Deporter in Chief: Deportations Under Obama Still Higher Than Under Trump

For both Democrats and Republicans, the recent deportation numbers may come as something of an unpleasant surprise. It turns out the President Barack Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Trump even after two years of Trump’s controversial immigration policies.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Deputy Director Ronald Vitello released the figures for the last year which included the detention of  “a record number” of illegal immigrants as well as a rise in deportations of 13 percent since 2017. However, the figures show  that the number of those deported under Obama in 2012 reached 409,849 as opposed to 235,413 in 2015 and 240,255 in 2016.  In 2018, the figure reached 256,000.

Notably, some 145,262 of the 256,000 had prior criminal convictions and 22,796 had criminal charges pending against them.  This also included some 5,872 who were known or suspected gang members and 42 suspected terrorists.

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  1. So misleading, most of the people Obummer supposedly deported were illegal aliens turned around at the border. Unlike Our great president Donald J Trump’s workplace enforcement deportations. Also Obummer didn’t have federal judges playing identity politics against him.



    The truth is that border apprehensions reached an all-time peak in 2000 after ticking upwards all through the 1990’s. Interestingly, the Los Angeles School District reached a peak enrollment in 2000. Those trends corresponded with a baby boom in Mexico during the 1970’s. By the 1990’s, that baby boom produced a large generation of restless Mexicans itching to move northward.

    President Bill Clinton responded to this surge of illegal immigration by implementing construction of a comprehensive border fence; a hard border that hadn’t existed before then. President George W Bush improved the border fence by adding hi-tech surveillance devices and brighter lighting along the busiest corridors. Many of Bush’s improvements were justified by terrorism concerns in the wake of 9 / 11.

    By the time President Obama took office, border security upgrades had already resulted in a downward trend of border apprehensions. That downward trend also reflected the end of Mexico’s 1970’s baby boom. The demographic wave that had hit the border during the 1990’s had peaked in 2000. What’s more, The Great Recession of Obama’s first term put an end to a housing boom that drew immigrants to thousands of constructions jobs. In fact, studies suggested a pattern of ‘Reverse Immigration’ actually played out during the recession that saw many immigrants returning to Mexico as jobs in the U.S. dried up.

    Nevertheless, President Obama maintained strict control of the border as Professor Turley notes above. There were periodic stories in the mainstream media reporting that Hispanic leaders were not entirely happy with Obama’s border enforcement. Obama, however, felt no need to brag about his border enforcement. Instead he sought to play it down to avoid alienating Hispanics from the Democratic party.

    Therefore no serious border crisis existed when Donald Trump began his presidential campaign. Trump was merely ignorant on the topic as he is on many issues. As a consumer of right-wing media, Trump was acting on his ‘gut feelings’ that Obama was ‘soft on immigration’. What’s more, Trump’s campaign was appealing to consumers of right-wing media who shared Trump’s gut feelings about Obama.

    In the right-wing media bubble, Barrack Obama was a ‘liberal pussy allowing ‘hordes of illegal aliens to invade our country’. It didn’t matter what statistics showed. In the right-wing media bubble, Trump’s gut feelings sufficed. Because Trump is captive to right-wing media, he responds as such which creates a feedback loop of ignorance. Historians will note this loop defined Trump’s leadership. Consequently America has squandered 2 whole years on a phony crisis. Sadly these 2 years could have been devoted to more urgent priorities.

    1. PH

      How refreshing to hear another who has a modicum of memory. Just as with the lies and ‘calls to arms’ over the fabricated immigration crisis, Trump lied about everything else, or almost everything else. Trump lied about the economy. The economy was in a sixth year of recovery and growth experiencing the typical corrections along the way. Trump painted a false picture of recession, a recession Obama had mastered, a recession caused by the same incompetence of tax cuts and shallow thinking. Trump lied about cleaning the swamp and getting rid of the polarizing aspects of American politics. America has never been as polarized as now with Trump. Trump went to the Republican swamp for support. Trump is the swamp. Trump lied about getting rid of special interest and oligarch influences in government. The US has never been as beholding to special interests and oligarchs as now. Trump created a tax cut that favored the oligarchs and special interests way, way, way above the average American. Trump, himself is the leader of the oligarchs. Trump lied when he declared that there will be transparency above all, yet he won’t disclose his tax returns or answer questions without lying. Trump is a liar, has always been a liar, and will continue to lie his way through, heaven help us, the last two years of a disgrace, an American shame.

      What is so disconcerting is that, as this blog routinely illustrates, so many still support this buffoon.

      1. Indeed, Issac. It’s been almost 3 years since Donald Trump began his campaign for the presidency. And for America Trump has been a huge waste of focus and energy. For 3 years we’ve only yelled at each other over Trump’s endless web of lies while accomplishing nothing else.

        1. And yet, Trump supporters will never see how bad this has been for it’s citizens and country.

          1. The three of you should get a room. Bill Clinton will join you while Shillary will rape womyn, gladly, who attack her licentious “husband”

            Regards to David “butt boy” Brock

            1. Only from Trumpers do we hear the name David Brock. Like every Democrat is somehow linked to Brock. Like Brock’s name is known to ‘all’ of us and we look to him for cues.

              Brock, I can only guess, is a boogeyman right-wing media trots out to scare Trump supporters.

              1. Actually Brock has been handsomely funded by George Soros and has entree into elite circles in the Democratic Party, even if John Podesta does think he’s a head case.

                1. Tabby, one never sees Brock’s name in mainstream media. We’ve all heard of Soros and Steyer. We all know about Jeff Bezos. But Brock’s name scarcely arises. I suspect it’s because he’s ‘not’ that significant.

                  1. Peter Hill – the press cannot name its unnamed sources so you never hear the name of Brock.

              2. Brock’s name has rarely been mentioned in these threads.
                On the other hand, Fox News and Hannity are constantly mentioned here by those with TDS, as though merely mentioning Fox or Hannity scores some kind of debating points.
                PS …
                pssst, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary—- I wanted to get that in before Peter has the name banned here.

        2. If Hillary gets the nomination again in 2020, will she be able to capitalize on the “my opponent is a liar” theme?
          Or would she blow it like she does in the video I linked?

          1. Tom, you’ve been in, ‘What about Hillary” mode this entire week. That should tell you something. Like you have nothing to explain Trump’s endless controversies. So you’re falling back on a now very hackneyed response. Like it’s still 2016 and Hillary looms as a threat. And I think that’s common with Trump supporters. ‘It’s alway 2016 and Trump has yet to take office’.

            1. Peter,…
              I mentioned Hillary 2 or 3 times among many comments I’ve made over the last week.
              One comment barely mentioned her, and it was your obsession that caused you to characterize the post as being about Hillary.
              Another comment was in response the “all they’ve got is excuses” comment somebody made about those who support Trump.
              I think that was the one where I mentioned Hillary’s long lists of excuses for losing in 2016.

              I understand that you may not want to hear or see her name after she lost in 2016.
              It’s not that she is seen “as a threat”…. ( she may be to you if you fear that she’d be the nominee in 2020)…..but she is seen as more of a joke.
              You could ask this site’s administrator/ monitor to have the filter that screens for cuss words modified so that it screens out any mentiion of the name “Hillary”… seems to upset you so much that maybe her name will be banned from these thteads.

  3. How did America accumulate so many easily duped.

    Well you begin with indoctrinating students through the progressive public education system; then get them dependent on the massive federal bureaucracies; and finally convince them they’ll lose life, liberty and property if they wander outside the Democrat party stockade. Once these zombies have been created, then they’ll willfully but ignorantly accept their party abandoning the rule of law for their progressive agenda. You’ll get these dupes making statements like: the right plan is to…allow illegals with positive potential for the country to stay and sort out their situation over time and through the system.

    Next question.

    1. No Olly

      It starts with those of us who like almost all of us are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. The greatest affront to a human who starts off as the center of their universe is discovering that there are seven billion other centers of universes. Being a member of a group helps. The greatest aid and danger is being born as an American. Automatically one is number one. No need to do anything, just revel in being number one. Trump plays this card so well. Trump identifies threats to this god given stature. Trump points out what to do. Trump can help all the regular people regain their importance. Trump was born with the silver spoon of privilege, wealth, contacts, and backing to be anything but a regular. On top of that, Trump has augmented his privilege with lies, cheating, and buffoonery. How anyone can see this fake as having anything to offer other than to himself, is inconceivable. But there it is.

  4. More Turley throwing red meat. “prior criminal convictions”? For what? Would this include people like Manafort and Flynn”? Suspected, charged, but not convicted? Do any of these claims mean we are safer? Anything to create the impression that Trump is succeeding.

  5. It doesn’t matter how many you deport if they can turn right around and come back in. How many times have we heard about some criminal committing a murder, who has been previously deported 5, 6, 8 times? Without a wall, “deportation” is just a free trip home paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

  6. Other than repeating themselves the only thing new is claiming the air travel industry is to blame as they bring in more who over stay their visas.

    The forgotten part is they had to be vetted to get a visa. Most who can afford to buy a passport acquire a visa are in the educated sector of any country. Mexico alone charges the equivalent of four months average income for each family member.

    The top wage earners for the most part see less and less reason to pursue the myth of streets of gold in the USA. They haven’t priced food in the supermarkets nor the other costs of living. 2.5 times as much as south of the border

    The US Tax payer gets soaked on medical care by ACA. Pay once at inflated rates for self and family, pay twice to three times for the moochers, And all out of already taxed to the hilt dollars. The headway we made with the double tax deduction is of course in the slave states like California, Washington, Mass, NY etc already being soaked up with new local tax increases and now they want tax texting? More of Nancy’s
    Crumbs Reclamation Act no doubt

    She’s worried about her base the shrunken moochers base who are now employed. so the new drive to claim a new recession is on the way. The last one wasn’t a recession it was the Obama bankruptcy.

  7. Obama had the right plan, concentrate on undesirable illegals and bounce them; allow illegals with positive potential for the country to stay and sort out their situation over time and through the system. Then came Trump, band standing, lying, exaggerating, and accumulating enough dupes to get himself elected. What a disgrace. How did America accumulate so many easily duped.

    1. How did America get duped? They believe what they want to believe, with a little help from “FOX NEWS”……….Sad just sad.

  8. Give me a fleet of 400 buses and I can deport the whole kit and kaboodle to Canada and Mexico in three years.

    1. A squadron of Chinook’s would be much faster. As soon as they crossover a bottle of water and loaded on a Chinook. Fly 200 miles into Mexico land outside a city and all off.

  9. Trump isn’t crazy. His businesses depend heavily on illegals. His (wealthy) base also likes having a million new buyers in the country each year. JT either knows this or else he’s playing to HIS base.

    1. Shame you didn’t or more likely as usual could not come up with any facts figured, sites, cites all credible and verifiable to back up that statement. The same could be said about EVERY business in the country but your forgot to add using US tax payer provided dollars to fund the increase in sales out of their after tax dollars whoops I slipped into the State Economics version of the left which is the modern name for fascist economics.

      To make it easy for your social promotion education everything you postulated is either a false premise based debate point or it’s nothing more than one of Pelosi’s crumbs.

  10. Sorta off-topic: just finished reading the review of “The Field of Blood” in The Nation. It is about how dangerous it was to serve in Congress during the decades leading up to the Civil War.

  11. The numbers are confusing regarding who deported more. But the huge number of gang killers and terrorists is awful. Round em up and head em out.

  12. When you have individuals, each with powers to rule that far outweigh the Congress and the President running the country give them credit for what they are doing and define them for what they are. Individual judges mandating this and that are nothing more than a collection of little Hitlers and that is another practice that needs stopping . When is the Supreme Court going to take control of it’s own branch of government and properly supervise them?

    When is the congress who authorized these two bit shysters to operate going to take responsibility? That Judge from Hawaii where they took in three immigrants telling the nation what to do? With more power than the entire rest of government? What utter crap we have to put up with.

    When SCOTUS did rule on how immigration would operate these same two bit ham’n’eggers were still issuing edicts over ruling the Supreme Court. How do they get away with that?

  13. Obama did not have the rogue judges cabal working against him for reason number one and for number two as the Border Patrol mentioned openly the bulk of Obama’s deportation were those who approached the border and were turned away but were never actually in the country. Number three they didn’t count DACA kids and parents who Obama openly invited.

    Figures can lie and liars can figure.

    1. The excessive amount of extra authorizations from the midde east which blocked ethnic backgrounds who were being euthanized did you remember them? Just from the Syrian area alone.

      Oh yes I almost forgot Obama cut the Border Patrol and Immigration Services staffs in half and his numbers did not count catch and release. Add in these five factors the story turns out much differently when ALL the component parts are considered.

      1. Where I live we have many BP staff who maintain and use boats and they mentioned not being able to patrol as they were being used to perform paperwork and other duties of the understaffed immigration services.But the counting of those who approached but did not actually enter as deportees were his main source of numbers. —- under Obama. Higher numbers? What a farce.

      2. The idea of this article is to make Trump and the Wall look bad, not actually look at like numbers. I am with Michael on this one.

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