President Trump To Nominate Bill Barr For Attorney General

440px-William_Barr,_official_photo_as_Attorney_GeneralPresident Donald Trump is reportedly considering the appointment of Bill Barr to be the 77th Attorney General of the United States.   If true, it would be Barr’s second stint as Attorney General after his service 1991 to 1993 during the administration of President George H. W. Bush — only the second time in history for such a successive appointment.  I have known Bill Barr for years and represented him during the Clinton impeachment (with other former Attorneys General).  He is one of the most brilliant lawyers I have known and would be a brilliant selection by President Trump for the position.  To put it simply, he is the perfect choice for this position at this time.  He is a rock solid leader who would bring stability and authority to the Justice Department.

Barr is an academic brat whose parents were leading academics at Columbia University.  Mary and Donald Barr. His father was a particularly fascinating figure. Before teaching English at Columbia, Donald Barr wrote science fiction novels, New York Times reviewer, and was a headmaster.  In World War II, he served in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – the predecessor of the CIA.

Barr inherited his parents intense patriotism and intellect.  He received his B.A. degree in government and his M.A. degree in government and Chinese studies in 1973 from Columbia. He then graduated with honors from George Washington University Law School in 1977 with honors. He has long been one of our most distinguished alumni at GWU.

Barr worked for the Central Intelligence Agency while he studied at GWU.  He then clerked on the D.C. Circuit for Judge Malcolm Wilkey.  Barr then held a variety of public and private legal positions.  He was ultimately appointed the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel under President Bush.  He was then promoted to Deputy Attorney General in 1990 and then in 1991 replaced Attorney General Richard Thornburgh as Acting Attorney General.  He was later nominated to that position and was easily confirmed.

Barr was popular with agents and viewed as a conservative, law-and-order Attorney General.  He later assumed high corporate positions with companies like Verizon.

That is one of the most impressive and varied resumes in Washington.  Barr has done it all and performed consistently as the highest possible level.  He is a brilliant legal mind and a natural leader.  He is also a talented bagpiper, a talent he first showed at age eight. When I would speak with him on the Verizon plane heading to some international meeting, Barr would often bring his pipes.  I loved the image of Bill banging away on his pipes at 20,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.  He is simply a man comfortable in his own skin — someone who marches literally to his own tune.

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  1. In 1995, William Barr blamed ‘secular’ government for everything from rising crime to STDs and called for subsidizing religious schools to turn back ‘assault’ on ‘traditional values.’ These days Barr is more into strengthening asset forfeiture programs to make it easier for the cops to steal from the public. Which they most certainly do…

  2. The confirmation of Bill Barr is why Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Hillary and their criminal network are very concerned. Bill Barr is a no nonsense American patriot. The man is morally and ethically well grounded. Can you imagine Barr and Jonathan Turley conducting the train of justice at the DOJ? The US Constitution would be in very good hands. I studied business law and was most fascinated by contract law where the clarity and simplicity of terms must always be of utmost importance in every transaction (deal). Needles to say, many business lawyers do not see it that way. I would have been more content earning less teaching US Constitutional Law. Why? The US Constitution is the foundation of our nation’s values and ideals. America’s sense of justice and compassion are the cornerstones of our magnificent republic. There isn’t any other nation on earth as blessed to have such a body of laws to govern its people. Not even France! Messrs. Barr & Turley are the type of law teachers every American law student should aspire to have. Long live the great American Republic! Cjack

    1. Barr is a legal Republican whore. He thinks that the sale of a Canadian company with uranium mines in Kazakhstan is a reason to investigate HRC. Hope one day he tastes his own shotgun.

  3. Regarding the above, there seems to be true bipartisan support for Judicial Reform. Charles Grassly claims he can muster 30 Republican votes and at least 45 Democrats. Interestingly the Koch Bros, of all people, have been pushing this initiative. But true to character Mitch McConnell is saying ‘no’ as usual. And as I noted yesterday, William Barr has come out against this proposal. Barr, who pioneered mandatory minimums, wants to stick with them.

      1. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Paul. The Koch Bros sponsor your party. Most Republican candidates take money from them.

        1. Peter Hill – I am a registered Independent. The Koch Brothers do not support or speak for me. They flat make me nervous. 😉



    Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), the departing chairman of the Judiciary Committee and a supporter of the bill, is upset his heavy lift on judicial nominations is not being rewarded with a floor vote on the criminal justice proposal. Grassley wants passage of his highest priority but McConnell still prioritizes the confirmation of even more judges.

    Grassley believes that he could almost get 30 GOP votes for the bill. Coupled with an estimated 45 or more Democratic votes, the legislation sits on the cusp of almost 80 votes.

    All this comes as McConnell, 76, pivots toward a 2020 reelection campaign in which, given the sad state of the Kentucky Democratic Party, his most difficult challenge could be a GOP primary challenge from the right.

    And the most strident conservatives are split on the issue. On Friday Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) ended his wavering and came out in support of his good friend Lee. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has led the public opposition, right down to engaging in personal fights with Lee on social media.

    Yes, many evangelical Christian leaders have locked arms with the conservative Koch brothers and Democratic 2020 presidential contenders like Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.), but no one is certain where the hardcore voters in Republican primaries will land on this issue.

    Trump is publicly supportive, with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the most prominent West Wing voice backing the plan. Kushner flew with Trump Friday to a Missouri rally ostensibly to stump for the First Step Act and en route back to Washington the president again tweeted his support for the plan.

    But there’s also the lingering feeling that Trump has not put his full weight into the issue. At Friday’s rally he devoted much more time to his demands for a border wall than he did to the criminal justice overhaul.

    Edited from: “McConnell Resists Pressure To Move On Criminal Justice Overhaul Angering Some Republicans”


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