DNA Test Proves Hunter Biden To Be Father Of Child With Former GW Student Despite His Denials

Former George Washington student Lunden Alexis Roberts has faced a long and drawn out fight to prove that Hunter Biden is the father of her child. According to The New Yorker, Biden denied ever having sex with Roberts. It was not until November 9th that Hunter allowed himself to be tested. That would make the birth immaculate because DNA testing just proved that he is the father and, despite receiving his controversial payments of $50,000 a month from Burisma as well as other deals, Hunter Biden has been effectively a deadbeat dad.

Hunter Biden’s denial is now disproven “with scientific certainty” and adds yet another reprehensible chapter to his life. One can understand the desire for confirmation of paternity of a child, but it is the denial of having any sexual relations with Roberts that is so appalling. The denial left Roberts looking like some gold digging liar for years. He forced Roberts, who has tried to remain out of public eye, to sue him in late May to contribute to the support of his own child.

Roberts met Biden while she was a student at George Washington University. According to Heavy.com, she is from Batesville, Arkansas where her father owns a gun shop. She was a basketball star and an all-conference, all-state basketball player, and an all-state softball player. She attended Western Illinois before transferring to Arkansas State University and graduated from Arkansas State in 2014 with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. She then came to Washington to get her master’s degree.

Ironically, Joe Biden has been attacked for a 1981 op-ed entitled “Congress is Subsidizing Deterioration of Family.” In the column, Biden suggested that families with more income should not receive tax credits for child care because one parent should stay at home while the other works. Biden bemoaned the loss of “individual responsibility and said that day-care centers were “monuments to our growing unwillingness to accept personal responsibility.” Of course, that is particularly difficult when one of the parents not only does not support his child but denies that he ever had an intimate relationship with the mother.

In a truly bizarre media controversy, GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe jumped responded to the story by suggesting that it might be the work of Russians. She tweeted for people to note the use of a “Russian quotation mark” on a newspaper’s tweet. In reality it was simply arrow signs used by the paper to direct readers to the story.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s online editor Maggie McNeary responded “Yeah hi I am not a Russian troll, I just work at a paper in lil ole Arkansas/ Sorry to disappoint @juliaioffe.”

After various people debunked the claim, Ioffe deleted the tweets and declared “Turns out the paper had used that symbol before. It had jumped out to me, a Russian speaker (and keyboard user) as a quotation mark and looked like other, sloppy attempts by Russian trolls to push stories.”

So the upshot is: the baby is Biden’s, the story is the Democrat-Gazette’s, and life is getting more bizarre by the minute.

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    1. Get your own blog and you can avoid every subject which makes the nexus of people around Democratic candidates look bad.

  1. I was just watching a clip from the debate yesterday, and I gotta say, Joe Biden is a handsome man and he wears a suit well. And hell if it isn’t a good looking suit. Bernie slouches and Mayor Pete is kind of…. short? If I were Biden I would stand next to those two guys in front of the camera as much as possible.

    I think this loser kid is handsome too, to be honest

    I guess that just shows you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  2. Maury Povich should have broke the news. That would be fitting given the drama here.

    Hunter, you ARE THE FATHER.
    (audience goes wild…Hunter runs from the stage)

  3. An investment firm linked to Hunter Biden received over $130 million in federal bailout loans while his father Joe Biden was vice president and routed profits through a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, according to federal banking and corporate records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

    Financial experts said the offshore corporate structure could have been used to shield earnings from U.S. taxes.

    Rosemont Capital, an investment firm at the center of Hunter Biden’s much-scrutinized financial network, was one of the companies approved to participate in the 2009 federal loan program known as the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, or TALF.

    Under the program, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Bank issued billions of dollars in highly favorable loans to select investors who agreed to buy bonds that banks were struggling to offload, including bundled college and auto loans.


  4. Looks like Hunter is up the river without a paddle, ‘Da Nile river to be exact.

  5. That’s just terrible, very unmanly behavior on the part of Hunter Biden. A good man provides for his offspring.

    If he and Lunden Alexis Roberts were not in a monogamous relationship, or if he had doubts, then he should have done the right thing, and gotten a DNA test upon the birth of the child. Upon being proven the father, he should have provided for this child, and claimed the relationship to the child. Even if it upset his reputation, you don’t blow off your own blood. He’s already contributed to a permanent altering of the young lady’s life.

    To have dragged this on for years is outrageous. What I don’t understand is why the courts didn’t just order a paternity test at once. Does any of the lawyers here know why there could be this delay?

    The paternity was the salient question, easily answered.

    Conclusion: Hunter Biden is a cad, a big fat liar, and abandoned a woman he impregnated. What a jerk.

    Good for Ms Roberts for fighting the good fight and getting what’s due her child.

    1. What’s going to really chafe is that Hunter Biden will be able to file for joint custody and visitation of the child he lied about, abandoned, and forced the mother to sue to pay for.

      I wouldn’t trust that man to watch a dog, let alone a 5 year old kid.

      1. If it’s a girl, I wouldn’t want her alone with Joe Biden, either. He’ll massage her shoulders, smell her hair, and whisper in her ear.

      2. I’d of course have to defer to a family law lawyer but I posit the mother has a credible argument for sole custody considering Hunter’s abandonment and his thus so far refusal to provide for the child’s welfare.

        Hopefully she will find a good man who will love the child as his own.

    2. I wonder what Joe Biden thought about all this fighting to keep from acknowledging his own grandchild. Did he support Hunter Biden’s dragging out a paternity test by 5 years?

    3. The child was born last year, and she lives in a jurisdiction where he’s never set foot.

      Upon being proven the father, he should have provided for this child, and claimed the relationship to the child.

      Actually, he should have kept it in his pants. Guy was 46 at the time. And she might have done something sensible like put the child up for adoption if she didn’t have a man on deck willing to be a father and not an income source.

    4. also a lesson to foolish young women who are starstruck by famous people.
      they think little of anyone not in their own perceived stratum.

        1. absurd x XV
          Well, you have to admit that in recent months, he’s been getting more and more famous😉.

  6. Are the Democrats going to ask for extra late term abortion now to take care of the Biden Problem?

  7. Hunter’s lies and denials are just something he’s been taught by his family’s political party. Democrats are experts at lieing and smearing innocent people – Kavanaugh, Covington Catholic, Rand Paul, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka, Melania, Chik-Fil-A, President Trump (see Mr. Mueller’s Report). We have lived with Democrats smear machine for too long. It has torn apart America and risks ruining our amazing country.

  8. Heard on the radio today that the baby is eligible for Secret Service protection. Your tax dollars at work.

  9. Grandpa Joe is heading over to the impeachment hearings with a box of cigars!

  10. I heard POTUS sent Hunter congradulations on becoming a new father. That was very sweet of Trump. 😉

  11. He slept with her and figured (because, Arkansas) he could rely on the DNC’s famous “drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park” defense to her paternity claims, like Clinton did. No surprise here. The awesome thing that’s happening is the DNC’s cloak of invincibility is disappearing before our eyes! At last! LOL!

    1. Her father is a respectable petit bourgeois and she was a graduate student in Washington when he met her. If he thought that, he’s stupid.

  12. Rumor has it the child is now eligible for $83,000 a month in payments from Burisma Holdings as a board member. A spokesman said “Well, now that his paternity is established, he’s as qualified as his dad.”

  13. Can’t wait to see how Grandpa Joe spins this. What is that they say about being able to judge a man by looking at his grown children?

  14. At thirty, she was unmarried and still in school. And she dyes her hair like a streetwalker to boot.

      1. You have much judgement based upon superficial nonsense.

        There is nothing nonsensical about it. The woman is an example of delayed development, loose morals, and immodesty. She’d still be that and it would still be a bad thing even if I were like that at age 31. She needs to get her life on track (which requires an acknowledgement that it’s been off-track).

        1. Your are a disgusting example of a human being to talk that way about someone whom you know nothing about.

          Everyone, Everyone, should stop the judgment against women who become pregnant out of wedlock. There are as many reasons women do this as there are women who.become pregnant. And always, 100% of the time, there is another person involved. Why talk about the woman as if she is the problem.


          1. I’m talking about someone whose coarse features are on display and have referred to those coarse features. You fancy pointing out that a woman’s personal failings makes one a ‘disgusting human being’. It doesn’t, of course. Try growing a brain.

          2. There are as many reasons women do this as there are women who.become pregnant.

            There are three reasons women do this:

            1. They’ve failed at building a relationship with a man and figure they’ll build one with his sperm and his wallet.

            2. They’re sloppy ho’s who have ill-considered sexual encounters with others. .

            3. They have ‘relationships’ with men which are characterized by a deficit of meticulous attention to what they’re doing and where they’re going.

            The most charitable interpretation of this woman’s conduct is option #3, and even that’s a stretch. What woman of sense would want anything to do with a hot mess like Hunter Biden?

        2. So the typica socialist answer is play pretend the woman is a victim and then go on to keep victimizing women. What scum these leftists be.

          1. TIA is the only one in this post victimizing the woman and he is no socialist. Sad human being yes socialist no.

  15. Chuckles. Hunter Biden is just a cyclone of drama. Fathering a ba*tard child is one of the more mundane things he’s done.

    I have to ask this young lady what she saw in a coke-addled divorce 17 years her senior. Distressing how common is commonness in our time.

      1. She was nearly 30 when she met him, and enrolled in a post-baccalaureate program. Try again.

    1. maybe she did some lines with him too. girls have been known to do that too.

      i remember a girl who got me to do some coke with her when we were teenagers.

      she’s a student counselor now at a university. lol. who pretends to be a lesbian.

  16. ‘According to Heavy.com, she is from Batesville, Arkansas where her father owns a gun shop.’

    “Now Mr. Biden- son- from now on I am calling you ‘Son’ you stand on the right side of Reverend Arbuckle so Uncle Cletus can keep a sharp bead with his Remington 30.06 and Grandpa will steady his 12 gauge over-under double barrel on that low tree branch. Lunden honey, you stand on the left side where I placed that chair so you can sit if your contractions start again. I know your water broke a few minutes ago, but we can do this quick like.”

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