“Do Remember They Can’t Cancel The Spring”: Artist David Hockney Sends Out Relief Painting For The World

David Hockney has unveiled a new painting which features bright yellow daffodils in front of a gloomy grey mass (pictured)
Instragram/Louisiana Museum

As doctors and health professionals around the world work to save lives, famed artist David Hockney, 82, decided to do his part for a world reeling from the coronavirus. Hockney sent out a new painting entitled “Do remember they can’t cancel the spring” to lift the spirits of people around the world. It worked for this humble observer. Maybe it will do the same for you.

While considered England’s foremost living artist, Hockney lives in Normandy. He said he moved there to be able to smoke in restaurants: “I’d like to just work and paint, and to be able to smoke and eat in a restaurant at the same time. Thank God for Normandy. The French know how to live. They know about pleasure.”

As with the Italians singing from balconies, Hockney reminds us of the irrepressible human spirit. I truly love painting on a myriad of different levels.

45 thoughts on ““Do Remember They Can’t Cancel The Spring”: Artist David Hockney Sends Out Relief Painting For The World”

  1. Thank you to the entire family for their wonderful store. I learned so much from walking in and haltingly explaining what I was trying to do and being led to the right section with advice. I daydreamed at your paint racks. A real neighborhood treasure. Everything changesβ€”which stinks. Enjoy some well deserved rest. And best of luck on 72nd.

  2. Jonathan this great. Thanks for sharing. Hope everyone is enjoying it

  3. Yes, summer is coming.

    Perpetual summer.

    With killing heat waves.

    — David B Benson

    1. David, you get the sun rash? Ugh, sun rash is the worst, looks like staph. 😡

      1. I know this from experience, btw, too much sun, is no bueno. And the rash is ugly, and then cold chills, and it’s like 98 degrees outside.

        1. WW33 – here were have hot (100-109), damn hot (110-119) and too damn hot (120-121+

          1. I remember driving through AZ, hitting my dash, turning the AC up and down, and just nothing, roll down the window, even hotter, roll it back up, yeah, I would melt into a puddle..

      2. WW33 – David is living in Washington, the sun is an occasional visitor.

        1. David needs D3 supplements then…

          …I like Washington for the fresh air, its good air.

          I live in desert turned city, polluted like crazy. You live in desert too, less polluted though…?

          1. Btw, you ain’t getting any stories from my high school years. Hahaha, no way!

            And are you taking over for George in my suitor book, I know you mentioned CL, I think they have better options now, hahaha, but not Tinder. I had to tell a gal pal, that’s not for actual meeting spouses, just for fakers and liars who want a quick fling…so she got off there, thankfully πŸ™. Too nice of a gal to see someone get burned on Tinder.

            1. WW33 – it seems you know too much about Tinder to be a tenderhorn.

              1. Paul – you and I together are ruining the comments section of the blawg πŸ˜†. Taking over the whole feed.

                What we should all be asking on this comments section is about the Area 51 representation

                1. WW33 – I take no responsibility for any ruininations. However, I am unclear about who or what is to be represented at Area 51?

                    1. WW33 – JT really lost that one. The Superfund cleanup on that is going to be trillions.

                    2. WW33 – we have several SuperFund sites here. None are good news.

          2. WW33 – There are a lot of things David needs besides D3. πŸ˜‰

  4. A fresh spring would be nice, But a lot of people don’t know this but, the Dear Leader invented the term “spring” and his “spring” is better than Obama’s “spring”. But of course if the “spring” is cold and nasty than it’s Obama’s “spring” If the sun shines and the flowers bloom, then it’s the Dear Leaders “spring”. Many, many people say that the Dear Leader makes the weather warmer and makes trees and grass grow and turn green, but a lot of people say the Dear Leader has nothing to do with season changes, but don’t listen to them, they are all socialists and hate the Dear Leader.

    1. It’s not Obama’s anything. Obama wasn’t and never will be a “natural born citizen” and wasn’t and never will be eligible for the office of president. Obama is criminal fraud and an empty-suit, communistity organizer, pot-head who has never held a job, developed an enterprise, met a payroll, created wealth or had an original thought other than that of obtaining the White Man’s Money – traditionally referred to as stealing. Obama was ensconced by the global communist Deep Deep State as a sop to the unwashed masses (the new and improved, oh, and “clean” slave class), the vast majority of whom the American Founders never intended to vote. Ben Franklin said that we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it” and Franklin’s republic had a restricted vote, no welfare or affirmative action, absolute borders and immigrants who were “…free white person(s).” Do you know which country you’re in? Interestingly, due to the efforts of a capable leader with acumen, Moses, the Israelites were out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers, happily on their way to the “promised land.” Where did the slaves’ King lead them, to Obama?


  5. And, leave elderly people alone about their smoking.
    They should be able to enjoy their later years without shame or criticism.
    They’ve made it this far; have seen a world change in their 80+ yrs; are able to live long due to medical research and advancement; have gone through many cycles of adversity and joy.

    My mother-in-law was harangued for years, by her 7 children, for her 1-2 cigarettes per day. At gatherings, they didn’t really connect with her, just criticized her.
    I felt sorry for her – she ran a gas station/quick store – each of them >>> 7 children, oldest 76 – 60 youngest <<< have college degrees.
    God bless her. Who cares if she had a couple of smokes a day?

  6. Dumb smoker is redundant. All smokers are dumb and to say someone is a smoker is enough to mean that they are dumb. Guns are quicker if you want to commit suicide. Every smoker should just get it over with and stop poisoning the air of others.

    1. Frogs need to stop allowing smoking in restaurants. A French person is a frog. They got that nickname because they eat frogs.

  7. I was out yesterday to a place that had a nice patch of daffodils, much like those in the painting. The real thing was uplifting.

  8. Agreed. And I’m also encouraged by photos of how clean the air got, in like a month, around Wuhan due to their shutdown.

    Smoking in restaurants aside. Lol.

    I’m hoping we don’t forget the air is our friend through all of this. Pure prana. Chi. The real healing force. Humans are proving themselves to be the pestialence yet again.

    Thank god for spring, daffodils and all things regenerative.

  9. I fear that Hockney is wrong. It seems that global warming (ok, “climate change”) will soon be bringing us perpetual summer.

  10. It is not a Hockney if it doesn’t have at least one nekkid man in it. πŸ˜‰

          1. In other news, Paul, I finally saw someone today about my lung issue, same urgent care, and luckily, same doctor this time, and he remembered me when walking in. He said, “you look familiar, did I see you before.” Hey…πŸ‘πŸ‘ two thumbs up with mask on my face, that’s pretty good memory. I guess I am memorable. RoflπŸ˜„πŸ˜† what can I say πŸ˜‰

            I drew a smiley face as my signature when I got my Amoxy…and then two more smiley face signatures. People are too serious these days…but the pharmacist liked the smileys since folks be like so rude to these poor medical professionals. They’re humans too, get a grip folks.

            1. Anonymous – you need to post pics when you do things like that. We need to share in your joy. πŸ™‚

              1. The pharmacist laughed at it, especially after we all had a front row seat to crazyville lady screaming about nothing…locito. Another making a scene about someone coughing in line, like geez, Louise. The pharmacist don’t even have masks and coming in contact with how many people a day? Thank your doctors, thank your nurses, thank you to all the folks in medicine risking your own lives for others in need.

                  1. I need to switch to one of those CVS Drive-thru location, or what you do, delivery.

                  2. Since Paul seems to know the deets of my life, lol, it was for an ear infection that I went in for, but since I was there, the urgent care Dr remembered me for my lung problem last November, and he checked, said I’m at least at 90 % back to normal on my lungs, and was saddened to hear I never got the Xray, nor did they do the office do a culture on me. But he assumes it was Influenza A or B, bc too early to be CV19, and that led to pneumonia which led to walking pneumonia for 4 months, but felt I made such a 180 in improvement, with only a minor issue with lung, no Xray and no ER was necessary, and told me to stay away from everyone as much as possible. He did want to do a blood test, and send it in, but I declined…needles make me dizzy

                    1. And as I said before, at an urgent care, not your primary Dr, I thought, man, that’s pretty good for this Dr to remember me, all the way from November to March. I must have been pretty bad symptom wise to be memorable. Imagine all the patient he saw…

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