Jemele Hill Calls For Black Athletes To Avoid Predominantly White Colleges

After she was disciplined by ESPN for repeatedly violating the its social media rules by attacking President Donald Trump as a “white supremacist”, Jemele Hill was picked up by The Atlantic as its new columnist. In their first column, Hill is continuing her controversial record with a piece calling on black athletes to leave predominantly white colleges and universities despite such schools offering enhanced opportunities and free educations to many players. Thus, players like Michael Jordan (shown here in his signature style from high school) who went to schools like North Carolina are not models for younger athletes but cautionary tales.

Hill announced her first column entitled “It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges,” and said she was “very proud that my first magazine piece for @TheAtlantic” and that she has “been working on it for some time.”

In her column, Hill argues for black athletes to go to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) rather than bringing in revenue for  “money and attention to the predominantly white universities that showcase them.”

For those who want greater not less diversity in education, it is a call that not only would deny athletes benefits from these academic and athletic programs but reverse gains from desegregation.

Hill’s race-based rule apparently does not apply to non-athletes. She graduated from Michigan State University which is not only predominantly white (67 percent) but has only seven percent African Americans.

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  1. Not always easy to tell what the ethnicity breakdown at a school is. Some schools which aren’t historically black colleges and universities may have a significant black population. I found some breakdown on but it’s hard to search by this criteria.

  2. Reverse racist or straight up racist that one has no business in our country especially one that supports the direct descendent of the Slave Party.

  3. enigma – thank you for correcting me, it was the Divine Nine I was speaking of. The Seven Sisters is where Hillary went to school.

    Actually, I think it is so cute that you call it “colorism.” And yes, you would have far more experience with “colorism” than I would. It does explain how Spike Lee got a date (or some action) at college if the ratio of women to men was 8:1. They probably drew straws to see who dated him. Do you think “colorism” should be added as a hate crime or race crime? It seems to be based on the same principles.

    1. PCS, Of course, “hate crime” or “race crime” laws are patently unconstitutional in that they attempt to deny the constitutional rights of Americans to speech, thought, religion, belief, publication, press, socialization, assembly – those and every other conceivable natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment. “Hate crime” and “race crime” laws are also patently absurd in that all crime by definition is a form of hate. The criminal who breaks into my home to burglarize, actually terrorizes my entire family. He hates us so much that he believes his act is justified. As he terrorizes us all incidentally when he perpetrates his act, he does not love us enough to refrain; he hates us so much that terrorizing us is justified in his mind. Ultimately, constitutional rights and freedoms ARE absolute and no entity has any power to deny any aspect of them. Americans may discriminate as free speech, thought, belief, religion, assembly, socialization, etc.

      “Hate crime” laws are a manifestation of political arrogance, hysteria and incoherence. The inmates have taken over the asylum. America is in a state of hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and insurrection. The Mueller investigation was an illegal fraud and “witch hunt” and Mueller, Obama, his effete administration, the 7th Floor and much on the Five Eyes Intel apparatus should have already been marched out to the guillotines.

      For you to engage in a discussion with anti-American parasites who are merely seeking to increase your sense of guilt and obtain any and all forms of benefaction is insincere and duplicitous.

      1. George – I do not feel guilt, except for something that I have done that I feel is wrong. However, I will engage with most anybody. I am willing to find out why they think I should feel guilty.

  4. Could we move on to discuss something important?

    Such as Why the Sea is Boiling Hot.
    And Whether Pigs have Wings.

    1. Pigs, that is, wild boars, seem to be making their way from the Malay peninsula across the strait to the Indonesian islands. Wings?

      After all, can’t swim the boiling hot seas…

  5. I think this is a really good idea. In fact, I think black students in general should avoid “white” colleges. And even avoid “white” businesses. And “white” neighborhoods. IIRC, there are more blacks in America than there are Australians in Australia, or Canadians in Canada. And certainly more blacks in America that Norwegians in Norway, or Dane in Denmark. Yet, all the white countries have built viable societies. Why don’t blacks try that? Make their own businesses, and banks, and colleges and hospitals. If they quit popping out b*st*rd kids for welfare benefits,they could do that. And stop selling dope to each other, and killing each other. But alas! That is just a dream and it will never happen. Because black can’t stand black people even more than us white people can’t stand them.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. There are 41 million blacks in the United States. About 1.3 million collect TANF. The ratio of employed persons to persons over the age of 16 among blacks is 0.585; that for the other racial groups is 0.608. The difference is entirely due to higher frictional unemployment rates (i.e. more elongated job searches). The labor force participation rates are the same.

      Blacks are less likely to have self-employment income than others (about 1/2), but do own their own businesses.

      1. I have enlightened you before, when you were FFS. I guess it didn’t stick!

        “So how many Blacks vs. whites?

        Well, believe it or not, the numbers are actually about the same. There are just about as many whites on welfare as there are Blacks.

        * Percent of welfare recipients who are white: 38.8 percent

        * Percent of welfare recipients who are Black: 39.8 percent

        (Note: Many people confuse these statistics. This does not mean that 38.8 percent of all white Americans, and 39.8 percent of all Black Americans are on welfare. It means that 39.8 percent of all the actual welfare recipients are Black, and 38.8 percent of all the welfare recipients are white.)”

        Now think about it. There are a whole lot more whites than blacks, yet there is about an equal number if welfare. Plus, as I have told you before, TANF is only a small part of the picture. Sheeesh, just visit your local ‘hood! At night, maybe. Take your sliderule along for protection.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      2. Oh, and another thing you said – “The labor force participation rates are the same.” Huh??? What does that mean? Some welfare ghettopotamus works 28 hours a week at Churches Fried Chicken, for $8/hour is employed, too. And counts just as much percentage wise as a white woman working as an insurance adjuster for $50,000 per year. But, guess which one is going to be shoplifting crap at the Family Dollar Store??? And which one is on food stamps, and which one is getting housing vouchers, and Medicaid?

        You might as well say that the same percentage of black kids and white kids 12 years old attend school. But, the white kids can read and write, while there are entire schools in Baltimore, for example, where there is not a single black kid proficient in either reading or math.

        Stats are nice, but you need to get beyond them. It will make you a wiser person. Like me!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky – don’t be talking crap about the Family Dollar Store. Thems my homies.

          1. For sure. Were it not for Amazon, Walmart, Family Dollar and the othe dollar stores especially Grocery Outlet the nation would never have survived Obombanonomics given the 30% cut in buying power of the dollar that Cee-Rap Artist presented us and then had the nerve to pass it off as an economy. It was a direct attack on the elderly, retirees, and working class which by the way does not include the Comrades.

        2. Oh, and another thing you said – “The labor force participation rates are the same.” Huh??? What does that mean?

          It’s plain what it means. It means that the share of the non-institutional population over the age of 16 which identifies itself to survey researchers as part of the labor force is the same. It’s a tad over 62% among blacks and among whites. Employment levels are lower among blacks because they have longer job searches and the unemployment rate is 6.5% rather than 3.5%.

          This isn’t that difficult.

        3. Some welfare ghettopotamus works 28 hours a week at Churches Fried Chicken, for $8/hour is employed, too.

          Currently, 17.4% of those working are on a part-time schedule. Among employed blacks, the proportion is 15.9%.

        4. Bienvenidos Senorita. Not to lessen but to heighten the comment that applies to most sports especially base ball. I wonder hwo many more would watch if they could just enjoy the game instead of the garbage mouths who keep interrupting. At present the only action sports are some of football, basketball and any soccer game with tennis dragging unless they are competing for the most boring trophy and competing with golf.

          1. Hi MA!

            I agree. I used to watch football, but I stopped when they started the whole “I gotta go to the bathroom with some freaky dude” thing. And,the gay cheerleader stuff. Keep it. I will watch something else.

            As far as TIA, he is right that stats can provide good info, but they not always. Sometimes they just obfuscate stuff.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

    2. Blame FDR. He’s the man who pushed the housing projects onto us. For those of you who do not know those initials it is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a geek from New York. Smoked all the time and in front of cameras so that the younger people would all follow and get cancer and die earlier.

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