Report: Witches Now Outnumber Presbyterians In The United States

While President Donald Trump repeatedly denounces the “witch hunt” in Washington, it may becoming more and more easy to find them.  According to a report from the Christian Post,  the number of witches and wiccans has increased dramatically since the 1990s.  Indeed, the figures is taken from studies from a Trinity College and the Pew Research Cente that found that there are at least 1.5 million witches in the United States,.  That would put them 100,000 over the 1.4 million mainline Presbyterians in the country.

The Pew Research Center reported in 2014 that 0.4% of the population — 1 to 1.5 million Americans — “identify as Wicca or Pagan.”

Most of these Americans view themselves as pre-Christian in their faith with a close connection to the Earth and natural forces.

In other words, Trump is right . . . at least about the witches.  Indeed, the Los Angeles Times ran a commentary on May 23, 2017, in which witch Diana Wagman announced that she and “thousands of witches, believers . . .  over the world” had cast a binding spell on President Donald Trump “under the waning crescent moon” in April last year.  It is not clear if Robert Mueller is currently waning or waxing . . . or subpoenaing.

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  1. i see they had dulles on that list. there were tons of Presbyterians who served the CIA. just pick one out of the haystack for example

    The People of the CIA … Lawrence K. “Red” White: The Father of Integrated Support
    The men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency would not be able to meet their mission without the help of integrated support. In the early days, each branch of the CIA had its own support team. Today’s one large team—the Directorate of Support—provides everything from security to medical care to logistics. CIA careerist Lawrence White was a champion of the integrated support effort in its early days and became known as the Father of Integrated Support.

    Humble Beginnings
    White was born in Tennessee on June 10, 1912. His father was a Presbyterian minister who made a modest living. From a young age, White was a hard worker and often took odd jobs to earn money.

    In 1929, White graduated from Troy High School. He knew that he wanted to go to college, but his family could not afford it. With the United States Military Academy at West Point in mind, White approached Congressman Jerry Cooper to help him gain admission. But persuasive and deserving, White reported to West Point on July 1, 1929.

    Serving the Country at War
    After graduating in 1933, White was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army…

    I could give a dissertation on how Presbyterians doctrine related to the cultural development of America particularly in commerce and finance but who cares huh? I have bored too many people with this story before, nobody cares too much, witches are more sexy, usury is a lost concept, boring by comparison, etc. let America gorge itself on its own decadence now, it doesn’t remember its past and in a strange way thus does it honor its own self as a supremely ahistorical and ungrounded idea for a “nation”

    1. “I could give a dissertation on how Presbyterians doctrine related to the cultural development of America”

      Please don’t.

      1. it gets into differences between calvinism and lutheranism, anglosaxon culture versus continental, stuff like that. most folks find that very boring stuff, i realize, even if I dont

        1. it does however relate to my project here of calling on Americans to think not only as individuals but also groups; not to be blinded by liberal ideologies but to recognize that religious cultural differences have an impact on social trends; and that in the zealous spirit of Presbyterian fanatics like Jonathan Edwards, or before him, Regicides like Cromwell, we have some antecedents that were made of very stern stuff, capable of strong action, and we can channel their spirits to do the things that must be done to survive and thrive.

          Trust me if early America was made up of witches wasting time on spookery instead of hard headed determined Scotsmen then our ancestors would never have conquered this continent. I suppose the witches of today would be ok with that, probably think that’s the patriarchy and racism and all that crud. Dreck! We are where we are not just because our ancestors had technology or science or moral slogans, but because they had will and clear minded intention to do what was necessary under the circumstances

          I would point out also that Donald J Trump is a Presbyterian

  2. if you had a good idea of how Scots ancestry Presbyterians were important to the United States, this would be a sad statement.

    but, Presbyterians themselves deserve the first point of blame for their decline due to their long decades of lassitude and ambiguity and betrayal of the interests of their own people…. another American institution that betrayed its own folk and lost significance long ago

    also from

    Andrew Jackson – 7th U.S. President
    – James Knox Polk – 11th U.S. President (converted from Presbyterian to Methodist)
    – James Buchanan – 15th U.S. President
    – Rutherford B. Hayes – 19th U.S. President
    – Grover Cleveland – 22nd and 24th U.S. President
    – Benjamin Harrison – 23rd U.S. President
    – Woodrow Wilson – 28th U.S. President
    – Dwight D. Eisenhower – 34th U.S. President
    – Ronald Reagan – 40th U.S. President
    – Jomo Kenyatta – president of Kenya
    – Hendrik Verwoerd – prime minister of South Africa
    – Dean Rusk – U.S. secretary of state
    – Condoleezza Rice – U.S. Secretary of State under Pres. George W. Bush; prominent African-American scholar in international relations

    – Aaron Burr – U.S. Vice-President under Jefferson; killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel
    – Daniel D. Tompkins – U.S. Vice-President under Monroe
    – John C. Calhoun – U.S. Vice-President under John Quincy Adams and Jackson
    – John C. Breckinridge – U.S. Vice-President under Buchanan
    – William A. Wheeler – U.S. Vice-President under Hayes
    – Thomas A. Hendricks – U.S. Vice-President under Cleveland
    – Adlai E. Stevenson – U.S. Vice-President under Cleveland
    – Thomas R. Marshall – U.S. Vice-President under Wilson
    – Charles G. Dawes – U.S. Vice-President under Coolidge
    – Henry A. Wallace – U.S. Vice-President under F.D. Roosevelt
    – Walter Mondale – U.S. Vice-President under Carter
    – Dan Quayle – U.S. Vice-President under George H.W. Bush

    – Lloyd Bentsen, Jr. – Democratic nominee for Vice President in 1988; 4-term U.S. Senator from Texas, Treasury Secretary
    – Bob Dole- U.S. Senator from Kansas, Viagra spokesman; former Republican United States Senate Majority Leader; Republican nominee for President in the 1996
    – Elizabeth Dole – U.S. Senator from North Carolina 2003-?; former head of American Red Cross; wife of U.S. presidential candidate Bob Dole
    – John Foster Dulles – U.S. Secretary of State in the 1950s
    – Christine Todd Whitman – Christie Todd Whitman is the former New Jersey governor; Republican, but opposes pro-life measures; head of EPA under Pres. G. W. Bush
    – Dick Armey – U.S. Representative; conservative Republican from Texas
    – Robert McNamara – U.S. secretary of defense; president of the World Bank
    – Melvin Laird – U.S. secretary of defense
    – Ian Paisley – minister and political leader in Northern Ireland
    – Bill Frist – U.S. Senate Majority Leader
    – Porter Goss – Director of the CIA
    – George Akerson – first White House Press Secretary
    – Robert Bacon- U.S. Ambassador to France (1909-1912)
    – Marlin Fitzwater – White House Press Secretary (1987-1993)
    – William E. Brock – U.S. Secretary of Labor (1985-1987)

    – Warren Burger – Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
    – William O. Douglas – U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1939-1975)
    – William Jennings Bryan – prosecutor in the famous Scopes Monkey Trial (about the teaching of evolution in schools)

    Religious Leaders:
    – John Knox – the founder of Scottish Presbyterianism
    – Billy Sunday – popular American preacher
    – Billy Graham – one of most popular Protestant preachers in 20th Century (raised Presbyterian, converted to Southern Baptist)
    – Ruth Graham – wife of Billy Graham
    – Henry Sloane Coffin – clergyman, author; moderator of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (1943-44)
    – Daniel Defoe – influential English novelist; author of Robinson Crusoe
    – Richard G. Butler – pastor and founder of Aryan Nations (white supremacist group)
    – Peter Marshall – popular minister; U.S. Senate Chaplain; portrayed in book/movie A Man Called Peter
    – Carl McIntyre – minister; anti-Communist; co-founded American and International Council of Churches in order to protest liberalism in National and World Councils of Churches
    – Alexander Campbell – Former Presbyterian who became co-founder of the Churches of Christ (Stone-Campbell Restoration movement)
    – John Glas – Scottish Presbyterian clergyman who was the founder of the offshoot denomination Sandemanianism (also known as “Glasites”)
    – Thomas Cartwright – father of English Presbyterianism
    – Charles Stelzle – “apostle to labor”; American labor reformer; laid groundwork for National Council of Churches


    – Andrew Carnegie – American businessman, philanthropist; at one time the wealthiest man in the world
    – Ross Perot – billionaire businessman; third-party U.S. Presidential candidate
    – Sam Walton – founder of Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer
    – Philip Anschutz – billionaire businessman, founder of Qwest (regularly attends an Evangelical Presbyterian church)

    Intelligence and Spycraft:
    – J. Edgar Hoover – FBI director
    – Alger Hiss – famous spy accused of spying for Soviet Union

    – Rev. Aaron Burr – co-founder of Princeton University
    – David Hume – influential Scottish philosopher

    that list has some glaring omissions’ especially spycraft– the Dulles brothers were sons of a Presbyterian minister. CD jackson was a presbyterian. as was his boss Henry Luce. one could go on and on. really this is kind ironic

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