“I Swear I Hit Them”: Wisconsin Doctor and Spouse Allegedly Executed By Boyfriend of Daughter

Khari Sanford, left, and Ali'jah Larrue face charges in connection with the shooting deaths of a Wisconsin doctor and her husband, authorities say. (Dane County Sheriff's Office)

In any crisis, a strange array of crimes emerge that are shaped by the crisis. We have already discussed a variety of pandemic crimes from assaults over social distancing rules to coughing on vegetables to attempts to surpass purchasing rules. There have also been murder-suicides with people who feared that they had the virus. With business burglaries up 75 percent in New York, some crimes are merely opportunistic and predictable while others add a level of depravity that is especially shocking. Wisconsin now has a particularly sad and bizarre murder to add to this list. A doctor and her husband were apparently dragged from their home and executed in March. One of the two suspects is the boyfriend of their daughter. Dr. Beth Potter, 52, and husband Robin Carre, 57, had paid for their daughter, Miriam (“Mimi’) Carre, and her reported boyfriend to Khari Sanford, 18, (left) to live in a separate apartment to protect against the spread of coronavirus (due to an underlying health condition). Potter was a professor at the University of Wisconsin and her death has shocked the academic community as well as the community at large. Sanford and his friend, Ali’jah Larrue, 18, (right) are now charged in the murder and police say that the daughter’s account stands contradicted on Sanford’s whereabouts at the time of the crime. ABC News has reported that bail is set at $1 million.

One report says that the couple moved the daughter and Sanford to an apartment because they refused to do social distancing despite the risk to the older couple.

The two victims were found in a ditch. The motive appears to be a burglary but they were then kidnapped and taken to the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, near the Madison campus. Each was shot in the back of the head. Potter was wearing pajamas and socks while Carre was wearing only underwear.

Police have a witness in a high school friend of Sanford who said that he came to his house and called Larrue to say that he heard one of them survived and might implicate them. In reality, Potter died at the hospital. The witness said Sanford exclaimed “I swear I hit them, how did they survive.” He also alleged told the witness that he shot them both in the back of the head.

What is unclear is the role of the daughter. Police say that she told them that Sanford was with her the night of murder but, according to the State Journal, investigators say that her story was contradicted by text messages. Police are also looking at GPS and phone data. Police stated that Mimi remained extremely loyal to Sanford in their interviews.

Sanford has an arrest history. He previously lived with foster parents but was charged with felony auto theft last year Middleton near Madison. According to the criminal complaint, his foster parents went to Africa and disabled the home’s security camera and stole their car. He was later found sleeping in the car. He was allowed to enter the deferred prosecution program but later posted a picture on Facebook brandishing a gun.

Some of Sanford’s social postings could raise legal issues. In one posting, he wrote “we gon change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy.” In yet another post, he wrote “Used to be a wild child I had to calm down…came from nothin.” Those postings are likely to cause a pre-trial fight over admissibility, if there is a trial as opposed to a plea. The first one is clearly immaterial to a trial in my view while the second one may be too prejudicial to pass pre-trial review.

Surveillance video showed a minivan similar to one owned by Carre with confirming GPS movements. That makes for a pretty devastating case. The question over the daughter’s possible culpability remains. If the police are correct, Mimi Carre could be charged as a co-conspirator or an accessory after the fact. It is also a crime to knowingly make false statements to police investigators or committing acts which impede a criminal investigation.

Potter worked at the Wingra Family Medical Center, run by the UW-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and Access Community Health Centers. She also was medical director of UW Health’s Employee Health Services. Carre was a consultant who was also the head of a Madison youth soccer club. They have three children in their teens and twenties. They were pillars of their community and both worked diligently on the improvement of youth health and wellbeing.

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  1. Hey, at least they weren’t racists and that is what is most important, right?

    These are a good example of upper middle class liberals for whom I have ZERO sympathy. I am sure there will be calls from the local press and community activists not to draw the wrong conclusion from the unfortunate event.

    If this “youth” had been some poor white trash from the trailer park, these good decent white liberals would have surely disapproved of such a relationship for their daughter but likely did not because they didn’t want to appear “racist”.


  2. ““we gon change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy.”

    Obviously these are products of Obama’s / Hillary’s / Pelosi’s / Maxine Water’s ….. oh, WTF

    kill them all. Stalin and Mao killed millions and the Left loves them

    1. Mao may have had his reasons. Future tyrants may have theirs. We see two reasons up above in the article.

  3. You have to suspend judgment about the particulars.

    In a sane society, a double-homicide conjoined to a kidnapping conjoined to the use of firearms conjoined to an antecedent conspiracy should mean that a capital sentence is on the menu of possible resolutions. However, our repulsive federal appellate judges tell us we cannot have a capital sentence in such cases because reasons.

    With reference to the daughter, if justice is done, she receives absolutely no dispensations. Of whatever can be proved, she is convicted. Of whatever she is convicted, she receives a sentence of incarceration which is the midrange of what is allowed in the state penal code.

    Unless this is being terribly misreported, the daughter is a recognizable type, and is properly treated with asperity by the larger society. In my own life, I’ve known off the top of my head three families who had daughters of this sort – young women attracted to rough trade. AFAICT, all three sets of parents proceeded gingerly. The way the situations were resolved were quite different.

  4. “State of Wisconsin files criminal complaint in the murder of a UW Health physician and her husband”

  5. Sam Stone. Came home!
    To his wife and fam I Lee!
    After serving in the conflict overseas.

    And Sammy took to stealing..
    When he got that empty feeling.
    With an overdose! Hovering in the air!

  6. What a terrible crime. If the daughter made a false alibi for her boyfriend, then one assumes she knew of his involvement in the murder of her parents. Why did this teenager kill them? He could have easily robbed them while they slept. Why take that extra step? Someone should also explain to him that “diversity” is not skin deep.

    It’s pretty sad that the parents rented an apartment for their daughter and boyfriend, because she would not obey quarantine rules. This millennial and Gen Z generations claim to care so much about the planet and to be so tolerant. But they have proven to be some of the most selfish people. They are so resentful at curbing their own activities in order to save lives. They have been brainwashed to hate humanity, and view them as a plague. Therefore so many rejoice at this pandemic. Their behavior is not that surprising. After all, they feel entitled to shout down others so their own opinions can be heard, but believe dissenting opinions should be blocked. They have been raised with the belief that the world conforms to them.

    1. Karen, the daughter was an only child. There is a knack to raising an only child, but I doubt most parents which just one child have it. A child without siblings makes for an odd family dynamic. (You want an example from a couple of generations back, see Stanley and Madelyn Dunham and their problem-child daughter).

      Don’t have just one kid.

        1. Your comment had not shown up when I posted mine. (I wish we had the option of deleting or editing comments.)

    2. Karen, most of what you say is sensible, but let’s not paint generations with broad character brush strokes. Specific attributes are real and have to do with peculiarities of each generation’s formative years, but I don’t think we can or should make general stigmatizing blanket statements. If we take those shots even if they gave a grain of truth, they can come back, and war between generations is good for no one.

      1. BYB–More liberal gibberish. Does not explain the high crime rates in black communities in Europe, the Caribbean, and all of Africa.

  7. Does JT purposefully plant these type articles here to bring out the worst in posters? It certainly succeeds at that and there are no particularly interesting legal issues involved, let alone Constitutional issues which is his supposed specialty.


    1. “there are no particularly interesting legal issues involved, let alone Constitutional issues which is his supposed specialty.”

      I agree. I wonder whether the daughter being involved in some way in the murder of her own parent is his reason.

      1. Ann Althouse is also posting on this case, which occurred locally.

        Of course, the professor posts his apercus on a variety of matters, not just matters which end up in appellate briefs. Gainesville’s running complaint is that the professor posts stories embarrassing to the left and takes positions inconvenient to the Democratic Party, because he’s a twerp.

    2. Book, it’s an odd phenomenon. Of course the crime is shocking. But what legal question or principle makes this case unique? Why is this worthy of debate in a legal forum?
      The answers to these questions is not entirely clear.

      1. What makes this unique is not that it actually is unique (as you recognize) but that it is getting publicity in a time when the media prefers to hide details like this.

        Many times I have read descriptions to be on the lookout for a robber or rapist who is 6 feet tall and wearing a green jacket but with no mention of whether he is black, white or green.

        Society cannot address a problem without seeing it, and the media prefers we not see the level of black crime, which is high.

  8. Dude,with the name Antonio – and I think you said you were of Latin heritage – if you had been in the El Paso WalMart on that day last summer, you might be dead now at the hands of a Trump fan

    Unlike you I guess, I would have much sympathy for you and your family. Try being a human first, OK? We’re all Americans and our differences are not all you imagine them to be.

    1. @bythebook

      I am Hispanic and just love when liberal whites tell me what I am supposed to think. Or even better when they want to suck up and “save” me.

      Tell me what a straight face that you fear the average Trump supporter more than black criminals or criminality. Of course, you may really believe your own propaganda. No, I doubt you live in a minority neighborhood. You probably like to preach about diversity but avoid it as much as possible in your personal life.


    1. I guess the government should just kill this killer while he is asleep in jail. Shot to the head for Fred.

  9. The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that this was a burglary that escalated into a murder, and that the daughter was in on it. These naive liberals let this thug move into their nice home to shack up with their 18 y/o daughter. The daughter was overheard by a friend, telling her thug boyfriend that she knew how they could get some money because her parents were “rich.” So he went back to rob the home, and was apparently discovered by the parents, at which point he kidnapped and then shot them both in the back of their heads. The WSJ is also reporting that “community leaders” are expressing concern that the murderer’s bail has been set at $1 million, because he is waiting to hear back from colleges and hoping for a football scholarship. Yeah, you can’t make this up.

    1. TIN, we don’t know the political opinions of the murdered couple. If you think young interracial couples are unique to blue states and liberals you need to get out more. They are probably more prevalent in poorer neighborhoods where doctors don’t live and the vast majority don’t end in murder..

      1. TIN, I’m not interested in your fantasy life, or gleeful and denigrating stereotyping of murdered people you never met or know much about.

    2. That sounds about right. Soon we will hear that the parents were racist and that the killer is an honor student just trying to turn his life around despite headwinds of systemic racism in society.

  10. Hey Mr. Turley, why did you include a link to Wisconsin’s Code of Military Justice (Chapter 322) when discussing being an accessory “after the fact?” That statutory provision is inapplicable to this case.

    Currently, insufficient information is available to the public to ascertain whether or not she may have violated Wis. Stat. s. 946.47 (“Harboring or aiding felons”), which might or might not cover her behavior.

    She certainly appears to have violated Wis. Stat. s. 946.41 (“Resisting or obstructing officer”) by lying, however.

    My guess is that there is likely, at present, some sort of immunity deal being worked out with the girlfriend.

    I live in the same city as the two thugs arrested in this article, and just by reviewing their facebook pages (before someone took down one of them), and then the public court records available on line, I was able to ascertain the following:

    Khari Sanford’s mother was barely 15 when she had him, meaning she was age 14 when she got pregnant. She has had other children with two other fathers in Wisconsin. Shortly before Khari’s arrest, she was making public posts complaining about child support. She appeared to have a penchant for a gang-tat covered male with whom she was not married.

    Ali’jah Larrue’s mother was barely 16 when she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, who, at age 18, was murdered by Nathan C. Middleton (a white guy) who then burned her body in his burn pit, beyond recognition. Ali’jah has had three facebook pages that I could find, and starting as a baby-faced 11-year-old he was posting sketches of tattoo-gangsters with blunts, guns, throwing gang signs, etc. Apparently that is just fine and dandy with the thug men in his life. I’ve found tons of criminal court records involving his brother and uncle.

    Anyway, Ali’jah’s current facebook page has photos of he and his friends throwing gang signs at West High, in front of school lockers, and outside of the school.

    1. @andrea I don’t see the code you’re referencing. Seems Turley updated the post.

      It almost sounds like you’re saying the motive for leaving them in a ditch could be argued as vengeance for a his sister being left burned in a burn pit by a white man (who proceeded to roast snores)? Or were you just explaining the suspects grisly upbringing? Either way I doubt that would be admissible and sounds highly prejudicial.

      A more likely explanation that may be admissible as motive would be conspiracy where the daughter asked him to kill them and he and a friend did it. Given the lengths she has gone to defend him when it seems there are frequent messages between them around the time of the crime and possibly phone tracking showing him the location, it seems highly dubious she would have been as supportive if he killed them against her wishes. Conspiracy can be found under Wi Stat 939.05 (2) (c) “Is a party to a conspiracy with another to commit it or advises, hires, counsels or otherwise procures another to commit it.”

      1. I wasn’t saying that his motive for killing them and leaving them in the ditch was his sister’s murder. I was just providing some information about his family, and also hoping that by pointing out that his sister’s murderer was a white man, this discussion would not go in a racist direction.

        I agree with you on the party to a crime statute, if there is evidence to support it. My identification of the obstruction and aiding/harboring a felon statutes were intended to relate to the facts that are thus far known.

        Another possibility is that perhaps she advised them to commit a burglary, which turned into these robberies. She could be convicted under Wisconsin’s Felony Murder statute: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felony_murder_rule_(Wisconsin)

    2. Andrea, your references to teenage mothers raising children in gang-infested environments makes me wonder why Wisconsin Republicans are so determined to restrict abortion rights.

  11. Well heck, I done had one comment removed on this thread. Sooo, I guess I need to be less direct. Anyway, is anybody else wondering what their last thoughts were? Was it about the wisdom of letting Little Mimi date some dude with felony conviction? Or maybe about moving this thug into their own home? If they were “woke”, did they really truly “wake up” in the last minutes? Did they own a gun? Did they not think it prudent to keep a gun close by with Sanford’s history? Maybe we can find out when they try this dude.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. These fools are like the parents who “rescue” a pit bull and then can’t understand why it ate the baby.

    2. Just from personal experience, Squeaky, I’d wager they weren’t ‘woke’ at all, because this sort of thing seems to hit bourgeois families at random. I’ve known three such families: two were faculty families and the third patricians. One of the fathers might or might not have been a socio-political liberal, the other two absolutely not. As for the mothers, one was apolitical, one an old school museum board type, and the third I’m not sure. All three families were unsure of how to proceed.

      1. It is possible this was all Mimi-driven. I have known some Daddy’s Little Princess’s in my time who were wild as a buck and rebellious. A couple would do anything for drugs, and I mean anything.

        But I a guessing if this is the case here, Mimi was still ill-prepared by her family for the whole “Let’s Date A Black Man!” scenario.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  12. Whomever wrote this story needs to go back to elementary school and learn how to read and write. The worst sentence is where the writer states that “his foster parents went to Africa and disabled the home’s security camera and stole their car”. According to that bit of nonsense, they disabled their own cameras and stole their own car.
    Where are all the journalists? The trash that call themselves journalists couldn’t pass a 4th grade literacy test.
    It would be nice if someone with an education would get hired at some of these media outlets. Instead, we get to read the crap written by illiterate and ignorant people that couldn’t possibly have graduated from any legitimate high school.

    1. Knee jerk Terry – That’s JT. No quote marks and I don’t think he has a degree in journalism or ever covered a beat.

    2. Terry, as long as you are into comments about writing style, your sentence should have begun with ‘whoever, not ‘whomever’, nominative case, not objective.

  13. “we gon change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy.”

    Way to go Left! Your indoctrination camps are making a difference! You must be so proud to see your brainwashed students putting your lessons into practice.

    1. Don’t celebrate too hard em.

      “this attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

      Patrick Crusius, El Paso WalMart mass killer

      1. Oh, are we playing one-upsies?

        I concede.

        The Left always wins when it comes to body count.

        Nobody’s topped your boy Mao’s pile of dead yet. Stalin came close. Well who knows, maybe the rising Left in America will be king of the hill this time around. Two down already thanks to the star pupil in this article.

              1. bythebook has the audacity to write, “you can eagerly await new murders to gloat over like em apparently does,” after gloating about an attack in, “response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. Patrick Crusius, El Paso WalMart mass killer”

                You people always do this. In response to a Leftist tries to run over Trump campaign booth – “Oh, yeah! Well, here’s a mass murderer who’s a racist! So he must be a Trumper!” A Leftist executes two white people. “Oh, yeah? Here’s another racist who bashes Democrats a little more than he bashes Republicans so he must be a Trumper!” Tit-for-tat!!!

                What’s that someone on here says when you do this, “Look a squirrel!” ?

                At least pick a different squirrel.

                1. em, I demonstrated the folly, if not repulsiveness, of your taking political comfort in the murder of 2 people you know little if anything about.

                  It’s your game.

                  You lost.

                  1. bythebook writes, “I demonstrated the folly, if not repulsiveness, of your taking political comfort in the murder of 2 people you know little if anything about.”

                    “folly”, “repulsiveness”, “taking political comfort”, “you know little” That’s how you end a conversation, or keep one from happening. Is that what you’re trying to do?

                    But we’re almost back to the topic at hand. Go on. Spell it out. Explain how the following statement has nothing to do with the dogma of the Left. “it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy.” Explain how these are not the kind of ideas being promoted in schools throughout the west.

          1. bythebook wrote, “You started em, it’s your game, not mine,” after completely ignoring the article and ignoring my point so he could one-up a murderer spouting Leftist dogma with an unrelated mass murderer more than half a year ago – who inconveniently enough spouts the same identity politics that Leftists are so keen on.

            I’m not the one who started the game. Have you even commented on the article at hand yet? …I don’t know, I’m too busy chasing your squirrel.

    1. yep, liberals like to say “I have some black friends” or better yet “one of our kids is dating a black person”.
      Oh well!

      1. As someone here posted one of the suspects’ 18 year old sister met up for a white hookup and was cut up and roasted beyond recognition as the killer roasted s’mores over her dead body. You need to watch who your children are interacting with regardless of race. It comes down to character, and in this case I think the daughter’s character has to be questioned as well if she is defending her parents killer. There is more than one case of kids having a boyfriend rob or kill parents so this shouldn’t be about race. If she was dating the school’s black volleyball stud or salutatorian etc that’d be one thing, but she shouldn’t be interacting with untrustworthy people from lord knows where while living under her parents roof. She was removed during covid but it sounds like for sometime possibly before the age of 18 she was involved with someone the family didn’t know.

        1. He was enmeshed in the foster care system. For some puzzling reason, he was holed up in his gf’s house. He also had a criminal record. The smart money says if he were an ordinary black kid, she’d have had no interest in him absent movie-star good looks.

          1. Yeah, ’cause like TIA’s tapped into what teenage girls think these days. He listens to the Go Gos.

            1. Actually, I observe late-adolescent / post-adolescent women. This particular type finds criminality and it’s correlates attractive. There are other types.

        2. To add if she was dating someone from the trailer parks who had a desperate violent character and background it should be watched as well. She was attracted to the baddest of the bad and whether she encouraged what happened or not the result was this terrible outcome. There are plenty of people of good character from all races. If your child is dating someone be they black, white, latino, asian, middle eastern etc. have a one on one with them. If they’re clearly trouble then take control of the situation.

          I don’t blame the parents here, but that should be the warning to all of us. Don’t let their deaths be in vain and don’t jump to racist conclusions as a result of this. The world changing even more rapidly amid Covid

          1. No, there are plenty of people of passable character. Good character is always atypical.

            The attraction to trailer-park denizens is something I’ve seen as well. There are a couple of differences between trailer-park denizens and slum denizens: (1) trailer park denizens are much less violent and (2) they pay less attention to hygiene and appearances.

    2. Squeeky, as you well know, unfortunately there have been a number of cases of well-meaning and idealistic liberals not recognizing dangerous situations and people and paying dearly for it. I noticed a number of cases coming out of Europe in the last few years as well as Europeans have gotten too trusting with ‘refugees’ from less polite societies. As this case shows, it happens here as well, all too often.

    3. @squeeky

      White liberals are absolutely hopeless. They tend to avoid reality but live by nice theories and platitudes about human nature. All while condemning others and virtue signaling their goodness. If being a good liberal actually required one to get their hands dirty (i.e. living in a black neighborhood, sending their kids to a black school) it would have been abolished long ago.

      S@@ew white liberals. My feelings about them are the same as theirs for me.


      1. Antonio, It is easy for liberals, Asians and whites, to maintain the idea that the world is a nicer place than it is while sheltering in gated communities. The daily little jolts that others experience don’t often touch them. But the pandemic has rattled them a bit. Liberals who hate guns have been going to gun shops to buy their first weapon. Suddenly they don’t feel as safe as they used to.

        1. So Young, what’s the word in your mean streets hood on crime?

          The word in the real world is that violent crime rates have been dropping for a couple of decades in America and unlike our supposed golden days, there’s no public lynchings or race riots either. Is knowing that a political position, or just knowing facts?

          1. @bythebook

            While it may be true that crime began to decrease during the Clinton Administration due in part to tough on crime policies this is no way changes the fact that minority, particularly black crime rates are much higher than those of whites. You probably know this instinctively, after all you are still alive and unharmed since I doubt you live or work in a heavily minority neighborhood.

            I would suggest you read “The Color of Crime”, a link which is contained below. Of course, you won’t, like most good leftists you will just call me a racist.

            Sorry sir, that dog won’t hunt anymore.



                1. Anonymous, this is the writer and his group that published the book Antonio is recommending:

                  “The New Century Foundation is a white supremacist[1] organization founded in 1994 known primarily for publishing a magazine, American Renaissance, which promotes white supremacy. From 1994 to 1999 its activities received considerable funding by the Pioneer Fund,[2][3][4] The group’s founder, Jared Taylor, instead calls the group white separatist.”


              1. PS Antonio, one of the guys killed by the El Paso Mexican hating WalMart shooter was a Mexican American Trump supporter with a loving extended family. If I took your position, I’d have no sympathy and figured he deserved it. He didn’t. Neither did these people in Wisconsin.

          2. There were almost no lynchings and no race riots during the last bout of social re-norming, from 1930 to 1950. And criminal violence has not been declining the last half-dozen years. Note, the partial social renorming accomplished during the period running from 1980 to 2014 was coincident with things social work types and academic criminologists did not wish be done.

        2. Antonio, It is easy for liberals, Asians and whites, to maintain the idea that the world is a nicer place than it is while sheltering in gated communities.

          Very few people live in gated communities. As for the slums and sketchy neighborhoods adjacent, they encompass maybe 10% of the population, or about 17% of the population in densely settled tracts.

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