China Revises Figures On Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

1193px-SARS-CoV-2_without_backgroundFor weeks, experts around the world have expressed open skepticism, if not mockery, over the claims of the death count in China.  While not as absurd as North Korea claiming no cases, China has been reporting a ridiculously low number.  News stories of crematoriums working around the clock and thousands of urns delivered just to Wuhan have added to the criticism.  Now China has increased its count by roughly fifty percent in Wuhan but it is still far below what experts believe is the true story.  China is widely believed to be covering up information on the origins and early outbreak of the virus.

The Wuhan government said total confirmed infections in the city have been revised to 50,333, an increase of 325 cases, while the death count is now 3,869 — and increase of 1,290. This follows embarrassing stories out of Wuhan of long lines of families waiting for urns. A simple counting of families exceeded the official toll.

The death toll for the whole country was moved from  3,342 to 4,632 with total cases  revised from 82,367 to 82,692.

The modest adjustment (blamed on poor accounting on the local level) is unlikely to quell the rising questions over China’s virus lab as a possible source of the outbreak and China’s cover-up, including arresting doctors and withdrawing expert reports during the crisis.

Mao always had a rather direct view of what constitutes truth.   He declared “Every Communist must grasp the truth, ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.’; Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.”


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  1. Trump Portrays W.H.O. As Foreign Organization. But U.S. Researchers Have Always Been There

    More than a dozen U.S. researchers, physicians and public health experts, many of them from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were working full time at the Geneva headquarters of the World Health Organization as the novel coronavirus emerged late last year and transmitted real-time information about its discovery and spread in China to the Trump administration, according to U.S. and international officials.

    A number of CDC staffers are regularly detailed to work at WHO in Geneva as part of a rotation that has operated for years. Senior Trump-appointed health officials also consulted regularly at the highest levels with the WHO as the crisis unfolded, the officials said.

    The presence of so many U.S. officials undercuts President Trump’s charge that the WHO’s failure to communicate the extent of the threat, born of a desire to protect China, is largely responsible for the rapid spread of the virus in the United States.

    The administration has also sharply criticized the Chinese government for withholding information.

    But the president, who often touts a personal relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and is reluctant to inflict damage on a trade deal with Beijing, appears to see the WHO as a more defenseless target.

    Asked early Sunday about the presence of CDC and other officials at the WHO, and whether it was “fair to blame the WHO for covering up the spread of this virus,” Deborah Birx, the State Department expert who is part of the White House pandemic team, gently shifted the onus to China, and the need to “over-communicate.”.

    Edited From: “Americans At World Health Organization Transmitted Real Time Information About Coronavirus”

    Today’s Washington Post

  2. Federal Court Ruling With Regards To Kansas Church Services

    Here is an excerpt from yesterday’s coverage in “The Witchita Eagle” regarding that Federal Cort rule by Judge John Broome, a 2017 Trump appointee. Broomes ruling lays out a list of protocols that churches should follow. But one has to ask how realistically these protocols can be enforced.

    Broomes’ order specified 24 protocols the churches will have to follow to have in-person services:

    Prior to and following the in-person service, the facility will be deep-cleaned
    Invitations will be directed to regular church attendees for this in-person service
    Individuals will be advised to continue to engage in “stay at home” protocols as directed by executive order 20-16 in order to attend the service

    No church members are known to have had any contact with known COVID-19 confirmed cases

    Attendees will be advised to perform temperature checks at home on all attendees prior to attending the service. Individuals that are ill or have fevers will not attend
    High-risk individuals will be advised not to attend the in-person service

    Attendees will be advised to bring their own personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves

    Attendees will be advised not to engage in handshaking or other physical contact

    Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout the facility

    The in-person service will be limited to 50 individuals in a space that has a capacity for 300 individuals (a cross-shaped auditorium 50 feet by 74 feet at the center; 2,950 square feet total, allowing almost 57 square feet available to each attendee at maximum social distancing)

    Co-habitating family units may sit closer together but otherwise the maximum social distancing possible will be used, however, at a minimum, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended protocol will be observed with a minimum distance of at least six feet

    A single point of entry and single point of exit on opposite sides of the building will be used, establishing a one-way traffic pattern to ensure social distancing

    Ventilation will be increased as much as possible, opening windows and doors, as weather permits

    These procedures will be communicated to church members in advance of the service

    Church bulletin and offering plates will not be used during the service

    Attendees will be advised to wash their clothes following the service

    If Church leadership becomes aware of a clear, immediate, and imminent threat to the safety of the attendees or cannot follow the protocols listed above, the gathering will be immediately disbanded.

    Splitting out pews and marking designated sitting areas to keep non-cohabitating congregants at least six feet apart before, during, and after the worship service

    Marking multiple entrances to encourage socially distanced foot traffic

    Propping doors open to prevent the need for congregants to touch doors while entering and exiting the church or sanctuary

    Suspending passing offering plates and bulletins

    Actively discouraging handshaking or other social touching

    Offering hand sanitizer throughout the building

    Providing face masks to offer to any interested persons


      Here’s the full story from “The Wichita Eagle” which presents extensive coverage.

      1. The Judge’s order was provided further below which provides the full story.
        What is wrong with Seth?


        Seth Warner says:
        April 19, 2020 at 2:23 PM


        The Kansas ruling has nothing to do with drive-in services. Nothing whatsoever!

        1. Anonymous– in the same vein the governor of New Jersey banned going to a drive-through annual event at a tulip farm. Clearly arbitrary and capricious, and I hope the state is compelled to pay damages for this. Makes one wonder if the owners contributed to a Republican at some time or other. That appears to have been the sin of Gibson Guitar when Obama turned the federal dragon loose on them.

        2. Anonymous, what are talking about??? I went out of my way to provide extensive coverage from a local Kansas source.

          And why do you need to stay ‘anonymous’??

  3. “Wuhan Flu”

    American debt to China must frozen.

    Chinese assets must be frozen globally.

    Trade with China must be frozen.

    China must be sued by the best method. The method is immaterial. The law suit is imperative.

    China has an immutable moral, ethical and legal obligation to submit itself to full and complete international forensic and legal scrutiny, and litigation in the matter of the global pandemic caused by the release and “outbreak” of the “Wuhan Flu,” COVID-19, and to compensate the victims of the pandemic who have suffered global-scale damages, injury and wrongful deaths through the inadvertent or malicious gross negligence and dereliction committed by China.

    China must be ostracized from participation in the global economy as long as it evades and refuses to submit itself to forensic and legal scrutiny and litigation in the matter of COVID-19.

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