“I Swear I Hit Them”: Wisconsin Doctor and Spouse Allegedly Executed By Boyfriend of Daughter

Khari Sanford, left, and Ali'jah Larrue face charges in connection with the shooting deaths of a Wisconsin doctor and her husband, authorities say. (Dane County Sheriff's Office)

In any crisis, a strange array of crimes emerge that are shaped by the crisis. We have already discussed a variety of pandemic crimes from assaults over social distancing rules to coughing on vegetables to attempts to surpass purchasing rules. There have also been murder-suicides with people who feared that they had the virus. With business burglaries up 75 percent in New York, some crimes are merely opportunistic and predictable while others add a level of depravity that is especially shocking. Wisconsin now has a particularly sad and bizarre murder to add to this list. A doctor and her husband were apparently dragged from their home and executed in March. One of the two suspects is the boyfriend of their daughter. Dr. Beth Potter, 52, and husband Robin Carre, 57, had paid for their daughter, Miriam (“Mimi’) Carre, and her reported boyfriend to Khari Sanford, 18, (left) to live in a separate apartment to protect against the spread of coronavirus (due to an underlying health condition). Potter was a professor at the University of Wisconsin and her death has shocked the academic community as well as the community at large. Sanford and his friend, Ali’jah Larrue, 18, (right) are now charged in the murder and police say that the daughter’s account stands contradicted on Sanford’s whereabouts at the time of the crime. ABC News has reported that bail is set at $1 million.

One report says that the couple moved the daughter and Sanford to an apartment because they refused to do social distancing despite the risk to the older couple.

The two victims were found in a ditch. The motive appears to be a burglary but they were then kidnapped and taken to the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, near the Madison campus. Each was shot in the back of the head. Potter was wearing pajamas and socks while Carre was wearing only underwear.

Police have a witness in a high school friend of Sanford who said that he came to his house and called Larrue to say that he heard one of them survived and might implicate them. In reality, Potter died at the hospital. The witness said Sanford exclaimed “I swear I hit them, how did they survive.” He also alleged told the witness that he shot them both in the back of the head.

What is unclear is the role of the daughter. Police say that she told them that Sanford was with her the night of murder but, according to the State Journal, investigators say that her story was contradicted by text messages. Police are also looking at GPS and phone data. Police stated that Mimi remained extremely loyal to Sanford in their interviews.

Sanford has an arrest history. He previously lived with foster parents but was charged with felony auto theft last year Middleton near Madison. According to the criminal complaint, his foster parents went to Africa and disabled the home’s security camera and stole their car. He was later found sleeping in the car. He was allowed to enter the deferred prosecution program but later posted a picture on Facebook brandishing a gun.

Some of Sanford’s social postings could raise legal issues. In one posting, he wrote “we gon change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy.” In yet another post, he wrote “Used to be a wild child I had to calm down…came from nothin.” Those postings are likely to cause a pre-trial fight over admissibility, if there is a trial as opposed to a plea. The first one is clearly immaterial to a trial in my view while the second one may be too prejudicial to pass pre-trial review.

Surveillance video showed a minivan similar to one owned by Carre with confirming GPS movements. That makes for a pretty devastating case. The question over the daughter’s possible culpability remains. If the police are correct, Mimi Carre could be charged as a co-conspirator or an accessory after the fact. It is also a crime to knowingly make false statements to police investigators or committing acts which impede a criminal investigation.

Potter worked at the Wingra Family Medical Center, run by the UW-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and Access Community Health Centers. She also was medical director of UW Health’s Employee Health Services. Carre was a consultant who was also the head of a Madison youth soccer club. They have three children in their teens and twenties. They were pillars of their community and both worked diligently on the improvement of youth health and wellbeing.

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  1. Comments notwithstanding, this is a terrible shame and such a sad thing. Vicious criminals taking the lives of valuable people for what? A few dollars? Wish we had the death penalty. What else can you do with someone who places no value on the lives of others?

  2. Excuse me. I couldn’t help overhearing…

    Abraham Lincoln is here with me mumbling, “I told you so; I didn’t give a —- about slavery, per se, I intended to save the Union, even if the Union didn’t want saving.”

    OK. “Crazy Abe” would like to say a few words.

    Go ahead, Abe.


    “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” After acknowledging that this plan’s “sudden execution is impossible,” he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

    1. I prefer you call them Demonrat Scholars They do the same as the Demonrat Politician they just use the guns instead of laws.

  3. The murdered couple had three older biological children, who were blond. This younger one, Miriam Carre, appears in her Snap photo to be a light-skinned black. That may explain why she associated with these two mopes. She may have had social and/or academic difficulties in an upper-middle class high school where many of her peers would have been the children of academics at the near-by university. She may have felt more comfortable with other blacks who occupied a different academic and cultural milieu. In any case, it is clear from the police report that she instigated the robbery of her adoptive parents, which escalated into their murder. I hope the older children do not expend any funds from the parents’ estate to retain defense counsel. She truly does not deserve it.

    1. Is this a case of a couple of white liberals virtue signaling by adopting a monkey and paying for it with their lives?

      1. Who knows? If the kid was at least half-white, they may have thought they were rescuing her from a life in the hood. I do not fault them as much for that as I do for letting her hook up with Sanford. That is when they should have shipped Mimi off to a Lesbian Boot Camp somewhere in South America for a year or two to straighten her out.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky, she was adopted as a very young child from Guatemala. They had her from at least age 2, maybe earlier.

      1. I don’t know her and don’t know her ethnic mix. And I’ve only personally known a handful of Guatemalans. She doesn’t look like the ones I’ve seen, who are shorter, darker and more indigenous in appearance. In her photo, she has much lighter skin but with African braids. I do know that in Guatemala, as in many Central American countries, the Spaniards mixed with their imported African slaves, and both mixed with the indigenous peoples, creating a mix. In more rural areas, the people tend to be pure indigenous, and in other areas they can be heavily African. In the cities, many are 100% European. So all in all, her being born in Guatemala doesn’t consign her to a specific race or ethnicity. She is most likely mixed. My nephew did a mission in Guatemala and has a photo album which shows a wide variation in physical appearances. The same is true in Brazil where my other nephew did a two-year mission.

      2. Andrea – if she was adopted by 2 yo, she was really raised by them, in America, in a white family. That means she would be more white in her nurturing, even with outward Guatemalan appearance. And there is a difference.

        New, she is young, so she probably had questions about being adopted, first ( I have adopted ppl in my extended family) and then, her culture(bc she doesn’t look white). There are growing pains for kids like this…She was probably just dating (casually) bc she was so young (it wouldn’t be serious anyhow) and her parents were okay with that choice.

        Now, if she said she was getting married to him, maybe they, as in, her parents, would have been upset (I pulled a great April Fools joke about this myself). KaBoom! 😲😆. It was well deserved, btw.

        Next, how could her parents have known about the Casual bfs wrap sheet? Did she even know about it? (Also, has happened to me…Surprise, surprise). That’s not the first thing you do when dating, Especially not @ that age. Now, can I see your record, will be my first question. Even then, they could be lying to you.

        So, there daughter is Casually dating some black dude that she will not marry, her parents are busy with their Own lives and careers, her parents Assume she is curious about other races, including her own. It is tough being adopted with biological kids, like your the outsiders. So, yeah, my speculation…it was casual, and they didn’t care, and he was always nice to them, so they were never suspicious. Why go checking records?

        On her end, she just wanted a bf, and would not even think to check records.

        1. WW, that can’t be right! “This is absurd” is our expert here on teenage girls and he said so.

        2. I will wager the young man in question had markers of the sort of person who robs and kills people, as did his friends, and that her mother and father spotted it right away. It’s just that they were uncertain of how to proceed. I remember asking an office mate of mine about a situation like this. Q “What’s B___ doing?” A “He’s monitoring the situation verrrrry carefully”. (The bf was in the county jail; I was assured that that particular bf was an improvement on the previous one). For some young women, this sort of thing is catnip.

    2. TIN – I specifically sought other students of different ethnicity to get a variety. I like interesting people, and usually, to get different life stories, you have to interact with people from different nations, or background.

      Hanging out with a certain group or type does not mean comfortability necessarily, but could be a possibility.

      Going back to childhood, always different types, and including my own, white. My good friend always jokes my wedding would look like a damn UN Convention. She is right!

  4. If you do not teach your children to believe in God, instead of not believing in something, they will instead believe ANYTHING that confirms their hearts desires.

    1. I think this is accurate, Nobody.

      As someone who was not raised very religiously, something needs to fill the gap, and with absentee parents, sometimes that gap is filled with not good things.

      But of course, parents were both raised very religious. One despised everything about religion, the other was neutral. Idk. It depends on the religion. It depends on each individual’s experience. A lot goes into these things.

      If one does not have religion, one needs lots of moral lessons from parents and family.

  5. “we gon change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy.”
    Hey, and a woke, budding Maoist to boot. Where do I sign up for this jury?

  6. “Sanford has an arrest history. He previously lived with foster parents but was charged with felony auto theft last year Middleton near Madison. According to the criminal complaint, his foster parents went to Africa and disabled the home’s security camera and stole their car. He was later found sleeping in the car. He was allowed to enter the deferred prosecution program but later posted a picture on Facebook brandishing a gun.”
    The race is irrelevant. If your kids bring home strays, expect fleas or worse. Who lets their daughter bring this guy home. Well, we know don’t we: “Potter was a professor at the University of Wisconsin.” Being a standardless, guilty Lefty has its risks.

    Requiescat in pace.

    1. Five will get you Seven that Robin Carre was a whipped beta male who ceded his role in his family to an even more dominant, feminist Beth (“who needs that sad sack husband’s family name”) Potter. These dynamics and results don’t just come out of the blue. Pure speculation, of course, but you can’t ignore 60 years of life experience.

      1. That is my guess too. Any sensible family would be warning their daughter about dating outside their race, and particularly with whites and blacks. It can work, but if the white person is not aware that all blacks are NOT alike, and that about half of them are savage, stupid and violent people, then stuff like this can happen.

        I am not saying that white and black people can not pair up and have a successful relationship. Because they can, but too many liberal whites think because we don’t use the “N” word in polite company, then there is no such a thing. But there is. Conservatives know it. Black people know it. Asian and Hispanic people know it. But too many liberals live in lala land and do not know it.

        I mean this Sanford dude has hoodrat written all over him.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Ummm…Miriam Potter Carre, the daughter, is black. She was adopted. Learning the facts before you comment seems like a good rule of thumb.

          1. A picture of her on her mother’s Facebook profile is available. “Black” as in Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, or Halle Berry.

            1. Why does everyone think she is Black? Lol. What!??? She is Spanish Guatemalan, like Indio, as in Indian. She is mixed genetically like we all are…so a percentage black, but no full black. Her facial features are more Spaniard too, and less black.

            1. The older, biological children were white. The younger one, Miriam Carre is a light-skinned black. Look at her Snap photo.

                1. Squeaky – I tried to copy and paste her photo but it didn’t work. Just google her name. Miriam Carre or Miriam Potter Carre. There is an Instragram as well as a Snap photo. Someone else mentioned a photo on the adoptive mother’s Facebook page. I think this type of thing does strike a nerve. How can you adopt a baby and raise it in a highly educated, cultured household and then when it’s a teen it goes feral and murders you? It makes one wonder whether despite all the p.c. dogma, that certain behaviors and attitudes are far more hardwired than we care to acknowledge. From what I’ve observed, adopted children tend to adhere much more to their genetics than to the environment they were raised in.

          2. Plus, I said: “That is my guess too. ”

            Uh, err, ummmh . . .The whole point of a “guess” is that you do not know the facts.That is why you have to GUESS.

            If the “facts” you stated are true, then Thank You!!!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

        2. Squeaky – from experience, I have found that if the culture is too different, then it is much tougher.

          But say a black and a white who are both American, and have disconnected from culture, that is easy; but a white and Hispanic, one very American, and one very Brazilian, a little tougher, to say the least, but not impossible.

          Or even a white and Hispanic, both very Americanized, but then the mom who is not Americanized, also tougher.

          Could be the dad, doesn’t have to be the mom. And I mean language barriers, cultural issues that do pop up. Tough, but manageable with patients and understanding. Love is a very strong thing, indeed.

          My attempt at dating outside my race didn’t work out, but it ended bc of personality difference, and not extra issues like culture with the mom. Big personality difference.

          Sometimes you have to live with a person long enough to find out who they really are, let the mask slip, so to speak. and pay attention, so you don’t miss red flag, half in/half out, is not good for relationships, like auto pilot.

      2. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve seen these phenomena in people who really do not resemble the Potter / Carre’s (bar being well-to-do in some measure). You don’t have to be ‘woke’ to have a daughter into rough trade. You just have to have a daughter.

        Looking at the Potter / Carre’s, I’d wager she was the primary earner. He appears to have been someone who could not land a regular academic position (quite unreamarkable for an aspirant history professor) so did i bit of teaching, a bit of consulting, a bit of time with public agencies &c.

        My wager would be that the girl in question had peer problems, though not necessarily insuperable peer problems. Could be male or female peers.

        1. “You don’t have to be ‘woke’ to have a daughter into rough trade. You just have to have a daughter.”
          True as far as the assertion goes, but here the kicker is dear Mimi has alibied the perp and five will get you ten participated in the robbery planning. That’s beyond ingratitude from childish indiscretions; that’s malevolence and rancœur.

          1. From the Wisconsin State Journal article:

            “The friend also told law enforcement that he overheard a conversation between (Khari) Sanford and (Mimi) Potter Carre earlier in March in which “Miriam discussed with Khari the idea of how they could get money,” the complaint says, and that Potter Carre told Sanford that her parents were rich.”

            Not quite damning but surely slowing the stream!

      3. I’ll wager you she was not dominant, but willing to adjust to a situation where her husband was not a provider. I think the adjustment is to look upon your husband as a pet.

      4. Another Trumpster figures they got what they deserve.

        If there is any doubt how a low life like Trump has so many followers, a look around this board today explains it. We can calculate that a certain percentage are low life haters too.

        1. I don’t feel the compassion but if book is trying to say we should have compassion for them as victims of crime, yes, of course you are right book we should have compassion for them

          but there may be other lessons to be learned in such instances nonetheless. sometimes compassion stands in the way of charting a course of proper action going forward.

        2. No one “deserves” to be a murder victim. Not even well meaning, naive, preachy, morally superior leftists deserve this. But when one discards common sense and observing certain “patterns” (all in the name of diversity and inclusiveness), these things are bound to happen.

      5. Mespo articulated exactly what i had in mind

        i try to have compassion for victims of crime like that even when I don’t feel it.

        1. Then you are similarly too much about political hating – like mespo – and not sympathy for fellow humans and Americans you never met and have no idea – other than simple minded stereotypes you pegged them into – what they were like, how exactly they met their end, or even who they voted for. Am I supposed to view white Texans as enemies who deserve to die because they’re in a red state and have a pick up? That’s f…..g crazy. Even if they matched the stereotype – gun case and a Trump sticker on the F-150 – they could be great guys I would like. I know and work with people like that. You don’t know anything about this couple, but even if they were every stereotype mespo imagines while he rubs his gun stock, you might really like them if they were your neighbor, and rightly so, vegan diet or not.

          Lighten’ the F up!

          1. perhaps so. but i am wiling to entertain the so-called dark side of my nature. it is part of our natures for reasons.

            evolution gave us tools not only of happiness and love and peace, but also sadness and anger. and fear.

            these are interesting conversations.

            1. So, what we know of this couple is that they adopted a girl at some point who was black. It’s hard to imagine their motives were anything but good, and unless one thinks all black kids are evil, something we would probably applaud since there are more black kids available for adoption than whites, and China has shut it’s door to getting rid of girl babies (though probably still possible at their daughters age). Then this girl apparently went off the rails and or fell in with a bad crowd and ended up enabling if not abetting a callous f..d up foster kid (yeah, that must be an easy life!).

              Is raising teenager girls and keeping control of their lives away from home known to be an easy job that these people are blameworthy for not being successful at – to understate it a bit? We raised 2 kids who gave us only a little trouble and ended up successful as students and adults. Do i want a medal? No, I figure a lot of luck went in that as far as what crowd they fell into. Hopefully what we taught them had some affect on that, but peer pressure at that age is powerful stuff.

              How can anyone judge these people? It’s shameful. He was youth soccer coach and probably loved kids based on that fact They adopted a black baby. That’s not a liberal thing, it’s a good thing and selflessy pro-life if any act is. No doubt struggled with a teenager who was f…g up. Give them a break, at least!

            2. btb:

              “You don’t know anything about this couple, but even if they were every stereotype mespo imagines while he rubs his gun stock, you might really like them if they were your neighbor, and rightly so, vegan diet or not.

              Lighten’ the F up!”

              You can wallow in the presumed superiority of rank sentimentality all you want, but I choose to analyze behavior, learn the hard lessons and put those lessons into practice. Btw, the Potter-Carre coupling is now about as light as it gets.

              When can I send ol’ Khari and Ali’jah to your home for their pre-trial detention? You are such a hypocrite.

              1. I’m fortunately living with a mind not consumed in bitterness and hate towards those you don’t even know, as you obviously are, nor one confusing it’s hallucinations with reality.

                Seriously, seek help.

                1. btb:

                  “I’m fortunately living with a mind not consumed in bitterness and hate towards those you don’t even know, as you obviously are, nor one confusing it’s hallucinations with reality.”
                  You’re living in a mind not consumed by much of anything — and boy it shows.

      6. Professional women often use their maiden name out of expediency rather than dominance. If they have a career started and a name established it makes even more sense. If a woman is a doctor keeping your married name private can protect you from disgruntled patients or, their out for revenge over a bad outcome, loved ones.

        1. There is another reason,all those diplomas, certifications and licenses to mess with. Expensive, troublesome, etc.

        2. Robert – Exactly, someone just had this convo with me. i said, “No, she kept her maiden name, for ease.” Kaboom, an explosion from the other person.

          My thought: You the h*ll cares, why do you care so much. Mind your own beeswax. Not your life. Get over it.

          Not sure if, I would, or would not, but if easier for professional reasons, then whatever. Also, if said, the hypothetical husband had a surname, that didn’t sound good, but that is more vanity than anything else.

    2. Mespo – Agreed, race is irrelevant. The young man had a history of problematic behavior. At some point, you get that person mental health treatment, CBT and DBT. You definitely don’t let them live with you. You can try to persuade your daughter to date someone else. But if she is over 18, and say “settling scores,”. Good luck!

      Under 18, as parents, you just forbid it. But still tough, if sneaking around.

  7. Cops should have shot them down in cold blood instead of arresting them. Now Wisconsin gets to pay their bills.

  8. “No, We’re Not Racists!  We’re Just Pragmatic Conservatives”

    Turley Trumpers React To Liberals Murdered By Blacks (assuming guilt)

    Displayed below are edited quotes from this thread betraying naked glee that ‘snowflake liberals’ got what they deserved.  One reads these quotes and wonders if Trump supporters have a well-deserved reputation for mindless rage.

    These are a good example of upper middle class liberals for whom I have ZERO sympathy.

    Obviously these are products of Obama’s / Hillary’s / Pelosi’s / Maxine Water’s ….. oh, WTF, kill them all. Stalin and Mao killed millions and the Left loves them

    Soon we will hear that the parents were racist and that the killer is an honor student just trying to turn his life around despite headwinds of systemic racism in society.

    These fools are like the parents who “rescue” a pit bull and then can’t understand why it ate the baby.

    Way to go Left! Your indoctrination camps are making a difference! You must be so proud to see your brainwashed students putting your lessons into practice.

    Nobody’s topped your boy Mao’s pile of dead yet. Stalin came close. Well who knows, maybe the rising Left in America will be king of the hill this time around. Two down already thanks to the star pupil in this article.

    If being a good liberal actually required one to get their hands dirty (i.e. living in a black neighborhood, sending their kids to a black school) it would have been abolished long ago.

    yep, liberals like to say “I have some black friends” or better yet “one of our kids is dating a black person”.
    Oh well!

    It is easy for liberals, Asians and whites, to maintain the idea that the world is a nicer place than it is while sheltering in gated communities.

    Arguably Turley Trumpers are a less-than-charming group by any conventional standard.  Why then does Professor Turley pander to their rage?

    1. Correct and cogent comments. You seem to have a problem with truth when it does not fit your agenda.

    2. lol

      You quoted me there, but I’m not a Trumper.

      Start a new thread and put my quote in that one. Here’s a working title.

      “Posters who call out the dangers of indoctrinating children with Leftist ideas that I can’t argue with so I’m going to just cut and paste their comments and cast aspersions at them!!!”

      But I would much rather be called a Trumper than a Democrat – or worse, a Progressive – or worse still, a Leftist. That would be like being lumped in with a party based on pro-slavery, anti-civil rights, eugenics, and mass murder on a national and ethnic scale. No thank you.

    3. @seth warner

      Your opinion of me is absolutely irrelevant. Have a professional license in good standing, am well regarded by my family and peers. And BTW, I’m Hispanic myself. Of course, if I were a “poor victim, b@@ch and moan Hispanic” you would be kissing my a@@ by now.

      Obsessed with race, not hardly, but I do want to be safe and that involves noticing certain “patterns”. Political correctness means pretending not to notice.


      1. Yeah, Antonio, we know you’re Hispanic because you mention it in every comment. So you get a pass. Sorry if I quoted you.

        1. @seth warner

          Actually, I only play the ethnic card with s@@t libs like yourself. You aren’t sure if you are supposed to suck up to me or hate me, right?


          1. antonio, based on your posts here today, you’re a despicable human being,much like our President. What a coincidence.

            1. @bythebook

              Awwww, you called me a bad name. Tell you what, tomorrow I will post as a left wing, amnesty supporting Hispanic and then you can k@@s my @@.


                1. Ha, book, you are a blank page, only for lack of original thought. Are you a coloring book, a children’s book or simply pure fiction? One thing is for sure, with your droll comments, you’ll never be a best seller.

                2. Thanks for the suggestion but I do not think that is physically possible. Besides I am heterosexual and do not find males as physically attractive. Each to their own I suppose.

              1. Antonio you come across as seriously obnoxious. And we honestly dont know your true ethnic status. You could be three quarters White with a Hispanic name. But it doesnt matter. Your comments tell us all we need to know.

                1. @seth warner

                  You really have no idea regarding my personality or ethnic makeup and your opinion is truly irrelevant to me. I cannot put it any simpler.

                  And I am surprised (since leftists think they are so much smarter than everyone else) that you are not aware that Hispanic is not a race, but an ethnic category. There are White, Black, Mestizo and Mulatto Hispanics. Most New World Hispanics have some admixture regardless of their physical appearance and the Spanish had 16 distinct classifications for race. My family were 1961 refugees from the Worker’s Paradise (TM) known as Cuba. They were probably White by Cuban standards but not by American. And Spanish is my first language.

                  I am truly sorry anyone was murdered but White liberals such as these tend to be the same people who would call me racist for not wanting to go to the hood when I drove a cab in a large American city while in college. Instead of saying “Hey, I understand it might be dangerous, they would give a long sociological explanation as to why you are imagining this, all while refusing to do so themselves. Again, being a leftist does not require getting one’s own hands dirty.

                  I will take White liberals SERIOUSLY when they move to the ghetto and send their OWN kids to a black school.


                  1. Just curious antonio. Why would these white liberals who you think were insufficiently aware of live in the hood asking you to drive them there when you were in college. German tourists buying crack? Everyone else in town would know where say Bed-Stuy or the South Side is, right? It doesn’t compute with the rest of your story.

                    1. Actually I drove a taxi on weekends and summers while in college. Yes, sometimes there would be individuals asking to go to the hood and I suspected they wanted to buy drugs (or pick up a low end hooker). To avoid the crime of facilitation, I would ask them to leave a deposit and do their business on the outside. What they did outside of the taxi was none of my business.

                      But the main point of the previous story was that taxi drivers are often condemned as ‘racist’ for wanting to avoid certain neighborhoods and sometimes I would have passengers ask me about such things. And I answered honestly. BTW – our black drivers were no different, they avoided picking up young black males at night. I suppose they were racist too.

                      Driving a taxi was good money back in those pre-uber days. Especially while my friends were flipping burgers or doing landscaping. But I would not recommend it for someone who is naive or not streetwise. Being a good, idealistic, PC liberal will not help when some 17 year old “youth” from the hood puts a gun to your head. And the “youth” could care less about your belief system.

                      For anyone here who might be skeptical, my answer is lease a cab yourself if you are near a large, metropolitan area and pick up everyone, day or night who flags you down.

                      BTW – the best tippers tended to be waiters/waitresses and gay males. Their money is green, was legal tender and I didn’t worry about getting robbed.

                    2. Hey Book! What do you think about Joe Biden being accused of sexual assault by a former staffer of his Tara Reade? Is this credible?


                      She says they were alone in DC in a hallway and he shoved her up against the wall and went up her skirt and fingered her privates. Then he backed off.

                      Joe biden is presumed innocent! But shouldn’t he reply to this serious accusation?

                      Its’ been out there a week or so. Why you guys don’t mention it?

                      Now that Bernie’s gone, seems like high time to give it a comment or two?

                    3. No doubt antonio, that could be dangerous. A good friend of mine drove a cab for a couple of years in NYC during the late 70’s. He learned to pee in a soda bottle.

    4. Maybe Turley has felt a twinge of anger himself,. Who knows. Do you not feel anger, disgust, rage, hate? A story like this can incite all those feelings.

      I feel a lot of rage, disgust, hate, and anger. These are human emotions, they are part of our existence, just as are peace, love, and calm. however, life is easier, and it’s good for one’s health, to manage anger. i find it helps when feeling the hot emotions, to imagine letting it flow through you, just wash out of your body, before you act or react, and possibly make a situation worse. the Dalai Lama explains this:


    1. Paul, It was a play in words on the old “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” which was actually a pretty good movie. If a decent percentage of the black population were like Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington–and many are including a friend of mine–we, and they, wouldn’t have the problems that exist today.

      My friend was sometimes treated contemptuously by other blacks in the office for “acting white”, or so it seemed at the time. He pretended not to notice, but I did and very much resented it. If “black culture” is represented by lawlessness, violence and the themes in Rap, they need less of ‘authentic’ black culture.

      1. Young – speaking of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? I remember an older white woman saying “If they all looked like Sidney Poitier, who cares who came to dinner.” 😉

        1. True, but his genteel, educated and sophisticated manner also contributed much to his appeal.

          If he acted and spoke like many do these days his looks alone wouldn’t carry him far in polite society.

    1. Here’s a fun fact for you Brad…I’ll wait while you remove your head from your ass……OK, ready? Black on white violet crime is 7x the reverse despite being 1/6 the population.

      Numbers are racist now right?

      1. Thanks for the non sequitur.

        I do find it interesting that it’s mostly conservatives who are memorize black crime statistics. OBSESSED with race.

        1. I suspect that if you lived around a large number of blacks, you would be obsessed with race too. You kinda have to be. Even Southern Liberals don’t live in black areas, or send their kids to black schools, or fill up their cars at night in black areas. There is a reason why you see so many iron security bars on doors and windows in black neighborhoods.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        1. Antonio–You raise another taboo. The average IQ for blacks in America is 85, significantly lower than any other ethnic group. Every other black you meet at random is 85 or less.

          At least that explains the Guam-tipping geniuses in the Congressional Black Caucus.

          Before the Seth’s scream, I should point out that Murray and Hernstein said in The Bell Curve that it is a bell curve and despite the average there are a lot of blacks smarter than most whites. And there are a lot more who aren’t.

          You can tell nothing about a person’s intelligence by his race. One of the people I most admire is Ayan Hirsi Ali who is Somali who ejected her Muslim upbringing and moved to the West. Her book, INFIDEL, is excellent.

          Still, the 85 average is worrisome.

          1. Young:

            In studies run since 1919, the US Army found that to do the lowliest job in the service — a cook — you need an IQ of 81. The US military has a bout an 85 minimum IQ requirement. That’s what’s worrisome.

            1. In a long running experiment run since 1865, it’s been shown that a block of people commonly known as ‘blacks’ have an employment-to-population ratio matching the rest of the population: (1) if the labor market is passably tight and (2) if you don’t entice them to remain at home by handing out free cash. Please see Edward Banfield’s writing on the subject of low intelligence and employability.

              NB, the Social Security Administration regards you as employable if (1) your IQ is at least 60 and (2) you do not have some other disability. If you have some other disability, the thresh-hold is raised to an IQ of 70. I believe the share of blacks with an IQ < 60 is around 3.5%.

            2. I think I would want a cook to have a higher IQ than 81.

              On the other end I recall a few years ago that an applicant for the police academy was rejected because his IQ was too high.

              Mix that attitude with the demand for diversity and you get policemen arresting someone paddle boarding alone on the ocean for failure to maintain social distance.

          2. “Environment and intelligence research investigates the impact of environment on intelligence. This is one of the most important factors in understanding human group differences in IQ test scores and other measures of cognitive ability. It is estimated that genes contribute about 20–40% of the variance in intelligence in childhood and about 80% in old age. Thus the environment and its interaction with genes account for a high proportion of the variation in intelligence seen in groups of young children, and for a small proportion of the variation observed in groups of mature adults. Historically, there has been great interest in the field of intelligence research to determine environmental influences on the development of cognitive functioning, in particular, fluid intelligence, as defined by its stabilization at 16 years of age. Despite the fact that intelligence stabilizes in early adulthood it is thought that genetic factors come to play more of a role in our intelligence during middle and old age and that the importance of the environment dissipates.[1]”


            1. Did you read what you copied and pasted?

              Genetics plays a role in intelligence.

              As for environment less is known. A few years ago the Chicago Tribune reported that on standardized tests poor whites were doing better than affluent black children and they were upset that they could not find an explanation for it. Wasn’t it all supposed to be about wealth and environment? Apparently not.

              1. sometimes whites commit crimes on white folks too.

                for example, former biden staffer tara reade says joe biden sexually assauilted her. both white.

                is this a credible allegation?

                I am waiting on Joe Biden to hear his side of the story since he is presumed innocent


                Content warning: sexual assault

                Editor’s Note: The following is a transcript of the March 26th episode of The Katie Halper Show, in which Tara Reade, a former staff assistant to Joe Biden, details her story of assault and harassment. Tara is one of eight women who have accused Biden of touching them inappropriately. She first came forward publicly in April of 2019 to state that behavior similar to what Lucy Flores experienced had also happened to her as a staffer, but upon being publicly attacked along with Flores, Tara decided not to tell her full story. In January of 2020, as reported by the Intercept, Tara approached TimesUp, a project of the National Women’s Law Center that provides assistance for sexual assault and harassment victims with claims against employers and powerful men. TimesUp refused to help Tara. The justification they gave was unrelated to her credibility; instead, they said that because Biden was a political candidate, taking her case could jeopardize the organization’s nonprofit status. It is worth noting that TimesUp has ties to Biden campaign manager Anita Dunn.

                Because the alleged incident occurred in private, it is impossible to verify absolutely. But Tara told both her brother and a friend, as well as her late mother about what happened at the time. I have spoken with her brother, and while he did not know every detail, he remembers clearly that there was an incident involving a gym bag and Biden putting his hands up Tara’s skirt, that Tara was talking about going to the police, and that their mother was furious about what happened. I have listened to an interview Katie Halper conducted with Tara’s friend in which she confirms being told about the incident at the time, and have also spoken extensively to Tara herself and found no reason to doubt her.

                As Joe Biden himself said, “for a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.” Tara has no stakes in the election; she says she was a Hillary supporter in 2016 and supported Elizabeth Warren in 2020 while she was a candidate. Tara says she simply wants people to know what happened to her. I believe that at the very least, Tara has a right to be heard, which is why Current Affairs is printing her story, in her own words. I recommend everyone read it and listen to Tara’s interview with Katie Halper. The transcript has been edited lightly for readability, but we wanted to present it as intact as possible, so that you may hear Tara’s story in its rawest form. — Nathan J. Robinson, editor”

                1. more from that, the transcript

                  Well, the story starts when I went to work for Joe Biden. That was in 1992. I was hired that fall, the year that Bill Clinton was inaugurated as our president. Before that I was out West and I had worked on a congressional race. Before I was working in politics, I was an actress and a model and I had studied classically and I really loved the arts and I come from a family of artists and activists and whatnot. And then I got interested in college in political science and I went and interned for Leon Panetta when he was a Congressman and worked on an animal rights issue that ended up being put into law and signed into law. So it was very exciting and it was a very successful experience.

                  And then when I applied for Joe Biden’s office, I had a phone interview and then they offered me an in-person interview. And so I went out to DC and I interviewed in person and when I was there, the scheduler interviewed me and Joe Biden happened to walk past. He saw me and she introduced me and we were in the inner, kind of alcove office. And he asked me my name. I told him and he said, “Oh, that’s a good Irish name.” And she offered to him, “Hey, she worked as an intern for Leon Panetta.” And he’s like, “Oh, he’s a good guy.” And then he looked back and smiled at me and said, “hire her.” And the scheduler looked at me and said, “I guess you’re hired.”

                  What was the position for?

                  It was for a staff assistant position. So you know, pretty low on the totem pole, but you’re able to work through it. So, I supervised the intern program and made sure all the mail was distributed where it was supposed to be. I would go to a hearing and take notes. So it’s sorta like you just did what you had to do, all hands on deck sort of…

                  And you were how old at this point?

                  Mid twenties.

                  And how long did you work for Biden in total?

                  Nine months.

                  You would later come forward [about something that happened in 1993] after Lucy Flores came forward.

                  I actually did come forward in 1993 but not to the press. But I went through protocol and complained.

                  What was your complaint about?

                  Sexual harassment. I did not complain formally about the other piece of what happened that I’ll talk about in a few minutes. But I talked about what was witnessed, and the general atmosphere of the office, the way I was treated. Because I would see him at meetings and he would basically put his hands on me, put his hands on my shoulder, run his fingers on my neck… He was very handsy with a lot of people. But like I have said in the press before, it made me feel like an inanimate object. I didn’t feel like a person. He didn’t make conversation with me or talk with me or ask me anything relevant. It was just definitely that kind of vibe. So it was uncomfortable.

                  So it was really after that incident when I walked in and everyone was arguing. I [had been] called into the office and I was very nervous because I thought I did something wrong. Like I remember feeling almost sick to my stomach, nervous, like, you know, this was a big deal of getting called in rather than them just coming and talking to me. When I walked in, people’s voices were raised. They were arguing. There was a legislative assistant there, a senior aide. She worked on women’s issues, I believe among other issues. I know judiciary issues for sure. But anyway, she turned to me and she said, the Senator thinks that you’re pretty and that you have nice legs. And he wants you to serve drinks at this fundraising event. And you don’t have to do that, Tara, you don’t, you know, that’s not part of your job. And then the scheduler kind of interrupted her in the middle of what she was saying and then said whatever she said. I can’t remember everything that was exchanged, but basically everyone kind of looking at me and I just froze because I didn’t know what to say to anybody. And I was uncomfortable and I knew that no matter what I decided to do, I was gonna either make my immediate supervisor very unhappy or I was going to look bad in the eyes of the legislative assistant. She was sticking up for me, obviously, and didn’t think I should be objectified. So it was a strange position to be in. And I just left. I didn’t say anything actually. I called my mom and she was very adamant that I document it and file a report and she said, and her exact words were—and I remember because we got into like a little bit of an argument about it—she said, you just march in there and you tell them this is sexual harassment and you file a complaint. And I tried to explain to my mother that that wasn’t easy. You couldn’t just march into Ted Kaufman’s office, who was the chief of staff, and that there was a protocol, that there was a way to do that. And my mother said, you tend to be a little passive sometimes, you know, sometimes you stick up for yourself, but sometimes you let people take advantage of you, you need to stand up and you need to address this. So I already kind of had those feelings. I wanted to look at taking some actions. So I did a non-formal thing by just going to my supervisor. That’s when I was met with some of [my supervisor’s] attitude about the whole thing. Like why wasn’t I complimented, that people would be flattered to be liked by Joe Biden. And basically she was also admonishing me to keep my head down if I wanted to last. She said that a couple of times and she took me in the hallway a couple of times and kind of chewed me out a few times. Nothing was in writing.

                  But the time frame for me from this event [request to serve drinks and my taking it up with supervisors] to when I met him with the gym bag and the [assault] incident is compressed for me and I don’t know like how much time passed, but I do know a couple things happened between those two events. One that was significant was being told I had to dress differently and that I was too provocative and that was [said] by the assistant and by the scheduler. And they were finding fault with my work all the time, like every little thing. And it was almost to the point where three or four times a day there would be something, something, something wrong. And, my mother, I called my mom just one day in tears, you know, and she was like, you know, this is retaliation. They know that you want to file something. You’re already going through the motions. Because I, I had gone as far as to talk to Ted, to Dennis Toner who was the next person up after [Tara’s supervisor], and Dennis Toner then was below Ted Kaufman and there was just like this protocol you followed.

                  I eventually did talk to Ted Kaufman. Dennis really wasn’t even talking to me anymore. It was Dennis Toner that dealt with me up to this point. Working for Biden had been kind of tense…his public persona is very different than what he’s like at work. It’s more like working for a corporation. It’s very top down and it’s very tense and he doesn’t treat staff that well. In my opinion…that was my experience of it. And some other people that were complaining about it would leave abruptly. In fact, the position that I had—they were having trouble keeping a person in it. So I don’t know what that’s about, but that’s one of the things that they made clear at the interview, that people kept leaving. And that they wanted me to stay and asked if I had plans to stay. And I said yes, that I wanted to make a career on the Hill. And that I’d eventually like to run for office someday.

                  It was this beautiful time—this was before all the scandals, before the impeachment. This is when Bill Clinton first was president. I got to go to the inauguration. I got to go to the inaugural balls because I was working for Senator Biden. And it was this magical time in a sense. I walked the bridge of hope. I met Maya Angelou, which is one of the highlights of my life. And it was just amazing and wonderful. I was like a puppy, with enthusiasm. I was so happy to be there. I just went in with the attitude of doing everything I could to be a good employee. And I was very excited and honored to be there.

                  And so did you serve drinks at that event?

                  I did not… It kind of just went away. I said no, and then when I said no, I sort of got attitude about it. And then, pushed back on another thing that had nothing to do with sexual harassment. I pushed back about the intern program because I was given a stack of resumes by Ted Kaufman, the chief of staff. And he directed me firmly to hire DuPont employees’ children only. And I pushed back and I said we need more diversity and I want to hire some women and I want to hire from other places, like [how] you hired me. And then after this whole conversation, I was like, how did I get hired? I’m not from Delaware. So he said 50 percent, he relented to 50 percent [of DuPont employees’ children]. It was still just strange. So I’d have these interns that were more diverse and working class and then I had these really privileged interns. So that kind of stuff was happening. There were regular work challenges happening.

                  So how much interaction did you have with Biden?

                  I would see him, on and off quite a bit, but wouldn’t necessarily talk with him. He was always breezing out, breezing in with his people that would stay around him, usually the upper level staff, and they usually kind of kept right with him. But once in a while I would see him and he would just do that thing that guys do, you know, when they look you up and down and then smile and stuff. It just was obnoxious. I found myself getting more and more withdrawn and timid about speaking out because of the atmosphere. And because the scheduler was so closed down [when it came to] hearing about it. One of the things she said to me was, you know, the Senator likes you. You know, most women would really like that attention. She goes, you know, I don’t understand your attitude, like what is the problem? I definitely started feeling like I just didn’t really belong there. It definitely wasn’t a progressive office. I was told to just do what I was told.

                  And then it wasn’t long after that, that the scheduler called me in and said, I want you to take this to Joe. He wants you to bring it, hurry. And I said, okay. And it was a gym bag. She called it an athletic bag. She said he was down towards the Capitol and “he’ll meet you.” And so I went down and he was at first talking to someone, I could see him at a distance and then they went away. And then, we were in like the side area. And he just said, Hey, come here, Tara. And then I handed him the thing and he greeted me, he remembered my name. And it was the strangest thing. There was no like exchange really. He just had me up against the wall. I was wearing a shirt and a skirt but I wasn’t wearing stockings. It was kind of a hot day. And I was wearing heels and I remember my legs had been hurting from the marble of the Capitol, walking on it. So I remember that kind of stuff. I remember it was kind of an unusually warm day. And I remember he just had me up against the wall and the wall was cold. It happened all at once. The gym bag, I don’t know where it went. I handed it to him. It was gone and then his hands were on me and underneath my clothes. And then he went down my skirt, but then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers. And he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying something to me. He said several things, I can’t remember everything he said. I remember a couple of things. I remember him saying first before, like as he was doing it, “do you want to go somewhere else?” And then him saying to me when I pulled away, when he got finished doing what he was doing and I pulled back and he said, “come on man, I heard you liked me.” And it’s that phrase [that] stayed with me because I kept thinking what I might’ve said [to make him think that]. And I can’t remember exactly, if he said “I thought,” or “I heard,” but it’s like he implied I had done this.

                  And for me it was like everything, everything shattered in that moment. I looked up to him, he was like my father’s age. He was this champion of women’s rights in my eyes. And I couldn’t believe that was happening. It seemed surreal. And I just felt sick because when he pulled back, he looked annoyed and he looked angry and he said something else to me that I, I don’t want to say. And I must’ve looked shocked [by what he said]. And he grabbed me by the shoulders and he said, you’re okay. You’re fine. You’re okay, you’re fine. And then, he walked away and he went on with his day.

                  And what I remember next is being in the Russell building, like where the big windows are and the stairs by myself and I was shaking everywhere because it was cold all of a sudden. I was trying to grasp what had just happened and what I should do or what I should say. But I knew it was bad because he was so angry. Like when he left, I could feel, you know how when you know someone’s angry, they don’t necessarily say anything. Like he smiles when he’s angry and you can just feel it.

                  So then I went home and I called my mom because I didn’t know who else to call and she was wanting me to go make a police report, like right away. My mom was very adamant that I do that. And I said, no. And we had an argument about it. I said, Mom, you can’t do that. […]I tried to bring it up later to the scheduler and she just wouldn’t hear it. She shut me down before I could even get there and [she] said, I can’t believe you’re trying to bring things like this up. And she said, how can I bring this to Ted Kaufman? He’ll just think we’re all on our periods.

                  Wow. And she could tell you were talking about something more than the harassment or she was just saying that about the harassment?

                  I can’t project onto like what that conversation was because I was starting to tell her… I didn’t tell her. I started to try to go there and she shut it down. Like I don’t want to hear this. Like that’s enough. Like, you know, kind of basically letting me know like if I didn’t like it I could just go. And so I would see Biden after that, he would just not look at me, he looked angry. You know, someone walks by and instead of greeting you and smiling like they normally do, they won’t look at you. He was pissed. So then the final interaction I had…it was a mandatory meeting where I had to be there and he came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and then put his thumb or finger, I don’t even know what, up and down my neck in the back and the back of my hair. And I remember I just froze because I didn’t know what that meant and it just was uncomfortable. And I again told my mom about it because it was just weird and mom said, that’s just power. He’s trying to dominate you.

                  So this was after the assault that happened.

                  Yeah. Those are the last times I ever really interacted because they put me in a windowless office. I didn’t have the one with a window anymore. And I was cut off from staff. I was not supervising the interns anymore. Literally, my job was to show up and just look for another job. I wasn’t allowed to go to legislative hearings, nothing. So the chronology was that I was then looking for a job. And in June I was volunteering for the RFK Memorial, the 25th anniversary. I did the VIP tent and I was talking to a person in Kennedy’s office who was trying to help me backdoor, to get [Biden’s office] to stop what they were doing. And anyway, technically I think my Senate record goes until August, but I remember leaving before then. I didn’t have a job. I couldn’t get a job. Once word got around unofficially about my trying to file a complaint, filling out a form and stuff, it’s like no one, no one on the Hill…Usually when I would send out resumes, I would get responses right away.

                  I just want to make sure I’m clear on this. You considered reporting the harassment.

                  I did try to complain about the harassment internally, but I was going through protocol. You go to your supervisor first, then to Dennis Toner, then to Ted Kaufman. I was following the protocol how you [were supposed to do] it, right? Yeah. But they didn’t do anything right. And then it got worse and then that [the assault] happens. So then I went outside and tried and there was like this office set up and I can’t remember if it was in the Rayburn office building…if it was in there…it seemed to me like it was in a congressional office building, not the Russell Senate. Longworth or Rayburn. And it was this little tiny office and you go up and there was literally a clipboard and I filled out a form and someone kind of was just out[side] the window, but it was weird and it wasn’t very confidential and it was just odd. So I filled out the form and I know it existed. They took it and then I don’t know what happened to it. I’ve tried to track that form down and I was told it was probably returned to Biden’s office. So it’s an archival material.

                  Okay. So, okay. So you, there’s sexual harassment that you witness and experience. You go through protocol, then nothing happens, then you have the incident in the alcove with Biden. You tell your mom, she encourages you to file a police report. You say, no, but I will do something external about the harassment, not the assault.

                  Right. Yeah. And I thought about trying to talk about it. I did. I tried. I just couldn’t, I couldn’t even now, like I, it’s so hard. I mean, I, I’ve worked as an advocate for domestic violence cases and help[ed] kids…but it’s just, there was no framework back then and to be fully clear, my mom educated me after it happened that it was sexual assault. I felt, I felt like it was my fault, that I did bring it on.

                  After the whole serving the drinks thing happened, things got really tense for me and it’s like my supervisor kept finding fault with my work. Like all of a sudden I was doing things wrong. And then she took me inside and sent in an assistant and said, we want you to wear different clothes. You need to button up more. You should wear longer skirts… And she goes, try not to be so noticed or too noticeable. The other person was more awkward about it. She was just like it’s not coming from me, but they’re telling you to wear longer skirts and button up more and you’re a little too provocative. Right. Whatever. So, and I was like, Oh, this is, this is weird. So I told my mom that, and she goes, that’s retaliation. They’re trying to retaliate. You need to document everything. And my mom was very adamant. I was like, mom. And my mom even said, you march in there and you tell them this is sexual harassment and you don’t take it. I’m like, you don’t march into Ted Kaufman’s office, and you don’t do that. And I’m not…I just wasn’t comfortable. I said, I’ll never be able to get a job on the Hill again. And it didn’t matter because I couldn’t. Anyway, so those are my memories of the overarching retaliation piece. But again, it started as verbal complaints and then escalated to written. They did threaten to write me up about what I was wearing and I was just wearing like, suits, your average skirt, sometimes a blazer, whatever. They were nice. I guess I didn’t have that many outfits. I had just a basic wardrobe that I would interchange, but now [when] I look at it, it’s laughable. I was wearing navy blue and black and pinstripe, you know. My mom was forcing me to [take notes on what was happening], and I was even keeping a journal at the time.

                  Which you don’t have anymore, right?

                  No, I don’t. I wish I did. I just never thought this would ever come up again. And there’s many things from my youth that I don’t have and I wish I did. She [my mom] predicted that they would retaliate and she was absolutely right. I didn’t think they would. For some reason I just thought it would go away. Like after the drinks thing, I thought, when he gets the message [that] I’m not interested or I’m not one of those people that just wants to try to make contacts that way, it’ll just go away. But it didn’t… It was almost hostile. It was angry. From upper level staff. Like I just wasn’t cooperating the way they wanted me to. So to be really clear, it was verbal [her complaint up the chain of command]. And then after the assault incident, I went outside the sphere of the office for help. And that’s when I sought out that little room [where] I filled out a form. It was just a form and then I didn’t really know what to do after that. I talked to my friend who worked in Kennedy’s office and then she tried to talk to somebody there to see, she wasn’t sure what to do either…

                  It still is difficult for me to discuss openly. And back then it was very difficult and I would talk around it. My mom kind of pulled it out of me. I didn’t give her a lot of details at first. It took her like an hour. I called her crying and she was really concerned.

                  So you called her?

                  Called her and cried and told her part of it, like talked around it, and then she got me to say the words.

                  So what did you say?

                  At first, I said that something happened at work, it was kind of bad and she said, “kind of bad. What does that mean?” And she kept asking me questions. And then finally I said, well, I had an encounter with Senator Biden and it was, I just, I don’t know what to do. And she said, “what do you mean an encounter? What does that mean?”…And then she got impatient. “Tara, just tell me what you’re talking about.” I don’t remember how the whole conversation went from there, She was furious, she wanted to call the police. And then she was like, that’s assault. And I was like, no, it’s not. I [must have done] something, [since] he said, he thought—you know—that I liked him and I was almost defending him. It was bizarre because I was just…I think I was kind of in shock too. And I think that I kept thinking I wanted it to just go away. I wanted it to be back to when I was first in that office and nothing ever happened… I was in denial, I guess.

                  So both at the time and then moving forward—and I think it’s understandable—it was much easier for you to talk about the harassment than the assault. After Lucy Flores came forward, you shared about the harassment but not the assault. What’s the difference? I just want to make sure that people who don’t get it, get it.

                  Last April I saw the way the press was tearing Lucy Flores apart and a friend of mine even called me, [a friend] who I had told about the assault when it happened. She said, Hey, you know, on the news they’re saying no employees of Biden came forward, and what do you know? […So in] April when Lucy Flores was being so torn apart in the press and Whoopi Goldberg was making that comment publicly about [how when] someone puts their hand on your shoulder, you just turn around, you tell them, take it off. And I was like, Oh, Oh, that’s cringeworthy. If you work for them, you don’t [do that]. She [Lucy] had been supported by him politically. He was endorsing her so there was a power differential.

                  The insinuation was like…if this is a guy who does [sexual harassment] so much, why…didn’t people who work for him experience that? That’s what they were saying.

                  Right? Yeah. And I’ve had more than one person say, Oh, well do you have more women [accusers]? And I’m like, I don’t know. We don’t all talk in a group. That’s so absurd. I guess because of the Weinstein case or other cases, they’re thinking…that we move in a throng. Well, and this is the thing I want to make really clear: this has been excruciating for me because I liked Biden. I mean not in [that] way, right? He was a powerful figure for me. I was his subordinate. I was hoping to have a career in the Senate. I wanted to be a senator. I didn’t want to sleep with one. I wanted to be taken seriously. I wanted to have a full career and be mentored. And the people that worked around him were brilliant. There [are] some really brilliant legislative assistants. So it was a collective thing. It wasn’t just him, right? [What’s] excruciating for me is that he’s not some horrible monster. He’s done really good things. And so as you get older, you realize many things can be true at once. Like people do cool stuff and then do really yucky stuff. It’s a hard subject still. And there’s the MeToo movement. It’s still like what happened to me in April when I did come forward, I was just totally decimated online on social media and my reputation was torn apart…”

            2. No one says there is not both a genetic and environmental component to IQ. According to the Bell Curve it probably ranges from a low of 40% to a high of 80% genetic. This is mainstream science. A “hate fact” or inconvenient truth but one nonetheless.

              I am amazed at those who swear that sexual orientation is absolutely 100% genetic and IQ differences are totally due to environment. Sounds like an inconsistency, but I shouldn’t expect egalitarians to be consistent.

          3. Actually African blacks and Australian Aborigines have average lower IQ’s. But yes, there are people from every human subgroup who are geniuses and morons. It is a “bell curve” after all and a question of how many. And while there is some overlap the averages are as follows.

            Ashkenazi Jews 115
            East Asians 108
            Caucasians 100
            Hispanics 93
            Amerindians more or less the same
            American Blacks 85
            African Blacks 75
            Australian Aborigines 65

            I apologize if those numbers are a little off but that is about right.

      1. “Allowed their daughter to associate with that subhuman?

        No loss.”
        No, no stupid wokeness doesn’t carry a death sentence; that’s natural selection. Stupid Wokeness carries a title of total lack of awareness and denial of reality. They didn’t deserve to die. They just did. Too bad their education was fatal.

        1. They got a speed course in street education in the last hours of their lives.

          I wouldn’t tolerate my daughter associating with these animals if they were white.

          The problem is behavior.

          1. You don’t know all the details or what you would do Young. You don’t know if the parents knew about his previous arrest – which was for stealing his foster parents car, a felony but not exactly indicative of a coming life of crime – and what dynamic there was between them and the daughter. Very likely thought they could keep her in their influence instead of losing her to the street. She was of age. Count your lucky stars you aren’t facing something like this. I do for when mine were young.

            1. btb:

              “Very likely thought they could keep her in their influence instead of losing her to the street. She was of age. Count your lucky stars you aren’t facing something like this. I do for when mine were young.”
              She planned it with them, Genius. What a mush brain. Endanger your spouse and daughter to appease some politically correct notion social of social justice and assuage some unjustified guilt. Then your daughter exposed to criminal culture peppered with sex turns on you for your wealth and disgusting fecklessness. This is stupid marrying malevolence and giving birth to an orphan-to-be named mayhem. That you don’t see that says something. That you do and don’t admit it says more.

    2. Sorry Brad but I think you have it backward. Look at the TV ads featuring mixed couples. Coincidence? You be the judge.

      1. I never said conservatives are the only ones obsessed with race.

        I do find it interesting that it’s usually conservatives who feel the need to point out advertising with mixed couples. OBSESSED with race.

    3. Says the people who constantly go on about white privilege, cultural appropriation, reparations, affirmative action, race and gender studies, and so on while blacks murder blacks in Chicago ( several more today) without a word from you that ‘black lives matter’ in that city.

          1. Brad, and who are you implying ISN’T obsessed with race in this country?

            The Left? Democrats?

            Are you actually going to allege that?

          2. Brad:

            “How does anything you posted address my assertion that conservatives are OBSESSED with race?”
            Well, its an extraordinary claim and thus requires extraordinary proof. My own belief from various surveys is that Dim leaders are race-obsessed and hence mention it with every comment or slur.

            From a demographic perspective blacks are more race-conscious that the Caucasian majority. Here are the numbers.

            A 2013 Rasmussen Poll found that “a larger minority of Americans, 37 percent, think most black Americans are racist compared to the 15 percent of respondents who think most white Americans are racist or the 18 percent who think that about Hispanic Americans. … What defies the usual stereotypes is the sizable minority of blacks, 31 percent, who agreed with the 38 percent of whites in the poll who think that most blacks are racist. That’s higher than the 24 percent of blacks (and 10 percent of whites) who think that most whites are racist..”

            So more blacks think blacks are more racist than Whites think Blacks are more racist. Unless Blacks are mostly conservative, I thin’ you got some ‘splaining to do.


            1. You are so OBSESSED with race that my throwaway comment triggered you to search out a poll about who different races consider the most racist. Sad.

              I’m also not sure why you are conflating being “race-conscious” with being racist or why you think that poll disproves the evidence present in this comment section that conservatives are OBSESSED with race. Just look how often the whiteness of the victims gets highlighted.

              1. Brad:
                “You are so OBSESSED with race that my throwaway comment triggered you to search out a poll about who different races consider the most racist. Sad.”

                I’ve known about that poll since it came out and cited in many times on this blog. Life around here didn’t start when you entered Stage Left. Substantively, who am I to argue with the experts? And, when White on Black crime approaches even an order of magnitude of the reverse, maybe the emphasis will change.

              2. Highlighting the “whiteness” of the victims of black violence is a natural response to the observed media pattern of omitting race altogether when the victim is white and the perpetrator is black. Of course, in the rare case of white-on-black violence, the racial angle leads the story, even when the story predictably turns out to be completely fabricated.

      1. You mean Black LIES Matter, since all their poster-child examples are lies: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamar Rice.

    4. I’ve noticed that sharks are significantly more dangerous than porpoises, but this doesn’t mean I’m OBSESSED with ocean species. It just means that my powers of observation, along with my eyes, function normally.
      And to anyone who blindly fails to notice that sharks are significantly more dangerous than porpoises, well, I won’t be surprised if they end up dead.

        1. They may end up dead but at least they weren’t RACIST! And everyone knows that is what is most important. If people start noticing, they may not get invited to the next cocktail party.

  9. In other news, it was revealed that Khari Sanford was studying to be a brain surgeon to help all the oppressed, marginalized people of color in the racist USA/

  10. Sounds like a fair trade……….the lives of two useless snowflake millennial in exchange for the life of two educated medical professionals, who benefited from white privileged.

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