah is not a religious leader but a revolutionary leader. Trump could be the Messiah. 😉

      1. PC Schulte,..
        Trump is a braggart and a BSer, but he has yet to make that claim.
        He might roll it out for the 2020 campaign, but we’ll have to wait and see😉.

          1. The Orthodox Rabbis might want proof that Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was Jewish. (Hint: She was a Scot and presumably Presbyterian)

  4. Not buying it. I’ve seen some Shorthorns, not all of them, that sure appeared to be red from head, to tail, to hoof. Others do have white speckling. But the idea that a totally red Shorthorn has not been produced until now seems far fetched.

  5. The etymology of the word heifer c/o Wiktionary:

    From Middle English hayfare, hayfre, from Old English heahfore, hēahfre, compound of (1) *heag- ‎(“mating”‎) (compare dialectal German Hagen, Hegel ‎(“breeding bull”‎), Middle Dutch haechdroese ‎(“genitals”‎), Old English hagan ‎(“id.”‎)), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱak- ‎(“to be able, help”‎) (compare Sanskrit शक्नोति ‎(śaknóti, “to be able”‎), Avestan 𐬯𐬀𐬐-‎ ‎(sak-, “to agree”‎)) and (2) -fore (compare English elver, fieldfare, Old English sceolfor ‎(“cormorant”‎)).

    Hebrew is not listed in the etymology above. Someone remind me: In what language was The Torah originally written? Does that even matter? Does Yahweh reveal Himself in any and all human languages?

    1. L4Yoga enables David Benson, R. Lien and Marky Mark Mark – why don’t you ask him yourself? I thought he spoke through you.

          1. Undoubtedly. L4D substituted thymine for cytosine, when everybody knows that thymine is supposed to replace uracil. L4D’s verse would be a a freak of nature, for sure. Unless the supernatural typography was divinely inspired.

      1. Oopsie daisy. The second “tuag” is supposed to be “taug.” L4D shall now be unclean until the seventh even. L4D must be purified on the third even and the seventh even. What is the ancient Hebrew phrase for “oopsie daisy”?

    2. L4D — The oldest extant Bible is in Greek from the library in Alexandria. There is reason to believe that the books of the Old Testament were first written down in the days of King Solomon but the vernacular of the day may not have been used.

      1. Thanks Dr. Benson. Chances are that heifer is a valid translation for the Hebrew word, anyhow. It’s just that hey say that Hebrew letters sometimes have meanings of their own independently of the words those letters supposedly represent. It makes me wonder whether a literal red heifer might be besides the point.

          1. I just read the Wikipedia article on The Red Heifer. Evidently the literalism is quite literal. The only metaphorical take on the subject appears to be the Christian fundamentalist notion that Jesus is/was/will be The Red Heifer. That sounds to my ears like trouble brewing.

    3. heifer means female cow obviously not a Hebrew word., so what?

      equally obvious that God reveals himself in the languages “of the nations” ,,,, at least to we Christians and other assorted goys who think so

      the main point of this story is that a lot of people with overly enthusiastic and literalist beliefs will be exercised into a frenzy and milked for donations to rebuild “the Temple”…. and that potentially the haredim in Israel will turn out a vigorous vote in favor of whomever gets behind this fraud with full force….

      ps did you know the only gentile to be called a messiah in the OT was Cyrus the Great of Persia? an Iranian? what an irony.

  6. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Only the fool is certain.

      1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after fifteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – is that why you cannot find the library at WSU? I am sure some freshman was shown where the library was when they toured the campus. Ask around, someone shirley knows where it is.

          1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after fifteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – you really cannot find the library can you?

            BTW, saw the WSU knocked off some unknown team while ASU beat the No. 13 ranked team. That has got to smart. 🙂

      2. DVB:

        “Some of us prefer science as a route to reliable knowledge.”

        Okay, prof, prove the existence of hope then prove love, conscience and despair using the scientific method. Certainly all of these things pale in relation to human affairs as compared to Mendel’s pea plants. That’s Father Mendel, btw.

        1. The correct initials are DBB.

          As for your request, I suggest you read what modern neuroscience has to offer.

          By the way, I took a course in what was then called Psychobiology from Roger Sperry. Michael Gazzaniga. You could learn who they were.

          1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after fifteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – have you forgotten already? The memory is the first thing to go they say.

          2. modern science has also offered us “simulation theory” as a valid metaphysical speculation. To my plebian ears, it sounds much like Creationism by Aliens, similar to Creationism by Yahweh. Has anybody else noticed that strange similarity?

            with the advent of physicists taking “simulation theory” as a valid hypothesis we can now stop mocking the old religions’ creation myths, I hope.

    1. Where in the Bible is this “prophecy?” The Bible does state… Hebrews 10:4 KJVS
      For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.

  7. The Strongman of Europe

    Remember this name, “Baron Guttenberg” from Germany. He appears in the video at the 3:35 mark. And his wife Stephanie at the 5:00 Mark.

    1. huh so the great radio broadcaster Herbert W Armstrong still has some acolytes today? interesting. a little at least.

      HWA was an adherent of “British Israelism” a preposterous notion

  8. Many of us have attempted to cut more & more curse words, but we remember our younger rowdier days:

    “Wakan Tanka
    In the Lakota way of life, Wakan Tanka is the term for “the sacred” or “the divine”. This is usually translated as “The Great Spirit”. However, according to Russell Means, its meaning is closer to “Great Mystery” as Lakota spirituality is not monotheistic.More at Wikipedia”

    1. that song is one of the things I forgive the Wild Man of Detroit for.

      I prefer “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Fred Bear”

      even though he allegedly pooped in his pants to avoid the draft, I still really like Ted Nugent!

  9. Anyone who has been closely following the Yellowstone Supervolcano knows it is the End Times. We were just waiting for the sign. Thanks, Israel!!!

    1. What was the name of that movie? Butch Casidy & the the Sundance Kid?

      … Don’t worry Kid that you can’t swim, hell the fall will probably kill you!


    2. hey if it blows then it sure will be

      Yellowstone caldera, killer asteroids, global warming, nuclear holocaust, and if not these….

      then the “artificial general intelligence” is sure to do us in as well

      I doubt our Gotterdamerung will be as fun as the Norsemens’

  10. Well, that’s certainly interesting to know……however, i was raised in a fun, but strict Christian home and we were taught not to worry our pretty little heads about the Second Coming. My mother read from the Bible every morning. before school, at the breakfast table….and then read all of the missionaries’ names to be prayed for (which was torture if you were a teenage girl in a hurry to tease your hair and do your makeup) My mother also taught Sunday School for 50 years and knew the Bible by heart, it seemed….but if you ever asked her about the end of times or Book of Revelations, etc, she’d say ” Oh now honey, don’t worry about all of that”…so, I never did and still don’t.

    1. Cindy,

      I’m glad to hear your family’s story.

      Good on your mom, “Made of Muscle ;)”, you & your family.

      We can pray one day some of those who are not understanding will find something or someone who can enlighten them.

  11. Darren,

    Have they been confused & thought they should have been looking for a four legged Red Heifer but should have instead been looking for the perfect two legged Red Heifer?

    I know many, many decades past my 15-16 years ole friends & I worked how to take our FFA training to maximum use in judging the most beautiful Heifers. LOL:)

    It’s much easier today, just type in beautiful redheads into the duckduckgo search engine & a seemly countless list of beautiful two legged heifers show up.

    But be careful guys, rumor has it the wrong Red Head & it will be the End Times for you! LOL;)

  12. Imagine people who believe in an omnipotent, omnipresent god, thinking that they can engineer something to force his hand. Isn’t that blasphemy?
    Can god be fooled or tricked in to doing what man wants?

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