Pelosi Names Eric Swalwell As House Impeachment Manager

Speaker Nancy Pelosi shocked many in Washington by appointing Eric Swalwell as a house managers in the impeachment of President Donald Trump as he continues to face calls for his removal from the House Intelligence Committee due to his alleged intimate relationship with a Chinese spy.  Swalwell has been bunkered down to avoid questions from the media and the public, but he will now be one of those prosecuting the case against the President.

He allegedly first met the spy, Fang Fang or Christine Fang, in 2011. She not only raised money for Swalwell but reportedly had a personal relationship with him. She also pushed successfully for his office to accept an intern. He cut ties with her in 2015 after the FBI contacted him. Pelosi made no mention of the scandal in heralding Swalwell’s credentials:

“Congressman Swalwell serves on House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he chairs the Intelligence Modernization and Readiness Subcommittee, and on the Judiciary Committee,” Pelosi’s office said in a statement. “He is a former prosecutor and is the son and brother of law enforcement officers.  He is serving his fifth term in Congress.”

Usually a speaker selects House managers to reinforce the credibility and integrity of the case against a president. Even before the current scandal, Swalwell was viewed as a member who was a raw partisan. Last year, it was revealed that (despite long denials) the FBI did send an agent to report on his observations within the Trump campaign. As I discussed in a column, Democratic members spent years mocking allegations that there was any spying or surveillance of Trump or his campaign by the FBI. That was just a conspiracy theory. Now however there is proof that the FBI used a briefing in August 2016 of then candidate Trump to gather information for “Crossfire Hurricane,” the Russia investigation. It turns out that it did not really matter after all and Rep. Eric Swalwell did not miss a step. Swalwell declared that such targeting of the opposing party and its leading presidential candidate was “the right thing to do.” That’s it. A conspiracy theory suddenly becomes a commendable act.

Previously, Swalwell also declared that  if President Donald Trump refused to give Congress the documents and witnesses that it has demanded, he is clearly guilty of all charged offenses. Swalwell declared “We can only conclude that you’re guilty.”

The Swalwell selection is clearly part of a rehabilitation campaign. Swalwell remained secluded as the many in the media refused to carry the story, let alone investigate it.  A member of the House Intelligence Committee carried on an intimate relationship with a Chinese spy but major media largely blacked out coverage as they did on the Hunter Biden story. Now Pelosi will use the impeachment as a way for Swalwell to reemerge from seclusion . . . as the accuser and prosecutor of President Donald Trump.

While there are good faith reasons for calling for impeachment, there remain serious questions over the speed and basis for the impeachment.  My concern is primarily over the use of a snap impeachment without even a hearing to discuss the implications of this action. That makes the House managers even more important in bringing credibility to this effort. This is putting politics ahead of the institution in my view.

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  1. So the left wing fascist Reverend Billy Sol Swawell wants to preach a sermon. To an empty room. He’s go five days to do it assuming there isn’t a Pardon issued. Still doesn’t make him a valid US Citizen nor any other of of the left wing fascist liberal scum.

  2. Trump has now been impeached for a second time. He is the only President in history to have been impeached twice. 10 Republicans voted in favor of impeachment, the largest number of members of a president’s party to vote in favor of impeachment.

  3. As usual, Jonny gives his trump/repub biases “view” of things. How pathetic. Here is a WaPo/Axios clip that is much closer to the truth–no innuendos like Jonny disseminates. Note the date. Current news, eh, Jonny? NOT

    Axios reports that U.S. officials don’t think Fang ever got classified information as she cozied up to politicians, including from Swalwell. He is not accused of any wrongdoing. After U.S. intelligence officials briefed him in 2015 on their concerns about Fang, he cut off ties with her. Swalwell said in a statement to Axios this week that he provided information to the FBI about her and that he hasn’t interacted with her in six years. Fang has left the country.

    We also know that top members of Congress from both parties got briefed by intelligence officials in 2015 about suspected Chinese spies trying to infiltrate Congress.

  4. The Titanic is going down, boys and girls. Just keep moving those deck chairs around. That’ll fix things. The folks in the good old USA wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit them in the a$$.

  5. More of Turley trying to breathe credibility into Fox News talking points. The accusations against Swalwell are just that–accusations. They have not been proven, and it’s been so long ago (Swalwell cut ties with this person in 2015), that there’s probably nothing there, but, as a Fox News sympathizer, Turley pretends that they are true, and then criticizes other media for not carrying what he claims is this explosive story that should disqualify Swalwell from prosecuting Trump for insurrection. Oh, and he had to bring up the alleged Hunter Biden “scandal” that also wasn’t reported–something else to pivot away from never-ending disgrace known as Trump.

    As to the “spying”–did the Democrats do this? If they didn’t, but it was done by the FBI, how is that something they should be ashamed of? Did they deny it, knowing about it? If not–then shut up about it.

    Here’s what’s not allegations or innuendo: White Nationalists, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, Neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists not only attempted an insurrection based on Trump’s never-ending lies, as a result of which 5 are dead, they had plans to lynch Pence and kill Nancy Pelosi , and they’re planning to do it again. Every state has to take extraordinary measures to protect their state houses. The majority of Americans who voted for Biden are getting cheated out of an inauguration with the usual pagentry. All of this is Trump’s fault. Why not write about Trump’s failure to condemn White Nationalists, et al for their Neo-Nazi ideology, or to call them out for their anti-Semitism and racism. Karen S: what about Trump’s failure to condemn rioters who broke into the Capitol wearing shirts reading ” 6mwe”, which means “6 million (dead Jews from the Holocaust) wasn’t enough”? You seem to have plenty of praise for your hero moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, plus Ivanka’s conversion to Judaism as proof that Trump is not anti-Semitic, so what have you to say about this?

    No, Turley uses his platform to criticize Eric Swalwell based on allegations from 6 years ago.

    1. I have known a lot of racists. People who called themselves that. And yet, I have never heard of “6mwe” nor have I heard of this “OK sign” stuff before a year or two ago. Maybe I have fallen out of touch with the racist crowd, or maybe you guys are just making that krap up.

      1. Why not check out the Anti-Defamation League’s website? They have links showing the “OK” sign and other symbols of hate, White Supremacy, etc.. I don’t think they’re make that krap up.

    2. The allegations about Eric Swalwell happened 6 years ago – think how many photos and conversations Fang Fang must have gathered for the Chinese Communist Party!
      So President Trump failed to condemn the White Nationalists? Really? I heard Trump condemn violence over and over again by anyone who carried it out. AG Barr spoke against violence but there were no takers by democrats at one of the hearings where Federal buildings were under attack.

      Trump volunteered to send in the national guards to stop the mayhem we saw this past year. Did any democrat condemn the violence against all police across this country, business stores being looted and burned, the tearing down of monuments, the attack on anyone who wore a red hat, the death of 25 people, including police who were assassinated in cold blood? These were carried out by Antifa/BLM groups.

      Where were our illustrious members of Congress when we needed them? They were silent. They loved the uprising and encouraged them – “the summer of love” a governor remarked. Why the outrage now when Congress has been silent against Antifa? Is it because they felt threatened? Did democrats ever showed one iota of caring for the safety of the people under the assault of Antifa who are still marching in the streets of NY with metal armor shouting “the streets belong to us.” Welcome back to Fascism.

  6. The Senate will vote to impeach too, and a trial will be set. But it will not be held because Trump will refuse to appear. It might be held without him, but expulsion will follow immediately.

    1. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. The Senate does not vote to impeach. The House votes to impeach. They then deliver the impeachment to the Senate, who, if accepted, hold a trial. The President does not have to appear. He did not appear at the last show trial just over a year ago. If, after the trial, they hold a vote and 2/3 of the Senators vote to convict, the President is removed from office. And this can happen in 6 days, when the Senate is not in session?

      Is our understanding of history so dismal that people can’t remember how it worked just LAST YEAR?

      1. Democrats have a short memory when it comes to their losses….they have already skipped over having lost every one of their House seats that were in up in the last Election.

        They think scoring points is winning….but if they begin to alienate the Independents again….they shall see another Trump like Candidate in 2024 that will sweep the vote no matter how hard they try to stop it.

        Swalwell of all people calling Trump “dirty” and a “threat to our democracy”…..when he got caught in a sexual affair with a Chinese Spy who funneled how much Chinese money into his campaigns?

        I can Trump showing up this time and laying out a defense that holds each House Manager ‘s feet to the fire with information showing their hidden skeletons for all to see.

    2. The Senate will vote to impeach too,

      Yeah, I’m sure 1/3 of the Senate Republican caucus is going to join the humbug philharmonic. You just keep on Toobining.

    3. “The Senate will vote to impeach too”

      Not until he is out of office. As usual, you are wrong.

      Mitch is hedging his bets due to the fact that his office is being swamped with emails and phone calls from his constituents warning him that if he wants to be elected again he had better back off.

      “McConnell Won’t Convene Senate For Emergency Impeachment Trial”

      “According to the Washington Post, McConnell is done mulling – and has decided not to convene the Senate for an emergency trial – meaning the Democrat-controlled Senate will do so during the Biden administration.”

      Now go take a shower, and then help your mommy clean up your room.

  7. Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.) says majority of GOP “paralyzed with fear” –
    “I had a lot of conversations with my Republican colleagues. … A couple of them broke down in tears … saying that they are afraid for their lives if they vote for this impeachment.”
    video here:

    Tim Alberta, “Crow is right. Numerous House Rs have received death threats in the past week, and I know for a fact several members *want* to impeach but fear casting that vote could get them or their families murdered. Not spinning or covering for anyone. Just stating the chilling reality.”

      1. Yep, no one ever threatens officials, and you’ll never hear them saying otherwise in the news.

  8. Turley called for the impeachment of a POTUS for lying about a personal affair, So we have a riot and attempted coup from morons that the head moron called for, but Turley said oh, lets not be to hasty. What Turley, do we give him time to run to Russia first. Lets wait to see what other damage he can do? Your “snap judgement” was clear as hell when it came to Clinton.

    1. Pelosi only acts to benefit a jaded and morally bankrupt political agenda. The naming of Swalwell as impeachment manager should surprise no one.

  9. “The”


    The Senate has the power to convict THE President – THE one and only, actual, “sitting” President.

    Congress has no power to impeach and the Senate has no power to convict an individual who is NOT the President.

    The Senate has no power to convict a FORMER President.

    The Senate has no power to convict a PREVIOUS President.

    The Senate has no power to convict an individual who WAS the President in the past, or after the day the accused President left office, presumably, at 12:00 AM midnight.

    The Senate has no power to convict the President after he has left the office and is not in office.

    Article 2, Section 4, qualifies the word President with ONLY the word THE.

    The Congress and Senate have no power to violate or modify the Constitution through means other than the amendment process prescribed in the Constitution.

    The judicial branch, including the Supreme Court, has no power or authority to modify the Constitution or to legislate.

    Article 2, Section 4

    The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

    1. George, there is no explicit saying in the constitution that it has to be a sitting President. Congress can still take away his privileges as a former president. He can still be impeached.

      Even Turley says Trump can be immediately prosecuted after 12am on Jan 19.

      He can be arrested too.

      1. “The President…”

        In perpetuity after seven days from this date, Trump will not be “The President.”

      2. Svalez, what’s the step after impeachment? Removal from office. Can’t impeach if can’t remove.

        1. No, the step after impeachment is conviction, and if they want, preventing the person from ever serving in office again.

      3. “Sitting” and any and all various and disparate qualifications and modifications of the word President are omitted by the Constitution, were omitted by the Founders and Framers of the Constitution, and are, thereby, excluded.

  10. Maybe the most obvious thing you’ve written, putting politics before … anything including the institution…

  11. There’s another possibility: The usual gang fears being humiliated a second time and demurred from the “honor” of reprising their performance. Swallwell is so irretrievably damaged that he seemed the only logical choice.

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