Woman Accused of Trying To Run Over Her Boyfriend and Then Posing With Damaged Car After Hitting Another Woman

Police in Wilmington, North Carolina are searching for Courtnay Danielle Lawrence, 22, who was allegedly caught on videotape trying to run over her former friend. Instead, another woman, Christina Benson, with the man was hit. Lawrence however was happy to pose with her damaged car even though she missed her boyfriend and sent an innocent woman flying into the air.

What is most notable about this hit-and-run is that the former boyfriend does not run to the aid of Benson but instead simply flees:

Benson reportedly suffered a concussion and cuts and bruises.

Lawrence is now having some very serious charges that could include attempted murder, criminal assault, and fleeing the scene of a crime.

8 thoughts on “Woman Accused of Trying To Run Over Her Boyfriend and Then Posing With Damaged Car After Hitting Another Woman”

  1. There is a troubling trend glorifying female violence, which used to be considered humiliating and degrading. Then you began seeing it among female gang members or their girlfriends, trying to emulate criminal swagger. Over the years, it became cooler in the younger generation.

    How many super hero movies do we see women kicking every man’s butt in the room? We see men punching women in the face and women punching back. Action movies show dainty women blocking a Claymore or broadsword in full swing without any appreciable effort. Hollywood glorifies violence against women, as well as woman-on-woman. My gender seems to be wallowing in an inferiority complex. Somehow, if we’re not a strong as a man, we’re not worth the same. That is a path to defeat in the world of sexual dimorphism.

    This woman has internalized the belief that physically defeating her critics or enemies equals respect and social standing. Those around her likely reinforce that belief. She’s clearly not hanging her head in shame.

    Our culture is in decay.

    What is going to happen to the generation of young boys, raised on movies where women get punched in the face and give as good as they get? What will be their instinct towards women? Will it be that it’s OK to fight with a woman, because they have been raised to believe they are equally strong and capable in a fight? What is the cost going to be of glorifying women fighting hand to hand with men, as this gets absorbed into the subconscious?

    We certainly seem to be disintegrating males’ protective instinct for women. It’s considered toxic masculinity to so much as open a door or walk on the street side. We are going to pay for this.

  2. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Will the perp be charged with “hate crimes” and who brainwashed the twisted blond, the comm-unionists in public school? And why do they need Range Rovers and Mercedes Benzes in the teachers’ parking lots, anyway? I mean what exactly is the replicable and valuable product of the vast majority of public schools – 7-Eleven clerks, fork lift drivers and communist indoctrination?

  3. Maybe the guy is what we call in NC “a weasel”– meaning one who cannot cope with anything other than free food on the plate in front of him or a roll in the hay with a gal from Jose.

  4. For most of us the best thing to do is just walk away from a bad relationship. Put it in the rear view mirror and just go on with your life. Getting a criminal record over something like this is just not worth it.

  5. Must see if I can find for re-reading Mike Royko’s “The Age of the Jerk” series of columns.

  6. The prosecution certainly owes the accused a debt for making the case all the more easy to prove intent rather than just recklessness. The photo of her showing off to the car’s damage in my opinion met that element.

    On another note, the boyfriend really took one for the team by running away while his new girlfriend lay injured in the street. Looking out for number one.


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