“Technically Black”: Atlantic Columnist Supports Biden’s Statement That Black Trump Supporters Are Not Really Black

220px-Biden_2013Former Vice President Joe Biden had a bad day yesterday after his statement during an interview with Charlamagne tha God on the radio show “The Breakfast Club” that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  To Biden’s credit, he came out an apologized. (Something President Donald Trump has consistently refused to do for comments like his statement that Jewish voters who voted for the Obama Administration “do not like Israel too much”). However, Atlantic staff writer Jemele Hill has kept the controversy brewing with her insistence that Biden’s statement that over a million such Black voters in recent polling are not really (as opposed to “technically”) black was “accurate.”  The controversy raises some of the issues addressed recently in a column on the stereotyping of Trump supporters.  [Biden is also facing a push back from the NAACP which said that, despite his repeated statements to the contrary, it has never endorsed Biden or anyone else.]

We have previously discussed Hill’s controversial career at ESPN.  Now a writer for The Atlantic, Hill argued that, while clearly meant as a joke, Biden was actually right.

“The issue wasn’t what Joe Biden said, because it was accurate. The issue was that it came from Biden. It also was clearly a joke that didn’t land. But I’m wondering where all this outrage was yesterday when y’all president declared his public devotion to a Nazi sympathizer.”

That appears a reference to Trump praising the family (and “bloodline”) of Henry Ford at a visit to the Ford factory. She later added that such black voters could still be considered “technically black.”

“I don’t have a problem with the statement because he was clearly referring to this from a policy and track record standpoint. If you’re black and you support anti-black policies and positions, then that makes you …? You’re still technically black but you ain’t with us.”

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    1. His connection to the domestic black population is that he married into it. He knew very little of it until he was past 20. Colin Powell is West Indian, strictly speaking, but he grew up around black Americans as well as marrying one. Obama did not.

    2. Note also, Obama did not have a significant relationship with a black women until he was age 28. His grandmother, his mother, and one of his known LTRs were white. His sister and the other known LTR are Oriental-White. His entire life up until age 20 was spent in loci with few blacks. You may be fond of Michelle Robinson and her family or not, but, sociologically and culturally speaking, they are outliers (Michelle especially). Frank Marshall Davis was another outlier. His known friends in Chicago (ValJar and Dr. Whittaker) are outliers of a different sort. The closest he’s ever been to a normal-range black person is his mother-in-law.

      1. Absurd discounts the value and wisdom learned by Obama straddling white and black America and somehow counts it against him.. Of course by his warped calcs he’s generally a man of few accomplishments while Trump is a wise and tested businessman, not Daddy’s little rich boy, self described king of debt, rip off artist of large and small services, and self promoter who sells his reputation for flashy and tasteless gold leaf to rubes, absurd among them.

        1. Obama never ‘straddled black and white America’ unless you mean straddling Michelle having previously straddled Sheila Jager and Genevieve Cook. That’s productive activity, up to a point, but it doesn’t make you wise (as opposed to skilled in narrow ways).

          Nothing Obama has ever said or done gives one the idea he’s been doing more than playing a part. (Except when he’s being secretive, intrusive, and vindictive). There’s a reason Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi negotiated over elements of the porkulus while he babbled over the phone, oblivious to them having muted their own voices. He was white noise, someone suitable to read from a TelePrompTer and headline fundraisers. There’s a reason he spent almost no time socializing with members of Congress or transacting business with them. He’s not a man who can bear to be around people who make him feel his inadequacies unless they’re being obsequious to him.

          This isn’t that difficult.

          1. Spouting ignorant BS is never difficult, Absurd, but not something to brag about.

            Historians will have no problem ranking our last 2 presidents – on last look in 2017 Obama is 12th. Any chance Trump gets out of #45 – to be 46th in 2024, and so on..

            1. Historians won’t care about the bullsh!t you tell yourself, Gainesville.

          2. Thank you for the information. I keep hearing that about Obama – aloof and didn’t like being around people.
            What ticked me off at first is he was smoking and the press was covering it up during the campaign, and while he was in the White House for some time. Eventually as President the leaks were too great and he was questioned on some talk show when he finally had or almost had kicked the habit – he got ribbed and the host made him promise he wouldn’t smoke in the oval office or something like that.
            I knew it all along because of the internet.
            The dirty press.
            Also Obama is not natural born so he was never qualified to be potus.
            Not two US citizen parents at the time of birth.
            I knew way back then the US was diving into corrupted waters.
            Scalia mentioned the SCOTUS kept purposefully avoiding the issue. Publicly he said it, on video.
            I guess the same general rules apply today – any democrat get a pass.
            No republican does.
            Only it’s worse, now.
            Birther issues were used as a foil and obstruction of justice.

            1. Not two US citizen parents at the time of birth.

              Again, you’re getting bad legal advice. He was born in Honolulu to an American mother. He had American citizenship from birth.

            2. “Also Obama is not natural born”

              Shakdi, I appreciate many of the things you have been saying but I find it difficult to believe the news articles announcing his birth long before any presidential ideas arose were making it up at the time.

              1. You’ve got no clue either.
                Natural born is two US citizen parents at the time of birth.
                The Founding Fathers and others were excepted in the Constitution, directly in the text.
                A famous fight and a burned downed house raged over one of our Presidents whose Father it was said was not a US Citizen at the time of his birth. No, I’m not talking Obama, but it applies to him as well.
                You’re all so brainwashed you haven’t clue one. You’re all arguing birth certs and Hawaii. That doesn’t matter, we were already told Obama’s Dad was never a US Citizen.
                I’m not surprised, most desire at least a half foreigner for POTUS now it seems. Be global and anti national and all. Get along.
                Do I need to get the Constitutional text ?
                The reason for the requirement is loyalty to the USA. The Founding
                Fathers know what happens when a foreigner parent births/raises a child. The result is someone loyal to another nation.
                They weren’t clueless idiots like almost everyone today.
                Seriously, the clueless idiocy and absolute blindness is astounding.
                It’s scary too. People are so caught up in all the babbling wars they never examined the basic one, two, three.
                TWO parents, both. US CITIZENS. At the time of birth. A required qualification.
                Now, our international global bags of inclusiveness won’t admit that – I’d expect a foreigner baby drop to be their “legal analysis” for qualification.
                It’s just really sad.
                Still waiting for anyone else with clue one. I guess the bubble of stupidity is all too real. Let’s hear about our past POTUS where the controversy raged… anyone ?

                1. “Do I need to get the Constitutional text ?”

                  Yes, along with case law and all the other Congressional Acts. I just posted my answer so you can fight with that and ***prove*** it wrong.

                  “Still waiting for anyone else with clue one. I guess the bubble of stupidity is all too real. ”

                  Your arrogance is duly noted and let’s us know about more about what goes on inside of your head. Perhaps there you might find “the bubble of stupidity”.

        1. Where he will find you wallowing in the gutter. Maybe you can hook up with This is a turd, apparently he is always stalking Obama.

        2. The Chicago bath houses were his hangout. Larry Sinclair, Reggie Love( not sure about the second one). That fellow from India on the couch with him in college. There were two others from Obama’s church in Chicago.
          Yeah, he got around. I suppose the press will just keep lying for – I don’t know – up to as long as they did for JFK.

          1. You’re talking about a man who has been married for 28 years and has two children. What’s more, he has no known avocations which are correlated with homosexuality. He’s interested in golf and college basketball, not fashion, art or Glee!. He wasn’t a stranger to women prior to 1989. You’re much too credulous.

            1. Sounds liked that New Jersey politician – married, children, old, then suddenly out of the bi closet he walked. I think it was a governor.

  1. We have close Hispanic [Mexican] friends who practically whispered that they supported Trump when we were in a restaurant. One even looked around to see who was near before speaking. Easy to see why they were cautious given the types of identity vicious politics practiced by the left. I suspect support for Trump is greater than the media or pollsters suspect. The truth is shared with close friends and the ballot box.

  2. The party of the KKK strike again, and that include Creepy Joe.

    1. Yeah, Paul, that would be like calling the GOP the party of federal invasion.

      1. The last United States Senator who was a member of the KKK was Senator Byrd and prominent Democrats of today gushed over him. The KKK, like Antifa, is a Democrat product.

        1. Byrd grew up on the edge of the Deep South which was still Democratic and blacks still voted GOP. Things have changed and the GOP is now the party of white racism and resentment . Young has demonstrated that attitude here in spades.

          1. And you have demonstrated you are the type of progressive who attacked Senator Moyniyan when he made a sincere attempt to address a serious problem.

            Funny how flexible progressives are.

            #metoo is a horrid pronlem until one of their own is caught in it.

            KKK is pure evil but excuses are made when one of their own has been a member.

            Black Face warrants tar and feathers until one of their own is caught doing it.

            Women seduced at work by men in postions of power is absolute evil until Clinton does it.

            I won’t even discuss cigars.

          2. Byrd grew up on the edge of the Deep South

            He grew up in an upland zone at the very periphery of the South. Charleston, Wv. is closer to Pittsburgh than it is to Charlotte, much less to a city in the Deep South. The Deep South city nearest Charleston is Greenville, SC, which is 350 miles away. Detroit’s about that distance from Charleston. Cleveland is about 100 miles closer and Pittsburgh 120 miles closer.

            West Virginia had and has a comparatively small and dispersed black population (3.6% of the total) and in and among the post-war congressional delegation Byrd was the only one who was antagonistic to the political projects of the NAACP and other organizations like it. Race relations have never taken up much rent-free space in the heads of Mountain Southerners, who were commonly Republicans and concerned with other issues. By the way, the 2d incarnation of the Klan was very passe by 1942 (with a five-digit membership) and formally dissolved in 1944. Yet, there’s Robert Byrd trying to organize Klaverns in West Virginia. He had issues with blacks, issues his neighbors did not have.

            1. Well as Carville once said, Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in between.

              Indiana had one of the most active KKK in the 1920s and Absurd somehow cuts Virginia out of the Deep South..

              1. Well as Carville once said, Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in between.

                Carville’s a stupid a** whose time in Pennsylvania has consisted of a few months of running a demagogic congressional campaign when he was nearly 50 years old. In regard to Pennsylvania’s interiors, the physiography, climate, industrial mix, ethnic composition, and confessional mix bear no resemblance to Alabama’s.

                    1. Yessss, lizard creature. I expect his long tongue to snap out and catch flies. No wonder he likes Obama; he often had flies landing on him. Something very strange about these people. I am not saying they are space aliens, but. . . .

                    2. Lizard tongue flicking in and out as he speaks would be John Kerry.

            1. Cindy– Yes, Book is racist by his own standards. He has said blacks are born with inherent disadvantages such as susceptibility to disease but allows that they can jump and run well. He did not say much about IQ other than brains aren’t important, a subtle admission of his prejudices.

              He loves slamming others with racism but it turns out he is the racist.

                1. Brits have an old reputation among some for no sense of humor.

                  1. Anon – if you do not appreciate British humor, you do not know good humor. They are the Kings of black comedy.

                    1. It’s a joke you a….e, not a case and that was another one.

                    2. Anon – the problem maybe that you cannot tell a joke. 😉

        2. Young, one could mention Strom Thurmond who went from Dixiecrat to Republican. But ‘you’ won’t mention him.

            1. Young, you’re no lawyer and your arguments are lame. Without the assistance of other nasty Trumpers, you wouldn’t even rate on these threads.

          1. So what? When segregation was no longer a live issue, white Southerners affiliated on other grounds. This isn’t that difficult, but it goes right over your head and Gainesville’s. (The difference being his head is more swelled than is yours).

            1. Absurd, you’re right: At turning points in history onetime allies scatter in different directions.

              Some Dixiecrats stayed Democrat into the 1980’s. But in the last 50 years Southern Whites have trended Republican by majority margins. Texas, our second most populous state has seen about 20 years of Republican dominance. The party clearly values their support.

              So bringing up Robert Byrd is just a stupid trick. Only those ignorant of history fall for that stunt.

              1. So bringing up Robert Byrd is just a stupid trick.

                No, it’s just inconvenient to you.

                I have news for you, Peter. Any politician old enough to be earning a regular living when segregation was a live issue is now a septuagenarian. There are about 14 members of Congress who were in elective office, political staff positions, or staff positions in agitation-and-advocacy groups prior to 1971. Six are Democrats. Three are from states (Alaska, Wisconsin, Iowa) where segregation was not an issue. Two were on the staff of non-segregationist politicians (one of whom was a Rockefeller Republican). One was a local official in a section of Kentucky where blacks account for < 1% of the population. One served a tour in the Oklahoma legislature ca. 1969. And one spent 60% of his political career as a Democrat, only entering the Republican Party in 1994.

                Sociopaths like Paul Krugman keep pushing this meme that Republicans are somehow to blame for the subaltern status of blacks ca. 1924, even though the Republican Party as an institution had hardly anything to do with building and maintaining that situation and even though there aren't any working Republican politicians who are so implicated. But there you all were with an actual Kleagle as leader of the Senate Democratic caucus and you have the audacity to tell us 'it's-so-not-fair' to point that out. Piss off the lot of you.

  3. Jemele Hill is a coon. So is Maxine Waters and Whoopi Goldberg. A “coon” is a black person who says what the white folks want them to say. These are the kind of black people who would have been selling other blacks into slavery a few hundred years ago. Because they get power and money from spouting the Liberal lies. Democrats love coons because coons help keep their Racial Narrative going, that Blacks are where they are because of Institution Racism (whatever that is), or Jim Crow, or White Supremacists. Hogwash. It is the year 2020, and any group that has a 77.3% Illegitimate Birth Rate, and as a group, think education is acting white, is going to be barefoot, broke, and pregnant. But Democrats need poor people to keep them in power. REAL coons are fast to call blacks who disagree, “coons” and “Uncle Toms”. To quote one such so-called Uncle Tom:

    “The No. 1 problem among blacks is the effects stemming from a very weak family structure.
    Children from fatherless homes are likelier to drop out of high school, die by suicide,
    have behavioral disorders, join gangs, commit crimes and end up in prison. They are also
    likelier to live in poverty-stricken households. But is the weak black family a legacy of
    slavery? In 1960, just 22 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families.
    Fifty years later, more than 70 percent of black children were raised in single-parent
    families. Here’s my question: Was the increase in single-parent black families after 1960
    a legacy of slavery, or might it be a legacy of the welfare state ushered in by the War on Poverty?

    Walter Williams

    I think the answer is kind of obvious.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky,

      Chinese military strategist who’s name is “ General Coon Die Soon” likes your post

    2. Squeeky– I am not going to research the issue, but Senator Moynihan, a Democrat and a brilliant and eloquent man years ago saw the dangers of the collapsing family structures in black communities and warned about them. The ‘progressives’ in the party ripped him for daring to speak the truth and the rot continued with consequences all too evident today. Apparently some truths must never be uttered.

      1. Family structures have faced severe erosion pretty much everywhere in the occidental world. It’s worse among blacks, but it also maxed out among blacks about 15 years earlier than it did in the rest of the population. There isn’t much you can do about this with conventional policy tools that has more than a hortatory effect.

        The acute social problem to which the black population is subject (with spillover effects on others) would be street crime and school disorder. This you can address through conventional policy tools. Hand-wringing about ‘the black family’ does not one thing toward that end.

        1. At the risk of ruining absurd’s reputation, I’ll +1 that comment and the larger fact it implies – problems among various social groups are most often the result of factors other than their biological racial characteristics.

        2. But that is like saying,

          No, it isn’t. Things can be socially suboptimal while having only weak effects on salient problems. The homicide rate isn’t any worse now than it was in 1960, in spite of the wretched condition of family relations. (And, NB, note that that wretchedness is found in western Europe as well). If you want public order, you need to hire cops, deploy them optimally, and punish law breakers. If you want orderly schools, you need to sequester the trouble makers and turn them over to day detention centers run by the sheriff’s department. Whinging about illegitimacy fixes nothing.

        1. Cindy– Moynihan wasn’t the ‘right kind’ of Democrat– he had a brain.

          1. Young….Yes! And he was a Tulsa boy. Tulsa had its share of ugly racial history in the 1920’s, so Moynihan wasn’t naive re: the complexities of racial problems.
            …..and as you suggest, an extremely bright man! In the early ’80’s I worked with one of his Senate aides for a year and a half in Texas. She assured me that it was “what you saw was what you got” with Moynihan. No pretense.

            1. Cindy– Interesting. That’s what I liked about the senator. He was no phony.

  4. News flash! Biden’s been a clown his whole life. Now he’s a clown in cognitive decline.

    This attack can have the same affect by insulting any voters in the African American community who are honestly trying to decide between the candidates.

    Waal, one of the curios of our time is that we have in this country the most affluent and educated negroid population in the world of any size. Perhaps West Indians in Canada or the residents of the French Caribbean are better off than American blacks in these respects, but recall that Guadeloupe and Martinique have about 400,000 residents each; there are 41 million blacks in the United States.

    (There are about 1.2 million blacks in Britain, mostly Caribbean but with some Africans thrown in. They’re not as affluent as American blacks in terms of purchasable goods and services, but they tend to have better intangibles – less exposure to violent crime and more integration with the larger society. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Blacks in the Anglophone Caribbean tend to have a standard of living much closer to Europe than to Africa, but commonly face horrendous rates of street crime – Barbados the notable exception).

    So, we have this affluent and comparatively educated black population, and collectively they’ve established over the last 60 years a perfectly dreadful political culture. Public opinion and affiliation was much more variegated among American blacks in 1955 than it is today. In the Caribbean, black populations have been quite capable of establishing and maintaining satisfactory parliamentary systems. Brazil – whose population is about 50% black / mulatto, has a variegated competitive party system. The Colombian departments dominated by blacks have a competitive party system. A number of African countries have over the last 30 years established competitive electoral politics as their default state. It’s only in the United States you have this electoral monolith and one might wager that it’s only in the United States that political discussion on race matters is ruined by a pathological shame / honor culture among blacks (conjoined to the asinine posturing of gentry liberals, who exploit blacks).

    Everyone would benefit if the political class and the voters in the black population learned to think differently about their social environment. Where we are now stinks.

    1. The dynamic absurd describes is no mystery, and driven in large part by the GOP’s brand of subtle white racism and resentment nurtured since Goldwater, then Nixon and Reagan, and which now includes sophisticated vote suppression tactics consciously aimed at blacks. The Democratic Party on the other hand aims much of it’s agenda at solving problems of particular concern to blacks, and the high number of Democratic black elected officials and party administrators is then reflected in the high number of black voters, If the Democratic Party is a plantation, Massa’ is often high steppin’ across the front porch. And that of course includes a 2 term president.

      1. What’s amusing about you is that you understand nothing but think you’re in a position to instruct the rest of us.

      2. “The Democratic Party on the other hand aims much of it’s agenda at solving problems of particular concern to blacks, ”

        That is why in Democratic strongholds such as Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore young blacks are killing one another. The most atrocious thing about the DNC is how they promote an underclass filled with blacks. Like Anon they have little respect for blacks or other minorities. The Democrat Party didn’t learn the lessons of the Civil War.

        1. The Democratic Party does nothing of assistance to rank-and-file blacks and works to undermine the efforts of others to improve the quality of life among blacks. This is at least as true of black politicians in the Democratic Party, who fall into about four categories: (1) careerists who don’t do much and let the bad actors have the megaphone; (2) sentimentalists who want to give people stuff and not insist they respect social norms (that’s David Dinkins); (3) bad actors, for whom the salient issue is that deplorables seek to impose standards on their social betters (blacks); and (4) some capable reformers (the list has included Anthony Williams, Robert Bowser, and..). . NB, Anthony Williams is not an honored figure in DC. Marion Barry is. That tells you something, but it’s not something Shill or Gainesville can acknowledge or understand.

  5. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 and frankly I have not liked any president in my lifetime.

    You should be able to offer a more granular retrospective assessment than that. Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon have been out of office so long that they’re beginning to come into view. You can make some tentative judgments about the others.

    1. Absurd, for once I agree with you. I think after 40 years one can put presidents into perspective and measure their overall impact.

      For a man in his late 50’s to say he’s never seen a president he likes makes you wonder if he’s judging by any realistic standard.

      It’s almost like saying, “I’ve not liked any rock band in my lifetime”.

  6. I’m with the Prof on this one – I too, have disliked every POTUS in my lifetime. I’m not inviting them to Sunday dinner. It doesn’t matter. I like a lot of Trump’s policy, and that’s that, and he is doing a tremendous job of exposing just how ludicrously dysfunctional our governing officials have become.

    1. James, we all have our opinions, political and otherwise, but Trump is spectacularly and off the charts awful as a person – no one can seriously dispute this – and as a political leader (He’s no leader at all). I mean except for being ignorant, unwilling to learn, unable and unwilling to cut deals (his supposed calling card), and destructive to public discourse (even in a pandemic which should easily unite the country, he’s busy picking fights with Governors over BS). Even before the virus, his “policies” (other than self promotion) had us add serious red to the deficit at a time of GDP growth, increase the balance trade deficit by on average $100 billion + per year, take steps to pollute our environment, and dissolve our previously strong associations with mostly democratic allies, and abandon world leadership on almost all fronts. I get you probably like the judgeships, but how hard is it for any republican to go down a Federalist Society list? By the way, you owe us the one you stole and you will pay.

  7. When you see Joe Biden on the campaign trail, be sure and ask him if he carries Hot Sauce with him like Hillary.

    On Nov. 3 we get the opportunity to show Joe Biden and the Democrat Party that they can no longer take the Black vote for granted.

    Voting for TRUMP 2020 in historic, record numbers is how the Black Community takes power back.

    You want to demonstrate the POWER of your vote? VOTE TRUMP 2020. He will NOT take your vote for granted and he WILL deliver. Democrat Party thinks they deserve the Black vote? You ain’t black if you don’t vote Democrat? No. Make them work for it. Joe Biden 100% doesn’t deserve it. Look at his record. Look at his record with Obama. They did nothing for the Black community.

    The Black community has everything to gain by voting for Trump in 2020. Democrat Party WILL sit up and listen if the black vote goes to Trump this time around. That’s power.

    Joe ‘Corn Pop’ Biden is a racist bigot. He’s got a long history of slipping up and stepping in it. But you will not hear about it in the media. CNN, not surprisingly, has NOTHING to say about Joe Biden’s condescending racist comments.

    1. Anonymous, your entire comment here hinges on the premise that Blacks are somehow too stupid to realize who their true political friends are. It’s just more of that ‘Democratic Plantation’ nonsense that went nowhere in 2018.

      1. “This November we have an opportunity to show Joe Biden that racism has no place in our country. Who’s with me?” -Burgess Owens (Candidate for Congress #UT04 Super Bowl XV Champion)

      2. Biden had eight years to create the best job market and lowest poverty levels in history for African-Americans, permanently restore African-American college funding, and reform our hardened #criminaljustice system.

        But he never did any of those things.

        President Donald Trump did.

    2. Everything anon said above is BS, including CNN saying nothing about Biden’s comment, which BTW, he apologized for.

  8. In the meantime, China virus devastates black communities.

    Biden’s response: I’ll beat yo yams in upside yo head

  9. Jemele Hill is a racist. For that matter, so are people who today support programs like affirmative action. There probably was a time for these programs but after two generations of federally enforced equal rights must we still cling to the racist, plantation notion that unless black people are given special care, they will fail? What an incredible insult to the countless number of black Americans who have succeeded! Obviously, Hill truly believes that black people are too stupid to decide for themselves what is best. Sadly, in their heart of hearts, as best I can tell, most democrats think the same way.

    1. Honest– I agree with your entire statement but am troubled by this expression: “after two generations of federally enforced equal rights”

      Racial preferences are by nature unequal rights.

      If equal rights were enforced by the federal government there would be no affirmative action, no contract set asides, no special minority-only lending, no frenzy for ‘diversity’ , no segregated dorms and ceremonies in universities, no ‘black student unions’ while white student unions are prohibited, and, generally, no racial preferences at all.

      The Sixties demand for ” a level playing field” quickly became a demand for a steeply tilted field.

      1. Mine was a poor choice of words. You are absolutely correct. The legitimate purpose civil rights laws was to provide equal opportunities for all and that is I was intending to refer to by the two generations remark.

        1. Honest– I support equal opportunity. I do not support enforced inequality in the form of racial preferences.

  10. Only an idiot would feel the need to argue that Joe the Finger was right OR wrong. The statement is so absurd to being with. It’s hilarious to me that the most militant blacks feel the need to make a statement at all. As if any of them can speak for the rest…and then tell people not to stereotype based on race! LOL! Too funny. Democrats…you can’t make it up…

  11. You can see right through the social engineering…compelling blacks to vote for you by saying they aren’t black enough if they dont? Isn’t the black stereotype something they want to get rid of? Don’t they want to be more accepted? Stop letting people like Joe Biden, and anyone in politics or hollywood for that matter, tell you what it means to be you!

  12. Obama treated Netanyahu like something that got stuck on his shoe and the American left has consistently been anti-Israel, and yet, Professor Turley, you equate Trump’s true statement with Biden’s overtly racist one. In regard to your comment that you haven’t liked any president since James Madison, do you like your plumber and your mechanic and the people who mow your lawn? Or is it enough for you that they clean up the mess and keep things working properly? We pay our public servants to do the dirty work. To expect them to all be Disney princes and princesses is not realistic. Too many Americans, in my view, want to like their President more than they want him or her to get the job done. Obama is a perfect case in point since he basically did nothing but golf and spy on everybody but, to give him credit, he did the spying part very thoroughly. In order to get the job done on a massive scale, you have to be kind of a jerk; at the same time, not every jerk can get the job done. It could therefore be said that the choice in 2020 boils down to the jerk with the proven track record of getting the job done and the jerk with the proven track record of just being a jerk.

  13. Why is it the only party ever mentioning race as an issue is the dim party. They need that animus going to stay in power, a most pernicious and degrading policy, but they own in 100%.

    1. I disagree, it will be a story if the more aware black community begins to understand what tools they have been for the dims all these years and decide that their future will be more of the same if they stay registered as democrat. This may actually be a significant change, what with Joe exposing himself in such a way.

  14. Really stupid. The amount of melanin in your skin is irrelevant


    1. Irrelevant until you apply to a university with modest test scores. Irrelevant until you apply for a state or federal contract for which only minorities can apply. Irrelevant till you apply for a federal business loan available only to minorities. I could go on unfortunately…. This is a problem.

      1. It is a problem that eventually we would hope can be abandoned. However, the US is still to racially polarized and with blacks born with built in disadvantages, and not all of them purely economic. The vast majority of US jobs are not subject to AA as they are small business jobs and anyone who works in those fields – I do – know that while pure racism is thankfully on the decline, the black guy will not get the same shot as the white one, even if he’s not competing with the owner’s son..

        We lived almost 400 years of racism, including slavery and then biased segregation until only 55 years ago. Expecting this sin to be washed away in 2 generations is laugable.and we are will be paying for it for while to come. Those of us who are white probably benefit in subtle ways unnoticed, and all of benefit from a country with infrastructure built on slavery and then cheap l- sometimes forced – labor. Suck it up and quit complaining.

        1. Book says: “:blacks born with built in disadvantages”

          So you have enbraced genetics as an explanation, Book.

  15. Is that the same Disgusting Overt Racist that worked at ESPN

  16. The topic is odd duck. Biden needs to be more careful. Let Trump be the chump.

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