Hill-Harris Poll: Sixty-One Percent Of Voters Now Support A Trump Concession Speech

We recently discussed the Politico poll showing that a majority of people were now calling for President Donald Trump to concede the election while a plurality supported such an immediate concession.  We discussed that the number calling for concession would likely continue to increase and a new Hill-Harris poll would seem to support that view. Some sixty-one percent in the poll believe Trump should give a concession speech. At a minimum, some of us have called for President Trump to call for “ascertaining” the election for Biden so that a transition can proceed unimpeded. That would not concede the election, but it would be the responsible course of action. It is long overdue. Some of us called for ascertainment over two weeks ago.

The poll put the question a bit awkwardly. Instead of asking if voters thought Trump should concede, it asked whether Trump should give a concession speech.  That was more ambiguous than the Politico poll that asked if Trump should concede immediately.

Seventy-one percent of Democratic voters, 60 percent of independent voters, and 53 percent of Republican voters said it is important for Trump to give a concession speech.

Again, I believe that it is important to have the allegations raised by the Trump campaign addressed transparently and expeditiously in the interests of national unity. I was critical of the press conference yesterday because of its heated rhetoric and unproven allegations of a global Communist conspiracy. Last night, Tucker Carlson also criticized the lack of evidence offered to support the global conspiracy. Again, this is not the time for “opening statements” but hard evidence.

There were plausible objections raised about over voting, conditional ballots, and other issues. However, those legal claims were repeatedly cut off by sweeping descriptions of a Communist conspiracy tied to Venezuela and Cuba. Absent hard evidence, more voters will be calling for concession. The rhetoric bordered on a rave at points and overwhelmed the specific challenges being planned in various states. It undermined the credibility of these lawsuits.

Last night, Giuliani continued with that rhetorical onslaught and claimed not only a national conspiracy but one directed by Biden.  He also claimed evidence that a “large truck” was seen pulling up at 4:30 am into a Detroit voting center loaded with Biden ballots in trash cans and shopping bags.  Such a violation would likely be caught on videotape and the conspiracy would involve a large number of criminal co-conspirators. It is time to see that evidence.


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  1. Let’s be clear, though: Carlson doesn’t “care what’s true.” He lies when he believes that it serves him, and his own lawyer argued in court — in defending him against a defamation suit — that no one should assume that his statements are factual.

  2. “Again, I believe that it is important to have the allegations raised by the Trump campaign addressed transparently and expeditiously in the interests of national unity”

    I’m sorry, if I yell FIRE in a crowded movie theater do we investigate it thoroughly for a day or two and then show the movie? I’m pretty sure either 1) there is evidence of fire and I saved lives. or 2) I will be immediately arrested and hauled out in chains, and rightly so.

    Trump is yelling “MASSIVE, HUGE, GIGANTIC, DEMOCRCAT FRAUD” with no evidence whatsoever.

    Stop it, stop it now.

  3. Today, Trump called the election a hoax. Turley makes an important point that most Trump supporters believe Trump is right.

    We will soon find out if Trump’s ultimate goal is national unity.

    1. “We will soon find out if Trump’s ultimate goal is national unity.”
      Huh? If the election hoax allegation is true, calls for national unity are like making friends with your own hangman. You can’t be unified with some group that wants to make you a serf. It’s a simple concept. Oh and here’s another simple tried and true concept: The goal of any and every politician is to win. Plain and simple.

    2. No natter the final resolution the country will remain divided. The division started Clinton calling Trump voters deplorable and unredeemable. Biden has called them ugly people and chumps.

      1. Until you’re also about to speak to the names that Trump calls people, you’ll be contributing to the division.

  4. Giiuliani’s son Andrew, who was at the packed press conference yesterday, has tested positive for COVID. He’d better hope that he hasn’t transmitted it to his father, as Rudy’s age puts him at risk.

    1. It may be too late. He was wiping the sweat of his head a lot during his press conference. Fever perhaps?

    1. Anonymous, because republicans kept saying it was a secure system and the lowest bidder in most states that chose it.

  5. You say above:
    “I was critical of the press conference yesterday because of its heated rhetoric and unproven allegations of a global Communist conspiracy. Last night, Tucker Carlson also criticized the lack of evidence offered to support the global conspiracy. Again, this is not the time for “opening statements” but hard evidence.“

    I say below:
    Jonathan Turley, have you ever filed, litigated, then tried a civil case? Any of the foregoing at all? Have you ever seen a jury? You’re comments above are hair-pullingly ridiculous. Stay with the appellate law and the classroom stuff. Real lawyering is not your suit.

  6. Well, I guess the youtube video there solves it. The ole drop and roll. Get that video into the strike force team’s hands! I’m sure the speculation and conclusory statements will hold up!

    The Trump cult of personality is sickening. The election has certainly exposed who the real sheep and snowflakes are.

    1. How about the previous admin spying on the incoming president with illegal CIA, NSA, FBI and FISA court covert domestic ops? Way worse by any standard.

      1. Except, that didn’t happen. Even you pro-Trumpsters should encourage him to either concede or just go away with whatever dignity he has left, if for no other reason than the sake of the dignity of the office he is occupying.

        1. Natasha, he has no dignity. He wasted it away the moment he suggested people inject themselves what cleaners to get rid of COVID.

          1. Worse, Svelaz. Trump said that he was being sarcastic about that injection inquiry which is a lie. As if joking about COVID is a laughing matter! He is such a despicable human being who is unfortunately a consummate conman.

        2. Why doesn’t the Left, the Media, the Democrats call for Stacy Abrams to CONCEDE her loss in Georgia and to accept her loss with dignity? She won’t. Abrams insists her refusal to conced was “justified” oh but Trump’s is not? Explain that one.

        3. Correct if wrong, but has Stacy Abrams ever litigated a contested election result in Georgia? Or does she simply declare it was stolen (with no evidence) and refuses to concede to this day?

            1. Yet she has never conceded, nor simply accepted her loss with dignity and she is applauded by the Dems and Media. Yet at the same time they all expect Trump to accept his loss with dignity and concede. Glaring double standard, per usual.

              1. I think she did accept her loss with dignity. She stated in Nov. of 2018 that “I acknowledge that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election.” Trump could just as easily state “I acknowledge that former Vice President Biden will be certified as the victor in the 2020 presidential election and tell GSA Murphy to recognize Biden as President-Elect.

                The situations also aren’t analogous. Kemp actively engaged in voter suppression as GA Secretary of State. As Abrams noted in her speech, “more than a million citizens [of GA] found their names stripped from the rolls by the [GA] Secretary of State, including a 92 year-old civil rights activist who had cast her ballot in the same neighborhood since 1968.” Trump did not face a situation where Biden had control over voter registration rolls, and Republican voters didn’t arrive at the polls in large numbers only to find that they’d been removed from the list of registered voters. It’s not a double standard to recognize these differences.

  7. GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander is calling on Trump to facilitate the Biden transition, especially for vaccine distribution:

    His statement is still too weak, but the longer Trump waits, the greater the odds that people will die unnecessarily from COVID. Unfortunately, I doubt that Trump will listen. He is a malignant narcissist and is incapable of conceding or putting the lives of Americans first.

    1. Boy, that Sen Alexander is fast. I’d expect him to spend some more time thinking about it, like Senators Rubio, Cruz,and all those other promising GOP leaders.

    2. Alexander, Romney, Sasse, Collins, Murkowski, Rubio…if just a handful of Republican Senators support GSA ascertainment, the sense of Congress is on the side of ascertainment:


      Presumptive President-elect Biden wants that Republican support more than he wants to take legal action against the GSA, according to his speech yesterday:


      Trump appears to have boxed himself into eternal non-concession with his tweets, but I suspect he will eventually surprise and impress us by proving that wrong. If he has to leave the White House in January 2021, he has to leave the White House with presidential aplomb.

      In the meantime, he can support ascertainment: “I do not concede the race, but I concede the ascertainment. Especially in the midst of an unprecedented public health emergency, redundancy and resilience is in the best interests of our nation.”

      1. Jonathan Maxon, He lost. The only choice is to concede. Every bit of evidence points out a clear picture, Trump doesn’t have the electoral votes. He can refuse to concede until Jan 20 and be unceremoniously kicked out. Or quietly concede and go play some golf.

        1. I agree that President Trump should be prepared to concede the race after the Electoral College vote. Until then, why should he concede more than ascertainment?

          Speaking of unceremonious removals, Obama weighed in last night with some astonishingly distasteful humor:


          “You know the White House well. You lived there for eight years. Are there places someone could hide? Like, if, say, they were going to be removed?” Kimmel asked the former president on his show Thursday. “There’s little cubby holes or anything we should know about?”

          “Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALs in there to dig him out,” Mr. Obama replied, laughing.

          This from “Dr. Drone Strike.” Of all people on Earth, Barack Hussein Obama should not joke about using Navy Seals to remove an ICC, ICJ and Constitutionally non-compliant President from the White House.

      2. Trump is a malignant narcissist. He is incapable of putting the best interests of the country ahead of his person interests. That’s why he hasn’t been doing everything he could as President to reduce the # of COVID deaths and hospitalizations, to make sure earlier that all states had the access to PPE that they needed, etc.

        His personal interest right now is to protect himself from the narcissistic injury of having to accept that he lost the election.

        I expect that he will continue to promote conspiracy theories that he won the election and it was stolen from him.

        Biden needs Murphy to accertain that he is the apparent winner of the election, so that a he can have access to the information he needs to guarantee a smooth transition in all of the work involved in vaccinating people. Murphy should do her job.

        1. CTHD, I suspect Murphy won’t do anything until she’s 1000% sure all the votes have been certified. She will slow walk that until it’s no longer possible.

          1. I tend to agree, Svelaz, that Murphy’s safest bet, as things stand, is to wait until all the states have certified their results. So somewhere between 8 and 14 December. But if enough Republicans in the Senate decide in favor of ascertainment sooner, and/or the President does, Murphy should, too. As it stands, Trump is suggesting that ascertainment-minded Republican Senator and 2012 GOP Presidential Primary Winner Mitt Romney (R-UT) is a RINO. This is not good for the GOP and unfortunately feeds into the worst psychiatric assessments of Trump’s character. Trump and the GOP have nothing to lose from conceding ascertainment, but they do have political credit to gain.

        2. One bright spot in this ugly picture: Dr. Mary Trump opines that Trump will never run for office again because he cannot handle the humiliation not only of losing an election, but not being able to bully his way around the loss, losing one lawsuit after another, (litigation being one of his favorite tactics for getting his way–even if he doesn’t win, he forces a settlement to get better terms than he had before) being branded a liar and sore loser for making up lies to explain his loss, and being forced to hand over the power he cheated to get to someone he hates.

        3. CTHD:


          “Q Just one thing about the COVID vaccine. Is there a concern inside the White House that a lack of working with a potential or presumptive President-Elect Biden team will somehow slow down the distribution of the COVID vaccine?”

          “MS. MCENANY: Yeah, I’m glad you asked that question. It’s an important one. And not in the slightest. Because, in fact, I did hear the former Vice President say yesterday he was concerned about not being able to distribute a vaccine. He shouldn’t be. Maybe he hasn’t seen, but we have publicly available that plan that I mentioned in my opening. It’s the COVID-19 Vaccination Program, the Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations. This is publicly available, if the former Vice President would like to read through it.”

          “Beyond that, I would say that we’ve already, going back months, partnered with the 64 jurisdictions in this country to make sure that they each had individualized distribution plans. Those have been assessed. Those have been made certain that they’re — they’re good and operational.”

          “So this work has been ongoing. There’s a distribution plan in place, which is why you heard General Perna say yesterday that, within 24 hours of getting that EUA, the emergency use authorization, we will be able to distribute this all across the country.”

  8. Why are we even talking about this? The election hasn’t even been held! Of course, most Americans are too idiotic to understand it but we didn’t vote for a president on November 3, we voted for ELECTORS. Biden is not president-elect and won’t be until the Electoral College meets and possibly not even then, depending on the courts and the state legislatures. Enough already!

    1. The electors were chosen on Nov. 3, and In most states, the electors are required by law to vote for the winner of the popular vote in the state. The EC vote is largely determined at this point.

      Do you seriously think that some Democratic electors are going to vote for someone other than Biden?

      When you say “depending on the courts and the state legislatures,” just what are you referring to? Are you hoping that some GOP legislators will install electors who weren’t chosen on Nov. 3?

      Trump lost, and he should concede.

  9. A) The phrasing of that question is absurd.

    B) As Ms. Powell clearly stated yesterday, the evidence is forthcoming.

    C) It is not a “global Communist conspiracy”. It is a globalist conspiracy that is now fully out in the open thanks to the globalists rolling out their Great Reset plan right after Biden allegedly won the election.

    As I have said for years; “It’s not a conspiracy, or a theory, if it’s right out in the open”.

    With that in mind. This week the propagandist presstitutes at the NYTimes called the Great Reset a “conspiracy theory” on the same day that the World Economic Forum celebrated….(drumroll please) …The Great Reset.


    So that is how much credibility the MSM exhibits on a minute by minute basis.

    None of the MSM news organizations have even a tiny shred of credibility left.

    The problem to the globalist elites is not really Trump. It is the populism that both Trump and Brexit represent. They are terrified of populism because it is the antithesis of globalism.

    “The War on Populism: The Final Act”


    1. “the evidence is forthcoming.”

      When? Just what are Powell and Giuliani waiting for?

      What evidence does they have other than the affidavit that she said was appended to Lin Wood’s suit in GA that was dismissed yesterday?

      States are already in the midst of certifying results: https://ballotpedia.org/Election_results_certification_dates,_2020

      The electors vote on December 14. The clock is ticking if they actually have anything.

      1. CTHD– ““the evidence is forthcoming. When? Just what are Powell and Giuliani waiting for?”

        Probably waiting for an actual court where evidence can be presented and a judicial decision made.

        You, and many in the media, seem to think that you, rather than a judge, are arbiters of these issues. You are not. Were I working with them I could think of no possible reason to present a case to a wicked coven of reporters and internet trolls.

        1. Young,

          “ Probably waiting for an actual court where evidence can be presented and a judicial decision made.”

          An actual court? Are you suggesting all the state, federal and state super courts were fake?

          No evidence has been presented it doesn’t exist. That’s the problem. Lawyers are losing these lawsuits because they don’t have any evidence at all. Just hearsay upon hearsay. Even Giuliani admitted to a judge he’s not claiming fraud is being committed.

          Judicial decisions HAVE been made. They involve throwing out the lawsuits because…of…lack…of …e.v.i.d.e.n.c.e.

  10. Turley agrees with Tucker

    comedy gold.

    A press conference is not a court of law,

    in addition the press are so stupid and venal that no one trusts them.

    Tucker proclaimed he is a hack fux news propagandist with this type of ‘reporting’.

    I am thankful to relegate his absurd incompetence to ignore now.

    1. Right, a press conference is not a court of law, but Trump keeps losing in the courts.

      Sidney Powell said yesterday that “President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it.”

      But they didn’t prove it yesterday. They’ve had 2 weeks already, and they claim that this software has been around for over 7 years. When are they going to prove it?

      1. Gee, Dominion pulled out of a fact finding session in the PA legislature today. Wonder why

  11. Ok, let’s get one thing straight. Tall Turley is doing is a very wordy version of Bill Clinton’s argument of “it depends on what the definition of “is” is.”

    Trump lost, that’s it. Every lawsuit has been thrown out by state judges, federal judges, and state Supreme Court judges. Georgia just finished a hand count of all the ballots and still showed Biden won.

    Good grief man. Trump. LOST. Now you’re splitting hairs on how to concede?

  12. Mitt Romney, yesterday:
    “Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the president has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election. It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American president.”

    More Republicans need to join Romney in calling Trump out.

    1. Did we ever hear Mitt call out the Obama admin illegal spying on the Trump campaign and transition? Of course not.

    2. Here is what is actually happening: Trump is litigating a contested election.

      Or would you rather Trump launches an ‘Obama-like operation’? Maybe you prefer Trump ‘keeping up appearances’ on the outer, just as Obama did, as he oversaw an illegal, covert operation weaponizing the levers of power within the Intel Community to spy on, sabotage, threaten, delegitimize and hamstring an incoming duly elected administration?

  13. And Turley, let’s not overlook that the real election tampering right now is being undertaken by Trump, Lindsey Graham and whichever other repub mouth pieces are leaning on local electors to overturn voting results in their states and precincts. It seems to be trumpian overdrive of corruptive slime, flooding the zone, that makes this blatantly obvious point somehow overlooked. Add to that the corruption of Barr as AG trying to manipulate the oversight…

    Basically as soon as these local repubs from Michigan land and go to the meeting they’ve been summoned to by trump at the white house there should be cuffs slapped on trump. A corrupt administration is outdoing itself each and every day.

    And Rudy should really watch his hair dye practice because the still photos of him from his public rant and rave session yesterday were truly insane — and quite effective as a metaphor for trumpian rule.

    Mighty nice of you, Jon, to go so far as to say that you agree with the ascetainment process, the norm for transition of power in the U.S. forever.

    1. Using the constitution and the legal remedies is not election tampering. Gore got 37 days to challenge the election. Georgia found not counted votes and a zip drive that had not been entered. Human error or poor training. I have been an election worker in NJ. We had workers of both parties and both parties had challengers at the polls. Georgia needs to do a better job of handling the citizens votes.

      1. Gore didn’t challenge the election. If you’re going to bring up the 2000 election, at least know what you’re talking about. Bush was the plaintiff in Bush v. Gore.

    1. I have concerns with with Venezuela sourced election equipment, software and American votes being tabulated in foreign countries. This should all be produced and done in the US.

    2. All bull. The vote tallies came in exactly as predicted–in-person voting would favor Trump, and absentee and mail ballots would favor Biden. In-person votes get reported first. Mail and absentee ballots get reported later on because it takes time to process them. Every voting place, every place where ballots are opened and processed, had both Republican and Democrats present overseeing the process. There were no trucks with garbage bags of Biden ballots delivered in the middle of the night. no software controlled by Soros or Hillary used to change votes.

      There was no vote “dumping”. There was no computer manipulation of tallies. There was no inconsistent ratios to registered voters, or any other “impossible ratios”. The head of CISA, fired for speaking truth to power, confirmed that the election was the most-secure in US history. All of these lies are calculated to prevent Trumpsters from seeing that overgrown, petulant, man-child for the simpering, vindictive, petty narcissist he really is. He lost the popular vote in 2016, and lost by an even greater margin in 2020. He never captured even a 50% approval rating, which is a record in the history of presidential polling. It would be amazing if he had “won” this time.

      It is an obscenity to use the title of “President” for that person. He never earned the title, and his incompetence continues to cost American lives, the economy and our reputation with the rest of the world. He lost. Just as predicted. And, with the margins that were predicted. Get over it.

      1. Well put, Natacha. Additionally, how do we remember this abominable Trump presidency? It is a stain on our country. The very idea of a Trump Presidential Library is a hilarious oxymoron. We will be fighting over his legacy for decades as historians and commentators report the truth of his pathological lying while his defenders will claim he was the greatest president- EVER! I trust that Trump’s eventual downfall in civil and criminal state courts will convince most of his followers that he was a charlatan and that they were had.

  14. None of them speak for me and I am NOT in favor since it’s still got to past the problem of oath of office. All that is a gang of one siders trying to dictate nd over rule the rule of law. Instead they keep making it look more and more fixed. So how how do you think getting by the Oath of Office after spending days speaking in anti constitutional pro manifesto terms is going. Five of the four fo sure woud not administer it as it would be encouraging a felony at the very least.

  15. ” Such a violation would likely be caught on videotape and the conspiracy would involve a large number of criminal co-conspirators. It is time to see that evidence. ”

    Turley should know, like so many others do, that one doesn’t shoot all their bullets before the gunfight begins.

    1. LMAO that you think the gunfight hasn’t begun, when over 30 lawsuits have been filed by Trump and his allies.

    2. Allan, very true. In this instance the gunfight hasn’t even begun. The media wants the Trump team to shoot into the air like drunken cowboys on a spree. It’s not High Noon and the combatants are yet to meet in the street for the showdown. Release just enough information to nudge public opinion but hold the rest for the real fight.

      I noticed that the media was so desperate to attack the presentation that many of them focused on Rudy’s sweating. “Surely that must be proof of something.” Yes, he was hot. It has nothing to do with the apparent sabotage of a national election.

      1. Young, Anonymous is a total idiot. He doesn’t understand simple concepts. He’s been an idiot throughout all the threads of this blog appearing as worthless as can be. I wonder if he lives in the basement with his mother?

        1. Am I being blocked? Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for letting insane comments go thru and get posted but mine are being blocked? What a farce.

        2. You are blocking my posts yet you allow insane Oky1 homophobic and racist utter crap and nonsense? What is wrong with you? You cannot afford to lose intelligent comments. But you just did. A hole.

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