Lock’Em Up: MSNBC Host Scarborough Demands The Arrest Of Trump, Giuliani, and Trump Jr. For Insurrection

In a profanity laced diatribe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough demanded the arrest of President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump Jr. for insurrection.  Scarborough declared “If Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are not arrested today for insurrection and taken to jail and booked . . . then we are no longer a nation of laws and we only tell people they can do this again.” What he is suggesting would be the very antithesis for the rule of law.

Scarborough also struck out at the police as racist for not shooting the protesters:

“If these insurrectionists were black, they would have been shot in the face. And my god, if these insurrectionists were Muslim they would have been sniped from the top of buildings. So I want to know from the Capitol Hill police — what, is it just white people? Or is it Donald Trump supporters? Why do you scream at people for walking across the street three blocks away from the Capitol? Why are you known as these badasses around the Capitol? But then Trump supporters come in and you open the f—— doors for them. You open the doors for them and let them breach the people’s house. What is wrong with you? Are we a nation of laws? Are we a nation of one man?”

CNN’s Jake Tapper also argued that this was racial double standard and that, if the protesters were black, they would have been crushed by police.

Trying to politicize this tragedy is fundamentally wrong. Scarborough ignores that police in various cities have been criticized in past violent protests by groups like Black Lives Matter for standing back and not intervening.  Prosecutors were criticized for dropping charges against many protesters.   Protesters engaged in days of violence and arson outside of the White House before former Attorney General Bill Barr ordered the Lafayette Park area cleared. He was criticized for both the order to clear the area and (more legitimately) the degree of force used. Scarborough was one of those who denounced the use of force, which was justified after officials feared the breaching of the White House complex security.

I certainly agree that the Capitol appeared utterly unprepared for this protest. That will be the subject of investigation. However, the breach of the Capitol happened quickly after a protest that was peaceful for hours on the mall.

The call for the arrests however are beyond the pale.  Many of us of criticized Trump’s speech as he was giving it.  Many of us opposed the challenge made to the electoral votes.  That however is not the crime of insurrection to call for a protest march on Congress.  We have seen violent protests on the left and the right being led by instigators from groups like Antifa and Proud Boys.

I previously wrote in opposition of declaring Antifa a terrorist organization or labeling left-wing protesters “seditious.” Such efforts would gut protections of free speech under the First Amendment. The same is true with Scarborough’s Siren’s call. If we start charging people for insurrection for reckless political speeches, we will truly “no longer [be] a nation of laws.”

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  1. We can’t solve a problem if we can’t identify what the problem is. Most Americans, even well-meaning ones, actually don’t believe in a “constitutional rule of law” system. Most of us, even the best of us, believe in an “unconstitutional authoritarian” system. The problem is this unAmerican model leads to bad outcomes, increase distrust in government institutions and divides Americans. Long term it destroys the nation.

    For example: whether you support 2nd Amendment gun rights or 14th Amendment rights of women, African-Americans and minorities or property rights – it’s a package deal, not an a la carte menu. If you can use can use the “ends” to justify unconstitutional “means” it weakens gun rights, minority rights, civil rights and property rights. It weakens the entire “constitutional rule of law” system and strengthens authoritarian rulers violating your rights.

    After Oklahoma City and 9/11, authoritarian leaders in both parties – in violation of the constitutional rule of law which they are oath bound to follow – attacked an unpopular religions (Christian Pentecostals and Muslims), using guilt-by-association to stereotype an entire religion. Authoritarians declared the “ends” justified betraying their constitutional oath of office. Both parties, at different times, had no problem stereotyping and punishing an entire group for the actions of a few bad apples.

    In the past 20 years, this “unconstitutional authoritarianism” has switched from Pentecostals to Muslims to Black Lives Matters supporters to some Trump supporters. Americans were silent for 20 years when well-meaning leaders ignored the “constitutional rule of law” as a legal restraint on power. Heroes like Snowden, Manning, Drake, Kiriakou, and German were abandoned by Americans (including the Tea Party folks).

    Today in 2021, both COVID-19 and right wing extremism are greater threats than the past 20 years. An unconstitutional-authoritarian could easily do anything they please since Americans have weakened the constitutional rule of law system. Any of our rights could easily be taken and it’s our fault.

  2. It appears to be a growing trend for Democrats to demand that Trump voters, and administration officials be prosecuted, jailed, ruined, and impoverished. They call for lists. Next will be armbands.

    BLM riots tore the country apart. The organization itself preached racism against whites, prejudice against cops, and promoted criminality. They materially misrepresented the facts in one case after another of officer use of force in order to whip up a mob. The media covered for them and proclaimed that they were mostly peaceful protests in front of burning businesses. Businesses were looted en masse. So many cop cars were destroyed. Cops were assaulted and some were killed. Leftists seized entire city blocks of Seattle and claimed them as an autonomous zone called CHOP. They refused to let police and EMTs in, even when there were rapes and shootings. This lead to deaths. But the media and Democrat politicians covered for them. They didn’t condemn the violence and criminal behavior that went on in major cities in blue states.

    Compare and contrast to the breach of the Capitol building. There were millions there peacefully protesting and rallying to support Trump. Accounts of those who attended say that Trump didn’t incite any violence whatsoever. He repeated the concerns of most Republicans about election integrity and wrongdoing. I watched part of it on the news and it just looked like a regular rally. Millions went home feeling positive, having no idea there was anything untoward going on. That literally is a “mostly peaceful protest.” A infinitesimally small percentage broke into the Capitol building. Some claimed they wanted to demand that Congress open an investigation. Some fought with law enforcement and engaged in terrible violence.

    We don’t know who all of them are, but we’re going to find out. Some of the more prominent ones have been spotted at BLM riots. Are they all far right agitators? Could some of them be provocateurs from the other side? This exact line of reasoning was made by the media, without investigation. They all began parroting that all the looting and rioting must have been done by the far Right out of towners to make BLM look bad. At least one journalist investigated and discovered that, for the most part, that wasn’t true. Most arrestees were locals and belonged to the Left. But there were the occasional right wing agitator in there. Note that when conservatives raise this exact same question, the Democrats mock and deride. They want lists of Trump voters and “enablers.” They claim that Trump incited a riot.

    The exact same people who rioted when Trump was elected, and claimed for the next 4 years that he stole the election, suddenly believe it is sedition and treason for conservatives to demand investigations into an election.

    Why don’t more people note the polar opposite double standard here?

    How about ALL violence is condemned, regardless of politics? BLM riots or storming the Capitol, both bad. Fighting cops at a BLM riot or fighting Capitol police are both bad. Arresting people for using their First Amendment right to question an election result or demand an investigation is the stuff of dictatorships.

    One reason that I am so angry that there was violence after the Trump rally is because Democrats have long held the albatross around their necks that their political party has been rioting, looting, burning, assaulting federal buildings and burning down a police precinct, and assaulting cops for months. They have been the party that encouraged lawlessness. The anti-law-enforcement and pro-criminal party. All it took was one incident…one, compared to months of Democrat violence, and Democrats now try to throw off that stigma and blame it all on ALL Republicans.

    One way for thee, another for me.

    1. Karen S says: “They have been the party that encouraged lawlessness. The anti-law-enforcement and pro-criminal party. All it took was one incident…one, compared to months of Democrat violence, and Democrats now try to throw off that stigma and blame it all on ALL Republicans.”

      You’re not thinking clearly, Karen S.

      1. Yes one incident engaged by 41 people after thousands burned, looted and vandalized US cities in the name of social justice, as media and politicians called it mostly peaceful protests. 41 criminals out of 500 thousand fits the mostly peaceful protest far better.

    2. Those that do not read and understand history are doomed to repeat it. Harry Truman a Democrat president. Three examples comer to mind. French Revolution Reign of Terror, Comminist Revolution Russia and Nazi Germany. All three engaged in the tactics the Democrats are using currently. What next all those who voted for Trump will be put in camps?

      1. Zersetzung against law-abiding Americans has been in play, so to speak, since 9/11 and even before that time. You clearly have no idea.

  3. Jonathan: Right-wing white nationalist supporters of Trump break into the Capitol, take down a US flag and replace it with a Confederate flag, trash offices, 5 people die and you call this act of insurrection a “tragedy” and nothing more than an exercise in “free speech”. I think you have finally gone over the hill in defending Trump.

    First, the riot on Wednesday was not a “tragedy”. A tragedy is when you accidently run over a pedestrian with your car. What happened on Wednesday was a riot incited by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. For weeks Trump has encouraged his supporters to show up on Wednesday to prevent the counting of the electoral votes and overturn the constitutional order so he could stay in power. At the rally preceding the storming of the Capitol Trump shouted that Senators were “bad people”, the “enemy of the people”. Rudy Giuliani got up and encouraged the crowd to take action: “Let’s have a trial by combat!” It is quite clear who incited the riot that ensued.

    Second, Jake Tapper is right. There was a “racial double standard” in handling the Trump rioters. When BLM and Antifa followers peacefully protested racial injustice in the streets of America this past summer Trump called on the military to put down the “rioters”. Federal agents used tear gas, rubber bullets, chemical agents, etc. to ruthlessly attack the protesters. The optics at Lafayette Square prove the point. In contrast, there was little or no police presence when Trump’s stormtroopers took over the Capitol. When police arrived hours later they treated the rioters with kid gloves. That’s because the insurrectionists were all WHITE and were supported by the President. That’s the racial component. Video clips even show some rioters taking selfies with white police officers.

    What is most disturbing is that as an attorney and constitutional scholar committed to the “rule of law” you choose to defend Trump who encouraged a mob of domestic terrorists to storm the Capitol and overturn that very same rule of law.

  4. Nazis and Communists, Antifa and Proud Boys,
    Aryan Nation and Q Anon, to Hell with all the whackjobs on the fringes of American politics.
    Vermin, all of them.

  5. What do Antifa and BLM get for looting and torching American cities? The deafening silence from the Left and their media enablers, the orders to “stand down” were craven. But what’s worse is that those barbarians were *rewarded* for their rioting — with fawning speeches, public monuments, and millions in corporate and private donations.

    For decades, our culture’s leaders have been spitting in America’s face. This, though, is a new level of depravity.

    1. Sam, the left actually condemned the looting and violence that occurred during the BLM protests. Even BLM protesters themselves fought off Antifa antagonists from shops and property. Not all were successful, but they did not tolerate that.

      Trump supporters say the violence at the Capitol was because of antifa. Funny thing is NONE said they tried to stop it. That’s because there were no antifa antagonists in that crowd.

      1. It took Joe Biden many weeks before he broke his silence and condemned the BLM/Antifa violent rioting bc his poll numbers showed he had better do it. They didn’t mention the violent protest rioting that was happening all during their Virtual Democrat Convention. Not one word of condemnation for their ‘mostly peaceful protests.’ All of that spin was an outright lie about the most destructive riots this country had seen in nearly 50 years. The Democrats said nothing and downplayed all of it until they checked their polling.

      2. Remains to be seen who the 41 were and their motivation. However there is video online of Trump supporters trying to stop them and a crowd yelling them to stop breaking in. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=videos+of+Trump+supporters+trying+to+stop+capitol+breakin&docid=13829841031836&mid=F7A4783AD958BA672C8AF7A4783AD958BA672C8A&view=detail&FORM=VIRE


      3. Except in the most general ” violence is bad” who on the Left CONDEMNED the looting and arson? I would think with a condemnation would also come a call to cease and desist. Name me ONE prominent Democrat he called for the violence to end, in it’s entirety. Waters and others cheered them on. Harris asked for bond funding for those arrested for FELONIES!I live in Chicago. A prominent member of BLM said that looting was a form of “Reparations”. You premise is false!!

  6. This is as relevant today as it was when MLK wrote this:

    “Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.”

    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    One of the first things I noticed about BLM’s Marxist founders was they were full of hate, and they NEVER evoked Dr. King.

    That’s because everything about MLK’s message was based on “peaceful resistance”, and is the exact opposite of their message of hate and violence.

    1. Rhodes, it’s quite ironic that you’re quoting MLK. You’re just making excuses for the violence and hatred and thuggery that Trump supporters did.

      I seem to remember how easy it was to point out BLM as just these violent looters and such. BUT Trump’s supporters get a pass? Where’s YOUR constant criticism of THEIR violence and looting? Shouldn’t you be chastising your fellow trump fans for being hypocrites? By trying to blame their violence on antifa just confirms that no accountability applies to trump supporters.

      A police officer died because a Trump supporter. By the very logic many of them used on BLM. trump supporters are now cop killers too. Are you going to condemn trump supporters of this travesty or just stick to Antifa? Antifa is about destroying property. Not cops.

      I’m willing to bet one of those right wing militia nut jobs went too far. They were there to live up their fantasy of fighting the government after all.

      1. Does the name David Dorn ring a bell? I am pretty sure he is dead Off duty I know but I think he counts, no? And how about all of the cops with permanent eye damage from laser wielding antifa members?. And I for one condemn ALL loss of life. But I am fascinated by your tacit defense of antifa with the ” only destroy property” statement. Forget the illegality aspect, how about the livelihoods lost? Mostly in the minority communities you seem to care so much about. I guess that is ok in the name of “Social Justice”.

  7. Simple way to secure the Capital Bldg.: 1) put 2 machine gun armed men at the top of each set of steps. 2) post sign and audio announcer which says “Do not move forward “. 3) Have the gunner yell at anyone who moved forward. 4) Shoot the first intruder in the balls. 5) Post riflemen on the upper floors with guns point down out of the windows. 6) Scoop up dead bodies with a machine. 7) Toss dead bodies in a dumpster. 8) have a machine gun squad of 200 men clear the grounds and the streets. 9) Have an armed forces of 3000 men ready and waiting to attack. 20). Kill the Redcoats.

  8. Lest anyone forget.

    “Watch this 2-minute reminder. According to the Left, “Violence” is only bad…when it’s not the Left.”


    Of course, all of the violence that occurred Wednesday was instigated by the left in the form of Antifa impersonating Trump supporters.

    None of this sh*t is going to wash off. It will all be exposed.

    1. Rhodes says, “ Of course, all of the violence that occurred Wednesday was instigated by the left in the form of Antifa impersonating Trump supporters.”

      That’s hilarious. Here’s the problem with trying to use antifa as an excuse. First. If it was “just” a few antifa instigators doing the violent smashing and looting of lawmakers offices. Why did all the trump supporters join in? None tried to stop the “antifa instigators”. They all went along. At BLM protests. BLM demonstrators visibly stopped or prevented antifa anarchists from doing their violence at some of their protests.

      At the Capitol you didn’t see any “patriotic” Trump supporters in the mob calling out antifa antagonists in the crowd. So it’s clearly BS that antifa is to blame.

      Then there’s the fact that antifa members hide their identities so police can later arrest them. All you saw out there were proud trump supporters taking selfies and vandalizing offices and destroying government property without hiding their identity. This only shows how stupid these people are. Antifa is actually much smarter when it comes to doing their thing. Now a lot of those idiot trump supporters are getting fired from their jobs because they either stupidly posted their selfie on the net or have been identified. Oh guess what the FBI is looking at FB posts and identifying those who can be clearly identified on tv, Internet, and witnesses.

      Antifa was not at that “demonstration”. They know better.

      Second. Trump himself incited the crowd. He literally told them to March to the Capitol and fight. For months he stoked his supporters with the rhetoric of defiance and how democrats were stealing the election without any proof. His own lawyers admitted in court they had no proof.

      Trump supporters, republicans looted offices in the Capitol, destroyed government property, injured police officers and got someone killed.

      Blaming antifa for all that? Sure. Whatever happened to “personal responsibility” and “respecting the law”. BS.

      What these trump domestic terrorists and their apologists are doing is avoiding accountability.

      1. Those members of antifa are certainly to be admired for being the pussies that they are by being in disguise. It has very little to do with being identified by law enforcement. They are ashamed of their own parent’s basement living lifestyle and know that the minute they were not in a mob they would gat their asses kicked around the block , DAILY.

  9. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
    Mark Twain

    Poor Scarborough.

    1. Watch the video of the execution of Ashli Babbit. There was no reason for that lethal shot to be fired. The family must sue the hell out of the officer who executed her.

      1. What did Freddy Gray get from the city of Baltimore? About $3 Million or some outrageous dollar amount? What did some of the other settlements give the families of other violent felons, like in Chicago, etc, that were killed by cops, and only because they were black? Millions. They were given Millions in settlements by the cities. Disgusting.

      2. Tragic story, really. Best to her in the next realms. Add her name to the list of people shot while breaking and enterring.

        And just a point of order…, if she was one of the first trying to get through that door/ window, doesn’t that demolish the whole ‘it was Antifa! lie? She was heavy Qanon. Quite rabid from all appearances. And she was shot by the Secret Service it seems — those guys don’t play.

        Does her Qanon status alone figure into her death? No, but her breaking into the Capitol did. Frankly, it was amazing there weren’t upward of a hundred dead from this freak show.

        Elvis Bug

  10. “Trying to racialize or politicize this tragedy is fundamentally wrong.“ Man o’ man have you become a hack Professor. When armed thugs storm the Capitol , specifically calling it a revolution, building god damn gallows across the street, what the hell needs to be done to “radicalize” or “politicize” it? What? It it’s by definition radical politics. Again and again you whistle past the graveyard when Trump and his minions engage in all manner of vile behavior. You now hold The George Washington University Donald Trump Chair for Candy Coating Fascism.

    1. “building god damn gallows across the street”

      You know who does that? BLM, Anftifa. This is their M.O. This vile behavior was never condoned when it was happening all summer. But now? It is being blamed on Trump supporters.

      Buidling gallows is NOT MAGA.

  11. Republican Gov. Hogan of MD calling for Trump to resign and saying that it took the DoD an hour and a half to give him approval to send the MD National Guard to DC to help yesterday. Shame on the DoD. Congress should pass a law to give DC control over its own National Guard.

  12. Important to realize: had it not been for Trump, Hillary would have been your president from 2016-2024.

    For this alone, we shall be ever grateful to President Trump.

    1. I’d rather that she have been President than Trump. Nothing would have prevented a Republican from beating her in 2020, except a bad candidate.

    1. It is a well known fact that President Donald Shitforbrains is a draft dodging coward and an all around POS .

  13. Shock, shock I tell ya that Turley would again protect his backside in enabling and given deceptive impression that all is well. Turley has acted as a apologist and deceptive political operative for Trump enough to be proven to be a another brick in the wall against fact and truth driven politics. Turley’s cherry-picking has been the problem along, and should be held accountable to his readers who has not been told the truth and he has enabled the very twisting of fact and has written to the alternative reality crowd that would not believe facts when smacked right in the face.

      1. The nation and the rule of law is the one who lost, and you are the loser that made it happen.

        1. As for ‘rule of law’ you idiot. Laws are for the little people….and the political enemies of DEMOCRATS in power (see Obama admin for many many examples of this, along with the Deep State…)

          1. Haha. He said “deep state.” Tell us more about the horrors of fluoridation, Democratic Party pedos, who was really on the grassy knoll, or how hard it is to find tinfoil for hats. Thanks for reinforcing the truism of what a bunch of dumasses (sic) support the day glo bozo.

            This is to Anon who didn’t even get off his couch on Wednesday

        2. Fishdiks ; the Nation and RULE OF LAW is forever damaged SOLELY due to the fraudulent election(s) and the deep state closing ranks on not fixing the steal they are exposed engineering . The deep state leftists have sold us out to the Chinese – their masters. Filthy lucre and power is all the left cares for. For a year the violence perpetrated by antifags and leftist hacks , we have watched. The media and the left endorsed this , facilitated it. People died , many businesses burned, lives destroyed. And yet idiots like you spout vomit like you do…hypocrisy at it’s zenith.

    1. Thank you for that video, there were 1 Million people there only to support the President. All who hear the President’s speech thought it was uplifting, there was prayer, people sang “God Bless America” over 1 Million coming to who weren’t even aware that Antifa was storming the Capitol building until they got home. Following yesterday’s false flag “storming” of the Capitol Building — staged by left-wing Antifa / BLM instigators who dressed up as MAGA supporters. There is video of the State Troopers escorting Antifa Busses to the Rally. It was well planned and definitely was an inside job as one young man stated whose Father was Homeland Security. There was no way anyone got that far without it being an inside job. One video showed a Policeman leading the people up the stairs right onto the House floor. It was very obvious that this was totally orchestrated on the inside. One picture shows the Police opening the barriers for the group so they could go through. It was so sad that a 14 Year Veteran Loyal supporter of President Trump, was shot entering building! I might add not one Antifa or BLM person was shot ever in all the Church burning, looting, brick throwing, Frozen Ice Bottles they threw at the police or the time the folks left the White House after the President’s speech, all allowed to attack. All the destruction of Hard working American businesses in Washington, no one was ever shot. In fact the Mayor welcomed them with open arms, she and the media said these were “Peaceful Protests”. The Democrats planned this to make sure that President Trump looked like the evil one because he and Millions of American’s wanted an Election that was not corrupt!! They are the ones’ who pay Antifa along with George Soros, Hillary Clinton, which is why you’ll never hear any Democrat criticize Antifa. They want the “Brownshirts” to destroy America. Many who were at other Rallies said this felt different because of Antifa walking around in their tactical gear. No it’s always a two tied justice system in our country which is why 1 Million people came to support President Trump. American’s finally thought their voices were being heard, we were no longer living in a Welfare state, unemployment was low, people were working, manufacturing was coming back to America. We had the best economy in the world!! We actually were moving ahead before Covid-19 meant to destroy the world’s economies!! The frightening thing is that now the Chinese Communist Party will be running the puppet show.

      1. No official count and don’t expect one. According to a reporter that was at the Hong Kong protest of 800 thousand the group was about the same size.

        Sometimes a step backwards motivates a step forward.

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