Laurence Tribe Calls For the Impeachment Of Trump As A Terrorist And Racist

Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe has a history of passionate opposition to President Trump and calling for his impeachment, and he continued the trend Sunday by blaming Trump for a pair of shootings that took place over the weekend in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Others have also placed blame on Trump for the shooting though Tribe goes as far as to declare Trump a terrorist. I have previously disagreed with Professor Tribe on these tweets against Trump and Republicans and this attack appears unhinged and entirely inappropriate for a respected academic.

Tribe wrote:

“How many more people have to DIE violent deaths at racist hands before impeaching the president for inciting white nationalist terrorism and violence is taken as seriously as impeaching him for obstructing justice? The real national emergency is Donald J. Trump’s terrorism”

Laurence Tribe@tribelaw

Recently, I wrote about an anti-Trump activist featured on CNN who tried to firebomb an immigration center. While the attack by  Willem Van Spronsen followed over-heated rhetoric from various Democratic candidates, his political motives or associations were largely ignored by the media. As I said at the time, I think it would be grossly unfair to associate Van Spronsen’s violence with Democratic leaders or their rhetoric. There are also a high number of cases with Trump supporters or people wearing MAGA hats have been assaulted on streets or in cafes. No one is calling out the left for responsibility in stoking such flames. Nor should they. The point was only that the media routinely makes that nexus to Trump by those who are anti-immigrant or white supremacist. None of these political figures, including Trump, can fairly be blamed for the acts of a violent, disturbed individual. If we start to treat political speech as a type of criminal inducement, we would eviscerate the first amendment.

Tribe’s suggestion that an impeachment can be based on this highly tenuous connection does a disservice to the public which relies on academics to give honest and informed analysis. Moreover, there is a curious jumping of the rails in raising slaughters by white supremacists in calling for impeachment for obstruction. The suggestion seems to be that we should impeach a president to achieve a different purpose: remove Trump on obstruction to somehow end racial violence in the nation. That would seem to encourage members to impeach to achieve ulterior purposes outside of the scope of impeachment.

When asked later by the Fox News about the tweets, Tribe would only say that “There is an alarming pattern of incitements that together warrant being taken seriously in conjunction with other, more specific, offenses.” I am not sure what that means in the context of an impeachment. It suggests that a member should vote on one alleged offense while being motivated by other uncharged offenses. We would never allow that in a real court of law. Indeed, the mere suggestion to a jury would likely leave a lawyer in a contempt of court.

While impeachment is not a real court by any stretch of the imagination, it is still a proceeding with a defined standard for members to satisfy. Encouraging members to act with reference to charges outside of legitimate articles of impeachment is itself a type of reckless inducement.

Tribe subsequently clarified by saying that he is not saying that Trump “should be impeached” for “racist incitements alone,” rather that “impeaching the president for inciting white nationalist terrorism and violence [should be] taken as seriously as impeaching him for obstructing justice.”

Tribe later added that he was not suggesting impeachment for racist alone but “impeaching the president for inciting white nationalist terrorism and violence [should be] taken as seriously as impeaching him for obstructing justice.”

Again, “impeaching the president for inciting white nationalist terrorism” would seem a highly subjective standard for impeachment — a standing that could sweep dangerously into political speech protected by the First Amendment. Any majority party could claim that a president was encouraging violent or criminal conduct in his speeches or policies. It would turn a narrow constitutional standard nto a virtual invitation for political removals.

What do you think?

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  1. Because of Peter’s desires to learn more about Antifa and to gain a better understanding identarian ideology I am providing him with a few paragraphs from American Greatness.

    Antifa’s Identitarian Ideology – American Greatness

    While the Antifa movement may defy easy characterization, one of its most animating features is a commitment to opposing the alleged right-wing racism practiced or condoned by “millions” of “white nationalists.” They condemn any such endorsements of so-called identitarian concepts. But who are the real identitarians? And to which movement is identitarianism both the centerpiece of their rhetoric, and a smokescreen to hide their true agenda? A look at online material promoting an upcoming Antifa-type action offers clues.

    According to a recent tweet by embattled journalist Andy Ngo, “Antifa is leading a ‘Border Resistance’ militancy training that will converge on a 10-day siege in El Paso, Texas.” The website Ngo references is, with the tagline “Call to Action in El Paso September 1-10.””

    [Andy Ngo is the journalist that was beaten up by an Antifa crowd and sent to the hospital with a potentially lethal ‘brain bleed’.]

    As has been painstakingly emphasized in the wake of the tragic mass shooting in El Paso on August 3, nowhere on this website are the words “Antifa,” or, for that matter, anything that might remotely be construed as synonymous with the violence that anyone paying attention would know accompanies Antifa protests, whether they’re in Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville, or countless other places.

    For that matter, it is unclear whether or not this “convergence” will still occur—Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has “warned the left-wing group Antifa against coming to the state following the mass shooting in El Paso.” It is reasonable to assume that Patrick would have also been referring to the planners of the “Border Resistance Convergence,” regardless of whether or not they have any formal connection to Antifa cells.

    Nonetheless, the “Border Resistance” website does contain language offering insight into the ideology of these organizations, whether they are directly backed by Antifa or part of the collection of local and regional groups that align themselves with the movement. It is an ideology that is as steeped in identitarian divisiveness as it is riddled with contradictions.

    Antifa’s Identitarian Ideology Is Embraced by the Mainstream Left
    While organizations like Antifa—along with the planners of the “Border Resistance Convergence”—embrace identitarian ideology, the same ideology in only a slightly less virulent form is embraced by the mainstream American Left.




    A backlash is building over a picture posted by Melania Trump on Twitter that showed her and Donald Trump smiling broadly while holding a baby who was orphaned in the mass shooting in El Paso.

    On a visit to El Paso this week, the president flashed a thumbs-up when posing with the two-month-old, whose parents Andre and Jordan Anchondo were shot dead last Saturday. When the picture was posted on the first lady’s Twitter account on Thursday, it prompted outrage.

    On a hospital visit in El Paso, Trump then reignited a dispute with 2020 Democratic contender and former local congressman Beto O’Rourke over crowd sizes, before getting into a Twitter row with the Dayton mayor, Nan Whaley.

    The orphaned child, named Paul, had been brought back to the hospital – reportedly at the request of White House during the visit by the Trumps on Wednesday. The baby’s uncle, standing next to Donald Trump, is reportedly a Trump supporter, as was the deceased father.

    The baby was injured, breaking his fingers, in the shooting, after his mother died trying to protect him and her body fell on him. His father had dived to try to shield her as bullets flew.

    Speaking to NPR, the uncle, Tito Anchondo, said: “I think people are misconstruing President Trump’s ideas. My brother was very supportive of Trump.”

    But condemnation of the picture – which was circulated by Melania Trump and not the family – was swift. White House aides had not allowed media into the hospital during the visit, saying it was “not a photo op”.

    The president did not meet any of the eight survivors still recovering in hospital. Three were unable because they are in too poor a condition, or do not speak English, according to the hospital. Five declined the offer.

    Edited from: “Anger As Grinning Trump Gives Thumbs Up While Melania Holds El Paso Orphan”

    Today’s The Guardian


      Yet Peter supports mothers that give their young children to drug and human traffickers and then proudly shows pictures where some of those traffickers are holding babies.

      1. Allan,
        Hill’s thinking, if that’s what it can be called, is as shallow as it gets. His posts are routinely made for scratch & sniff analysis. All you have to do is scratch the surface of his logic and it smells like shi*.

        1. Olly, Peter thinks of himself as an intellectual giant when his brain power is little more than an amoeba. I wouldn’t criticize such a brain for I respect those opinions and workproducts as well but Peter is arrogant and nasty.

          1. Allan,
            Hill’s postings, like many of his ilk on this blog, reflect purely right-brained thinking. And when one of their comments has the appearance of using some left-brain thinking, it falls apart with the most basic of questions. I cannot tell if they willfully stopped their left-brain thinking at the point their right-brain viewpoint falls apart, or if their left-brain functioning is just not accessible. Either way, what a sad existence.

      2. Alan – some 85% of all female illegal immigrants are being raped as they come across the border. We know that their mothers are giving them birth control because of this problem. Surely this constitutes child abuse, as it is a known problem. The children should be immediately returned to the country of origin and the parents first jailed and tried for child abuse then returned to the country of origin.

        1. “some 85% of all female illegal immigrants are being raped as they come across the border.”

          Paul, are you accusing Peter of getting vicarious thrills from women being raped?

    1. My oldest son is 2½ now. He repeats everything, from the complex to the inane (I’m proud he knows the word “gargoyle” but less proud that he has learned to swear).

      But she is not responsible. Of course.

      My in-laws have become completely indoctrinated,

      she has not?

      they pursue a course of belief that seems at odds with morality.


      So now morality is OK but a few years ago it was verboten

      Aye caramba


  3. Anonymous @10:14
    There is even a greater risk from Hollywood Hill and his shadow if you do not suck up to him…..they will both accuse you of being Tom Nash.
    I don’t believe that you want to subject yourself to that kind of an overwhelming put down.😄😃🤣😂🤣

    1. Tom, why are you so irrational? For 2 weeks your name was missing from these threads. And during that time Gray Anonymous became increasingly active. And I began to notice that Gray Anonymous sounded like ‘you’; that same, sour apple tone.

      So I responded to Gray Anonymous with your name and suddenly you popped out of nowhere to deny you’re Gray Anonymous. Are we to believe your computer sent you a text saying that someone was calling Gray Anonymous ‘Tom’? ..That’s how dumb it gets..!

      Now here you are, late at night, warning no one in particular, that they’d better suck up to Peter Shill. It sounds like you have suffered a nervous breakdown. Seriously, Tom, your mental health becomes a question mark.

      1. It sounds more like you decided to bring up my name an invite me back into your exchanges, you jackass.
        I gave the reasons why I got fed up up with you and your disciple stinking up these threads; there is no point in reviewing those same points after already covering them multiple times.
        I just hope that I have not taken away too much of your valuable time from your HHHNN propaganda platform here; I would not have bothered at all, until you brought up my name in a reply to comments that I did not even make.
        You and your anonymous suckup are even dumber than I had thought, although maybe you are one in the same.
        The self-congratulery tone of the “anonymous” suckup who recently appeared sounds like a stunt befitting Hollywood Hill.

  4. “Why would anyone think it’s a great idea to have a movie about hunting down someone who doesn’t agree with them politically? It’s remarkable to me that the left blames Donald Trump’s rhetoric for violence, then literally spends millions to normalize the killing of people based on politics,” Young told Fox News.

    In response to Universal’s new movie, The Hunt.

      1. why did they ask for gasoline? tanks take diesel

        awesome trap, but take the effen tank too lol

        WOLVERINES! со мной (so mnoy)!

    1. You’re starting that “left”, “liberal” and “elite” talk again. That comes straight from Faux News, and it is unfairly inaccurate. MOST people oppose Donald Trump and what he stands for, and MOST people cannot be arbitrarily categorized as “liberal”, “elite”, or “left”. Opposition to Trump has nothing to do with politics. He is simply morally and ethically unfit to serve. This opposition isn’t a “liberal vs conservative” thing, either. Trump cheated to get into the White House with the help of a hostile foreign government that spread lies about his opponent. He has stoked racism. He was asked not to go to El Paso or Dayton, but showed up anyway, because, after all, who cares what shooting victims and their families want when there is an opportunity to show off in front of cameras?

      During yesterday’s “visit” to El Paso, none of the currently-hospitalized patients wanted him to come to their room. Fear that this would happen is the reason why media weren’t allowed to be present. However, the White House did have people making video recordings with medical and first responder personnel, which will likely be used for campaign purposes. A local media person did record some information, and it was the usual Donald Trump bragging that his crowds were bigger than Beto’s were last February. What did that have to do with the grief and worry of the victims of this massacre? How did his presence provide any measure of comfort or support, or hope that such acts will be curbed in the future? As usual, it was all about him, him, him, and how wonderful he is, how much people love him, him, him, etc.. Most sensible people find such an overt display of narcissism to be repulsive.

      1. we have heard this garbage from you every day. “MOST PEOPLE” — you appoint yourself the spokesperson for most people. day in day out. you’re really boring, Natch

        1. Most Americans aren’t stupid kurtz, they can smell a lying, bragging, self centered sack of s..t and they hate Trump’s guts. That’s a fact, not Natasha’s opinion.

  5. “Obama promoted the lie of “systemic” anti-black police discrimination against blacks.

    2 cops in NY, 3 in Baton Rouge and 5 in Dallas were murdered, execution style, by black men motivated, per their posts on social media, by their belief in this lie.

    DID MEDIA BLAME OBAMA?” –Larry Elder

    1. Tom, why dont you post mainstream coverage documenting that Obama promoted a bias against police. The fact is that ‘real leftists’ thought Obama was timid on police shootings.

      1. Why don’t you address your replies to the one who wrote the comment, you fool?

        1. It’s ‘you’, Tom. We haven’t seen your name in about 2 weeks. And suddenly you pop in out of nowhere.

        2. Tom, Peter’s paranoia is getting the best of him. He sees you and Estovir everywhere.

          1. I hadn’t seen my name in a couple of weeks either, until these two idiots decided to use it.
            In scanning the comments, it looks like they “knew” it was Estovir, the knew it was Cindy Bragg, they knew it was Allan, etc.
            This is why I have mentioned Max Sand and Tom Fitch, with our resident propagandist Hollywood Hill playing the Tom Fitch role.

              1. It isn’t a problem, unless you and your anonymoys disciple are playing your version of “Where’s Waldo?”…
                I probably missed the same advice that you gave to the anonymous one who is playing his version of Renfield to you.

                  1. Lest Hollywood Hill and his flunky go off half-cocked again, those references to Renfield were from me. There was no reply box below when orignally posted.

          2. Dividid y conquistar

            That is their plan. George Soros / David Brock’s paid trolls post just to attack and ridicule. Unlike what TIA thinks, none of them are here to dialogue. None. Every single post by them is to poke the bear and they get a thrill in doing so. React to them and they feel vindicated. Ignore them and they get ticked or use your profile name to….poke the bear. Repeat cycle.
            There is no point to their presence here other than to agitate. Period.

            Darren mentioned the phrase “pyrrhic victory” in referring to their ongoing scorched earth tactics… a rich phrase

            be wise in how you interact with them.

            1. “be wise in how you interact with them.”

              Estovir, these trolls you talk about are mere children that have lived a long time. I am trying to figure out how their minds work, or in reality, don’t work.

                1. Estovir, we both know how to read and interpret studies. I just scanned this one and may read it later, but I wouldn’t put a label based on the study. I don’t know that sadistic streaks apply to all but by the law of averages it will apply to some. There are too many variables and too many other different types of behavior. This type of study needs to be reproduced many times using different methodologies and different metrics. Remember we are dealing with soft data.

                  1. there is another factor at play: Dopamine. We all succumb to it and we should be judicious about this variable. it too affects/drives me and I’m not proud of that. Self-regulation is key at the cellular level and in our behaviors.


                    1. Estovir, Dopamine always comes into play but that precursor is released by many things.

                      Then there are those that are Dopa unrelated to the neuro transmitter.

                      That video I posted yesterday displayed behavior patterns that can’t just be explained by our body’s regulatory mechanisms. Some of them are learned and integrated into a pattern of behavior. The left is really f—–g up the minds of all too many people.

  6. “Farrakhan’s a bigger ”

    Anon, if Farrakhan is such a big a–hole what was Obama doing palling around with him?

  7. I never liked the term ‘Trump derangement syndrome, but I think it is a real thing. This professor should seek professional help for his mental illness before he hurts someone or himself.

  8. It just goes to show you that intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing.

    Politically, if Tribe’s recent behavior has any influence at all on the American electorate, where there resides a good deal of wisdom, it will be to get Trump more votes.

    If I were a conspiracy theorist like my Russiagate friends, I would posit that Tribe is a Trump mole who is secretly trying to help him.

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