Feminist Activist Sentenced To Five Years For Endangering National Security

Saudi Arabia added to its list of human rights abuses this week with the sentencing of women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul.  I have previously written about the inspiring courage and commitment of Saudi feminists, but al-Hathloul is a standout even among that group.  She has tirelessly fought for simple rights like the ability to drive in a kingdom that continues to deprive women, religious minorities, journalists, and others basic protections. She was reportedly tortured by the Saudi government, a signature of the blood-soaked Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Now she has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Ms. al-Hathloul is a University of British Columbia graduate who war arrested alongside 10 other women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia in May 2018.

I have long been a critic of the Trump Administration’s alliance with Mohammed bin Salman and its covering up of his murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist working for the Washington Post. Our protection of the Crown Prince has been a national disgrace.

Yet, the true costs fall on brave activists like al-Hathloul, who refused to yield to the medieval practices of the Kingdom, which continues to rule under a strict Sharia system.  She was charged with damaging the kingdom’s national security and trying to alter its political structure. No charges are more of a self-condemnation of the Kingdom as a fundamentally tyrannical and abusive government.

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  1. A few words from the Father of Modern American Journalism, Edward R. Murrow: “We cannot advance freedom abroad (overseas) by deserting freedom at home”.

    America has never provided accountability for torture, warrantless domestic spying, censorship and preemption policies resulting in punitive blacklisting (Cointelpro). Why won’t the main-stream press organizations correct our own violations of the American oath of office? Maybe America should lead by example?

    Why so little talk about Section 230, the internet’s First Amendment? Both parties support these violations of their own oath of office [Title 5 US Code 3331 which defines Article VI]. Let’s walk-the-walk!

  2. I have long been a critic of the Trump Administration’s alliance with Mohammed bin Salman

    It’s called reasons-of-state, professor. International politics is not a faculty meeting.

    Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist

    Uh huh.

    Professor, does it occur to you that perhaps Mohammed bin Salman might have a more perspicacious idea than you do of how these sorts of political conflicts play out in real time? Note, the most benevolently governed parts of the Arab world are those places where ruling houses made incremental adjustments and negotiated deals with civilian politicians.

    yield to the medieval practices of the Kingdom, which continues to rule under a strict Sharia system.

    You live in a country where abortion on demand, unilateral divorce on demand, and ba*tardy are how north of 1/3 of the population does business.

  3. President-elect Biden has vowed to take a more critical stand on Saudi Arabia:


    But it’s enormously complicated. Saudi Arabia is changing rapidly, freedoms for women are increasing, and the culture must first be judged on its own and regional terms.

    The Biden administration can overlook leaked US intelligence alleging MBS ordered the Khashoggi killing; it can cast doubt on that intelligence and give the Saudis an opportunity to disprove it – as President Trump did; or it can release that intelligence and stand behind it.

    President-elect Biden may also choose to focus on mercy for the living, perhaps negotiating a reduction in sentences and/or asylum for Loujain al-Hathloul and other imprisoned feminists as a pre-condition to meeting with King Salman and MBS on all other matters.

    Looking to Iran, the Biden administration must weight the pros and cons of rejoining the JCPOA without new Saudi conditions:


  4. This is why Islam may be the only way to avoid the destruction of the Western World, and the PC “cancel culture” “everyone is a racist” nonsense. It’s all driven by Feminism, and the Saudis aren’t having it. I think they may have a point that men worldwide should consider. Women are always complaining. Nothing is good enough. And they want to be in charge by hook or crook, and it looks like they have taken complete control of the Democrats.

    Wa-Alikum-asalaam Brothers…

  5. this is horrible but Obama, a real Muslim worshipped and still worships the Koran. We have elected radical Muslims in the US government. Professor do you know for sure the belief system of all Muslims in the US? How many lie to your face but believe in strict sharia law behind closed doors. They know over time they will take over the world because they can have multiple wives and tons of children. Do the math. The problem long term is not China or Russia, it’s the Muslim world. Are there good Muslims yes but the worry is the evil ones who believe in stuff like honor killings. Men OWN the family and do whatever they want to their women and children. Watch the movie Infidel. I was very surprised Hollywood allowed it’s release.

    1. This is insane. Barack Obama was given next-to-nothing in the way of religious instruction as a youth (his grandfather joined a Unitarian congregation because ‘you get five religions for the price of one’). He did live in Indonesia for four years, but Islam in Indonesia is lax and syncretistic. His amiable step-father was apparently a lushington later in life. As an adult, he joined Jeremiah Wright’s congregation. The disreputable Mr. Sailer notes that given the masses of black congregations to choose, his selection of Wright’s was telling, because Wright’s stock-in-trade was heavy on political babble and light on doctrinal and moral teaching.

  6. Saudis Arabia. Or however ya spull it. Fly over and flush. Make sure you poop before you flush. The flush will land on the heads of itShayheads who wear scarves on their heads. Their heads of state are itShay heads from the get go.

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