Nationalization Now: De Blasio Calls For Curtailing Capitalism To Fight Corona

I admit to being no fan of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who achieved the distinction of a zero popularity polling with a 58 percent unpopularity rating in New York city for his presidential run. De Blasio failed to generate support despite his effort to unleash class warfare with such pledges as “we will tax the hell out of the rich.” Now, de Blasio appears to have gone full for Gosplan with his call for nationalizing certain industries to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. Capitalism again appears to be the problem; fueling the spread of corona by preventing decisive action. Call it coronalism and de Blasio is here to end it.

In speaking with MSNBC’s AM Joy, host Joy Reid, de Blasio declared “[t]his is a case for a nationalization, literally a nationalization, of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need.”

One only has to look at Venezuela and Cuba to see how wonderfully efficient and productive state-run industries can be. Moreover, the companies enlisted by the White House appear to have moved with remarkable creativity and alacrity in facing the crisis.

I have long admitted to having a strong bias toward competitive markets and a resistance to government regulations and control. I tend to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Yet, De Blasio is the inverse; an example of someone who fulfills every stereotype of a liberal politician who turns habitually to taxation and nationalization as initial responses to public policy questions. By the way, countries like China and Iran are not known for being adverse to state controls.

Commissariats for industry will be just about a usual in combatting Corona as requiring screen windows for submarines. Before New York introduces its de Blassisariats, it may want to look around the world for successful nationalized industries.

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  1. That’s it, nationalize everything. Just remember, the ruling class will always live better than the rest of us.

  2. Piling on NY Mayour Bill de Blasio for proposing the nationalization of crucial industries to deal with COVID-19 epidemic may seem extreme but not unprecedented. During WW2 President Roosevelt commandeered many industries to convert to war time production. He even nationalized Montgomery Ward by imposing settlements between management and its workers to avoid shut-downs in production that might cripple the war effort. So while you are an opponent of “Commissariats for industry” sometimes extreme measures are required to deal with a national crisis. In opposing de Blasio’s proposal you say: “One only has to look at Venezuela and Cuba to see how wonderfully efficient and productive state-run industries can be”. OK, let’s compare. Despite Trump’s continuing embargo and isolation of this tiny island, Cuba has one of the most advanced pharmaceutical industries in the world. It has developed 22 drugs to treat the coronavirus. One of these drugs is 2B(IFNrec) which has been used successfully in China to cope with the virus. To date Cuba has only 3 cases of the virus–traced to Italian tourists. Now Cuba is a socialist country. Compare Cuba with Italy, now at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, which prides itself on its free market capitalism. It would seem countries like the US and Italy have a poor track record in dealing with a national health crisis! So when you say we should “look around the world for successful nationalized” industries maybe we should look to the successful example of Cuba. But in contrast to Cuba’s approach and Mayor de Blasio’s proposal, Trump favors a free market “corner the market” approach to treating COVID-19. He just offered “large sums of money” to a German pharmaceutical company, CareVac, to produce a vaccine. There is only one catch. Trump would have exclusive rights to the vaccine for use only in the US. This proposal outraged the German government and Germans around the country. In a blow to Trump the CEO of CareVac said any vaccine would be for worldwide distribution.So before you criticize Mayor de Blasio consider how poorly Trump has handled the outbreak of the coronavirus here in the US. He is in denial because he thinks the virus could adversely affect his re-election chances in November. So he looks out the window of the White House and declares: “Beautiful day outside” and “Take it easy, just relax”. At least Mayor de Blasio is taking the threat of COVID-19 seriously!

    1. And it seems Trump doesn’t realize it’s already over. That negotiations for hm to disappear to Mar a Lago have already begun, that agreements for all the legal issues hanging over him after a one term exit are probably being used as bait to get him out from behind the mic in these Covid 19 press conferences.

      Wall Street impeached Trump where the McConnell Senate wouldn’t. And it’s exactly why Wall Street was for HRC rather than Trump…, his volatility and unpredictability is something they hate. It’s on full on display here.

      If I was a governor or mayor of a big city, damn right I’d be advocating for the federal government to jump in and shepard vaccine development, medical equipment production and the building of overflow hospital space. In fact, it would be wildly irresponsible given the pandemic modeling *not* to do it.

    2. I agree. Cuba has sent doctors to Italy to help; they aren’t needed at home.

      Trump’s “help” is to give otherwise very profitable corporations big money to help them through their troubles while small business and individuals get nothing. Trump cut food stamp money, you know, money that would help people who are temporarily out of their low-paying jobs put food on their table. A judge intervened to keep the cuts from going into effect. Since Trump made the cuts, he could have reversed them.

      1. Trump’s “help” is to give otherwise very profitable corporations big money to help them through their troubles while small business and individuals get nothing.

        Here’s someone who hasn’t a clue how the Treasury and Federal Reserve operate.

      2. “Trump cut food stamp money, you know, money that would help people who are temporarily out of their low-paying jobs put food on their table”

        They could always create profiles on websites and pick up high profile, promising Democrat politicians like Andrew Gilllum, or send their daughters on Lolita Express so that horny old Democrats like Bill Clinton will pay them

        Gay, black, crystal meth addicts: ideal profile for a rising Democrat politician

  3. So now we have DeBlasio wanting to nationalize US industry and five days ago Uncle Joe puts Ezekiel Emanuel on his coronavirus team. The same Emanuel who wrote in the Atlantic magazine that 75 is a good time to die. Will we be rationing resources according to age like Italy? By the way, the other Emanuel brother by the same mother, oversaw the murder of over 4,000 (mostly minorities) during his tenure as mayor of Chicago. Nationalization, death panels and genocide.

    1. The same Emanuel who wrote in the Atlantic magazine that 75 is a good time to die.

      One wag suggested that Emmanuel was expressing his impatience with his father, then still stubbornly alive at 87. The elder Emanuel died last fall at 92.

  4. That is what those in favor of powerful government do, including socialists. They claim that if you only give up your individual rights, and give government total dominion over you, it will fight the (fill-in-the-blank) crisis for you, and you will have all these great benefits.

    Throughout history, people have fallen for it. And then they discover that an all powerful government is tyrannical. Hence the reason why individual rights were encoded into our own Constitution.

    Never let a crisis go to waste, eh?

  5. Before New York introduces its de Blassisariats, it may want to look around the world for successful nationalized industries.

    Since when does the progressive political class look for evidence of successful policies before they implement them? That would require a hint of humility and that is not in their political DNA.

    1. Very true, Olly. The general idea is, if only they were in power over all, they could solve all the world’s problems. It would be different this time. All those hundred other failures are not indicative of the stellar job they would do. It is a thirst for power over others.

  6. This Is What DeBasio Said:

    In speaking with MSNBC’s AM Joy, host Joy Reid, de Blasio declared “[t]his is a case for a nationalization, literally a nationalization, of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need.”

    It it obvious DeBlasio only meant those industries related to manufacturing vaccines. Arguably a national emergency, such as we currently have, might justify a temporary takeover by the government.

  7. “The alibi of the tyrant is always the welfare of the people.” – Camus.

    Nothing gives Democrats bigger erections than thoughts of confiscating somebody else’s property. Truman tried to confiscate the steel industry during the Korean war. He got smacked down by SCOTUS.

    So Rachel Maddow can bring Comrade Bill on to pander to the communists in the Democrat Party, but its just two commies giving each other woodies by engaging in public fantasy.

  8. I am certain this generation of snowflakes will achieve what has been previously undoable – the creation of the socialist utopia.

    Glory to the Great Stalin!

    btw – my family left the ‘worker’s paradise’ of Cuba in 1961.


  9. Any one with any intellect could see that the countries with the most socialist government health care systems are suffering the most. Obviously, china but Italy as well. Both have state controlled health care and aging populations. CHina’s government refused US administration assistance bc that’s what totalitarians like deBlasio do. They are incapable of understanding that they are not experts and cannot solve every problem, despite the fact that they have taken control of all of the economy. If he likes that he has plenty of places to relocate to – Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, etc. Good riddance!

    1. As in all functioning modern societies, a mixture of capitalism and socialism is the most effective means of governing. There is no binary choice of ideology here, only a reasonable and measured decision on which tool in the bag works best in the short and long term.

  10. De Blasio is a control freak. Once he took something over, he would never give it back.

  11. Nah. Keep the theoretical whining about capitalism to the academy professor. De Blasio is just advocating the nation doing what happened in WWII when car factories were used to mass produce airplanes by the government. He’s not harrumphing about b.s. like you are. If you were actually dealing with the prospects of managing the biggest, most congested city in the country you’d be whistling the same tune.

    There is always a crisis in the world where you have to venture beyond the standard capitalism vs. communism tropes. Straight capitalism always favors the capital and will always bog down in profit motive even when there is crisis. Private industry needs to concede to this, and indeed they have many times in our history, whether it was WWII, response to Katrina, being forced to share research in AIDS drugs research (granted this pressure was a little more behind the scenes, but it was indeed there), and now Covid 19.

    I suggest reviewing your inputs on this one, Jon.

    As to the continuance of this condition past the initial crisis, that’s where your comments land. Right now you’re drawing a false comparison by bringing in the compare and contrast with Venezuela and iran. A valiant effort into faulty syllogism…, but not an accurate one. One of the *main* things about American history that is truly awesome is that it’s been able to recognize when to step up collective governmental/private effort and then, once a crisis is alleviated, when to surrender control back to private markets.

    Actually staggered you’ve been so clueless and late to the game on Covid 19.

      1. +1

        Perhaps JT can enlighten us on the private firms working with the administration with “alacrity”.

        Google said they aren’t doing what Trump claimed they were.

        Germany says the US is trying to buy a German vaccine company to gain exclusive rights to a hoped for coronaviris vaccine.

        1. Absolutely. Trump tries to handle this like a hush hush real estate deal and, if left to him without an intervention from those actually qualified, he’ll f up the deal just like in his own business.

          Trump is just so easy to figure out, and it becomes clear in the Germany deal. Here he is rubbing his hands together, thinking hey if i get this vaccine, and it’s only available to Americans, people will love me!! The impeachment hoax will go away!! I won’t even have to use Covid 19 to postpone the election!! Lol.

          Actually, it’s not even funny.

          1. Market limits down on the open.

            4th stop in trading in the last couple of weeks. Last stop previous? 20 yrs ago.

    1. Paulie, this column is a variation of Turley’s ‘Tyranny From The Left’ series. Turley cranks out at least one of these per day so the Trumpers on this blog can all take turns expressing their disgust and fear that Leftists are getting too militant. Readers are supposed to see these comments by Trumpers as ‘reassuring’. Like, “Thank God real adults are condemning this crap”.


      1. Ahhh. Starting to notice the trend myself, Seth. Complete with some version of the tag line: well, I’m a social progressive, but….(fill in the blank).

        Starting to wonder if Turley is a paid influencer.

  12. Faux Italian-American, Warren Wilhelm, really shouldn’t be looked to for anything substantive. He’s the “dumb blonde” of politics and sort of the divine judgment that liberals in NYC deserve. Anybody ever find out where those millions of dollars went that the people of NY gave to his grifting wife?

    1. IIRC, his mother’s family actually is Italian. Changing your name because of daddy issues or in order to market yourself to an electorate is bizarre. Even entertainment industry types generally do not do this anymore. (NB the other example of this is Gary Hart, another seriously weird dude).

      His wife is seven years older than he is, generically unattractive, and has a history of lesbianism which she made the subject of magazine articles she wrote in her young adult years. She was so old when he married her that you’d have to figure he’d resigned himself to not having children. All these gambles have worked out passably for him, but you have to wonder about his inclination to make them in the first place.

      He bears no resemblance to the general run of Italian politicians in New York, who are interested in commonplace concretes.

        1. Fortunately you two are inspired and guided by Mr Family Man, Donald Trump.

        2. I don’t know about that. It does indicate serious family problems. It’s modal to have issues with your father, but few people are so undone by that they wish to be rid of the name they’ve uttered since they knew how to speak.

          Tab Hunter spoke about how disconcerted he was when he was told by his new agent that he would have to change his name. He said the agent made up a new name right there on the spot and told him ‘you’ll get used to it when you see ‘Pay to the Order of’ in front of it’. (I had the impression from the documentary on his career that people who knew him prior to 1953 called him ‘Art’ and people who met him after called him ‘Tab’).

          If you’re an entertainer, your persona is marketed and your billing is part of your persona. Performers sometimes have to adopt a new billing because union rules don’t allow different performers to have the same billing – see the British actress ‘Caroline Catz’, who wasn’t permitted to perform under her own name (Caroline Caplan) because the billing was already in use.

          Interesting case of someone who did not change his name: the producer David Nessim Lawrence (son of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme). He’s always known himself as David Lawrence, even though all of his paternal-side relations (his father excepted) carry the name ‘Liebowitz’). Interesting case of someone who did: “David Wallechinsky”, who took back his family’s pale-of-settlement surname even as his father and sister continued to use the Ellis Island issued ‘Wallace’.

    2. He eats pizza w/ a knife and fork. I’m making my annual sojourn back to MN from San Diego. 3200 people in the US die daily in car crashes. Should I panic about that? The MSM sells fear and panic. That’s exponentially worse than this virus.

  13. Off topic:. Stay away from cruise ships. Avoid anyone who even walked by one.

  14. Italians do not worship crowns like the Brits do. Yet here comes a new Yorkie with a crown on his head. This month the phrase “has a crown on his head” means one has the Corona Virus. Corona in Latin means “crown”.

  15. Note diBlasios education and employment history: his perfectly innocent of any theoretical or mundane contact with the world of business. Neither does he have a technae with operational measures of competence that might be manifest in public sector employment (e.g. civil engineering, accounting, or urban planning). I sometimes run across a Russian emigre who says that in the Russian navy they had a term for men like diBlasio which translates as ‘office plankton’.

  16. That the voters of New York City would accept someone as useless as diBlasio is indicative of a thorough absence of seriousness in the New York City electorate.

  17. Ah, so the self narcissist trash talking compulsively lying moron – who also happens to be the president of the country bumbles on like an idiot during this crisis and what makes news for Turley is some comment from NYC mayor.

  18. Unbridled, unregulated capitalism couple with business leaders who see the common good as a fool’s errant and as someone else’s problem has created the problems we now face. Even Adam Smith, the Father of Capitalism, warned against the failure to regulate monopolies in the interest of the common good and the impact of monopolies on the ability of governments to serve the common good. Monopolies, he opined, always need government favoritism to thrive and therefore are contrary to the public interest. We are now seeing the impact of the strangle hold big business has over our country and the impact that controls has over even the basics. One doesn’t have to be a “communist” to understand.

    American corporations and their lobbyists wail about protections for workers but are first in line with their hands out for subsidies and bail outs. Socialism for billionaires but rugged individualism for the rest. It’s appalling. It’s wrong. Even Adam Smith would disapprove.

    1. Justice Holmes you have no mastery of economics. You are a master baiter of economic topics.

    2. Adam Smith was an intellectual. He was the father of his own (physiocratic) ideas, not of any economic practice.

    3. The Founders provided Americans maximal freedom while severely limiting and restricting government to its sole constitutional role of simply facilitating the maximal freedom of individuals. “Unbridled, unregulated capitalism” (capitalism is a pejorative coined by Marx) is American freedom and free enterprise while the “common good” is pure communism.

      What a ——- idiot.

      – Competition IS inherent regulation of monopolies. Monopolization by a competitor is the prime motivation for competition. That you failed to compete does not mandate nationalization and communization.

      – Article 1, Section 8, Congress has the power to regulate ONLY the value of money, the flow of commerce among jurisdictions and land and naval Forces. Congress has NO power to regulate anything else. The 5th Amendment right to private property is not qualified by the Constitution and is, therefore, absolute. Congress can’t interfere with private property or possess or dispose of, or claim or exercise dominion over the private property of individuals.

      Do you make up your own rules when you play Monopoly or Poker? You obviously reject the rules for conduct and jurisprudence in America the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Have you ever heard of freedom, because that is the one and only thing the Founders could and did give Americans? Are you an American, perhaps a hyphenate? You have no grasp of American freedom while you retain well the principles of communism. Are you an unmotivated, lazy dependent or a “gold-digger” parasite? I can’t tell which. Adversity, challenge, competition, freedom and the potential for success are the immigration filters that keep America vibrant and dynamic. How did you get in here?

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