A Misty Morning on Billy Goat Trail

This morning I took my usual dawn hike on Billy Goat trail in Maryland on a very misty morning. It was my last hike before flying North to Alaska on Sunday for a speech in Anchorage and then a couple weeks of hiking, rafting, and kayaking around Alaska. I will be doing a daily travel blog from Alaska and hopefully posting a columns on other subjects.

Here are a few pictures from the beautiful hike this morning.

7 thoughts on “A Misty Morning on Billy Goat Trail”

  1. Love that hike on the Billy Goat Trail, just outside of Washington and feel like you are in the wilderness.

  2. Alaska is amazing. I wish you the best trip. Enjoy the air quality, it’s like, step off the plane, inhale, and “ahh, I can finally breathe.”

  3. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. We needed it. Breathe in. Ahhh Breathe out. Relax. All is well. Misty morning hikes. Ahhhh. Keep it simple. This is life.

  4. Bring sunscreen and salt tablets! Bon voyage. Looking forward to photos.

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