The Number Of New Yorkers Leaving City More Than Doubles In One Year

 While New York Mayor de Blasio has pledged to “tax the hell out of the rich” and claimed unprecedented successes in the city, the number of New Yorkers leaving the city continues to rise. Indeed, the number has more than doubled in the last year. However, at the same time, the number international migrants to the city has risen sharply.

New York leads all other cities with the largest loss in population with 277 people moving every day. A year ago, it was 132. Los Angeles and Chicago follow New York as net losers with 201 and 161 residents, respectively.

However, during the same period, almost 100,000 net international migrants settled during the same period.

De Blasio is facing the loss of wealthy citizens who are going to lower tax states like Florida. Now that New Yorkers cannot write off their higher taxes on their federal forms, many are fleeing. The loss of these top earners can be devastating. The top 1 percent pays for nearly half of the income tax revenue in New York City. A family of four in New York earning $175,000 will pay 25 percent of their income in New York in taxes as compared to 14 percent for the same family in Florida. His promises to “tax the hell out of the rich” will not help retain those who have thus far stayed behind.

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        1. David B. Benson – that does not even make sense. There are three definitions for the term and I don’t fit any of them.
          Are you projecting again?

  1. Iā€™m pretty sure that de Blasio thinks anyone who has a job are the rich in NYC. They will be taxed all to hell.

  2. So D Benson, how do you explain just how some US neighborhoods have become so overrun by Muslims that they now want to have their own LAWs. If that isn’t a definition of a melting pot, I don’t know what is! Ah, just being an Ass, but a SMART ASS at that.

      1. you must not have been to Queens recently Benson. I have. it is no melting pot. Perhaps it is more like a hou gou, which is to say, a hot pot, in which the Chinese boil meat and tofu and vegetables in broth. I had it in two different places in Queens during my last visit. couldn’t tell you the names of the places, since all the signs outdoors were in Chinese, and I only have about 50 characters so far.

        1. The only place I have ever been in Queens is LaGuardia. Unless Kennedy is also in Queens.

          But I agree about the lack of melting potism.

      2. David B. Benson – having spent years explaining the “melting pot” concept to students, I think I have a pretty good grasp of it. However, you were using “melding pot.” And Bob Miller is describing a ghetto (that is a descriptor, not a pejorative).

      3. When the Irish, Acadians, Italians, and the Jews of Eastern Europe came to the US, the one thing they did NOT want is to live by the laws of the lands they fled. They came to escape oppression, not to revel in it or impose it on others.

        Sharia is one of those things that loses its legitimacy when the State is called in to enforce it. If it’s so great, those who believe in it ought to simply obey it because they wish to. Even the Amish, whose lifestyle is also strict and has unbending rules, don’t ask the State to enforce it on themselves or others.

        I’m not a Muslim-hater. My Muslim friends, throughout my life, have believed that their faith is a personal thing. They have imams to enforce sharia on the Faithful. They don’t need secular government to lend a hand.

  3. Well, here is 1 of the biggest reasons for large cities (both Rep and Dem run) for going broke – It is the here and looming Pension Crisis. Think about it.
    An example: those who retired from a city or state government office, ie. Transportation, in the last 20 years not only receives a state funded pension, but through COLA, it has increased to more than the retiree ever made during their work life. Now the state of local government MUST pay the retired workers replacement a current salary.
    Now what you have is 2 paychecks and benefits for the same job. That simple fact will bankrupt the majority of state and local governments. Guess where they will get the money to pay these workers and retirees from?
    Yeah, you guess correctly.

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