British Man Lights His Head On Fire In Attempting To Burn Down Synagogue

There have been a highly disturbing increase in anti-Semitic attacks around the world. Not surprisingly, those carrying out such attacks tend to be disturbing or extremist elements. Tristan Morgan fits that profile and showed that his overwhelming hate is combined with an underwhelming intellect. Morgan succeeded in lighting his own head on fire in trying to burn down a synagogue and then walked away laughing in front of witnesses.

A CCTV video shows Morgan, 52, casually walking to the back of the synagogue and breaking a window with an axe. He then returns with a gas can and pours gas into opening. He then lit the gas which blew back on him and left him putting out his own flaming head:

He was arrested at his home where he was found smelling of gas with burns on his hands, forehead and hair. Morgan has reportedly admitted arson and has a long history of extremist and anti-Semitic views.

He is not the first arsonist to light himself on fire.

Morgan works as a hospital X-ray technician and performs as a folk singer on the side.

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  1. The main groups of anti-semites can be divided as follows:

    1. Extremist fringe groups like Neo Nazis or the KKK. They are almost universally condemned in our society.
    2. Religious reasons. Strict hardline Muslims, for whom anti-semitism is encoded in the Qur’an. Those who immigrate from countries who have anti-semitic laws do not suddenly leave behind their prejudices, any more than a Klansman would abandon theirs in the company of moderates.
    3. The Left, such as those who espouse anti-Israel, BDS views. Jewish students are increasingly getting harassed on college campuses, along with conservatives, regardless of their political views.

    There is sometimes overlap. Examples are Louis Farrakhan, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. It is very difficult to overcome brainwashing.

    Each source of anti-semitism has its own causes, and requires different approaches. The common thread is bigotry and ignorance.

  2. Antisemitism is a made-up term. It just means anyone who criticizes Jews.

    However the CAUSES of antisemitism, as it were, are Jewish behavior. And now, with the advent of the internet, millions of people kept in the dark about Jewish culture and politics now understand, and they are very upset. No wonder you get dorks like this guy setting fire to their gathering places. The Talmud calls us goys “cattle”. Screw Jews, I could care less about them.

    Oh and they have made it illegal for Europeans to criticize Jews or their “holocaust” circus. What group of people are so vile, so despicable, that they make governments illegalize criticism of them?

    1. Edgar the Unready, no it doesn’t.

      Anti-semitism is bigotry against Jews, not criticism.

      What do you consider a “circus” about gassing men, women, and children for being Jewish, and making crafts out of their clothing? Get to a Holocaust museum and find a library.

      You sound brainwashed.

    2. “What group of people are so vile, so despicable, that they make governments illegalize criticism of them?”

      Oh, you mean like muslims?

  3. He may have been angry about how he got arrested for uploading a song to the internet, see below, about a year ago

    you see take away free speech and you can expect speech to happen through more direct nonverbal means

    “An alleged far-right terrorist accused of uploading a song named “White Man” to the internet has appeared in court.

    Tristan Morgan appeared at the Old Bailey via video link on Monday charged with two offences under terrorism legislation.

    The 51-year-old, from Exeter, in Devon, is charged with encouraging an act of terrorism on or before 21 July last year.

    He is accused of uploading “the song White Man to the website Soundcloud”.

    Morgan, of no fixed address, is also charged with collecting information…”


      1. MIchael, you are free to call me names and you are not the first.

        However, let me draw attention to some facts.

        1– Jewish religious political and social leaders in America, the UK, and EU member nations, have generally supported more restrictive laws against “hate speech” and “incitement,” “holocaust denial,” etc. Those laws have not “stuck” in the USA but they have taken force of law in UK and EU.

        2– The perception among native white racists, holocaust deniers, et al., in America, the UK, and EU, that the Jewish community seeks to imprison them for their beliefs, is thus factually legitimate.

        3– there is a certain irony in this because Jews have historically been persecuted by social majorities that reviled them in part due to their different beliefs.

        Now you can do what you want with those facts. But they’re facts. Facts that are well known and understood by Jewish people. I have discussed the matter with Jewish people and lawyers in a civil manner face to face, and I can do it over the internet too, or you can just call names if you like.

        I might add that there’s a similar tension with Jewish support for mass migration into the West. The Jewish people have historically supported liberalizing immigration restrictions. For obvious reasons, as they were frequent refugees throughout European history, as they were expelled from one country and principality and forced to migrate to others, over many centuries. To say nothing of their tragic experience in World War II. And yet, some Jewish advocates for immigration restriction have emerged. Here is an article by Stephen Steinlight which explores this:

        Recently, Stephen Miller, Trump’s Jewish immigration policy official, was attacked by the SPLC for naughty social and political associations. So the tension is going to get tenser, seems to me.

    1. “There have been a highly disturbing increase in anti-Semitic attacks around the world.”
      Hundreds of open border Muslim attacks on Jews in the UK and everywhere else they invade and the press singles out the native racist. See only local evil, much?

        1. 🙂 No, but hilarious to know I’ve taken up residence in your head. By the way, what a sh!thole! Are you living on the streets in San Francisco?

  4. Why? Is he anti Jewish? What is it that motivated this? I do not think that shrinks have a cure for the behavior and wonder how many of the wackos are really crazy. He did an act which could have killed humans. The penalty should be death — by fire.

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