FBI Posts Pictures On Suspects In Defacing Of Jackson Statue

Screen-Shot-2020-06-22-at-8.01.08-PM-1609144893-1592870575690-300x140We have been discussing the destruction and defacing of public monuments, including the iconic bust of George Washington at the center or our own campus at George Washington University.   President Donald Trump has issued an executive order imposing up to ten years imprisonment for those responsible for such destruction. In reality, he has no unilateral authority to impose such criminal penalties, but existing federal laws do allow for prosecution.  There now appears to be a comprehensive effort underway with the FBI releasing images of 15 suspects who authorities believe vandalized a statue of Andrew Jackson recently near the White House.  However, the poster contains an interesting reference.

There are a myriad of different laws allowing for prosecution for such damage to federal property.  This include the general provision under 18 U.S.C. §1361 for any damage exceeding $1000.

1361. Government property or contracts

Whoever willfully injures or commits any depredation against any property of the United States, or of any department or agency thereof, or any property which has been or is being manufactured or constructed for the United States, or any department or agency thereof, or attempts to commit any of the foregoing offenses, shall be punished as follows:

If the damage or attempted damage to such property exceeds the sum of $1,000, by a fine under this title or imprisonment for not more than ten years, or both; if the damage or attempted damage to such property does not exceed the sum of $1,000, by a fine under this title or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.

There is also Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act of 2003 (18 U.S.C. 1369) which states:

(a) Whoever, in a circumstance described in subsection (b), willfully injures or destroys, or attempts to injure or destroy, any structure, plaque, statue, or other monument on public property commemorating the service of any person or persons in the armed forces of the United States shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

(b) A circumstance described in this subsection is that—

(1) in committing the offense described in subsection (a), the defendant travels or causes another to travel in interstate or foreign commerce, or uses the mail or an instrumentality of interstate or foreign commerce; or

(2) the structure, plaque, statue, or other monument described in subsection (a) is located on property owned by, or under the jurisdiction of, the Federal Government.

(Added Pub. L. 108–29, § 2(a), May 29, 2003, 117 Stat. 772.)

Thus, there are ample laws that apply to such alleged crimes and the executive order merely makes enforcement a priority policy of the Administration.  What is notable about this release is the reference to the crime. Note the second paragraph where the Violent Crime Task Force is cited as pursuing individuals for general destruction of public property. That would refer to not the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act of 2003.  I am not aware of litigation under the latter law but the task force may be avoiding any questions over whether the Jackson statue is “commemorating the service of any person or persons in the armed forces of the United States.”

There is an old legend that equestrian statues followed a code where one hoof is raised meant that the the rider was wounded in battle while two raised meant that the rider died in battle.  (All four hooves on the ground meant the rider was unharmed). That appears to be an urban legend as shown by the Jackson statue with two hooves raised (Jackson died at 78 in bed surrounded by his family for what was called chronic dropsy and heart failure).   The statue therefore could be questioned as being a celebration of Jackson’s military service, though he is wearing a uniform and was widely known for his military record.  Indeed, the 1853 statue is the oldest full-scale equestrian sculpture in the United States and artist Clark Mills reportedly was inspired to celebrate in Jackson’s triumph over the British in the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812.

The availability of alternative grounds for prosecution seems to be preferred over triggering such nuanced interpretative challenges.


There is also a provision under D.C. law citing the $1000 damage threshold under Section 22-303:

“Whoever maliciously injures or breaks or destroys, or attempts to injure or break or destroy, by fire or otherwise, any public or private property, whether real or personal, not his or her own, of the value of $1,000 or more, shall be fined not more than the amount set forth in § 22-3571.01 or shall be imprisoned for not more than 10 years, or both, and if the property has some value shall be fined not more than the amount set forth in § 22-3571.01 or imprisoned for not more than 180 days, or both.”

However, the D.C. police chief has stated that he made the “tactical decision” not to intervene as some statues were destroyed or defaced.

It seems therefore that Section 1361 will be the main focus of the enforcement effort under the executive order.

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  1. honestlawyermostly — You ought to read the coroner’s report; drugs had nothing to do with G. Floyd ‘ death. There is a recent op-ed in TNYT about this matter.

    Regardless, once handcuffed he was entirely the responsibility of the police.

    Are you sure that you are a good lawyer?

    1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me forty-five citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, and his mental health professional certificate after eighty-one weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. and is suffering from cementia – the cementia has really kicked in for you. Let me see if I have your argument straight. Regardless of the medical ailments Mr. Floyd is suffering from, once he is handcuffed they go away because the police are now responsible. Am I getting you correct? Because, if I am correct, once the police transfer him to the ambulance, they are responsible and once the EMTs arrive at the ambulance, they are responsible.

      So, following your impeccable reasoning, the EMTs killed him. They were the last ones to have control of him.

      David, just because you put cuffs on someone, the fentanyl doesn’t miraculously leave the body, his heart is not instantly repaired.

    2. honestlawyermostly — You ought to read the coroner’s report; drugs had nothing to do with G. Floyd ‘ death.

      The fentanyl blood level is stated explicitly in the coroner’s report. . That is the blood level that you find in corpses, David. See “Postmortem Toxicology of New Synthetic Opioids”, in Frontiers in Pharmacology, 28 October 2018.

      1. honestlawyer – David Benson was an engineer who taught at WSU, an ag school. He seems to have gotten into computers before you needed a degree in computer science or there even was computer science. He is an OG.

      2. “I never said I was a good lawyer.”
        Okay Honest, I know the back story and I’ll say it. Actually it’s Damn Good Lawyer.

  2. Young– I found this on the Chester PA Chamber of Commerce website:

    “Nestled in southern Pennsylvania, barely a rife shot from either Philadelphia or Wilmington, Chester Pennsylvania is known for its lovely and peaceful neighborhoods. Even though Chester is the oldest town in Pennsylvania, it has kept its small town feel with only 33,000 residents. The progressive Chester City Council recently launched its anti-crime program, “BE 38,” encouraging its residents to not be the 1 in 37 who will experience violent crime this year. The Chamber has been made aware of a very inflammatory video going around. The Chamber does not approve of men having an argument only a block from the high school but urges those who see the video to remember that no one actually was shot. And for those of you who are concerned that Chester has the highest per capita murder rate in the nation, be thankful because it has really kept our property values reasonable! Soon, the City Council will be changing the name of Chester because it was named by William Penn who owned 12 slaves in the 1700s. Learning that fact has been devastating to local citizens who are determined to eliminate racism.”

    I’ll keep my eyes open for any new Chamber publications.

  3. OT

    This statue is in the process of being torn down.

    Apparently a great “American” hero is a fraud and a coward.

    “Well…Bruce didn’t want to go to Vietnam. He knew of guys from his neighbourhood going and not coming back or coming back a different person. The drummer of his first band, The Castles, went to Vietnam and was killed.

    “But, Bruce got his draft notice, and went for his physical. He admitted to finding a way out, he told them that he was a homosexual but they knew he was lying, he admitted to filling out the forms that couldn’t be read. That didn’t work. The draft rejected Bruce. Why? He failed his physical. Not by choice. He had a motorcycle a few years earlier, and damaged his legs that were not fit to military standards.”

    – Mark Vaudrey on Bruce Springsteen

    Chuck Yeager (Actual American Hero) Breaks Sound Barrier With Broken Ribs

    The film begins in 1947 at the Muroc Army Air Field in California, with civilian and military test pilots flight-testing high-speed aircraft, including the rocket-powered Bell X-1. Death is a part of their life. After privateer Slick Goodlin demands $150,000 (equivalent to $1,718,000 in 2019) to attempt to break the sound barrier in the X1, World War II hero Captain Chuck Yeager is given the chance. While horseback riding with his wife, Glennis, Yeager falls and breaks his ribs, an injury which inhibits his ability to lock the door on the X-1. Worried that he might not fly the secret mission, he confides in friend and fellow pilot Jack Ridley, who solves the problem by giving Yeager the stump of a broom handle to use as leverage. Though the X1 bucks like a wild bronco, and pushes him to his limit, Yeager goes supersonic and becomes an international hero – a role he is uncomfortable in.

    – Wiki

  4. Law and Crime reports that 80% of GWU law school law professors and deans this week sighed a letter demanding Barr’s resignation, as well as encouraging lawmakers to investigate and censure him. the faculty members said in the letter that Barr has “undermined the rule of law, damaged public confidence that the law applies equally and fairly to all persons, and demonstrated contempt for basic constitutional rights” Since Turley seems to be locked on GWU of late, one has to wonder why he has not brought this one up. Sorry if I have missed Turley writing about this subject, then I would love to know how he voted.

    1. The good news is if these lefty tools are successful in bringing down The Constitutional Republic and replacing it with their Communist Utopia, they will be some of the first lined up against the walls of GWU and shot.

  5. I always know the tide is turning when a million new troll accounts pop up. Nobody is paying any attention other than to note the clogging, trolls.

    I hope they apprehend and book every last one of them. And as noted elsewhere, do likewise with those that pull the strings and fund them. The hilarious part to me is that some of these knuckle heads are so indoctrinated and slow, they actually believe they are leaderless and organic. It’s a hoot. We couldn’t have manufactured more compliant jelly-brains if we tried.

  6. Putting a mask on Andy
    In the whole human history of the world, no country, no civilization and NO HUMAN BEING ON EARTH gets to where they are without a combination of both good and evil.
    The purest form of lying consists of rebranding the lie as the highest form of utopian truth to be lived by. It’s the greatest form of deception, delusion, anti-Truth and denial of reality because, heads up…Utopia, doesn’t exist.
    It’s the greatest form of pure psychosis too. A complete break with the real Natural Order of the Real Universe.
    And it’s the deadliest sin, because people give their entire real living lives, their one chance to light their own individual light to shine from eternity to eternity, over to the preservation of the great dark nonexistent negative.
    The tearing down of statues, the forced wearing of masks and the ridiculously obsessive removal of DNA based identifiers and designations such as race or gender from everything, is part of the process of stripping Our National Identity and Our Self Identity. To create in our minds a self darkness to match the darkness that is calling.
    This is the process of stripping American Citizens of their entire heritage, history and tradition and removing the Touchstones of a common bond around which Americans can feel a kinship with each other. This is critical to the seizure of absolute power because United Americans and a United America is a clear and present danger to the seizure of absolute power.
    Evil recognizes it’s enemies and will take measures to destroy them the easy way first, which is to stealthily destroy them with their own consent and cooperation.
    “Get on the boxcars and we’ll take you to safety.”
    This is part of the Democrat coups divide and conquer strategy.
    Mandated identity removing masks in the name of an impossible safety goal, the self righteous faux justification of violent destruction of our Historical Heritage in the name of peace, are social engineering tools transitioning American Citizens into Global Citizens, subject to rule by the
    Totallitarian New World Order.
    Destruction of The Statues are the marching orders and the Masks are the uniform of Global Citizen soldiers whose mission it is to destroy everyone and everything that threatens world domination by the few World Rulers.
    If you choose Freedom, it’s time to take off the masks and start protecting Andrew Jackson.

    1. How would you reapply “DNA-based identifiers” to “everything”? We actually have DNA analyzers, something lacking 100 years ago. Would you support a DNA Census be conducted in 2030, to better understand our mixed genetic legacy? Wouldn’t that be more fair and accurate than continuing the use of subjective, colloquial racial classifications (as liberals are obsessed with doing)?

      1. You’re missing the point.
        They are not reapplied. The idea is to strip everyone of everything that identifies people as individual from them down to their very essence and reapply the identity of state property. Inventory to be moved around and used as necessary to sustain and glorify the state. The census would just be inventory count.

  7. 2 Tampa Police Officers last weekend were ambushed by Blacks after they responded to an alleged shooting in the area. Instead they were surrounded by Blacks, then other cops came to support the 2, and eventually the good guys were surronded by the BLM bad guys

  8. How much does this vandalism cost taxpayers compared to, say, Trump’s weekly golf trips to Mar-a-Lago?

    Hard to get too worked up about this when so much money is being wasted by Trump.

    1. Trump pays his own way and donates his Presidential salary to veterans and other good causes, idiot.

      1. He does not pay his own way -the cost is in the hundreds of millions. the secret service pays him for renting rooms at his properties.

        how does that Trump koolaid taste?

    2. Were you crying when obama mother -in -law was living in the White House and traveling the world for 8 years at taxpayers expense.

    1. Has anyone ever thought that the saying:

      Enough is Enough is just odd . . .?

      Everyone is saying it now like Hive Mind, on TV. On Twitter. Here, on the News.

      I can say it two ways, one way, it sounds like a negative, and the other, a positive.

      There is some Illuminati card game from 1996, and it has this one on it.

      Pretty funny if you ask me.


  9. Suspects #1, 3, 6, 7 & 11 were not wearing face masks to stop the spread of the China virus according to Dr. Fauci.
    Dr. Fauci says these young people are driving the paradigm shift in this virus pandemic.

  10. The article is goofy. It could be a felony based on the amount of damage. Put in jail and throw away their glamour.

  11. THEY NEED to GO AFTER/ARREST/CHARGE as many of these nut job protestors as they can. When they do this others will have second thoughts except for the Hard Core, then go after Hard Core.

    They need, which I am positive they are doing, going after the leaders and money people/groups, sources of funds, bank accounts and etc. Take away their $$$$ and leaders – you eliminate a lot of the issues

  12. These crowds should do what Trump and other rich white people do – before committing a crime, get every one else involved to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  13. The President has made the “strategic” decision to go after as many of the rioters and looters as they can.

    BTW, the Scottsdale PD has identified, charged and arrested 44 of the rioters and looters who did over $1M in damages and looting to Scottsdale Fashion Square.

  14. The arsonists, looters, and those that damaged property represent a minuscule part of a necessary movement to change a corrupt system. It can be said, without being incorrect, that the motivations that lead people to burn cars and businesses, destroy public monuments and loot stores were those peculiar to those people and not the movement to right social wrongs. Those caught looting, burning, destroying should receive jail sentences as provided by the law, perhaps even added to for their disgracing a noble cause. Mayhem is mayhem and must be treated as such. Protesting and demonstrating is what makes America free and fine tuned on its way to a better country. Those that took to the streets peacefully are heroes. Those that vented their own peculiar frustrations by looting, burning, and destroying, work against this greater good. It is important to note, however, that appropriate charges were not laid against the four cops that killed or stood by and allowed the killing until after a week of rioting. This is also true of many improvements to various police forces. It is also true that MLK and other protesters marched peacefully and the mayhem was provided by the perverse status quo, before changes came about. One thing is true; letting arsonists, looters, and property destroyers off the hook is the same as letting the police kill people when totally unnecessary and not making them accountable. Newton’s third law again. Looting, burning, and mayhem is the equal and opposite reaction of the killings of Floyd, Gray, Garner and thousands.

    1. They took 7days to investigate the crimes in Minneapolis and then charged the officers, you can’t do all that in a day or they will walk away because of errors in the case. They charge based on what they can win a conviction on not on what they’d like to do.

      1. It took three days of rioting to charge Chauvin and a further four days to up the charge and charge the others. The crimes committed were graphically illustrated immediately. If a person is caught with their hand in the till they get charged immediately. Then the discussion begins. What caused the rioting beside the pent up frustrations of police brutalizing Blacks and getting away with it was the appearance of the ‘investigation’. The same old delaying tactic was a default mechanism by the state. First the suspension with pay, then the investigation, then charges and a trial where the officers are exonerated. Chauvin could easily have been charged immediately. If he had been charged with manslaughter immediately, there’s a good chance the rioting would have remained protesting. The Covid-19 frustration and disproportionate Black deaths might of added to the tension. In any event Chauvin could have been charged with no mistakes that very day. That he was simply fired was the match that lit the fuse.

    2. If it’s an equal and opposite reaction then what was happening when the 8800 other African Americans were murdered. The mayhem, destruction, and violence after deaths of Floyd, Gray, Garner is opportunistic and disproportionate to other deaths so it’s not an equal and opposite reaction.

    3. “The arsonists, looters, and those that damaged property represent a minuscule part of a necessary movement to change a corrupt system.”

      I agree wholeheartedly that the system is entirely corrupt. I have been disgusted by it for a long time. Nonetheless, those who seek to destroy the very foundations of our society must be stopped- we should not be making any excuses for their behavior. And those who seek to improve society must come together in rational, OPEN, debate.

      My proposal is that we move to amend the Constitution to limit the size of Congressional Districts to no more than fifty thousand. Right now each Representative at the Federal level represents eight-hundred-thousand people. Such a system is designed for corruption. In my twenty three years in my district in NY, I have never seen my Rep in the street or take questions in public. Our Reps end up representing the super wealthy and powerful corporate entities rather than the people. The power of the average individual to affect their Rep is nullified. The end result is what we see now. And the same problem occurs throughout all levels of government.

      The founding fathers did see this problem, but the amendment to fix the maximum size of each district fell one state short of ratification and was left out of the bill of rights passed in 1791.

      1. Ivan – one of the two Constitutional Amendments not passed with the Bill of Rights was having a new congressman for every 50,000 citizens. I would sure push for it. It would mean so many Congresspeople that you could not whip them into a group or you could not bribe enough of them to do any good.

        1. Based on the population, you would have 6,600 representatives in Congress. A bit unwieldy don’t ya think?

          1. Lee – my theory was to either work from home and vote by secure device or video vote. You could actually drive down the street to your Rep. every day. And instead of a Congressperson being on several committees, they would be on one committee or none and that would be it. Or they could increase the number of committees so everyone has a place at the table.

          2. Right now we’ve got 435 Reps and 20,000 lobbyists running a nation of 330 million. That makes a joke of “representative republic.”

            I would rather describe such a change as “difficult to buy” rather than “unwieldy.” It would be much more accountable to the people.

          3. We could have a system of “front benchers(in DC)” and “back-benchers(in each State’s Capital) thereby bringing the Reps and DC(mini-DCs) closer to each State’s constituents. The Reps in their State Capitals would, of course, vote on every Bill/amendment before the House.

      2. Ivan

        The two factors that lead to a failed system are inherent weaknesses or structural dysfunction from within and perverse application of process to any structure from without . The US suffers from both, albeit the perverting of democracy through the purchasing of the system is by far the biggest problem. Most, if not all, other more successful democracies perform better as democracies because they limit severely the funding of candidates by unique sources. The US system is an oligarchy where concentrated funding determines who will be presented at just about every level of government. This perversity imposed on our system leads to internet weaknesses that propagate the problem.

        No system is perfect but when a people see a system as one thing and yet it is another, they are helpless to fix it. Let’s call a spade a spade; gerrymandering, while done by both Democrats and Republicans, is done more by Republicans and is one hundred percent undemocratic. It represents a perversity of the concept. Limiting voting tends to limit Democrat votes and is performed for the most part by Republicans. Americans are offered two choices, one more than a dictatorship. Each choice is controlled by a circus of pitting one side against the other. The issues rarely if ever make it to the voter. Almost all of any election is based on tearing down the other side. Perhaps Americans are simpletons, and not just Trump followers. I listened to as much as I could stomach of the Tulsa routine and was ashamed. That’s all there is????

        Some solutions: ban any funding of any candidate over a limit of $1,000 per registered voter and enforce the law with fines and jail time. Today’s options of transferring information are enough and next to free that a candidate should not need hundreds of millions of dollars to present their arguments. The money is, for the most part, spent on the circus., Create a independent government structure styled after the most non political model to organize and run all voting in the country above the county level. Make voting day federally a paid holiday and make all public transportation free for the hours the voting takes place. Make voting available to as many as possible for as long as possible. Use government forces, the military etc to shuttle any and everyone to a polling station. In short take the voting structure out of and away from the dirty hands of either political party. If voting is a right then it should be protected and run by the people, not any one political party.

        The first step is to recognize that this is a failed democracy.

        1. I see both sides attempting to manipulate the electoral system. The history of gerrymandering and limiting polling places is ugly. But so is ballot harvesting and high immigration. Both parties are to blame and the game has gotten out of hand. I would argue that the largest source of political interference is coming from the establishment media and their near unanimous hatred for Trump. The same goes for the even more powerful social media co’s and their hard and soft censorship of conservative and dissenting views. The enormous power they wield dwarfs what any individual donor could ever give.

          “Make voting day federally a paid holiday and make all public transportation free for the hours the voting takes place.”
          “In short take the voting structure out of and away from the dirty hands of either political party.”

          I agree.

          I would outlaw electronic voting machines because they are so easily hacked. I would increase the number of polling places. I’m guessing you aren’t in favor of a voter ID card, but I am.

          1. Ivan

            Regarding the media. I read several newspapers daily: NYTimes, Washington Post, Washington Times, Fox News, Reuters, BBC.

            The most biased are the Washington Times and Fox News. Not only are their opinion pages right off the charts, they simply do not print any stories that they cannot spin. The Times and the Post are also weighted to the left but much less so. The opinion pages of the Times and Post often contain scathing accounts of missteps by Democrats. Their opinion columns are significantly weighted left but nothing like the W Times and F News. Reuters and the BBC appear for the most part neutral.

            As far as media bias goes the major problem is that there are only two sides to support. This automatically changes the politics from a party that represents a percentage of the population to an either or situation. In France there are four main parties and each one has a major newspaper that represents each party’s position. Each newspaper prints the news in a fairly unbiased manner but the opinion pages are skewed to one party.

            I see nothing wrong with this as you know going in when you read : Le Figero that you will be getting a conservative bent, Le Monde that you will be treated to a socialist bent but throughout each paper occasionally includes a ‘champion’ from the other side.

            Having four political parties should be a minimum. The largest would represent the most and be less likely to be swayed by the extremes on both ends. The far right and far left are always influencing the center right and center left but only as indications of potential problems. In the US with two parties the minority can end up in a disproportionate position of control. If the US had four parties, Trump would have been the leader of a ten to fifteen percent far right party. Bernie Sanders the same on the left and the center would have divided the remaining seventy to eighty percent. The Republicans might have won but Trump would never have been President. The US and the world would have been better off.

            The inherent problems with the US system is that the so called elected government can be too easily manipulated by money and special interests. That is the problem. First before fixing it you have to identify the problem.

            If money was taken out as the deciding factor there is a better than average chance that the US would evolve to four parties and closer to a democracy, as was envisioned by the founding fathers.

            1. “If money was taken out as the deciding factor…”

              Money and power over the information flow.

              “Regarding the media. I read…”

              I find the information I get from the MSM to be devoid of the biggest news. I mostly get my information from a variety of websites and youtube channels from across the wide spectrum. Most of these suffer some form of censorship as I like to read “controversial” material and hear unorthodox views. The information I care about(what I think is most important to know) is rarely(if ever) covered by the MSM. I like zerohedge, jimmy dore, the Duran, Corbett report…anyone who is willing to report/opine on the dark side of history/events.

          2. Ivan

            Regarding the machinery of voting I would make it like the CIA, as faultless as possible. If electronic voting machines are faulty then there should be no money limited to do whatever it takes to get every one to vote and count accurately. I would also increase the number of polling places and provide as many hours in a day possible to vote. One day every four years or two years is not that much to ask. I am in favor of an ID card that identifies the person as a citizen, green card, or visa. Everyone should have to carry this ID at all times. It should be the same as carrying a drivers license while driving. Any problems individuals might have in obtaining these IDs should be taken care of by the government. There are enough DMVs, Post Offices, and Police Stations around that it should be an easy responsibility to fulfill. This should be all that is necessary to register to vote and to vote. Everyone in the US should have federal government ID. Registering to vote by mail and even voting by mail should be perfected. Any fraud committed involving voting should be addressed with the severest penalties. Theoretically the fraud would cancel each side out. All the rest is BS.

          3. I see both sides attempting to manipulate the electoral system.

            1. They aren’t. The only thing done by Republicans is gerrymandering, an antique practice. It is possible to create a practice manual for drawing electoral constituencies that provides for impersonal rules in constructing them, but you have to strip the courts of their seizure of jurisdiction in these matters, because you cannot have regular rules without some variation in the population of constituencies.

            2. Un-networked tabulation machines are fine if they’re rigorously tested.

            3. There is no need for additional holidays. Just hold elections on the Friday and Saturday after All Saints’ Day. You open the polls at 6:00 pm Friday, close at 10:00 pm Friday, open at 7:00 am Saturday, close at 6:00 pm Saturday. You begin tabulating in-person votes at 6:00 pm Saturday.

            4. Postal balloting would be limited to a select minority allowed to establish standing orders for such ballots; there would be no spot orders. The select minority would account for about 5.5% of the population in the Eastern United States and 11% in the Western United States. To be deemed validly cast, a postal ballot will have had to have arrived by Saturday morning. Once the lock boxes containing them are opened, no later arrivals may be tabulated; those that do arrive will be locked away until tabulation is complete and then be returned to sender with a note of regret.

            5. You can dramatically simplify any given set of electoral contests with the following conventions:

            a. Have all offices elected for four year terms bar positions in the judiciary limited to members of the bar; those sorts of judges would be elected for 12 year terms, with terms truncated to comply with mandatory retirement rules.

            b. Have all non-judicial offices subject to rotation-in-office rules, e.g. no one who has occupied an office for 14 of the last 16 years (or who will hit that wall during the four year term upcoming) may stand as a candidate for said office.

            c. Hold elections 3x a year. General elections in November for most offices, primary elections precisely 10 weeks before general elections (in August), and elections in May for select contests. The contests held in may would be for ballot propositions, retention-in-office referenda, recall referenda, competitive elections for positions in the judiciary, and competitive elections for select positions in the legal system where applicable (attorney-general, district attorney, public defender, sheriff, corporation counsel, &c). Ballot designation for your May elections would be by petition and involve no primaries or caucuses.

            d. Organize your November elections in quadrennial cycles: federal offices in year 1; local offices with general jurisdiction in year 2 (e.g. mayor, county executive, town council, county council), governor and state legislature in year 3, and all other offices in year 4. Organize your May elections similarly. Recalls, ballot propositions and retention-in-office referenda for appellate judges might be held any year; year 1 would be reserved for competitive elections to your general superior court; year 3 would be reserved for competitive elections to your municipal court and (where applicable) to the position of corporation counsel, as well as retention-in-office referenda for miscellanous local offices; year 3 would also feature competitive elections to your general superior court and for attorney-general (where applicable), as well as retention referenda for miscellaneous state offices; year 4 would feature retention referenda or competitive election for DA, sheriff, &c, as well as for specialty courts.

            e. Organize polling places in multiple desks for local elections. In regard to November elections in year 2, have one desk for county offices and one for municipal offices; in year 4, have one desk for school board, one for a miscellany of specialized executive offices, and one or more for other concilliar bodies you elect for special purposes. For your may elections, have one desk for referenda and have another for competitive contests.

            6. Favor ordinal balloting. In re seats on conciliar bodies elected from multimember constituencies, tabulation would be by Hare system. In regard to all other offices, tabulation would be by the Condorcet method.

            7. Have political parties organized as membership organizations which operate according to template by-laws. Parties whose members and adherents achieve certain thresh-holds in elections to the lower house of the state legislature would be declared ‘public organizations’. For such parties, their core of dues-paying members would be supplemented with a periphery of registrants who declare their preference on voter registratio forms. Public organizations would have weaker petitioning requirements, but would be required to hold primary elections in select circumstances.

            8. Use petition-driven jungle primaries for your may contests and for any November contest wherein the leading party has more than 2x as many active registrants as the also-ran party.

        2. “The first step is to recognize that this is a failed democracy.”

          I agree. The nation is run for the benefit of the few to the detriment of everyone else. Every nook and cranny of our government is bought and paid for. And the powerful vested interests will always twist and turn events towards their ends. Our government serves these psychopathic monsters. We agree on some level for sure.

    4. isaac– “The arsonists, looters, and those that damaged property represent a minuscule part of a necessary movement to change a corrupt system.”

      I may have missed it but I did not see any of the “heroes” challenging or trying to stop the “minuscule number” of people who were looting, burning, beating, rioting and even killing others. They know and you know that this anarchistic violence furthers their cause. From what I have seen and heard, these heroes and even the democrat party praise and support a bunch of frauds and thugs like Black Lives Matter who openly call for the murder of police and who could care less about the epidemic of black murders in places like Chicago and Baltimore– not even any condemnation of the coward who murdered a teenage girl dancing with her mother in their living room. But there was lots of condemnation of people who lived hundreds of years ago at a time when society’s values were very different. If they are to be condemned because of their embrace of slavery which was legal at the time, should not Floyd be condemned for his string of crimes, including shoving his pistol into the stomach of a pregnant woman especially since everyone today knows that is wrong? No, your heroes gave him three funerals and now a mural in New York across from Trump Tower.

      There was nothing “equal and opposite” about the looting burning and mayhem that followed Floyd’s death. For all we know, his death was because two men hated each other. We know Floyd had a weak heart, was a very large man, resisted arrest and had drugs, including meth, in his system. He should not have died. The video and the autopsy on which it was based indicate that the officer was wrong. Even so, I’ve said this before but I think it is significant. Black people are the only race or ethnic group that riots when one of their criminals are killed– even a disgusting person like Floyd. Far more unarmed whites are killed by police than black, but when was the last white riot you saw? For more than 50 years, the majority of whites in this country have bent over backward to provide equal opportunities to all. That is why I think one of the worst things about your heroes is that they make a mockery of the millions of blacks who have seized the opportunities finally afforded to them and have done quite well.

      1. He should not have died. The video and the autopsy on which it was based indicate that the officer was wrong

        The coroner is throwing a bone to Keith Ellison. I recently found a scholarly article which collated the autopsy reports of people who had died intoxicated by opiates. There were in their set 207 cases of people with fentanyl in their system. The mean blood level was 11 nanograms per cc. The autopsy report notes that in his blood was fentanyl at a level of… 11 nanograms per cc. He also had three other street drugs in his system, ‘severe’ coronary artery disease, and no injuries to his windpipe. The complaints about Ofc. Chauvin are humbug.

        1. “The complaints about Ofc. Chauvin are humbug.”

          Sure they are. Because you want them to be.

          Floyd wasn’t a saint, that’s for sure, but it was Chauvin who killed him.

            1. “Anonymous says:June 27, 2020 at 4:23 PM
              go get a job”


              What the eff are you yammering about?

          1. Anonymous – when I saw only the original video, I thought he was guilty as hell. However, I have now watched all the video made available by the police (some seems to be missing) and in my considered opinion it is not so clear cut. I have also read both autopsy reports and putting them together with the officers actions and words, I think Floyd had some type of cardiac event, starting when he rounded the front of the SUV. Whether the event was brought on by fentanyl or fentanyl with a reaction to other drugs or just a bad heart, I do not know. However, it is my considered opinion that those officers were trying to keep him alive, not kill him.

            1. ‘I do not know. However, it is my considered opinion that those officers were trying to keep him alive, not kill him.’

              Did you watch the video when the two officers first on the scene managed to put Floyd into the back seat of the police SUV? Chauvin showed up last, went over to the SUV and pulled Floyd out onto the ground where he proceeded to hold him down for almost nine minutes. Why did he do that? Floyd was at first NOT resisting and then motionless. The cops were not trying to kill or keep Floyd alive. Chauvin was laying down a ‘lesson’ on Floyd and the other three were standing around allowing it. There was no purpose whatsoever in what Chauvin did that had anything to do with upholding the law. At the very least it was manslaughter. Chauvin needs to be jailed for at least 25 years. There is no opportunity here for interpretation.

              1. issac – if you were around when this first went down, Squeeky posted a thing on how to handle people suffering under fentanyl. You do not “lay down a lesson while the video is running” you do that when no one is looking.

          2. but it was Chauvin who killed him.

            His blood level for fentanyl was 11 nanograms per cc. That’s a lethal dose. And the coroner knows that.

            Go grow a brain.

            Because you want them to be.

            Thanks for the projection. Always an education.

            1. Fentanyl shuts down the respiratory center, i.e. medulla and pons in the midbrain, and hence physical movements
              Floyd was physically active.
              The lethal dose of Fentanyl is 2 mg (2 x 10^-3) not 11 ng (11 x 10^-9) for the chemically naive
              Floyd had a hx of abuse of the drug which means the lethal dose would have been far higher than 2 mg
              Fentanyl did not kill him

              1. The lethal dose of Fentanyl is 2 mg (2 x 10^-3) not 11 ng (11 x 10^-9) for the chemically naive

                Again, the article in Frontiers in Pharmacology is made reference to above. The average blood level in 207 post-mortems was 11 nanograms per cc.

                1. Anonymous – George Floyd had a serious cardiac event prior to being place on his stomach of the street. Change my mind.

        2. Absurd x–I saw your post and I thanked you for it because it was very informative. I’m not a medical person but my gut tells me that the reason Floyd died is the combination of the drugs, his very weak heart and the Adrenalin rush from resisting arrest. The article you cite supports that conclusion. Even so, many years ago I was trained to stay clear of the neck and that is why I think the officer was wrong, especially with how long his knee was on his Floyd’s neck. But my training may well be hopelessly out of date. Whether that killed him will be for the experts and a jury. Regardless, Floyd had proven himself to be a real felon, hardly worth celebrating or honoring.

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