Iranian Court Orders The Amputation of The Fingers Of Three Teenagers Under Sharia Law

We have previously discussed the brutality of Islamic nations enforcing medieval Sharia law. Iran has given the world another shocking addition to the long list of beheadings, floggings, and other forms of Islamic punishment. A “court’ has ordered the amputation of the fingers of three teenagers found guilty of theft.

According to Iran International, the Iranian Supreme Court has upheld the Sharia sentencing Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian and Mehdi Shahivand who were convicted of four counts of robbery in the northern city of Urmia. The four boys have complained of torture leading to their confessions and one is reportedly in dire health condition after slitting one of his wrists.

Here is the provision found in Article 278 of the Islamic Punishment Law:

Article 278– The hadd punishment for theft is as follows:

(a)   On the first occasion, amputation of the full length of four fingers of the right hand of the thief in such a manner that the thumb and palm of the hand remain.

(b)   On the second occasion, amputation of the left foot from the end of the knob [on the foot] in such a manner that half of the sole and part of the place of anointing [during ablution] remain.

(c)    On the third occasion, life imprisonment.

(d)   On the fourth occasion, the death penalty even though the theft is committed in prison.

Note 1- When the thief is lacking the limb which shall be amputated, s/he shall be sentenced to the punishment prescribed for ta’zir thefts.

Note 2- Regarding paragraph (c) of this article and other thefts that do not fall under the category of ta’zir, if the offender repents during the execution of the punishment, and the Supreme Leader agrees with his/her release, s/he shall be pardoned and released. In addition the Supreme Leader can replace his/her punishment with another ta’zir punishment.

In 2008 it was reported that five convicted criminals convicted of various crimes in addition to  “acting against God” and “corruption upon this Earth.”  They were reported subjected to “cross amputation” where the right hands and left feet of the men were removed.

The amputation of the fingers of these minors is an offense to the most concepts of human rights and indeed humanity itself.

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  1. Meanwhile, in the UK:



    by Kevin Gosztola

    “Without Wikileaks, the truth of what happened…would still be buried.”

    Nancy Pelosi should never have taken impeachment off the table, just as the Obama administration should have ‘looked backward.’

    But aren’t we exceptional.

  2. Respectfully, Mr. Turley, but it feels you’re making an automatic – white privilege like – assumption regarding the moral superiority of our legal approach. As if the Judao-Christian interpretation of law – as applied for 200+ years by largely WASP prudes – is the only way forward for law . . . worldwide. Or doesn’t the law mutate and evolve over time?

    Fact is Sharia Law has developed other ways of dealing with crimes like theft. Extend this thought; does the woke voice which equates allowing these people to become Americans go curiously mute when it comes to their potential contribution in helping shape and mold our future? I wonder this because on the one hand we have significant national treasure (collected as taxes) being deployed not just toward prisons, but for a veritable army of people like Sheriffs, bailiffs, trial clerks, lawyers, bond issuers, FBI, bounty hunters, etc. With Sharia, a small tool with which to prune a finger plus a box of band-Aids.

    Ever been mugged? Shouldn’t that robber at least put at risk a finger for such a crime against you? Surely in light of our ongoing criminal justice failures, the Sharia concept is at least worth considering. Or are we to dismiss out of hand what our Middle Eastern and North African brethren bring to the table for weaving into our American tapestry? Further; consider how unlike the revolving door of our criminal justice system are the results of Sharia. With our system we often see miscreants graduate to ever more heinous crimes – but – Sharia sees the crooks eventually run out of fingers!

    Finally, with respect to barbarians, consider this; our European cousins take a dim view of our death penalty. Puts me in mind of glass houses – you?

    1. Wow! John Beech you couldn’t make your argument without offending Professor’s Turley mere legal observations (yes Judeo Christian) since that is what was thought of as best model at the time. Perhaps you should check your bigotry at the door. As a Hispanic woman I would not want to be tried by a Sharia court in any Middle Eastern or African country. I have little if any rights in most of those countries, I’ll take my chances in the US legal system. Perhaps you should go live in Iran, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan etc…and experience the grief, lack of justice and democracy pervasive in those countries. Persia was once a great country, with a rich history and great people. The professor is highlighting the lopsided justice dispensed to youth by a very hypocritical government. Of course our legal system is imperfect and flawed but Prof Turley, as a legal scholar is more than qualified to identify areas of improvement and freely express his opinion. Perhaps you sir are the white woke prude you speak of…it sounds like you may have a chip in your shoulder. And then we wonder why there is so much hate and discord, people like you are probably against profiling terrorists as middle eastern men but have no problem impugning the professor’s motives and opinions.

    1. “Equal?” Did you say “equal?”

      All men are created equal.

      After that, all men are on their own.

      Stop with the “equal” b——t!

      Who’s gonna clean the sewer and haul the trash?

      Equal with a black $500 million NFL quarterback?

      Just sayin’!

      No wait, who’s gonna go to Vietnam and spend the night in an ambush position in a wet, rancid rice paddy in a monsoon deluge?

      Equal? Oh, hecks yes!

  3. The Saudi Prince who is Jared Kushner’s buddy had a journalist resident of the US murdered and chopped up in their embassy in a fellow NATO country and ever since our President has made excuses for him, offered no punishment, or even had the nuts to criticize him. We have no opportunity to vote or otherwise choose Iran’s leaership, We do have an opportunity to vote on who is our president and the current occupant has absolutely no principles that counter this kind of brutatlity.

    1. “…resident of the US…”

      The White Man’s Burden!

      Oh yeah, every person in the world is an American-in-waiting, right? An entitled parasite-in-waiting. But for a violent takeover by “Crazy Abe” Lincoln, most of them wouldn’t be allowed to invade America, much less vote.

      Note To Democrats: Send mail-in ballots around the entire world.

      Everyone’s a “…resident of the US…” or soon will be, right?

    2. BTB:

      Remember when Obama bowed before MBS’ father, King Salman bin Abdulaziz? Remember when Obama sent pallets of cash to Iran in exchange for prisoners, and loosened up finance restrictions for them?

      Because I do.

      Do you seriously expect us to believe that voting a Democrat into the White House would lead to a hard line against the Middle East?

      My father worked for the DOD, and traveled with some regularity to the ME. I asked him why we maintain ties to them at all, when they abuse their people so. Why did we contract to build them a state of the art missile defense system? Most especially, I objected to our chummy relationship with Turkey, because they still have not acknowledged or apologized for the Armenian Genocide.

      I was treated to an explanation of the dichotomy between Sunni and Shiite, Arab and Persian, with Wahhabism thrown in. Most of the world does not meet the standard of free societies, or Western civilization. We can either be isolationist, and not even speak to Canada, because they do not have free speech. Or we can work with countries who do not meet our standards. Iran allied with Russia, North Korea, and to an extent, China. Saudi Arabia allied with us.

      What all previous presidents have learned is that we need the Kingdom and UAE for access for the military to the region. The high prices, long lines, and economic devastation from the OPEC embargo taught us to develop more domestic energy, and not to rely on countries that do not have our best interests at heart.

      Saudi Arabia has long had a relatively friendly relationship with the US. This is despite the fact that the extremists of their religion have also funneled some of that wealth to terrorists. Cutting them off makes us both vulnerable. The Kingdom would be more at risk of Iranian expansion. Russia would have more scope to expand.

      This is the really sucky side of geopolitics that the Lion of the Lannisters could have explained. I DO want to hold Saudi Arabia accountable, and keep pressuring them to relax its iron grip on its people. But that grip is based upon their religion, and so opposing it also opposes an Islamic theocracy operating within a monarchy.

      How do you undo thousands of years of strife, and a total lack of individual rights in a culture?

      The Middle East is not the same as the West, and cultural relativism is false.

  4. I’m thinking how barbaric an act removing digits from teenage children for theft. Then I’m visualizing hundreds of adults “wilding” Apple, Walmart, Khols and numerous Main Street shops leaving with all sorts of merchandise and… one cares.

    1. Well, that’s the problem here. The professor is devoted to the sort of common-and-garden secular culture which prevails among his social circle. He doesn’t critique it or even step back and observe it. So he ends up comparing a gritty and unpleasant reality abroad with a bowdlerized version of what’s up where he lives. Colonel Jessup would understand.

          1. Awww total cop out, but at least it’s one of your classics. Maybe you just expressed yourself poorly. Do you think amputation for theft makes sense for the US, or is that only for the “gritty reality abroad”?

            1. Do you think amputation for theft makes sense for the US, or is that only for the “gritty reality abroad”?

              I think I’d favor it just for you, Gainesville.

                1. BTW I’m not that person.

                  No, you merely recapitulate all of his tics and tropes. Funny about that.

                  When you’ve learned what ‘moral relativism’ is, get back to me.

              1. Art Deco X 2………………oh, it’s you, This is Absurd! I like your new moniker.
                There is an episode of David Suchet’s Poirot that is filmed on one of the most fabulous art deco hotel sets. You can’t look away……….just gorgeous. Will try to get the particulars for you.

      1. Can you not be grateful that you are reading about this in Professor Turley’s blog. The professor draws attention to this travesty where the rest of the media are focused on criticism and critique of every word and action by this president. CNN, Hollywood, NBA/NFL players, Academia liberals state they support human rights however they fail to speak out against these real injustices, much less mention them as newsworthy!!! Their hypocrisy and condescension is insufferable. Presumably they support women and children’s human rights, yet they failed to denounce and demand immediate justice for the children who were abused by Weinstein & Epstein, two of the biggest Democratic donors. Although the professor will disagree I think they should be castrated! Rape, sexual assault warrants castration—arguably they are doling out cruel and unusual punishment, but I digress children steal, have the punishment fit the crime. Where are liberals when it comes to extreme injustices of Sharia law? Laws that fail to recognize women and children’s rights to equality?!? Thank you for drawing attention to this Injustice professor.

  5. This is important, and outrageous, and should be pointed out, but given the hierarchy of priorities that this blog seems to embrace, it seems low on the list of atrocities and injustices. I know I’m not the only reader of this blog who is wondering where Professor Turley has been on the Julian Assange case. The last entry where any mention was made of Assange (I just searched for it) was February, 2020. The farcical extradition trial in which Assange is currently submerged, which threatens nothing less than the wholesale destruction of the First Amendment, is taking place right now in England. One would think that an advocate of free speech would be covering this outrage against our civil liberties – a journalist who is openly sought to be prosecuted for exposing war crimes – like a hawk. What is going on here?

    1. Yes Prof Turley, please put your mind to Julian Assange.
      The Iranian Judicial system might not be to yours or mine taste but after decades of coupe, counter coupe, war and chemical attack, all sponsored by the US for oil, their system has been under considerable strain. To much of the world the US looks like a plundering ogre. Not long since the US was lynching POC.

  6. The hypocrisy on this blog is equal to the disgusting practices of the perverse Islam. But the same punishments in Saudi Arabia are OK because they buy our weapons and blow the fingers, feet, arms, etc indiscriminately off of innocent women, men, and children. Yup. The height of stupidity is someone equating BLM a movement to honor and preserve all life, to the filth in Iran’s Islam. Yup. Sounds like some here have had an overdose of Trump.

    1. Somehow I don’t think that BLM is “a movement to honor and preserve all life” considering their chants of “frying (cops) like bacon, or using quick set cement to ‘lock’ the doors of a building with people inside and then burn the place down. What planet are you on?

      1. You bring to mind the story of the blind man touching various parts of an elephant and proclaiming it to be different animals. BLM is about including Blacks to matter at the same level as Whites or equality. That you focus on some of the parasitical extremists that hitch a ride on the movement reflects more on you than BLM. So sad. So regressive.

    2. Isaac:

      “The height of stupidity is someone equating BLM a movement to honor and preserve all life, to the filth in Iran’s Islam.”

      By their fruits shall you know them.

      Why do you think BLM is a movement to honor and preserve all life? Have you read their original, or subsequent, manifestos? Ever learn how the first manifesto was taken down because of all the anti-semitism? Their purpose is anti-capitalist, racist against whites, promotes criminal culture, label statistically proven steps to success such as a nuclear family “whiteness”, raise funds to bail out looters and rioters, and they are prejudiced against cops.

      In what way does that respect life?

      Their very vehement opposition to “all lives matter”, which includes black lives, by definition proves they do not “honor and preserve all life.”

      They also do not wait for investigations before calling a police use of force racist. White cop + black suspect = proof of racism for the irrational. They get the story wrong over and over and over again. They promote false premises, such as that cops are out hunting blacks.

      They also demand reparations from whites, regardless of whether the ancestors of those whites were slave owners, members of the Underground Railroad, or Irish slaves. We don’t blame Latinos for the mass murder of their Aztec ancestors. We don’t blame Muslims for the Barbary Pirates or the Muslim slave trade, which kidnapped, castrated, and sold multiples more Africans than ever arrived in America.

      It is a movement based on racism, criminal culture, and socialism. It is a movement that promotes statistically proven paths to failure.

      What have the fruits of BLM been?

      Riots. Looting. Burning police precincts. Cops ambushed and shot. Crowds of BLM activists trying to storm the ER in Compton screaming they hope the 2 cops that were shot in the head die. Organized BLM attacks on Jewish businesses. The antisemitic rhetoric that labels Jews as white supremacists, rich whites that should be punished. BLM has pushed its way into classrooms, where teachers instill a sense of guilt and shame in innocent white children. It judges even children skin deep. It enforces the idea that black and white children should not be friends, because by the action of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, the white kids are oppressing them. It instills the idea that whatever a white or Asian got by studying hard, going to school, waiting to have kids until marriage, somehow is “owed” to black people, regardless of whether they studied hard, stayed in school, or had kids out of wedlock.

      There is no personal responsibility, and the most irresponsible behavior is lauded.

      Those are rotten fruits, indeed.

      A movement that wanted unity and valued life, would have sought to increase the prosperity of the poor of any race. It would help the poor improve their circumstances, improve education, shift cultural mores. Help improve the safety of a neighborhood. Give kids a safe place to play. Plant community gardens. Provide free after school tutoring.

    1. Dear Scott,

      You are not supposed to ask that question. An answer could lead to all sorts of unwanted observations and inconvenient questions. Such as, which is worse, maiming 3 teenagers, or permitting thousands of teenagers to set out on a life of crime? Is losing your fingers worse than spending time in prison.

      If we are not careful, we might eventually start executing murderers again!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  7. The left in this country (USA) are more dangerous than Islam, ISIS, or any other thing known to man. That is a fact you can take to the bank. All other problems can be dealt with easily.

  8. This is why cultural relevancy is a false premise.

    I absolutely, wholeheartedly believe that Western Culture in general and the US in particular is the best. Persians have great music and architecture. They have strong family traditions. When you go to a Persian party, there will be kids and grandmas, and everyone will be dancing.

    But there are aspects about the culture in the Old Country that make me glad to live in the US. The rest of the world is so interesting to visit, but always glad I live here.

    The Middle East takes a rather stern view on punishment deterring others from committing crimes. But the punishment is not commensurate the crime.

    1. This is true but right now thousands of people who are being affected by the crime of the BLM and antifa groups are crying out for laws like this here

      1. ANTIFA wants to cut people’s fingers off for theft? Seems light compared to conservatives (including Trump himself) calling for summary executions for stealing. Or were you being sarcastic?

        1. Looters shot on sight is an antique practice.

          What Antifa favors, among other things, is burning down business franchises and police stations, looting, attacking law enforcement, harassing passers-by, and murder now and again.

            1. Looting may under some circumstances equate to a forcible felony. Forcible felonies can generally be terminated with a lawful use of lethal force.

              in such circumstances, I favor the lawful use of force to terminate the commission of forcible felonies

              arson is a forcible felony. it’s for the good of society that arsonists be shot before they can light a city on fire and lead to many innocent deaths

              “I, Zarathustra, the advocate of life, the advocate of suffering, the advocate of the circle – you I summon, my most abysmal thought!
              Hail to me! You are coming – I hear you! My abyss speaks,I have unfolded my ultimate depth to the light!
              Hail to me! Here now! Give me your hand – ha! Let go! Haha! – Nausea, nausea, nausea – oh no!”

              Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra,

                1. go look up your burglary laws and see. if it’s shoplifting, no, mere theft, no.

                  burglary however is a forcible felony so you would have to look up the state statutes and see.

                  for the first person who breaks a window and enters at night to steal, that’s common law burglary. bang bang

  9. They’re lucky they aren’t cutting off their hands, which is the usual punishment. Why Turley is making a big deal out of this is beyond me. He is NOT Iranian and is expert on US law. Muslims who come to the US need to understand that religious law does not apply here. If they can’t deal with it, they should return to a Muslim country.

    1. Muslims who come to the US need to understand that religious law does not apply here.

      If I’m not mistaken, full-bore Sharia in the penal code is something you see in Iran and Saudi Arabia. There are ~7 other countries which have made selective use of Sharia in their penal code.

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