Violinist In Italy Gives A Gift To The World From The Top Of A Pandemic Hospital

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We have seen some truly moving moments of people bringing comfort and kindness to others in this pandemic.  Some of the most moving have come from Italy. This video of violinist Lena Yokoyama playing a piece by Ennio Moricone from the roof of a hospital in Cremona has brought tears to the eye of millions around the world, including health care workers in the hospital.

What is particularly powerful is that Cremona is one of the world’s greatest musical centers, including the making of famous violins and the home of many legendary composers.  The music of Yokoyama soared over the city, reminding everyone of the beauty that remains in the world even in the midst of a pandemic.  The music reached a world in isolation to make us all feel a bit less isolated and alone.  

Thank you Lena and Cremona.

23 thoughts on “Violinist In Italy Gives A Gift To The World From The Top Of A Pandemic Hospital”

    1. I 2nd Karen’s notion. Violins are the most beautiful sounding instrument. I really enjoyed listening to her play.

  1. Out here in Palm Springs there is an FM radio station 107.3 that at 1200 noon each day stops its broadcast to honor the heros and America and asks everyone to stop a moment and sing along to the National Anthem. I was once at the store and i saw the man parked next to me singing. It is a beautiful thought.

  2. She is going to get a DMCA strike. Beautiful though, breath-taking.

    1. Paul – Not sure if you saw my last post about the wildlife in San Simeon and Morro Bay.

      Had to step away bc I busted my foot up, and I am in a darn wheelchair now. Can you believe this !? What a bunch of baloney.

      Don’t worry though, I will recover fast, enjoying being a speed racer through the courtyard. 😉 haha

      Much respect to those in chairs, it’s tough, and I am only doing it temporarily. It’s quite the workout, never realized it.

      1. Now, I just need a blow horn and a megaphone so I can speak to ppl while stuck. 😉

        So, yeah, back to Cali stuff…Otters in Morro Bay, and Elephant Seals in San Simeon.

        Check em out if you haven’t already. I also rec staying in Big Sur a few nights. Camping or Glamping, depending on who you go with.

        I like to stop in Carmel Beach for a night and hang out…

        1. I almost forgot to say this, the best part…

          Ya wanna know who picked me off the side of the street after eating it, face first…a homeless person.

          They turned their bike around, with a wagon attached, came over, like hey, you okay there?

          Homeless ppl are not all bad, like some believe, just really unlucky, or unfortunate, for those who believe luck is a faux pas term…

          1. WW33 – having been homeless myself for a short period, I never thought homeless ppl are bad, just down on their luck. Glad someone found you. Did they put you in the wagon and take you to the hospital? That would have been sooooooo cool. 😉

            1. Paul – Sorry for the delay. Just pain meds and everything takes 2x as long. So, tired a lot.

              Luckily, I did not end up in the wagon. 😶 I am holding off on going to the ER until Saturday, so 7 days, and then if I still can’t bear weight, Ill bite the bullet, risk CV19. I don’t want to see a hospital right now for obvious reasons.

              Really? You were homeless? Wow, I had no idea. Sorry to hear that. That’s awful, I am glad you were able to get out of it. Sometimes, ppl get stuck, and then that is it. Or they come out for the worst mentally. So, I know you have a strong mindset and a positive mentality.

              No, no, not you thinking homeless were bad.

              Just, generally speaking, some ppl in society snicker at homeless like they’re drug addicts or thieves. They’re not. And you have to tell ppl this. I’ve had this discussion many times with folks out and about and around.

        2. WW33 – my wife and I are “culture vultures” so we stop for every museum or historical spot, which we have done in CA. We spent an entire week going to the attractions in Balboa Park in San Diego. We also like to go to the beaches, missions, etc. We have been all the way up Highway 1 back in the 80s when there were fewer rockslides blocking the road. I have seen the wine country, including Coppola’s winery.

          BTW, sorry about your foot. Hope it heals rapidly.

          1. Paul – So neat! Thanks for your warm wishes. I am just not on Prof JT b-law-g as much bc everything takes so long to get around now.

            Sounds like you and your wife have had some fun times in Cali. Oddly enough, I haven’t done too much in San Diego, only 3 hr away. d’oh.

            Balboa Park is right down the street. I like to rollerskate there / feed the animals. But some of those larger birds will chase you down, vicious, can be dangerous, watch out! 😂

            Yeah, I think Big Sur has had issues with rockslides lately, few years. Bet it was awesome in the 80s if I could time travel.

            Wine country is the best. I have a favorite vineyard there, small family-run, met the owner, and his family, randomly, really nice guy.

            It is called V. Sattui. IMHO, I think they have some of the best wines. It is in St. Helena region.

            1. WW33 – have you been to Coppalla’s winery? He has stuff from the Godfather movies, including Micheal’s desk and the gold phone. He also has stuff from the history of film, all in a little museum.

              BTW, if you are injured, see your doctor and have him send you for x-rays. It is cheaper than the emergency room.

      2. WW33 – if you got my response about watching an otter lunch at Morro Bay, then yes, I got.

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