Dershowitz Moves To Dismiss Defamation Case Over Epstein Allegations

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is back in the news in connection to allegations that he was one of the men who had relations with underaged girls during trips with Jeffrey Epstein. New evidence has been released in the case that have rekindled the allegations against Dershowitz. Moreover, Dershowitz (who invited a defamation suit by the woman accusing him with having sex with her as a minor) is now seeking to dismiss the action and thus avoid discovery. Additionally, an early interview has been uncovered with what may be the single worst line since Bill Clinton’s “I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and didn’t like it. I didn’t inhale and I didn’t try it again.” When confronted on whether he did in fact accept a message from one of the women at Epstein’s mansion, Dershowitz admitted that he did but insisted “I kept my underwear on.”

Dershowitz played a key role in the securing of the sweetheart deal with Epstein that many of us have criticized for years as a flagrant injustice. The renewed attention to the case and the plea deal most recently led to the resignation of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, 35, claims that when she was a minor when she was ordered by Epstein to have sex with Dershowitz six times. Dershowitz has long denied the allegation. However, Giuffre’s lawyers have said that she passed a polygraph examination on her allegation against Dershowitz. Moreover, Alfredo Rodriguez, Epstein’s butler, kept a “black book” of visitors and circled Dershowitz’s name as a “witness.” to the use of underaged girls for sex.

In a recent interview, Dershowitz insisted that his accused is an admitted prostitute as well as a serial liar: “The same woman that accused me claimed to have had dinner with Bill Clinton and two underage girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s island, claimed to have met Al Gore and Tipper Gore. Secret Service records show that all of that is fantasy and made up. This is a woman with a long, long record of lying for money.”

In a 2015 interview with Miami news station WPLG, Dershowitz reportedly admitted to getting a massage at the mansion. He insisted that he did not know of any incidents involving underaged girls: “Were there young women in another part of the house giving massages while I was around? I have no idea of that!” However, he added “I kept my underwear on during the massage. I don’t like massages particularly.”

In previous interviews, Dershowitz said that he wanted a lawsuit to allow for full discovery. On March 2, 2019, he said that his “accusers are Virginia Roberts and Sarah Ransom . . . I hereby accuse my false accusers of committing the felony of perjury and challenge them to sue me for defamation.” He was then sued but he is now seeking to avoid discovery with the dismissal of the lawsuit. He previously sought to disqualify his opposing lawyers.

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  1. I have long suspected that Dershowitz’s odd decision to become the legal mouthpiece for Fox News’ war on the Mainstream media was due to his legal vulnerability in representing and associating with Epstein. An enemy of my enemy is my friend- the latter enemy in this case bring the full truth.

  2. In previous interviews, Dershowitz said that he wanted a lawsuit to allow for full discovery. On March 2, 2019, he said that his “accusers are Virginia Roberts and Sarah Ransom . . . I hereby accuse my false accusers of committing the felony of perjury and challenge them to sue me for defamation.” He was then sued but he is now seeking to avoid discovery with the dismissal of the lawsuit. He previously sought to disqualify his opposing lawyers.

    Alan Dershowitz is lower than a piece of dog crap stuck to the bottom of a shoe.

  3. Estovir Obama utilized Tribalism in his political rhetoric. That is what White Nationalists do.

    1. lots of folks have a sense of ancestry, ethnicity, extended family, yes even tribe and race

      there is nothing inherently wrong with having social affinity on those levels

      it’s not inherently wrong for a politician to speak to those levels of social identity either, although we would hope it’s in a positive way

      but when groups come into conflict, I want a strong leader for my group. I won’t make any apologies for that. survival is its own justification.

      1. The problem I have with what you say is that Obama was President of all the people not just one tribe.

  4. Dersh could be in hot water. All it would take is one corroborating witness, or written record-photo to undermine Dersh’s recall of events. His other problem is the clause he got into the NPA immunizing himself and others from future prosecution. The fact that this was self-serving in light of Ms. Roberts extent accusations at the time, and that he knowingly broke the Criminal Victims Rights Act in conspiracy with Alex Acosta to conceal the negotiation from the victims to railroad it through….that’s a pretty obvious instance of self-dealing. Dersh also either forgot to warn Epstein to destroy all the nude photos taken of his sex party “guests” (underage victims), or mistakenly thought that a Registered Sex Offender with the right NPA and legal team would be allowed to keep his underage porn collection. The discovery of Epstein’s trove of photographs alone could invalidate any benefits he was given in his plea deal — an obvious violation for any Registered Sex Offender.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Marra, based on the latest evidence, completely invalidates the plea deal of early 2008. Then, Dersh needs to get himself a good lawyer, and listen instead of barking out orders.

  5. Dershowitz made a big mistake when he angered the left. I don’t think he knowingly had sex with any underage woman but it doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t. The news media runs the show and protects those on the left while giving credence to those that attack anyone that has strayed off the leftist plantation.

  6. The subject of lie detectors needs to be taken up on this blog. You seldom hear of lie detectors being used to add truth to statements or show them to be lies. How reliable are the devices which do the lie detecting? Do they work with just plaing a recorded messageinto the lie detector or does the person speaking have to be wired up or something?

    1. They’re a good as the operator and as bad as the subject’s level of preparation which means they’re inadmissible in court as scientifically unreliable.

  7. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. Dershowitz claims he has documentary proof showing he was not at the mansion when the abuse is alleged to have occurred and that his accuser is a serial liar. If Guiffre is so credible, why is the FBI not using her as a prosecution witness.

  8. Epstein didn’t do this in a vacuum. Why are the names of ALL his friends who used underage girls not coming out? If this was a sex ring involving undocumented immigrants, is there any doubt everyone would already have been scooped up with their mug shots on prominent display? I don’t care if it’s Clinton, Prince Andrew, Dershowitz, or Trump, they all need to be exposed. Of course, if it were Clinton most of you would want him jailed and if it were Trump it would no longer be a crime. Trump says he knows Epstein “like everybody in Palm Beach.” Has he ever been to Epstein’s New York penthouse where he has been accused of raping a 13-year-old? Like to see him answer that question.

    1. No but Trump did expel Epstein from his private club for propositioning the minor daughter of another member. You can add that to your calculus.

      1. A member of his club complained that Trump propositioned his daughter in the club. Trump has fallen out with almost anyone he’s ever had a relationship with (especially those he’s done business with, or married, or paid to have se with). If Obama had been accused of raping a child in Epstein’s apartment, there would be no stone left unturned. If Obama had been on the “Lolita Express” he’d be guilty as sin, if Obama had made the quote about being friends with Epstein for 15 years and liking beautiful women, some of them quite young, how far would you run with it? Obtuse – annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand. You choose not to see.

        1. “If Obama had been accused of raping a child in Epstein’s apartment, there would be no stone left unturned.”
          Oh please! Obama was the Left’s darling. Obama was accused by Larry Sinclair of using crack and cavorting with gay prostitutes and not one media outlet batted an eye when the alleged paramour, Donald Young, was murdered.

          1. Larry Sinclair is not credible and neither are you but you both are despicable.

            1. YNON:

              “Larry Sinclair is not credible and neither are you but you both are despicable.”
              That whizzing sound was my point sailing blissfully over your pointy head with its foul mouth attached. Sinclair’s credibility isn’t the issue. It’s the press’ collective yawning in the face of the allegation after the crucial witness was murdered. That indifference proves my point (and refutes enigma’s) that Obama was kid-gloved while Trump was iron-fisted. Think the Steel dossier is any more credible that Sinclair? I don’t.

              1. The actual press has an obligation to report facts lest they be sued out of existence. Even Fox News opinion shows as far as I know didn’t touch this although several bloggers unfamiliar to me jumped all over it.
                It seems even the Barr-led DOJ found enough substance in the Steele report that they agreed an investigation was justified. Didn’t the Steele report describe Trump’s real estate efforts in Moscow and meetings between Trump people and Russians we heard about nowhere else first?

          2. I need to take a shower after reading various accounts (can’t quite call them news accounts) and listening to a Larry Sinclair press conference. I suspect there’s a very good reason media outlets didn’t jump on this. I didn’t encounter any facts regarding the bi-sexual/gay allegations and nothing connecting the murder of Donald Young to anyone, let alone Obama. I did read there were at least two openly gay members in Obama’s former Chicago church. The horror!
            This is the kind of thing you’ll readily believe about Obama while even Trump’s own words and actions are above reproach. Nevermind me, I’ll just go back to my native country in Minnesota.

            1. Did you spray perfume on your Obama shrine after he incinerated with a drone American Muslim 16 year old Anwar Al-Awlaki, without judicial charge?

              1. Anwar Al-Awlaki was 40 when killed by a drone and after his involvement in planning several terrorist attacks on Americans. His 16 year old son was killed in another drone attack 2 weeks later ordered by Obama, though he was not the target. His 8 year old daughter was killed in a US Commando attack orderd by Trump, though she was not the target.

            2. Larry Sinclair accuser of Obama, goofball, not credible, agreed.

              Trump threw Epstein out of his club, and was the only one to cooperate with prosecutor when subpoeanaed– shows good faith and clean hands on Trump’s part.,

              Dershovitz may have indeed had a chaste massage with his underwear on. People do that every day. in fact people have chaste massages without their underwear too. So he’s presumed innocent just like anybody else

              Epstein is the bad guy. Let the hammer fall on him, and judge his implications in light of his guilt and plea, and look for corroborating or exonerating evidence like any other case

              Relax! just another story, even if an important one

              1. Trump cooperated with a prosecutor? Can you direct me to that? I still want to know if Trump went to the penthouse in NY, where he was accused of raping someone. Dershowitz was accused of raping a teenager 6 times and now is trying to avoid discovery in a defamation lawsuit. Why?
                Epstein is a bad guy, who shared underage girls with his friends. Are they not just as guilty?

                1. sorry, i got that mixed up, trump cooperated with a lawyer for a victim suing epstein. source here


                  Following a 2018 financial settlement between Florida attorney Bradley Edwards – who represented one of Epstein’s accusers, only to be later sued by Epstein, Edwards claimed that Donald Trump was the ‘only person’ who provided assistance when Edwards served subpoenas and notices to high-profile individuals connected to Epstein.

                  Edwards: The only thing that I can say about President Trump is that he is the only person who, in 2009 when I served a lot of subpoenas on a lot of people, or at least gave notice to some pretty connected people, that I want to talk to them, is the only person who picked up the phone and said, let’s just talk. I’ll give you as much time as you want. I’ll tell you what you need to know, and was very helpful, in the information that he gave, and gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward whatsoever, but had good information. That checked out and that helped us and we didn’t have to take a deposition of him in 2009.

                  1. So he will be a snitch when it meets his needs? The NY/NJ mafia groups he deals with might be interested in knowing that.

                    It does seem there was quite a bit of self-interest there. Still wondering if he hung out with Epstein in New York with little girls?

                    1. Cooperating with a civil subpoena is not exactly snitching. But you call it what you like. As for your question, I wouldn’t know, nor do you. We will find out eventually, I’m sure. I won’t lose any sleep over it. You sound pretty excited however. And thanks for sharing.

                2. Epstein is a horrible creepy pimp of underage girls. I condemn him unequivocally.

                  However he was a rich guy who like most rich guys knows a lot of people. I will reserve judgment on rumors. Let the prosecutors and juries try these cases, i will just listen.

                  I extend the presumption of innocence to all accused persons, regardless of how loathsome they may seem. That’s kind of a professional requirement for me. I reserve judgment and look for specific and credible allegations. I don’t paint with too broad a brush. I leave that to journalists and internet commentators.

                  I will even extend to Slick Willy the presumption of innocence on these allegations in spite of how very many times he apparently flew with Epstein. Even Slick Willy deserves the presumption of innocence to be respected.

                  1. Several of the girls have indicated Epstein shared them with his friends. Publicly named to date are Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz is vigorously trying to avoid discovery in a defamation lawsuit. Nobody including Trump is presumed guilty. However, attempts to obstruct evidence (Dershowitz) tend to suggest guilt. Much like the quite different attempts of Trump to prevent people in and out of the White House from testifying about his obstruction and his finances.

                    1. I have no concerns about Trump in respect of this thing. You’re belaboring it, but there’s no smoke and no fire.

                      However, it might be bad for Dersh. I respect him as a lawyer, I admit that I like him just a little, in spite of many things he has said I disagree with, more things he has said I like over the decades. A very sharp lawyer.

                      Here is a story about the accusations against him, suit and countersuit


                      The accuser is not to simply be believed just because she is a woman or just because she was a victim of Epstein’s. She is to be believed only if her specific accusations are credible in the totality of the evidence and circumstances.

                      If you think women don’t lie, perhaps? Don’t lie about famous people? They do and they do a lot. even though yes a lot of famous men are dogs.

                      I’m also dubious because this whole Epstein operation may have been partly intended as a “kompromat” gathering exercise.

                      If you want to read some fun fiction about how pimps can target their marks for fraud and blackmail, I recommend Iceberg Slim’s “The Long Con” check it out.

                      A fair person will take these things slowly, one by one on their merits.

                    2. I read all the Iceberg Slim books while in high school. Don’t remember much about any of them except being entertaining.

                      Regarding Trump and Epstein, there is smoke because he was named by a woman as having raped her in Epstein’s penthouse when he was 13. She filed a lawsuit, withdrew it, filed again and withdrew it again. She indicated through her attorney she was receiving death threats. Trump denies it but the problem is, he denies everything, including events which were later proven true (Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal). He’s in court now for a defamation suit from Summer Zervos (depositions to come). One thing we might agree on is that Trump’s statement cannot be presumed to be truthful on its face because he’s lied about related matters multiple times. Whether he’s guilty or now I don’t know, evidence and witnesses must be produced. To say there’s no smoke is problematic, he has been named.

                3. “Dershowitz was accused of raping a teenager 6 times and now is trying to avoid discovery in a defamation lawsuit. Why?”

                  Enigma, you are a nut. Dershowitz is or at least said he is perfectly willing to have a deposition. The girl has made a claim therefore she needs to be depositioned before Dershowitz so that her claim can be known and described under oath. Enigma, don’t you know anything about legal matters?

                    1. Take note what I said Enigma ” Dershowitz is or at least said he is perfectly willing to have a deposition.” There are two potential actions here. One is by the girl which is a criminal action and the other is by Dershowitz which is a civil action. One generally manages the ciriminal claims before the civil claims.. Let her present her case and then if he wishes he can sue but he doesn’t need the money and his pledge to sue likely had to do with legal strategy.

                      I suspect he is innocent, but there is no way to know. I expect she is a liar since apparently she has been involved in lies and wasn’t an upstanding person but I withhold my judgement until she drops the idea of charges or Dershowitz is convicted which is very doubtful.

            1. What’s your take on the fact that you swore here about 1000x that the Mueller Report, Russian, and Putin were gonna take Trump down?

              Hannity is a war mongering piece of dung, BTW. If you are right about Seth Rich (I don’t give a crap either way), if Hannity committed similar sin 500x he would still pale next to the progressive tools like CNN, MSNBC, etc.

        2. “If Obama had…there would be no stone left unturned.”

          This makes me laugh.

          1. Why? There are still people pursuing birther claims against Obama. mespo just brought up accusations of cavorting with gay prostitutes and suggestion he’s linked to murders. You think he’d get a pass on allegedly raping children like Trump?

              1. Assuming Antifa is everything you think they are. What percentage of the violent, dangerous groups in America do they make up” 10%, 5%, 2%, 1%. If you are offended by Antifa and ignore the Proud Boys, various factions of the Klan, militias and their ilk, with blood on their hands. That would make you a hypocrite.

                1. “The Proud Boys organization was launched in September 2016, on the website of Taki’s Magazine, a far-right publication for which Richard Spencer was executive editor.” Richard Spencer has left wing policies: socialism and national health insurance are two big examples..

                  The total number of Proud Boys in America is quite small. Antifa is said to have 15,000 members in NYC alone.

                  1. Next he will be arguing the world is flat because it supports his talking points. But Obama ridiculed Christians for clinging to their religion and guns.

                    Babbling de rigueur at all costs. Let them. Like Hillary Clinton, Their egos are vested in pyrrhic victories instead of winning Americans minds

                  2. The Proud Boys is one of hundreds of right wing groups. Name two groups similar to Antifa. Feel free to Google. Next we can compare violent actions and murders commited by right wing groups vs. the left? The far-right is far more dangerous and always has been. Antifa is an excuse to ignore them.

                    1. 15,000 Antifa members said to be in NYC alone. Name the violent groups that are on the so called right (too many of them are on the left)? Let’s hear. Richard Spencer and the people that follow him are following his beliefs in socialism and national health insurance so I would think that would be another group on the left.. Let’s hear Enigma. This is where you always fall apart.

                    2. Now you’re dismissing the Proud Boys, fervent Trump supporters, as a left-wing group? And you question my arguments. Keep repeating it, make yourself look crazy.
                      As far as naming some, I live in Florida so I’ll look locally; Stormfront, American Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Atomwaffen Division, Confederate Hammerskins, Endangered Souls, Crew 38, Firm 22, Identity Dixie, International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Patriot Front, Sons of Odin, The Right Stuff, Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, United Southern Skins, Vinlanders Social Club. These are SOME of the at least statewide organizations, most of which have websites.

                    3. “Now you’re dismissing the Proud Boys,”

                      Where was I “dismissing” the Proud Boys and making them a left wing group? I never said that. I did say that Richard Spencer who is a White Supremecist supports socialism and national health insurance. A lot of people you attribute to the right really originate from the left and hold leftist ideas. Many of them are quite violent. All I said about the Proud Boys was that they were a small organization. Are you hallucinating again?

                      You mention the KKK in the south and they originated and were almost all Democrats. Remember the Klanbake. That is a fond rememberance of the Democratic Naional Convention. I don’t like White Supremecists any more than I like Black Supremicists. Having the word Supremicist in the name doesn’t make them left or right. Their political beliefs tell you which side of the aisle they stand on and in many cases they stand on the left. Don’t forget the Nazi’s… national socialism.

                      The only thing I can say about your answer is that you named many groups that I haven’t studied but the mentionable one was basically an arm of the Democratic Party.

                    4. “but the mentionable one was basically an arm of the Democratic Party.”

                      They definitely were, right up until the mid-1960’s and the Republicans were once the Party of Lincoln. Roles have mostly reversed. Democrats have some issues with distribution of power and trying to keep multiple constituencies together. Republicans at this moment are lost as far as values. They’ve give up on the deficit for example. Instead they claim to a man who is forcing them to defend his tweets and behavior.

                    5. Enigma, you keep denying things until you realize how foolish you look and then you move the goal posts. White nationalists are not necessarily left or right. Take Richard Spencer whose name I have brought up already a half a dozen times. He is a white nationalist. He has socialistic ideas including national health insurance. Does that make him on the left or on the right?

                      If you are for a color blind society then you judge a person by his character not by his skin or not by the title he lives under. White Nationalists can be crazy, right wing, left wing, anarchists etc. I hesitate to label that type of group with either side of the aisle because being on one side of the aisle doesn’t mean that one has only one set of ideas.

                      Take Professor Turley. He is on the Liberal / Progressive side, but he is a big supporter of speech so though I have disagreed with many of his policies I agree with how he views freedom of speech. Same with Dershowitz who continues to commit himself to the left side of the aisle. He will not vote for Trump and he voted for Hillary but he believes in freedom of speech and equality under the law so the left at this time hates him and his former leftist friends won’t even speak to him.

                    6. You, all MSM, and especially all progressives cheered and kissed Obama for incinerating with a drone strike and without judicial charge, American Muslim 16 year old Anwar Al-Awlaki.

                      That’s around 100 million people, and all or most MSM. How does that compare to members of your alleged vast right wing nut case groups?

                    7. The hundreds of thousands of registered users with a common cause sounds like a group to me.

                      Stormfront has been described by the anti-hate group Southern Poverty Law Center as the “”. The group pointed out that “registered Stormfront users have been disproportionately responsible for some of the most lethal hate crimes and mass killings since the site was put up in 1995. In the past five years alone, Stormfront members have murdered close to 100 people.”

                      I choose not to ignore them as simply, “a website.”

                    8. sons of odin? isnt that a song by Manowar? what is that some guy with a PO box selling thor’s hammers on leather strings, made in china? lol. some boogeyman

                    9. There was a song, I don’t pick the names. Makes them no less real.

                      Though it claims not to be racist, many Soldiers of Odin USA members and supporters are in fact open white supremacists, ranging from racist Odinists to Ku Klux Klan members. Moreover, Soldiers of Odin USA is also attracting anti-government extremists from the militia movement and the related “Three Percenters,” in addition to other extremists.

                      What brings these different segments of the extreme right together is a shared hatred and fear of immigrants and, especially, Muslims. In effect, the Soldiers of Odin USA represents the largest alliance of different types of right-wing extremists in the U.S. in several decades.

                    10. I’m starting a hate group very soon. First I will get a mail drop. We will be called Kurtz’s Klutzes Kollektive. It will actually just be a business but I’ll pretend it’s a membership group.

                      The membership fee will only be $100 a year. In exchange for that you will get a monthly missive from “Kurtz’ Kompound” postmarked from Phuket. Where I actually live. In a hut, on the banks of the Mekong. With heads on bamboo pikes, stuff like that.

                      I will say very scary things! Hopefully I will get all the watchdogs to buy a subscription in order to “monitor” my hateful hatespeech.

                      We will have no command structure and just be an anonymous kollektive like antifa, see? Spasiba, Tovarishe! & We will seek funding from PUTIN!

                      Please somebody report this to the usual watchdogs I will be needing some free promos to drive my sales. Er, I mean, memberships, subscriptions, whatever.

                      I’m off to plunder freemasonry for some secret rituals now, adieu!

                    11. Enigma, you can be a plank member of the Kurtz Klutzes Kollektive if you want. Get that benjamin ready, when I have the mail drop address I will post it here. We will accept anybody regardless of race, sufficiently only if you’re very hateful of someone, somewhere! Even just hating haters will be OK. It’s going to be a big tent, I tell you, that’s the way to rake in the donations.

                    12. I’m not much of a joiner. When your members get to the stage of more than just talking and drinking. I’ll be here to call them out. I suspect forming a hate group with a secret agenda of illegal profiteering was the basis for forming many groups, The Trump Organization comes to mind.

                2. Only Antifa felons are promoted and protected by you and your progressive tools like CNN, MSNBC, etc. That’s the difference you prefer to deny and obfuscate.

                  You and CNN are not in bed with other felons like you are with Antifa.

                  What’s your reply to that, Antifa-enabler/defender?

                  1. CNN and MSNBC are “progressive” lol
                    Must be why they keep hiring spooks, ex-generals, ex-Pentagon spokespersons and ex-AIPAC officials as contributors.

                3. Did you attend the memorial, with Obama, to honor Senator Robert Byrd, one time KKK recruiter who rose to the rank of “Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops?”

                  It’s OK, because Byrd was a Demoncrap like you, right?

                  And FYI: I want both Bushs AND Cheney AND Obama charged and convicted of treason, and sent to the gallows.

                4. “their ilk” what does that mean. are all the members of the Italian American group now mafia too? Is every black kid with baggy pants a gang member? just because a young white guy has a fashy haircut doesn’t mean he’s a criminal

                  this is imputing one person’s wrongs to another just because of association

                  normally one looks for specific evidence.

                  in the case of ANTIFA they are a self confessed criminal organization. you can read it all here


                  I wont waste too much time on it, but I have no problem with Proud boys. I saw a bunch of skinny black bandanna wearing heroin addicts attack them and a big dude exercising a right to lawful self defense, knock ’em out. He did a good service to society!

                  1. When I said, “their ilk,” if you haven’t joined a group with an ideology based on hate and often racism, you don’t qualify. Nobody can be born into it, they have to volunteer. If you have no problem with the Proud Boys. You either haven’t looked very hard or share their values.
                    They say (often) they never start anything but only fight back. Like the President they love… they lie.

                    1. ok, yeah, i’m not one but they sound ok to me. not much hate that i can detect. i guess i don’t have a very good “hate radar” …. not like you guys that are so strong on hating hate and hating haters!

                      then again, hate, like anger, is a natural emotion, evolved over millions of years of struggle for existence. it has its place in the cosmos, and is the gemini twin of love. the light the dark, yin yang, etc.

                      balance is good.

        3. Obama? You mean the guy who incinerated with a drone strike 16 year old adolescent American Muslim citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki, without criminal charge, because the lad had the misfortune of Obama adding the lad’s name to Obama’s infamous and felonious “Kill List?”

          The felony murder happened on foreign soil. Soon after, the other demigod/then-FBI Chief Mueller advised Obama it’s OK to repeat such felony murder on US soil.

          Save the progressive lie that the lad was an adult. BO murdered the lad’s American citizen father by the same name a couple weeks prior.

          Has Orange Man ever committed such felony murder? Hello? Anyone home? Crickets………………………………………

          I remember the good ole days just a few decades ago, when leftists were anti-government protestors. Now they are just stupid and pathetic tools of the world’s most powerful murderous psychopaths and sociopaths like Bush, Cheney, and Obama, and their industries like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

          1. Princess Doofus –

            Anwar Al-Awlaki was 40 when Obama had him killed with a drone for planning and inciting the killing of Americans. Good! I hope his body bounced.

        4. Epstein is a democrat with ties to Bill Clinton who flew on Lolita express 26 times.

          We knew Clinton was a sexual predator for years and was pals with Epstein.

          ‘House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter said that some favorite figures of both the Right and Left may be implicated in the sex trafficking case alleged against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

          “This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may — whether on Republicans or Democrats,” Christine Pelosi tweeted Saturday after news of Epstein’s arrest broke.”

          Sounds like she know something.

      2. The falling out between Trump and Epstein was over the purchase of a property. Epstein liked a property he intended to buy and mentioned it to Trump. Trump bought it out from under Epstein and then sold it at a huge profit. Epstein didn’t like that.

        1. This story sounds soft and incomplete typical of the anonymous brand. One would need some documentation to even try and figure out the true story.

    2. How’d Russia Gate work our for ya? Did all your “PUTIN!” dreams come true? Was it enigmatic?

      1. Changing the subject from the President pedophile are we? Russiagate is still in progress. It’s why Trump is demanding everyone disobey subpoenas. Things are still closing in on him on multiple fronts. It’s why he’s so desparate to distract.

        1. Do you smoke so pot that you forgot you promised the world, “JUST WAIT FOR MUELLER’S REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

          Earth to enigma: that was 3 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Enigma
      “Of course, if it were Clinton most of you would want him jailed and if it were Trump it would no longer be a crime.”

      I am sorry you are so cynical. I think even most, if not all, the Trump supporters here want the truth to come out and ALL to be held to justice.

      1. The Trump supporters here have generally ignored over 20 accusations of sexual assault, harrasment, and/or rape. Seen video of the man in his own words describing how he kisses women without their consent and can grab them by the pussy because he’s a star. He’s been accused by an ex-wife or rape (who later said she didn’t literally mean the act she described of forcing himself on her). Every allegation against him has been defended or ignored.
        I think we can agree that any allegation against Clinton that might come from an Epstein investigation would be accepted as Gospel. I ask, is there anything including pictures and videos that would get the Trump supporters here to turn on him?

        Color me cynical but with good reason.

        1. Clinton was accused of rape by many women and was a know pal of Epstein…….and democrats ignored it all.

          FYI……Trump was a big Clinton supporter

          1. What is your point? Are you saying we should ignore Trump? Trump (according to him) supported everybody. He’s defended Roy Moore, hired a Cabinet full of crooks; many already gone, others soon to leave. What is your point?

        2. Accusations? Do you know what the word means? Enigma, are you trying to outdo Avenatti? He’s a liar even you can’t keep up with though you come up close. Let us hear proof of what you believe is criminal. No one will deny Trump’s eccentiricities but the accusations you seem to be talking about have been proven false. Even the Mueller Report could not find a Trump crime and you are still waiting for it to produce one. You are nuts.

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