San Francisco Spends $6,326 A Vote To Register 49 Undocumented Migrants To Vote

San Francisco has triggered a national debate over its decision to register undocumented migrants to vote in school board elections.  However, a more pressing controversy may be the amount of money spent on the effort.  San Francisco spent $310,000 to register just 49 people in the city. That translates to $6,326 a vote.  The measure has created an interesting split among advocates as some have warned the city could be giving ICE a ready-made list for roundups of deportations.  

Since July, the city has been trying to get undocumented migrants onto the vote rolls for school board elections in the Nov. 6 election.

Despite funding increases, the school system is facing budget cuts this year due to rising costs.

The city has been moving in different directions on the program — spending money to register voters while others want to spend money to deter registration out of fear of ICE.  Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer asked the city to spend as much as $500,000 to warn undocumented residents that their registration information could be obtained by ICE.  Mary Mark Farrell blocked the request.

ICE could conceivably seek the lists with a subpoena for the addresses of those individuals deemed illegal aliens under immigration laws.  That could create a serious federalism conflict if the city officials try to bar release under state or municipal law to federal officials who are seeking the information under federal law.

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  1. Excellent! I see bedlam is in full speed ahead mode. Nearly every wingnut wackjob loony-loser who lurks here has spewed onto this red-meat topic. Very nice work, J.T. Carry one.

    1. Marky Mark Mark – the NPC runs a new script therein proving its programmers have adjusted its scripts or this is a random script that has been sitting there for years, unused.

  2. Old political saying. It’s easier to give something than it is to take it away. Once something is given to the people, don’t try to take it back.

  3. This is a farce! Allowing non citizens to vote. Why don’t we send ballots to every person on this planet. Now that would be inclusive.

  4. Another metric to consider is the cost of course.

    In Washington state we have mail-in voting. This election we instituted here that postage is not longer required and at least in my county the postage is covered by Business Reply Mail paid by the Auditor’s Office. The system for calculating business reply mail is rather involved so for the purpose of argument here lets just assume it is fifty cents. San Francisco would have done far more to promote general enfranchisement by allowing 620,000 people to vote by mail for free than what they spent on less than fifty in this example.

    So the city there effectively disadvantaged more legally eligible citizen voters by swiping away funds via this political stunt.

  5. The endgame in this effort is to provide illegal aliens the right to vote. It parallels women’s suffrage efforts a century ago in many states where women were initially permitted to vote and run as candidates in school board elections.

    Washington signed the School Suffrage Act into law in 1890 which allowed voting for positions by women. Michigan and Minnesota did this in 1885 and New York in 1880.

    I disagree with the practice of giving illegals the right to vote. Most of them use forged identity documents and social security cards and essentially they could manufacture a new or multiple identities and vote twice or more. Plus, they have no business voting, they do not belong here and their remaining here is a continuing criminal act.

    1. I agree, Darren.

      Anyone who wants to immigrate here must do so through the legal immigration system, and respect our laws. Period.

  6. “Undocumented migrants”, my ass! The proper legal term is “illegal alien.” That’s like calling drug dealers undocumented pharmacists.

  7. “…a body of citizens entitled to vote…”

    The American Founders established a restricted-vote republic. Early criteria were Male, European, 21 and 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres. The Founders never intended for the “poor” to vote. They knew that the “poor” would sell their votes. They did.


    b(1) : a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy–to be followed by a dictatorship.”

    ― Alexander Fraser Tytler

    The centrally planned, means of production controlled (i.e. unconstitutional regulation of private property) socially engineered, redistributionist American welfare state is entirely unconstitutional under the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

    Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

  8. San Francisco spent $310,000 to disenfranchise citizens. San Francisco spends vast amounts of treasure to protect criminals, such as welcoming and enticing felonious illegal aliens to its city, where they prey upon citizens and legal residents. Housing costs are so astronomical that a million dollar house is virtually a tear down and yet it imports crushes of illegal aliens to make housing even more difficult to find for the legal residents and citizens.

    It is clear that San Francisco and the rest of the Liberals in power in CA do not care about the people they swore to represent. I have known a great many people who have gotten out of this hell hole in the past few years alone, citing destructive Liberal policies, such as the environment hostile to business, as the reason. There are two options. Vote them out and save the state, or leave, and let the elites continue to plow it into the ground. I think many conservative people who can leave, do. There is a success drain from the state, leaving poverty levels higher and higher. It is already probably too late to vote them out, with so many disenfranchised voters already voting with their feet.

    Eventually, San Francisco will be another Detroit or Chicago. It’s already well on its way with poo maps, vomit cleaners, and infectious needles strewn in the path of children. What kind of maniac parent would ever let their kid play in a park where they could stop on a needle?

    1. Karen we visited San Fran once. It was Oct 1989. We were so taken with it……just loved it. We’ve always said we saw it at just the right time. We flew home on a Monday morning…….and early Mon evening at home we turned on the tv to watch game one of the Battle of the Bay World Series.. We had brought back several Battle of the Bay’s souvenir publications to share with friends. A few minutes after we turned on the tv…the earthquake struck. It was chilling to see. It seems like the damage now to that once gorgeous city is much worse than any quake could possibly cause.

    2. “I have known a great many people who have gotten out of this hell hole in the past few years…”

      And unfortunately they migrate to and infect great states like Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho with their peculiar psychoses.

  9. The Leftists seem to understand this quote from Lincoln: The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

  10. Math is fun

    If the caravan of 7000 makes it to San Francisco in time to vote that would be $6326 x 7000 = $44,282,000. Not including 3 hots & a cot along with other perks.

    1. Jerry – no, no, no. You used real math, which is easy. You have to use Common Core now, and use the Lattice Method:

      “The lattice method employs a grid of squares. One factor is written along the top, left to right, and the other factor is written along the right edge, top to bottom. In the example at right the factors are 83 and 27. Each square of the grid defined by the two factors is divided by a diagonal. The digits of the factors are multiplied pairwise and the two-digit result written down in the corresponding square in the manner shown. The result of the multiplication is then obtained by addition down the diagonals.”
      8 3
      |1 /|0 /|
      | / | / | 2
      1 |/ 6|/ 6|
      |5 /|2 /|
      | / | / | 7
      11 |/ 6|/ 1|
      14 1

      -> 1,12,4,1
      -> 2,2,4,1
      = 2241

      1. Karen, Math is fun

        Throw in some growth & decay statistical modeling, calculus, differential equations & three dimensional vector analysis. Math is fun!

        1. Only real math is fun. Common core takes all the fun and efficiency out of math. I cannot see how Common Core students are going to be able to grasp calculus, differential equations, etc.

  11. I’m from the Bay Area. The school system is circling the drain, in too many cases it’s already flushed and this is what they spend money on? The definition of insanity.

  12. I hate to employ a “what-about-ism”, but to criticize government actions based on a cost per unit analysis is inappropriate in this case. Governments on all levels spend inordinate amounts on high profile prosecutions, unused/inefficient weapons systems, roads/bridges to nowhere, and many other high cost per unit projects. Sometimes justice for a few is worth the cost.

  13. This is what’s wrong with CA and why voters need to turn out to vote against this kind of nonsense-CA routinely discriminates against homeless veterans and historically was the first state to legalize seizing the property of Native Americans and legalizing raping of Native American women.

  14. I think that illegal aliens should have to prove their children are in the school system to be allowed to vote in the elections. Since we are educating them, the parents do have skin in the game, but only if their kid is in the system. I support this ad.

    1. @PCS, Their parents have skin in the game. They are here illegally both parents and kids should be returned to wherever they came from. The illegals are a drain on education, the health and welfare system in this nation. The money we spend on illegals should be directed toward inner cities, the elderly and our veterans.

      1. The Great Zambini – I agree that as long as we continue to educate them, the parents have skin in the game. I also agree they should be deported and that includes Dreamers. I say this as someone who has taught illegal aliens and it would hurt me to have them go back. However, it is the right thing. I approve of this ad.*

        You can tell I have been getting way too much political mail lately.

      2. Utterly false, but that’s never stopped you before. Carry on. Pro tip: repeating tired, wingnut wackjob retreads which have been thoroughly discredited do nothing but reveal your cognitive weakness and lack of intellectual rigor. Thanks for playing.

        this is to “but hannity always looks into the camera with sincerity in his gaze” zambone

        1. Marky Mark Mark – the NPC runs the pro tip script adding some word salad.

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