New York Times Under Fire For Cancel Culture Story on University of Tennessee Cheerleader

The New York Times is under fire for its coverage of how an incoming Tennessee cheerleader was dumped from the team after the release of a three-second video in which she used a racial epithet. Times reporter Dan Levin gave a strikingly positive account of how Jimmy Galligan waited for years to release the video to do the most harm to Mimi Groves.  The article “A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning,” is being cited as the ultimate celebration of the cancel culture in its tenor and lack of balance.  Everyone agrees that the use of the n-word was a terrible thing. However, the same standard does not seem to apply to professors who use racist and insensitive comments.  It would seem that, even if students are not accorded the same protections for faculty, universities should offer them the same opportunity for redemptive change. After all, college is meant as place for personal growth for students.

Levin’s article was criticized as “glorifying” the decision of Galligan to wait to the release of the three-second clip until after Groves achieved her lifetime dream of being admitted to UT and joining its cheerleading team.  Groves is an accomplished cheerleader who was a varsity cheer captain at her high school.  When asked, some black leaders have said publicly that they do not agree with the action taken by UT.

It now appears that Galligan kept a three-second snapchat video in which Groves used the n-word. Here is how Levin described it: “Galligan, who had waited until Ms. Groves had chosen a college, had publicly posted the video that afternoon. Within hours, it had been shared to Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter, where furious calls mounted for the University of Tennessee to revoke its admission offer.”  The media attention unleashed a torrent of demands from people that Groves be expelled from UT.

The backlash led to UT dropping Groves from the cheerleading team and Groves ultimately left the university.

How is that a balanced or just result for any institution of high education?

As we have previously discussed (including with the controversies involving an Oregon professor and a Drexel professor), there remains an uncertain line in what language is protected for teachers in their private lives. Indeed, faculty have complained of a double or at least uncertain standard that applies to insensitive or racial commentary that depends on the viewpoint. We have previously discussed controversies at the University of California and Boston University, where there have been criticism of a double standard, even in the face of criminal conduct. There were also such incident at the University of London involving Bahar Mustafa as well as one involving a University of Pennsylvania professor.

Some professors have used racist epithets without being fired or even disciplined. Other comments have ranged from openly racist to patently offensive. Professors have claimed the pandemic is a white conspiracy. Another professor said that “white lives don’t matter.” Another wrote about a hatred for all white people. Another appeared to call for the death white people deemed racist. Another professor called Justice Barrett a “white colonizer” for adopting Haitian children.  Other professors have called for doxxing or campaigns of harassment.  Another professor called all supporters of police “white supremacists.” Another professor declared “whiteness is terrorism.” Another professor called for the “miserable deaths” of white men. Another called for “white genocide.”  Another called every Republican “racist scum.”

I have defended faculty members from both the left and the right despite their use of hateful and insensitive remarks on social media as a matter of free speech. Notably, these are adults who intentionally post inflammatory comments but they still are accorded protections of free speech and academic freedom.

This was a high school freshman who made a terrible mistake in a three-second snapchat clip. The New York Times however seemed to border on the gleeful in describing her demise.  I have previously commented on the loss of journalism integrity at the Times. However, the primary blame rests with the University of Tennessee which showed little concern for this student despite her profuse apologies.

I have complained previously that universities are not only allowing for the erosion of free speech but failing to protect students from the retaliation for their political or social viewpoints.  We can all condemn the comment made by Groves while, after her public apology, allowing her to continue to fulfill her dream of attending UT and competing on the cheerleading team.



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  1. I correct myself, after I thought about it, I think some element of malice is still required in “per se” defamation; it’s the lesser proof of damages… sorry to anyone who read this

  2. CK07: Defamation per se does not require the proof of malice, which separates it from other forms of defamation. Also, “criminal” is one convicted of a crime, not one who is accused of crime.

    1. @lin, I’ll leave the malice element alone when it comes to public figure defamation by statute since I see you’ve already questioned it in later statements. The one thing I’ll ask on the definition of criminal is that you consider a hypothetical. You’re told by your neighbor that a young entrepreneur in the neighborhood wishes to date your daughter. You exclaim “I’ll not allow her to date a criminal, I saw him selling drugs on the corner last week!” Assuming he has not been convicted of a crime and you are aware of such, are you suggesting you have just committed defamation?

      You did in fact see him committing a crime and are stating in good faith that the man is a criminal. There is the legal definition of the word criminal and there is the older English language definition as a person who commits crimes. It would seem here the judge like most is using it in the latter context. Had he called him a convict, an ex-con, or a felon for instance or said this in open court that may be a different matter.

  3. There was a story of an Indian (as in from India) ruler who lost his bride and ordered a beautiful palace to be built around her tomb. He employed the best architects, the best painters and sculptors, and the result was a marvel. There was only one small detail that marred the perfection of the wondrous palace, and the architects asked the King what they should do? And the King said: Take it away. The small detail was the tomb. This is freedom in America. Our country was founded because people wanted to be free. If they hadn’t thought freedom essential to life, they would have stayed in Europe. Now, there is just one small detail that mars the politically correct utopia – freedom.

  4. ‘Everyone agrees that the use of the n-word was a terrible thing’

    Really? It seems difficult for me to accept that anyone of sound mind could be hurt by the usage in this case. The ‘n word’ is not a magic spell that wreaks terribly injury by its very invocation. Absent any aggravating circumstances, the use of the word is vulgar and no more.

    1. Yet blacks can use it in every other word of every other sentence. How is this the ‘equality’ they claim to be looking for? A word is either usable by everyone or NOBODY. You don’t get to pick and choose favorites. When black people stop using it in their everyday language like it’s nothing, then Ill start to believe it’s genuinely THAT offensive.

  5. Obama was not born in Kenya. His mom was a white american. He is therefore not an African American. Or a knee grow.

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  7. “It would seem that, even if students are not accorded the same protections for faculty, universities should offer them the same opportunity for redemptive change.”

    Just shows how ludicrous the speech police are – & also how unaccountably powerful. That because a kid made a harmless aside, even in this column she’s supposedly in need of ‘redemption’; as if she’s committed a mortal sin in violation of the canons of the one true religion of political correctness. The only thing universities offer anymore is the opportunity for everyone to “think” the same. Even on ‘ol Rocky Top.

  8. Republicans and Trump voters MUST RESIST! Joe Biden stole the election! RESIST! Do not capitulate! Do you believe for one second that the Democrats would? They RESISTED for four years of Trump’s administraion, relentlessly, ruthlessly, unscrupulously! We must RESIST! Do not accept the fraudulent results of this stolen election! Do not concede, not EVER! Joe Biden is senile and an illegitimate occupier of the White House. Biden will NEVER be seen as a legitimate president. Kamala will NEVER be accepted as president. Not now. Not ever. RESIST! #Not My President!

    1. Suck it up Buttercup. You lost. Take it like a man …. or woman..

      In 2016 Hillary conceded the next day and wished Trump well, and as a matter of duty to the country, she showed up at the inauguration.. Obama had him as a guest at the WH in a couple of days and Biden had Pence over within a week. And that’s with a guy who lost the popular vote by 3 million. Nobody of stature said he should not be inaugurated and with a tighter margin in the swing states, no one said there was fraud. You’ve got no evidence that hasn’t been trashed. All you’ve got is a broken heart and infantile expectations about elections in a democracy.

      Grow up.

      1. Trump WON the 2016 election, the popular vote was not what determined the win. In 2020, unless you refuse to pull thine head out of thine arse, there is plenty of evidence of severe irregularities that call the shenanigans into question. It would appear he did not lose in 2020, and failure to address the issues being brought up show you to be a person who could genuinely not care less about our laws and a sacrosanct responsibility (e.g.–voting).

        1. fiddle. the subject was the legitimacy of presidents and I pointed out that no one of substance or power said we should overturn the election of Trump in 2016 because most American voters didn’t want him.

          Now, why don’t you produce this “evidence” you suggest is so important it requires overturn the election of the guy who actually did receive the majority of the votes of Americans and by a margin of almost 5% and 7 million votes?

          1. There’s a succinct summary of the evidence of fraud at Patrick Byrne’s website DeepCapture. He posted it in late November and has been adding footnotes and documentation since then.

            Sidney Powell has published a 270-page pdf on Zergnet I think. Evidence of fraud drawn from military intelligence, computer forensics, statements from witnesses submitted under oath, under penalty of perjury. Worth a look, if you’re interested.

            Video evidence, also.

            1. Elena, maybe you haven’t heard about Powell’s “military intelligence” sources.

              “In one embarrassing episode, a star witness in one of the affidavits Powell filed was given the code name “Spyder” to protect his identity, but his name was accidentally released due to sloppy work on the part of her legal team in which his true name is visible in the PDF file’s bookmarks. Reuters reporter Brad Heath first caught the mistake.

              “Spyder” is in fact 43-year-old Joshua Merritt who works as an information technology consultant in Texas, The Washington Post reported. In his sworn affidavit which claims widespread election fraud he writes, “I was an electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence.”

              Army records indicate that Merritt never served in intelligence and did not complete his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) required to work in the field.

              “He kept washing out of courses,” Army spokesperson Meredith Mingledorff told the Post, citing his education records. “He’s not an intelligence analyst.”

              Contacted by reporters, Merritt conceded that this affidavit statement that he was an intelligence analyst is misleading and that he signed that statement without reading it carefully. He blamed the mistake on Powell’s legal team in an interview with The Washington Post…..”

              Elena, he worked as a car mechanic in the 305 Battalion.

              The 2nd “intelligence” source Powell claimed is:

              “The Washington Post has identified a secret witness in filings protesting the presidential election —who was presented by pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell as a former intelligence contractor — as a pro-Trump podcaster.

              The Post identified the witness as pro-Trump podcaster Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman.

              In the affidavit, the witness identifies herself as a former “private contractor with experience gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence.” She claimed that from 1999 to 2014 she delegated tasks to contractors in the U.S. and in foreign countries. …

              In a recent civil fraud case, attorneys for the state of North Dakota said that Maras-Lindeman falsely claimed to be a medical doctor and to have both a Ph.D. and an MBA. They said she used multiple aliases and social security numbers and created exaggerated online résumés as part of what they called “a persistent effort … to deceive others.”…”

              Got anything else Elena?

          2. The “evidence” of election fraud is available. Just because it is being covered up does not mean it didn’t happen, nor that there is *no evidence. There is tons of evidence.

            Likewise, in the lead up to the fall presidential election, we watched the media coverup and fail to report honestly on the most widespread and destructive riots we’ve seen in at least 50 years in this country — all caused by Antifa/BLM/Democrat activists and thugs. But the media covered it up in order to protect Democrats. Just like Twitter censored voices, Facebook censored news stories, and the media suppressed and blacked out negative stories for Biden, Kamala, the Democrats as the election neared.

            The election was stolen. Everyone knows it. Even Joe Biden knows it. Karma is coming for you, Joey.


      2. Joe your diatribe leaves little doubt in my mind that you are a true fanatic and will remain unconvinced regardless of how high the mountain of evidence may grow. I would not label your expectations as infantile, but I would certainly consider them as an exercise in futility.

          1. Thats what your wife told you when you said you were going to pork her. Turns out she opened her bedroom to real men and well you know, youre just here jerking off….ROLFMAO

            1. Oh good one Anonymous. Trumpers are known for their scores on moral tone and cleverness and you’re an appropriate rep.

        1. Joe your diatribe leaves little doubt in my mind that you are a true fanatic and will remain unconvinced regardless of how high the mountain of evidence may grow.

          Jenn, you have assessed Joe quite accurately. He’s been wrong so often that he’s had to change his user name so the archives no longer retain the evidence. He and several others don’t factor in evidence to form legal opinions. They form legal opinions on what they feel is the truth. If the evidence proves crimes were committed by anyone opposed to this President, Republicans or Conservatives, they will outright dismiss it if no indictments are made. Conversely, any allegations made against this President, Republicans or Conservatives are treated as evidence of guilt and the “guilty” parties are expected to prove a negative.

      3. Hillary Clinton conceded November 9th, after Trump was declared the winner.

        There were no whistleblowers alleging widespread voter fraud, no trunks of ballots showed up, no video of running the same ballots through multiple times, and no states went against their own election laws.

        There was also not nationwide mail in voting, and Republicans were not fighting against any effort to audit voter rolls or otherwise ensure the validity of votes.

        House Democrats rose and called out objections to the 2016 Electoral votes. The objections are supposed to be in writing, and each House member needed to be accompanied by a Senator on each objection.

        Democrats strenuously objected due to the now debunked Russian conspiracy hoax, which turned out to be fabricated opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

        So, tell me again all about how calmly and eagerly Democrats took Trump’s 2016 election victory.

        1. Karen you twit, Nov 9 was one day after the election (Nov 8) and she called him late that night and announced it on the 9th. Not fats enough for you? And yes, Trum,p was declared the winner by the news media. Biden was declared the winner on Nov 10th by the news media – if I’m not mistaken – and Fatso has still not got over his butt hurt enough to man up and wish Biden well.

          You have no evidence. Judges all over the land – including the right wing SC – have thrown out every court appeal save one on an procedural motion. 1-60 for those keeping score at home.

          What a happened in the Congress when the EC vote was reported in 2016? Funny you should ask:

          “The official Electoral College vote tally just concluded, but some Democratic House members decided to put on a bit of a show.

          More than half a dozen members rose at different points to object to the results of the election, citing Russian hacking, the legitimacy of the election and electors, voting machines, voter suppression and more.

          Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts was the first to rise. Amid grumbling from other members, Vice President Biden, who presided in his role as president of the Senate, gaveled the body to order. He noted that any objection must be in writing, signed by a member of the House and a member of the Senate.

          He asked McGovern if he had fulfilled all three. McGovern admitted the objection was not signed by a member of the Senate, and Biden threw it out.

          “In that case the objection cannot be entertained,” Biden said, and Republicans stood and cheered.

          Jamie Raskin of Maryland interrupted later. Biden cut him off, read the requirements again and asked if his objection was signed by a member of the Senate. Raskin, too, admitted it was not. This went on with others.

          Biden grew increasingly curt. At times, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan could be seen laughing behind him.

          “It is over,” Biden chided..”

          If only Republicans had those kind of gonads and self respect. Clearly, you don;t.

          1. Joe, I tell you that Hillary Clinton conceded Nov 9th because there was no voter fraud, and you’re arguing with me about it? You’re calling me names because I accurately noted the date, and that there were no trunks full of votes that suddenly showed up. Democrat observers weren’t thrown out. There was no nationwide mail in voting ripe for fraud. No outrage at Republican ballot harvesting in old folks homes. No Republican efforts to shield the voter rolls from audit to purge it of dead, duplicate, moved, or unqualified voters. You mock me but you basically repeated what I just told you.

            However, Democrat Representatives did object to the Electoral vote. Democrats then spent the next nearly 4 years falsely claiming that Trump colluded with Russia, which all turned out to be a false story paid for by Hillary Clinton.

            Are you seriously trying to claim that Democrats accepted the 2016 election? “He knows he’s an illegitimate president,” Hillary Clinton. Etc. Etc. All leading up to impeachment. Are you in some kind of denial about the behavior of Democrats for years pretending Trump didn’t really win in 2016?

            Funny thing is that the massive influence Facebook, Twitter, Google, K-grad school, and the media brought to bear to shield Joe Biden, help Democrats in general, attack Trump and all Republicans, and keep their viewers in the dark about any of Trump’s accomplishments absolutely blows Russia’s FB ads out of the water.

            Democrats have tremendous control over what information most of the country has access to. Control information, and you control the vote.

  9. Senile Joe Biden keeps giving his prepared speeches read from a teleprompter with his squinty eyes. Then he hobbles away without answering a single press question. It is OUTRAGEOUS that neither Biden nor Kamala have had to answer reporter questions – at all! They simply arrogantly walk away after prepared remarks. And the corrupt press allows them to do it. Time and time again. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS that Joe Biden has not been PRESSED by the press to answer questions! Stop the madness! Trump answered press questions over and over, day after day, with full transparency, without hesitation. Biden is shutting the press out AND the press is AOK with that for the next four years? Of course they are. Disgusting, all of them. TRUMP WON. BIDEN Cheated and Stole the Election. Biden will never be accepted as legitimate. Never!

    1. Joe Biden will never answer questions if he can even remember them because he would provide the wrong answer. Better for him to remain silent. As for Kamala, I’m pretty sure she has no clue how to frame a response in a way that will not insert her foot into her mouth.

      1. He’ll just tell the same childhood story yet again. The one where his mom says to him, “Joey, you’re no better than anyone else.” His mom got that right.

        Kamala will laugh awkwardly and inappropriately, as she always does when pressed.

        “It was a debate, haha, it was a debate,” she told Colbert when he pressed her about her hit job on Joe Biden during the Dem primary debate where she called him a racist. Colbert asked if she believed Biden is in fact, a racist. Joe Biden IS a racist, of course. If you go back and listen to his racist comments over the decades there is ample evidence of this….but Kamala is such a phony that she just laughed it off saying “it was a debate.” Haha.

        There are Kamala tee shirts being sold in gift shops in DC with the line: “That little girl was me.” As if people won’t recall that was Kamala’s rehearsed line from her debate “performance.” There is nothing authentic about Kamala. Phony thru and thru.

        Only a matter of time before Karma comes for them both.

  10. I’m hoping that the good professor will do a column on the conduct of U.S.D.C. Judge robert Pratt (S.D. Iowa) who just told the media that it was “no surprise that a criminal like Trump would pardon other criminals.” Since Trump has not been convicted of any crimes, isn’t that defamation per se? Either way, this is what our students have to look up and aspire to????

    1. Lin– I second your suggestion. A comment like this from a sitting judge deserves condemnation.

      Meanwhile, I am also wondering why a judge who is Stacy Abram’s sister is allowed to rule on election issues in Georgia.

      The judicial system is become so corrupt as to leak pus almost every day.

    2. If you think it’s defamation from Pratt, do you think it’s defamation when Trump says things like “the Biden family is a criminal enterprise,” since they haven’t been convicted either?

      Pratt has been semi-retired on Senior Status since 2012.

      1. Whataboutism – all you have. The commentary version of “I know you are, but what am I?”

        And if Judge Pratt is a semi-retired Senior U. S. Judge, then he has no excuse for not knowing that his comment violated judicial ethical standards. Trump is a politician – Pratt is supposed to be an apolitical “umpire”.

        1. I take it that my point was too subtle for you: neither is defamation.

          Pratt can say what he did and then recuse himself if he’s ever assigned to be a judge in a case involving Trump.

          1. thats like saying ANTIFA BLM can torch buildings, kill police officers and loot with impunity but they can always have their charges dropped. oh wait. now we see what you are proposing….anything goes!

            it works both ways.

    3. How ’bout a column on how the judicial branch has perpetuated the corruption of the 2020 election by denying justice to injured parties with truckloads of probable cause. There is probabilistic evidence that communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) first had their ally, China, release a weapon of mass destruction, the “China Flu, 2020,” in an election year, then proceeded to corrupt, as but one example, the election by violating Federal law, which limits the election to Tuesday, one 24-hour period, eliminate election security by moving out of polling places and conducting it through the Post Office and, ultimately, stopping the counting to facilitate overnight manipulation of votes, tampering with the vote counts while expending inordinate and unreasonable amounts of time to complete the task.

      The judicial branch knows the evidence proves the crimes of corruption, tampering and election fraud but refuses to give damaged parties a hearing.

      They have millions of real time viewers, instant replay and producible video records in professional football but presidential elections are closed and secretive; records destroyed.

      Americans should have had enough by now.

    4. @lin, Trump is a public figure and the subject of criminal investigations. He’s also been pardoning associates found guilty of crimes related to investigations into himself. For a retired judge to be found guilty of defamation you’d have to prove malice and given the facts that would be difficult given the facts would lead him to reasonably believe Trump to be a criminal, defined as a person who has committed a crime (not necessarily one who has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the US court system).

        1. Ok, where was outrage when Obummer said he bowled like he was in the Special Olympics? This one disparaged a group of people that rightly should be off limits to all. Crickets from the media, even the host Jay Leno was laughing at it.

  11. Speaking of outing white people on video.

    The full recording of a Dec. 8, 2020 virtual meeting, attended by Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and civil rights leaders, which was obtained by The Intercept.

    Go the 1;14;36 mark

    “This country is doomed, not just because of African Americans”

    To quote J.D. Salinger, “Poetry in its purest form”.

    Y’all had better figure out how to get rid of old Uncle Joe, ASAP!

  12. More proof the Left is a monstrous evil now preying on the young. I’m sure there’s a special place in Hell for this tattling fool.

  13. For myself, I am pretty tired of privileged little s***s that at have at worst hurt their fingernails over the course of their ives, calling out other privileged little s***s for being privileged little s***s. It is beyond tiresome, and a problem that impacts approximately 1% of us. I don’t care. What I care about is that through their privilege, they control the stuff that affects the rest of us, primarily because they are richer than God. If the Professor would like to address something, address that, please, and it may mean recriminating his own upbringing to an extent. Enough already. Those of us not in the bubble are not blind in the least to what is really going on here.

  14. Not much to add or subtract here other than to say, having played basketball through high school and college until I demolished my body, that I always believed cheerleaders to be a particular strain of alien and was always quite curious about their planet of origin.

    Elvis Bug

      1. Not nearly as much I wanted to anyway. Then again no high school boy does, they’re like dogs that just need to run around the yard and/or orgasm five times a day to maintain a thin shred of sanity…

        I was regularly implored by a teammate and friend to “…abuse my power” more, but i was my own worst enemy. Don’t lie, I know you were too judging by how quickly you went there in your commentary. Also can tell by your tone you have no clue why.

        Elvis Bug

    1. “having played basketball through high school and college until I demolished my body”

      Demolished?! Good thing you weren’t a football player.

      “I played football one day, then I realized y’all were really hittin’ out here.” – Charles Barkley

      Cheerleaders come in many shapes and colors. All I ever cared about was the shapes.

      1. Did play football for awhile. Wide out and punt returns. Or at least until i got horse collared one too many times and realized I’d never love the back of my head hitting the ground first. Not that i wasn’t maniacal on the court in pressure defense and taking charges where the same thing could happen (without a helmet)…, so it’s all relative.

        Elvis Bug

        1. “so it’s all relative”

          Tell that to Sir Charles.

          Horse collars were nothing compared to head-on tackles, spearing, crack-backs, and clotheslining.

          Unfortunately, those days are gone.

          1. I actually truly loved crackbacking, Rhodesy. Good training for dealing with the constant misdirection favored by the MAGAT crew.

            Elvis Bug

          2. And as a matter of comparison, horse collars were just clotheslines from the back. As I’m sure Chuck would agree.

            i earned my metal hips by my early 50’s honestly there, Rhodesy.

  15. Until black musicians, actors, and other public figures stop using this word, rather than making it seem “cool,” some kids (and others) will use it mimicking their usage of it in an admiring way – yeah, cultural appropriation if you want to call it that.

    No, they should NOT use this word period!

    But there is a difference between stupidly repeating things they’ve heard and using this word in mean, derogatory, insulting, and violent ways that it has continued to be used for centuries.

    Catchy lines in music and movies are just that, repeated.

  16. This has got to be one of Victor Davis Hanson’s best articles. 🙂

    A Guide to Wokespeak
    With the rise of the Left inevitable over the next two years, the public should become acquainted with the Left’s strange language of Wokespeak. Failure to do so could result in job termination and career cancellation. It is certainly a fluid tongue. Words often change their meanings as the political context demands. And what was yesterday’s orthodoxy is today’s heterodoxy and tomorrow’s heresy. So here is some of the vocabulary of the woke lexicon.

    “Anti-racism.” Espousing this generic compounded -ism is far preferable to accusing particular people of being “racists” — and then being expected to produce evidence of their concrete actions and words to prove such indictments.

    Instead, one can pose as fighting for “anti-racism” and thereby imply that all those whom one opposes, disagrees with, or finds distasteful, de facto, must be for “racism.”

    “Anti-racism” is a useful salvo for students, teachers, administrators, public employees, political appointees, and media personnel to use peremptorily: declare from the start that you are working for “anti-racism” and then anyone who disagrees with you therefore must be racist, or, antithetically, “pro-racism.”

    Oddly, such Wokespeak “anti-” adjectives denote opposition to something that no one claims to be for. For each proclaimed “anti-racist,” “anti-imperialist,” or “anti-colonialist,” there is almost no one who wishes to be a “racist” or desires to be a “colonialist” or an “imperialist.” These villains mostly come to life only through the use of their “anti-” adjectives.

    1. Colonialism and imperialism weren’t such a bad thing. However, not a topical question. Any anti’s involving those two phenomena are gamesmanship.

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