The Trump Administration May Have Its First Domestic Terrorism Case

download-1We have been discussed the arrests associated with two attacks on New York police officers using Molotov cocktails.  However, two radical young lawyers may have handed the Trump Administration the perfect case to frame as domestic terrorism in the wake of the controversy over President Donald Trump declaring that he would designate Antifa a terrorist organization.  I criticized such a designation as legally unfounded and constitutionally dangerous. However, as we discussed yesterday, Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, may have supplied an alternative avenue in using ample federal laws to prosecute attacks as domestic terrorism without the need of any formal designation.  The two defendants are expected to be released on bail today.

While many of us noted that a designation of a terrorist organization is generally a process handled by the State Department for “foreign terrorist organizations,” commentary often ignored that such a designation is not needed to treat defendants as domestic terrorists (as opposed to trying to declare the amorphous Antifa movement as a terrorist organization).


The case could be framed perfectly as a test case of the Administration treating defendants as domestic terrorists under the definition in subsection 5 of 18 U.S.C. 2331:

The term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—

(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

(B) appear to be intended—(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

Indeed, these attorneys may be accused of a terrorist trifecta under the governing law.  They clearly acted in a way “dangerous to human life … [in] violation of the criminal law;” “appear to be intended” to intimidate or coerce or to influence policy or affect conduct of mass destruction.” If the Justice Department is looking for a way to reframe cases as domestic terrorism this would seem the case that they are looking for.

18 U.S.C. § 2332A also prohibits material support for acts of terrorism and the allegation that the two attorneys were attempting to hand out Molotov cocktails could be viewed as both as a case of direct terroristic acts as well as material support. The provision includes 57 different federal criminal statutes that the code calls “federal crimes of terrorism.”

Likewise, the Code of Federal Regulations at 28 C.F.R. §0.85 defines “terrorism” as including “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

The FBI has a long-standing policy on handling such crimes as domestic terrorism and a policy to open parallel terrorism investigations in such cases.  It guidelines include the following instructions that

The FBI defines terrorism as an “unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any element thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” The mission of the Domestic Terrorism Program (DTP) is to detect, deter, prevent, and respond to Domestic Terrorist Organizations (DTO) or individuals who threaten or conduct domestic terrorist activities within the United States. (See the forthcoming Counterterrorism Policy Implementation Guide.) (U) While HC investigations focus on crimes against a person or property and are motivated, in whole or in part, by the individual’s prejudice against a race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin, DT investigations focus on crimes that are committed for political or social reasons by organized extremist groups. An example of a political agenda is an anarchist group carrying out activities to overthrow the government. Incidents related to a social agenda include criminal activities carried out by extremist groups in the animal rights or environmental movements.

(U//FOLIO) When an HC occurs, and in an effort to bring consistency to classifying investigations that may be addressed under the CR and DT programs in which the subject has a nexus to any type of white supremacy extremist group, the investigation must have a dual caption…

The Justice Department has previously declared defendants to be domestic terrorists, including members of white supremacist groups.  There was no objection to that effort in the media or some commentators. Indeed, many encouraged the treating of such groups and cases as domestic terrorism.  Many wanted the Charlottesville case treated as terrorism, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions referenced it in the same terms.  However, it was ultimately framed as a hate crime not terrorism in the prosecution and plea agreement of James Fields.  Likewise, the attack of Robert Bowers at the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue was prosecuted largely under hate crime laws. However, cases like the El Paso shooting were immediately framed as domestic terrorism investigations.

The case of two attorneys will likely appeal to the Justice Department as a demonstrative case for domestic terrorism.  The defendants are less than appealing as lawyers who allegedly became law breakers.  They had lives that many would relish. Mattis graduated from New York University School of Law in 2016 and received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. He was also previously employed as an associate at Holland & Knight.  Rahman was just admitted to the New York bar in June 2019 after graduating from Fordham University School of Law.  Rather than use their training to help others legally, they are accused of trying to distribute explosive or inflammable devices to attack police.  In other words, from the perspective of the Administration, they walked right out of central casting for a domestic terrorism case highlighting such crimes as an attack on the very notion of the rule of law.

As a criminal defense attorney, this would be a case that begged for a plea deal, but it is not clear that the prosecutors would be eager to bring the case to such an expedited closure. That is the particular irony here.  These two young attorneys may have supplied the very case that the Administration was seeking at the very time it needed it was needed most.


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  1. I’m sorry, I meant to say, If I can take it in New York, I can take it anywhere.

  2. Attention All – Hire a GW Law graduate today

    No Molotov cocktail throwers here. No sirree.

    Lots of options, including, but not limited to, I am ready for a Waikiki luau, and chill-en like a villain with George Washington (note: not the real one).

    GW Law slogan to hire a grad (instead of NYU Law) — “It is the alternative, safer choice.”

  3. Oh, hell to the no. As Oky pointed out, rioters are going after people hauling horses now. Horses are part of my family, and no one lays a finger on my family.

    Bad language warning in this article, but it does exactly encapsulate the mind set of all of us girls out there hauling our 1,000 lb horses. A trailer is an incredibly dangerous place to be. I have been in a trailer accident hauling horses. I have seen gruesome injuries from other people’s horses, after we all opened the back door after they got in an accident. One of my relatives saw a horse rear up and brain himself getting loaded. I know a lady who is missing part of her fingers from loading drafts. You maintain and triple check your rig and trailer and floor and hitch. You learn how to execute complicated driving maneuvers, backward. All while keeping your horse with a highly developed flight reflex calm in the back, rolling down the highway.

    We are not messing around. Approach our loaded trailers with violence in mind and we’ll fight for the lives of our horses with everything we have plus a 2X4. In our eyes, you will be the Zombie Apocalypse, and everyone who has watched Zombieland or the Walking Dead knows what happens to Zombies in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Protest peacefully. Don’t terrorize.

    1. WoW, Great Karen,

      I’ve nothing but more respect for Crowder.

      commie social media has been censoring his free speech/website also, Trump has failed to correct that problem so far.


  4. The KKK engaged in domestic terrorism.

    Today’s rioters who are looting, burning, beating up men and women business owners, and terrorizing the nation are also domestic terrorists. If hurling a Molotov Cocktail into a police car in an attempt to burn 4 cops to death isn’t domestic terrorism, then I don’t know what is.

    Some looters are just taking an advantage of an opportunity to get away with stealing. But those who are purposefully targeting communities for pillaging, for political purposes, are domestic terrorists.

    This wouldn’t even be a question if the perpetrators are all white supremacists. As it is, it has been alleged that white supremacists are one of the many organizations teeming across our country like hyenas over a severely wounded lion. All of these rioters are terrorists.

    A lot of people are fed up with the hyenas scavenging a wounded nation. Looting and burning during a global pandemic is a new low. In some parts of the country, people don’t take too kindly to rioters attempting to kill them or burn them out. They’re not going to sit there and watch their house burn.

    CA is a drought state. Rioters could set the whole state on fire and kill thousands of people. Political leaders need to stop worrying about optics, grow a backbone, and put down the violence firmly, or our entire state could burn. This needs to stop.

    1. “Political leaders need to stop worrying about optics”

      The optics look pretty bad right now. Perhaps thet should worry a little more about them.

  5. Jonathan: Maybe Trump will have better luck in prosecuting protesters of police violence as “domestic terrorists” than he has had in prosecuting the war against COVID-19. In Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman Trump thinks he has found the perfect test case to show he is the nation’s “law and order” president.

    It is interesting to note that since 9/11 the DOJ has declined to prosecute most acts of right-wing white nationalist violence as “domestic terrorism” even though the acts clearly fell within 18 U.S.C. 2331.In the 268 cases of this type only 34 cases were prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. 2331. In 2019 in Charlottesville when a neo-Nazi white nationalist drove his car into a crowd of protesters, killing Heather Heyer, he was charged only with a “hate crime”–not “domestic terrorism”. This was probably because Trump thought the neo-Nazis rampaging in Charlottesville should be given some respect–“There were good people on both sides”. You mention a number of other cases in which the government has not charged white racists with “domestic terrorism” See a pattern here? Trump doesn’t like his kindred souls among the white nationalist movement being labelled as “domestic terrorists”.

    In the present case Trump and his toady William Barr want to appeal to the “law and order” crowd–like the head of the Minneapolis police union who defended the killer of George Floyd by saying the protesters are part of a “terrorist movement”. Even Newt Gingrich has thrown in his inflammatory rhetoric by saying the anger and protests over the murder of Floyd is a “war against American civilization”. Trump agrees because he has labelled protesters as “anarchists” and Antifa as a “Terrorist Organization”.

    Now Mattis and Rahman could have been charged with a number of other criminal violations–without invoking 18 U.S.C. 2331. But Trump and Barr have another agenda. They know Trump has failed in the war against COVID-19 but they think they have a political winner in convincing enough voters in November that Trump is the “law and order” president. So it’s shaping up to be a POLITICAL prosecution, not one based on the fair administration of the criminal law. . So before you throw in the towel and urge your clients to cop a plea remember your defense in the Michael Flynn case–that his prosecution was politically motivated and the victim of “malicious prosecution”. Sounds like the perfect defense for Mattis and Rahman. What do you think?

    1. Except Flynn did not commit a crime, much less try to kill cops, much less use violence to effect a political outcome. Really bad analogy. BTW, where is your data to show “Trump has failed in the war on COVID-19,,.”?

  6. Aren’t these the same people who condemned the much smaller demonstrations against the lockdown a few weeks ago as being dangerous, but now support the “demonstrators”?

    1. Yes, come to think of it. Impossible to think of these people without contempt.

  7. Having a tuff time identifying the looters. Were they Amish or Mennonites?

  8. You know what I wonder??? I wonder how many of these business owners are praying for their business to get burned to the ground? If they are insured, this may be their way out. Collect the insurance and move to Texas or something. Somewhere sane, with Republicans in charge.

    Plus, they don’t have to fork over money to an arsonists, or risk getting caught. Because if it was my store, I would be down there with a gun guarding it. Unless I needed the insurance money.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. sure, especially after the lockdown. they may be able to break even and move on to greener pastures

      some of them might have put on the black rags and done it themselves, who knows

      1. Repost in part?

        June 2, 2020 at 7:43 PM
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Insurance doesn’t pay for Riots by rogue Godless American Hatin Mur..dering/Ra…ping Ro… Bolshevist Commie/Fascist Democrat Blue State Sh… hithole Trash.

        And from what I’m hearing from truckers those punks best stay off their Rigs/trucks. Hell, they attacked a truck load of horses the other day on a Tulsa highway…. Evil Bast**ards.

        1. ^&*^&^*&^ V


          They attacked horses??!!! The highway can be a lonely place to be when met with enraged horsemen and horsewomen.

          1. Truckers that weren’t armed are becoming armed.

            The Idiot Lawless Tulsa Rioters attempting to turn the horse loose on the major highway in a very hazardous section.

            All the rioters need charged with everything the feds/ state or local DA can…

            A short Ck back I don’t see one of the reports from KTUL yesterday.

            If people are going to travel Unmolested now in certain areas of the USA they should consider a high profile vehicle encase the come under attack & arm themselves.

            We have plenty of videos of what happens in other Commie type crap countries around the world in riot conditions.

            As I’m hearing from some of the best, this riot crap only gets worst until the leaders of Obama/Clinton type trash are rounded up.

            Later Tonight/Tomorrow Millie Weaver will start releasing a report from a whistle-blower on Banned.Video

            I heard an outline of it today, sounds like hell for the American Haters, BLM/Antifarts.

            1. There WAS nationwide solidarity that what happened to George Floyd was wrong. Protestors ignored that. The statistics do not bear out the allegation that cops engage in open season on innocent black men. Misconduct is rare, and there is a system in place to deal with it, as well as peaceful protests.

              Now it’s turned into domestic terrorism, with rioting and looting. People are getting prepared to fight. Friends and relatives have been sending me memes of a truck covered in blood and debris, with the caption that they drove through Minneapolis and didn’t see any rioters. Memes of people setting up deer blinds baited with flatscreen TVs in front of their houses.

              People are arming and forming neighborhood watches.

              Americans are not going to just lie down and get beaten to death or watch terrorists burn their houses down with their kids inside. Why ever would they? Our entire state could burn. (

              I guarantee that if people in Democrat states defend themselves against terrorists, they will be labeled white supremacists. If they run over rioters who are trying to drag them from their vehicles and beat them and their horses to death, they will be charged with murder.

              Either the government shuts down the terrorism sweeping the country, on top of a pandemic, or people will fight back, if the situation feels like their lives are at stake. They’re not playing. I keep hearing target practice all over in my area.

              I hope that further violence is avoided, and this ends. It feels like a powder keg. Avoid this blowing up and stop the rioters.

              1. Nice posts Karen.

                It starts just by exposing the wrongs by politicians, media, others & getting creative about get a positive message out on how to use things like our USC.

                Most of us agreed Floyd was wronged, but most no one said crap about all the Black Cops/Federal Agents/etc. that now have been killed/injured by the Riots, to say nothing of all the whites/Mex injured.

                The Riots have completely Lost public support now.

                All we had to do was control our outrage for a few extra days.

                BTW: It’s very bad for biz, ie: I’m staying out of Tulsa on biz until I think the violence has passed.

            1. The police don’t clear the highway, it’s insane.

              The traffic blockers can be run over as far as I’m concerned. If they touch or throw items at the traffic they will be arrested. It’s very simple, they are not official roadblocks nor are they within a permitted protest area by practice or permit.

              Maybe I’m wrong and the libturds in power wrote up a permit for the highway for them. Nothing else explains it.

              1. Oklahoma, like many states now, Is Constitutional Carry when it comes to weapons.

                Most of us that’s been around for a while remember things like the LA Riots, South Central,

                Reginald Denny!

                If there’s no other opinions, there’s no slowing down or stopping until one can get to safety to report the trouble, afterwards.

                This isn’t a Commie Lib S hole like NYC, etc…

            2. Their goal is clearly to stop traffic then attack the vehicles and occupants. I have no idea why any authorities put up with any of this.
              If there’s too many on the highway deploy the tear gas immediately after announcing they need to clear and go to sidewalks or a park I suppose and tear gas will be deployed when they were given sufficient time to walk off.
              Then launch it hard and heavy. Bring the fire hoses too. Blast em.

              I really don’t get it. Someone is supporting this at the top. There is something behind this none of us are told. Mayors are permitting it with hidden paperwork, or ordering police stand downs, or governors are (McCauliffe for one) …

              Criminals at the top, the lib variety.

              1. Democrats control the message. We’ve seen it already. DC police were accused of using flash bangs and smoke bombs against peaceful protestors who were minding their own business.

                Nothing of the sort.

                Police and political leadership are afraid that if they enforce the law on the crazy mob, they will be accused of harming an unarmed black man.

                Apply the law equally.

                1. Giuliani wasn’t afraid. How is it Giuliani can do it but so many others are frozen in fear…
                  Heck Giuliani went after Biden’s corruption in Ukraine and brought the fired prosecutor into a long interview Giuliani has a channel on youtube. 4 months old channel


                  I think it’s worse than you estimate. I think a lot of them like it and want it. They’re not being destroyed, so it’s all good.

    2. My post chopped to heck:

      Repost in part?

      June 2, 2020 at 7:43 PM
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Insurance doesn’t pay for Riots by rogue G..less American Hatin Mu..der..g/Ra…ing Ro… Bolshevist Commie/Fascist Democrat Blue State Cra..hole Trash.

    3. I guess now many words people normally use everyday are now blocked?

      Can I write this?, someone needs to clean the toilets.

    4. Squeeky………not everyone can get riot insurance, according to the attorney with whom I am currently sleeping ( my hubby😊)
      In some cities, if your business is in an area that has seen riots in the past, you cannot get riot insurance.

  9. What a great country we live in, you can get arrested for opening a business but not be arrested for looting one. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

    1. Sadly true. On top of that, the government, supported by SCOTUS, says your 1st amendment right to open your Church for peaceful worship is limited for public health concerns, yet mobs can congregate to riot, destroy private property and assault people.

    1. Get a load of the police statement put out on this, at least for now….

      “Our men and women in law enforcement here at public safety and our partners literally had to chase that group throughout the downtown community as they destroyed property and attempted to loot.”

      You have to admit, they do at least have chutzpah.

  10. Chauvin:
    (Music to Rednecks)
    He was born…
    In Minn a soda..
    His wife’s name is
    Mary Lou Chau ho vin.
    He’s not responsible for what he’s doing
    His mother…made him what he is!

    Cause it’s up against the wall redneck mothers!
    Mother’s who have raised their sons so well.
    He’s 34 and sitting in prison cells.
    Kicking hippie’s arses and raising hell.

  11. America is in a condition of hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.

    President Abraham Lincoln seized power, neutralized the legislative and judicial branches and ruled by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Union.”

    President Donald Trump must now seize power, neutralize the legislative and judicial branches and rule by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Republic.”

  12. The slaves and the foreign invader hyphenates all said they wanted “free-dom.”

    The couldn’t go home or stay home.

    What they really wanted was “free-stuff” from the white man’s money.

    Generational Welfare, Affirmative Action Privilege, the DREAM Act, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, Fundamentally Transforming

    America, etc., are all un-American, anti-American and unconstitutional theft, as communist redistribution of wealth.


    The past four nights of racial violence across the country have proven one thing: the egalitarian experiment of America is dead. Liberalism of all shades is a scam. Diversity is not our strength and utopian “reconciliation” is not possible. No nation can continue this way for long, no nation can avoid the essential questions and the ironclad laws of Nature itself.

    What started out as a protest against the use of excessive police force against a black man has ended in the burning, looting, and lynching of “legacy” Americans, their property, history, and symbols. Make no mistake: these were race riots, not the “white supremacist” variety the enemy-class media is trying to sell you, but the black-against-white kind with Bolshevik subversives helping to orchestrate the chaos and foment the rage.

    “Legacy” Americans are those who have and/or appreciate an ethnic, cultural, or political connection to the Founding stock of these United States. Many of us are white descendants of Western Europeans and are Christian, and have a respect for individual liberty and a favorable view of our ancestors (or are sympathetic to such).

    And who are the post-modern Bolsheviks? The cultural Marxists who run our institutions: academia, media, government, and banking. Hell, they’re dog catcher, president of your HOA and PTA and everything in between. Who are their Brown Shirts, their new NKDV: Antifa. And who are their foot soldiers: the racist black vanguard of BLM and their mindless supporters.

    The “protests” quickly evolved into looting and burning, with blacks taking out their aggression on their own communities, with Leninist Antifa allies slowly but surely participating in the chaos.

    We have both: the destruction of tradition and history brought on by the long leftist march through the institutions AND now full-on violence, which is supported by the very institutions who perpetuated it in the first place.

    We witnessed the destruction targeted specifically against what the Leninists see as “whiteness.” Historical monuments and buildings like the United Daughters of the Confederacy headquarters and the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond, whose burning was celebrated by the nonwhite iconoclast “historians” who revel in smashing Southern roots. The Market House in Fayetteville, which was the site of North Carolina’s Constitutional Convention in 1787 and the state capital from 1789 to 1793. The Nashville Courthouse and City Hall. The George Washington statue in Philadelphia. The King Louis XVI statue in Louisville. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. And tonight, St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. The mobsters are even so ignorant of history that they vandalized the historic Woolworth’s in Greensboro, which is considered the “birthplace” of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

    Remember the way Ice-T explained the Rodney King riots of ’92 when black folks destroyed their own neighborhoods in LA? He said it was like a child who’s angry and feels he cannot express himself or be heard so he breaks his own toys in order to communicate his frustration. But this paradigm has changed.

    They’re coming to your neighborhood, they’re “coming to the suburbs next.” They’re coming to destroy your home and steal your property and punch you in the face. And if you fight back through legal means, you will be the one to get in trouble with “the law.”

    It has a become an organized guerrilla war against anything the Leninists deem as theirs. You stole their land, cracker. You subjugated their people, whitey. It’s justice, yo. It’s about equity. Inclusion. Intersectionality. Social justice. But the kicker is you are never considered within those critical-theory equations. White people got work to do, don’t ya know?! Be a good “ally,” but shut your damn mouth.

    Meanwhile, we’re supposed to simultaneously believe that the riots are led by “white supremacists” and that putting “black-owned business” signs on your store front will help save it from leftist annihilation. Even a child can see the inconsistency in this delusional narrative, which then, of course, begs the next obvious question: why should it be okay to loot and vandalize white-owned businesses? Better not go down that red-pilled rabbit hole or you might be called a hegemonic colonizer.

    When some leftists’ property is visited upon by some angry social-justice warriors, I wonder if they will he defend it or if they will cleanse their “white privilege” by handing over life and property. Will the mob give them a pass because they have spent their lives being “good whites” and saying “all of the right things”? Not sure, but I can’t wait to find out. And it is kind of ironic seeing some of the biggest leftist supporting corporate entities’ property get torched on the Magnificent Mile and Madison Avenue.

    I’ve been saying for a while that we are in a state of cold-Civil War. Well, folks, it just got hot. Violence against non-favored groups (and police) is now being justified as a legitimate course of action. And guess what? The laws and institutions that are supposed to protect us “legacy” Americans are incapable of countering the Communist pogroms. So much for “white privilege.”

    Trump recently just designated Antifa as a terrorist organization, but that’s too little too late. His “I’m monitoring the situation” attitude is what got us to this point in the first place. In order to resist this onslaught, one would have to be honest with the racial component of the hatred directed against us. We’re castigated as “white supremacists” while never reaping the supposed benefits of this media-manufactured mythos.

    Someone, somewhere, must speak up for white people and their businesses and property and history when it’s targeted simply because it’s been deemed by leftists as a symbol of “whiteness” and “black oppression.” Unfortunately, far too many Americans, including our president, politicians, and pastors are petrified of being labeled as “racists” to ever address this truth.

    You know the game is rigged. If you enforce the law, you’ll be called a racist, even if you’re not white. And if your city burns despite your best efforts doing your job under inconsistent directives and in untenable times, your bosses will throw you under the bus in a heart beat. You are expendable to the commissars.

    Let the dirty tyrants defend themselves from the godless monsters they themselves helped create and continue to coddle. Let them meet their fate just like Trotsky.

    1. Well said. The first civil war here started over states’ rights, not slavery. Now the National Guard has been called out, but we know they have guns without bullets. President Trump will send out battle experienced military. Some governors will refuse military help. The fight over states’ rights continues. When we should be fighting against illegal drugs like meth and fentanyl, our attention is diverted. We have been divided.

    2. Thank you for the listing of historic sites and monuments or statues attacked.

  14. It will be interesting to see how Holland & Knight act. Will this be such an immediate firing as was Amy Cooper?

  15. From Frontpagemag

    Rioters Call for Freeing Somali Muslim Cop Who Killed Australian Woman

    Of course they do. It’s not about any “police brutality” nonsense, but about the right to brutalize everyone else.

    As I noted in today’s article on the Minneapolis police force,

    Chief Medaria Arradondo was handpicked by Frey’s predecessor as the city’s African-American police boss after the shooting of Justine Damond, an Australian woman reporting a crime, by Mohammed Noor, a Somali Muslim officer. Arradondo replaced Janee Harteau, the first female chief of the force.

    Chief Janee Harteau had built the most diverse team to head the Minneapolis Police whom, she described as, “experienced, dedicated, professional and progressive and they share my core values.”

    The Damond case slightly shook up the police force, but she was the wrong race. And her killing was the result of Harteau’s diversity policies that put Mohammed Noor on the force. Now, in a perfect circle, the rioters are campaigning to free the “officer” that killed Damond.

    Minneapolis: Somali rioters shout “Free Mohamed Noor” on CNN.

    This is not about justice. It’s not about police brutality. It’s about power.

    The rioters are fine with police brutality, as long as it’s directed the right way.

    1. antonio is right. however, the only pause i put on the natural anger that we would feel against black thugs and rioters and looters and arsonists and murderers is this:

      rich white people, by and large, are in charge of the universities, which poison minds, the newspapers, which make excuses for terror on the streets, and the local government of most of the big cities where the riots run wild

      white people own and operate silicon valley that silences what the poorer redneck white people want to say, even presume to silence the president

      hence, these billionaire silicon valley capos, these university dons, these newspaper editors, the wall street financiers that have been sending factories to china for decades now, they in their white skins, are not allies. they are distant enemies but they are enemies per capita a thousand times worse than any rock chucking, sneaker stealing black guy

      and white people call themselves ANTIFA are out there directing and worsening the chaos– they’re worse than their fellow rioters too. absolute terrorist scum

      don’t tunnel vision on the gun, look at who wields it

      maybe if the next election is scotched and it ends up in tyranny we would all be better off after all. i can see my vote for Trump in 2016 didn’t mean a darn thing after all

      1. mr kurtz

        I find it amusing that ANTIFA types think they are demonstrating against the “MAN”. They are the MAN. Shock troops for the leftist elites. Leftist elites can’t get their hands dirty.


      2. Mr. Kurtz, I disagree. I think our votes in 2016 meant a lot and have brought us to a watershed moment. Without President Trump the ruling class would have continued uninterrupted. At least now a light has been shone on the media, the deep-staters, the corrupt and lying Democrat leaders, and other groups that until President Trump were comfortably living in the swamp, emerging only when necessary to pander for votes. The constant barrage of left wing propaganda from the Democrats and their media allies over the last three years is proof that President Trump has drawn blood. Even the alliance of Democrats and silk-stocking Republicans like Romney and Bush have been unable to stop him. Now, it is up to American voters who have now had the opportunity to see, up close, what these people are made of. If the next election is lost, I suspect you are right and we will have become a very different country, run by gutless cowardly politicians like Joe Biden, and corrupt members of Congress like Maxine Waters, where no voice in opposition will be heard.

        1. “I think our votes in 2016 meant a lot and have brought us to a watershed moment. Without President Trump the ruling class would have continued uninterrupted. At least now a light has been shone on the media, the deep-staters, the corrupt and lying Democrat leaders, and other groups that until President Trump were comfortably living in the swamp, emerging only when necessary to pander for votes.”

          I Think you hit the nail on the head. Whether that will have the effect we hope for is the question. It will take more than 4 more years of Trump.

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