“Satan Is Sitting Inside Them”: Russian Orthodox Priest Under Review After Violent Baptism

Ilia Semiletov will face a church court and could be struck off after he was seen three times forcing the naked child's head in the font in Yessentuki, south west Russia

I am sorry but it really seems like Father Ilia Semiletov has some issues and it is really not a little Satanic girl. The Russian orthodox priest is under review after the shocking videotape below where he is shown violently pushing a little girl into a baptismal font to remove the Satan within her.

Semiletov shoves the girl under the water three times as she screams in terror.  He actually struck the girl’s head twice on the font. 

One witness said that Semiletov told her that children other than newborns must be “broken” during baptism because “Satan is sitting inside them.”

This broken-but-baptized approach may not persuade the Church court where this controversy is now heading.

Semiletov is a priest at St George’s Convent in Yessentuki, in Russia’s Stavropol region.

16 thoughts on ““Satan Is Sitting Inside Them”: Russian Orthodox Priest Under Review After Violent Baptism”

  1. The most disgusting thing is the chuckling from the people watching this poor little girl getting water boarded!

  2. If you have every taught in the lower grades you know this priest is right. Satan is sitting inside every stinking on of them. Every teacher in the world thanks you for your work. 🙂

    1. PC Schulte,..
      – Imagine the amount of force this guy would feel required to use if he baptized Diane.😧

  3. Perhaps he was a David Hockney fan and subconsciously drew from his works to perform: A Little Splash; The Splash; and A Bigger Splash.

  4. Well it was Rat Rod Rosenstein, what the hell was he supposed to do with Satan’s Brother?

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