Russians Warn Greeks That United States Will Abandon Them Like It Abandoned The Kurds

We have been discussing the disastrous decision of President Donald Trump to withdraw U.S. forces from the Turkish border with virtually no warning to his own agencies and allies. While some of us support the effort to remove troops from these countries, there is overwhelming condemnation from Republicans and Democrats in how this was done. The Turks have been accused of war crimes and ethnic cleansing as Russia occupies former U.S. bases in the area. Worse yet, Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s Ambassador to the EU, has warned our other allies that the United States cannot be trusted and that they must now look to Moscow for a reliable friend: “We warned the Kurds that the Americans would abandon them. And here in Rhodes, I can personally warn the Greeks to think about whether a similar fate awaits them.”

Chizhov was speaking at the International Forum of Dialogues of Culture in the Greek island of Rhodes and seeking to undermine the defense agreement between the United States and Greece. The open use of the abandonment of the Kurds surprised many. This is the type of argument usually made behind closed doors.

Trump often speaks of his friendship and respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin but the feeling hardly seems mutual as Putin and his government have undermined the Trump Administration in countless ways. While Trump recently wished the Russians the best of luck in its efforts in Syria, Russia is using Trump’s decision now to undermine confidence in our loyalty around the world.

Once again, the issue is not the underlying policy of getting out of Syria, but how the decision was made. Trump himself said that he has no intention to withdrawing troops in areas that protect Israel or oil interests. Yet, he overruled his military and national security staff in ordering a withdrawal to green light the Turkish invasion — an invasion that has killed hundreds and displaced thousands. Trump followed this sudden decision by tearing down the Kurds and belittling the issue as two schoolyard kids fighting. He also bizarrely claimed that the Kurds are delighted with how things are working out.

Both Republicans and Democrats joined this week in condemning the President’s actions in a 354-60 vote.

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  1. The russians by which you must mean the former USSR Comrades are like their Comrades int he USA Socialist Regressive falsely named Democrats. The first place the USA sent troops after WWII was to defend Greece from the Communists. the first party to turn their backs on other countries after they had started a conflict was the socialist liberal regressive left who who hold the record of war mongering to no purpose.

    WWII was perhaps the first war started by another country that attacked the USA but it was without doubt a setup where the Comrade in Chief thought it would not go past the western Pacific. so even though the Japanese attacked first it was in response to the situation designed by Comrade FDR.

    But the use of propaganda won the day and FDR used the situation to push the demise of our Constitutional Republic forward in favor of socialist fascism.

    Unfortunately the President gave a clear signal prior to being elected that his goal would be to disengage as soon as possible. The reaction of the Turks was predictable and I can’t help to think it’s a lead in to realign NATO. Judging by the usual PC-Rap offered by the propagandists of the far left they will as usual use it to see if they can regain lost grown and still create their neo socialist pair of dice.

    i cannot help but look forward to our military upholding their oath of office and seeing scum like Schiff, at the least working on a chain gang with the rest of his party comrades .

    Combining the Patriot Act with the procedures for dealing with terrorists by rights their should be zero socialist phony democrat party left by 2024.

  2. Natacha: “Now that Turkey and Russia have taken over the Kurds’ homeland”

    The Kurds don’t have a separate homeland. Neither do the Yazidi’s or many other groups. That “homeland” in the North of Syria belongs to Syria. In fact, only a small percentage of Kurds live in Syria, the vast majority lives in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

    Funny thing about the warmongers, they know nothing. In the second Iraq war they didn’t even understand the difference between the Shia and the Sunni.

  3. Now that Turkey and Russia have taken over the Kurds’ homeland, can’t even you Trumpsters you see the obvious? It began with Trump trying to cut a deal for a Trump Moscow hotel. No one can do a major project in Russia without Putin’s approval. Then, Russians helped Trump cheat to “win the victory” by his campaign feeding them data on where to target a false social media campaign against Hillary Clinton in key districts he couldn’t afford to lose. Next came Trump’s open, public deference to Putin at Helskinki and frank repudiation of American Intelligence, which is unprecedented and shocking. Then, he tried to bully the other countries at the G-7 summit to let Russia back in. The latest caper is taking an order from Erdogan to pull out of Syria, without consulting allies, the Joint Chiefs, diplomats or anyone else, paving the way for today’s announcement of an agreement that Turkey and Russia will control the Kurds’ homeland. Russia has long wanted a foothold in the Middle East, and Trumpy Bear gave it to them.

    Trump is a Russian asset because he has to be–they have the goods on him, he needs to borrow money from them, as Don, Jr. has admitted, because he has had so many failed businesses, so now he does their bidding. The issue here isn’t whether being involved in the Middle East was a good idea to begin with or whether leaving is a good idea. which is the card Trump tried to play today. The way this was done is the problem–on Erdogan’s orders, with no consultation with experts, no aforethought as to the best way to contain ISIS and to protect the Kurds who helped us bring ISIS under control, and virtually nothing for the U.S. other than shame and now a bad reputation for honoring our commitments. Trump lied about the number of ISIS that escaped–not less than 100. Whatever Putin still wants, Trump will do, and it will happen soon because Trump’s on his way out. Makes you wonder how much he has on him.

  4. JT, this is a well informed discussion concerning Syria. You won’t find it in the M$M. From what you write, I feel that you do not often read or watch information outside of the MSM.

    Trump just gave the White Helmets, a jihadist group presented by US media as social aid workers, 4.5 million dollars. Trump has put our forces in Iraq. Iraq has told the US we may only transit these forces, not keep them there. (Iraqis know what it means to be “helped” by the US.) Meanwhile, Erdogan and Putin have put a 30 mile safe space in N. Syria to protect Turkey from the Kurds. In short, peace was starting to break out and this has upset the IC/MIC/MSM.

    Never fear! The IC/mic/msm will still get that chaos and war and regime change they’ve dreamed of! This money, given to ISIS and al Qaeda through their cover group, the White Helmets is one part of that plan. When god closes a door, he opens a window!

    Bolton is IC. We are ruled by the IC and too many people seem anxious to love and support the IC and military contractors. This is the result of IC propaganda.

    1. Jill, nice!

      It does seem like Prof Turley is completely out of touch with reality.

      Maybe there’s something else afoot with Turley, compromised or an odd type of warning of what the whackos in DC are up too?

      I don’t know but something isn’t right.

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