36 thoughts on “Dawn on Billy Goat Trail”

  1. Beautiful! I miss riding my bike along the tow path on my way from Arlington to GW. It was the best way to start my day.

  2. I love that trail, just a few miles outside of Washington DC yet you feel like you are in the wilderness.

  3. To think after being raised in rural Minnesota and Oregon I had to joini the Army to make trips like those depicted… but got paid for it. Hiking, Skiing, alpining and water sports abound in the life of the Infantry.

            1. “Ever tried to milk a billy goat?”

              Natacha has been doing it regularly to Hillary and now Comey too according to reliable sources at CNN

  4. Where is this? Northern Virginia?

    I didn’t know these places existed over there. I kept asking ppl when I lived there, where to hike, and I would get blank stares.

    I wish I had a hiking partner when I lived there. Bummer.

    Looks really nice area, nice trail.

    1. “I didn’t know these places existed over there. I kept asking ppl when I lived there, where to hike, and I would get blank “.

      Clearly not the brightest bulb.

      1. Anonymous—

        Didn’t someone teach you…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

        Just sayin’

        Cerra la Boca…Or if Spanglish works better for you, “Chada your mouth.”

      1. Cindy…Thanks. You’re the best. Checking it out on Google now. It looks awesome. 🙂

        1. Whoops, forgot to add the ‘name,’ I am not that “Kobold,” aka Anonymous (the original).

            1. Yep ::nods:: Looks like the troll, couldn’t take the heat, left the kitchen, and ran off into the sunset. ;-P

              Gute Befreiung

              1. I never have really have anything to say, but I enjoy trolling so much that I set myself apart by being consistently obnoxious.
                I’ve probably scattered hundreds of insults in my brief time on this blog, and I enjoy it too much to give it up.

  5. Jupiter, Florida Super Stress. Kenan didn’t post any Sunday YouTube videos

    Kenan is dealing with a sick sulcata tortoise, cat 5 hurricane, wife & children & 200 reptiles on a 3 acre property. Here’s Kenan’s last video.

    1. Just like Hurricane Andrew (1992), this is going to be bad, like really bad.

      I am praying for everyone in Florida, including Lumpy, Pinky, Slinky, et al.

      1. Wally…..you are so right. I hope the weather event coming down from Canada that will evenually keep Dorian off land gets there soon!
        Prayers for all in its path.

  6. (music)
    I’m Billy The Goat I am!
    Billy The Goat I am I am!
    I got married to the widow next door.
    She’s been married severn times before…
    And every one was a Billy goat.
    It wouldn’t be a Willy or a Fred.
    For there ain’t no name like Billy Goat.
    Billy the 8th I am!

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