Trinity College Professor Doubles Down on “Whiteness Is Terrorism” Position

We previously discussed the controversy over the writings of Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams and his position that “whiteness is terrorism.” in a recent opinion editorial.  I previously supported Williams when many called for his removal because I believed — and still believe — that his writings are protected by both free speech and academic freedom. Williams has now penned a new opinion piece that lashes about at any one who identifies as white. My concern is not whether Williams’ speech is protected. It should be. Rather my concern that another professor saying that same about black people would not receive the same protection and the lack of any bright line rule protecting all free speech.

In the prior controversy in April 2019, Williams declared that “all self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systematic white racism/white supremacy” and other racially charged comments. He declared “it is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be ‘white’ will not do, put end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy system. #LetThemFuckingDie.” He was denounced for suggesting that the victims of the massacre at a congressional baseball game should have been allowed to just die and he called white people “inhuman a**holes.”

In his new opinion piece entitled “I tweeted ‘whiteness is terrorism’ and was condemned for it. Here’s why I’m right,” Williams writes that white is not a race but a socially constructed category designed to oppress minorities. He also denounced the concept of individualism in this context:

But white supremacy is not merely confined to openly bigoted whites but also people who see themselves as individuals, rather than a member of a socially constructed racial group and system. Individualism denies the very existence of systemic white racism by reducing it to individual hate and discrimination. People immersed in individualism claim innocence or refuse to consider how the cultural environment of white supremacy we inhabit shapes our racial identities and world views and further informs how we perceive and interact with others within a hierarchical racial order. To overcome this obstacle, it is imperative that people who imagine themselves as white, grasp how their socialization into whiteness guarantees their participation in everyday systemic white racism.

. . .

Whiteness by its very definition and operation as a key element of white supremacy kills; it is mental and physical terrorism. To end the white terrorism that is directed at racially oppressed people here and in other nations, it is essential that self-identified whites and their whiteness collaborators among the racially oppressed confront their white problem head-on, unencumbered by racial comfort. Such comfortableness enables folks immersed in whiteness to disregard their complicity in systemic white racism, forestalling the destruction of white supremacy.

I actually found the opinion piece to be thought-provoking even though I disagreed with it. My concern is that, if you flip the racial references from black to white, there would be little question that an academic would be fired at Trinity. My primary interest, as always, is with free speech. Universities and colleges continue to maintain an ill-defined and seemingly ad hoc approach to what speech is protected. This creates uncertainty for many academics if they will be disciplined for writing in the same provocative way as Professor Williams.

101 thoughts on “Trinity College Professor Doubles Down on “Whiteness Is Terrorism” Position”

  1. Replace the word ‘white’ with the word ‘Jew’ and professor Johnny Eric Williams would not only be dismissed from his position but likely Imprisoned as well.

  2. Incidentally, race is a myth: Skin color no more significant than eye or hair color, body type, and we’ve known we’re TWINS for 20 years. Why does the crap about race continue? Whoops! What color am I?

  3. This explanation of “Whiteness” suffers the fate of over-explanation: If you can’t make a point understood by a 6 yr. old, it cannot be made understandable to anyone. Today at a BLM rally at Oregon’s Capitol Building Steps I listened to a guy explain Jefferson’s famous words – he took 2 or 3 minutes. Sweet Geesus! It ain’t that complicated: What the heck is Williams talking about? I think he’s a bully wrapped in linguistic morally superior sophomoric jingoism, – this latest racism has provided many Blacks a bully’s platform – I’d bet a pile the guy’s lectures have some spittle.

  4. Why exactly are Blacks given “immunity” to rant freely against other races.
    No other race is given the same fail-safe protection to spew at-will seeds of hate.

    That needs to change.

  5. Big surprise, the “professor” is black. If a white professor said anything even close to this he’d fired on the spot, there’d be riots at the college.

  6. I also found it thought provoking. I thought the idiot Mr. W better hold on to his teaching job. because he hasn’t got the sense to “DO” anything

  7. I find it racist, to be accused of racism, by a racist fuktard college professor who can’t do jack shit in real life. Bite me, dog breath.

  8. He has a right to say these words and we have a right to say that he is an idiot for saying them. And because he and the left are fascists, saying the obvious – that he says idiotic statements – would encourage the leftists fascists to violence. However, I feel confidant saying he makes idiotic statements and no one should listen to idiots.

  9. Mr. Turley is an erudite scholar ( watched his “Impeachment” testimony”), and I am just peasant commoner. But to understand vile-thrust of Mr. William’s (W.) incendiary–diabolical–words, and read them described as “thought-provoking”, utterly floors me.

    Are ivory-tower academics so disengaged from street reality? Blind to potential impact on irrational, radical-primed minds, such demonizing characterizations? Have lessons of Burundi to Germany been forgotten?

    First, utterly demonize through aggressive WORD. Then, comes unsheathed sword of violence. — As in racial civil war!

    That’s what like wicked voices are dangerous inciting, intentionally or unwittingly.

    Subversive seeds sown in slanderous accusation. Which is exceedingly offensive! Is Mr. W.’s defaming entire Semitic population of Earth?! All Caucasians? Or just ALL light-skinned Americans. ( But not Asians? )

    Trinity College professor, disgustingly speaks of Marxist-Leninist concept of societal monolithic Collective, inherently opposed to free-men of liberty, against whom ever hostile and aggressive. Liberty based on Judaeo-Christian values. ( Which radical Left rejects & despises. ) Independent man / woman, encompassed in circle of Biblical-based Constitutional freedom.

    State Collective ( if that is what Mr. W. means ), anathema to Judaeo-Christian free men! And freedom-loving people everywhere, would against it contend. Men who ever have fought against despotic fascism, and would strive to fight against totalitarian COMMUNISM.

    Why do such vile words, as from Mr. W.’s poisoned pen, not set-off alarm-bells? Are some folks asleep? The “professor” is sowing bitter division. Reveals influence of signature spirit, clear evident. — Frightening of implication.

    What is professor Williams, and is ilk, actually saying? I’m no scholar, but I think common farmer, business man or secretary; welder, truck-driver or nurse, out-and-about in real world, can read or sense, from his defaming indictment, insidious racist bile dispensed. — Meaning diabolical, down-to-essence boiled. Flimsy veiled Neo-Marxist Identity-Politics’ tribalism, barely concealed?

    Stomach-turning, and absolutely sickening!

    Slanderous villainy, drum-beat repeated against an entire population—has serious consequences! The professor of racial demonization, to semi-peaceful multi-racial society, presents nothing less than a menace!

  10. Trinity College has a black student union. Would they be allowed to have a white student union?

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