“Revoke Their Degrees”: Harvard Faculty and Students Seek Revocation Of Degrees For Trump Officials and Allies

There is a building campaign at Harvard to rescind the degrees of Trump officials and allies including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).  This is not the only such effort to retaliate against Trump officials from blacklists to campaigns of harassment.  Indeed, previously there was a demand for a ban on former Trump officials from being allowed on campus at Harvard. Recently Rep. Elise Stefanik was removed from a high-ranking board on Harvard for challenging the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.  The concern for some of us is that the Capitol riot is now being used by many to accelerate the crackdown on free speech on our campuses.

The revocation of degrees would result in immediate and likely successful court challenges.  I cannot imagine a court allowing such an action to occur on this basis.

More importantly, it is wrong.  It is using academic degrees as a vehicle for political expression and retaliation. Just declaring such figures “violent actors” does not change the fact that the university would be acting in a raw political fashion. It would send the message that any degree is subject to the shifting political winds of a university and that attaining a degree remains only tentative and subject to revocation by majority demand.

The principal basis for the action is the support for the challenge to the electoral votes in Congress. This challenge was made under a federal law and has been repeatedly made by Democratic members without any such campaigns of retaliation or even recriminations. I opposed the challenge to the electoral votes from the outset and stated within a couple days of the election that there was no evidence of systemic fraud in the election. I also maintained within a couple of days that Joe Biden was our president-elect. So I fundamentally disagreed with these individuals. However, the effort to seek such retaliation is not just fueling our divisions but it is part of a widening campaign against free speech.

The petition states:

“A Harvard degree is a privilege, not a right. Harvard had no qualms about rescinding offers of admission to high school students because of racist activity online that did not reflect the University’s values. But holding teenagers accountable is easy. Harvard should have the will to hold adult insurrectionists to the same standards.”

The statement is chilling. There is a vast and obvious difference between the withdrawing of an offer of admission and the revoking of an earned degree.  One is an offer of admission and the other is a vested degree.  One action is prospective and the other is retroactive.  The link is to the decision to rescind admission from Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv over alleged racist comments made two years previously on social media. The Harvard Crimson reports that ten such offers have been withdrawn over such social media postings.

What is most concerning is that faculty members have joined at Harvard and other schools to create blacklists and take retaliatory actions against people who were supportive or served in the Trump Administration. This effort is being spurred on by the rhetoric of figures like MSNBC’s Joy Reid who called for the “de-Ba’athification” of the Republican Party and CNN’s Don Lemon insisting that Trump voters as a group are supporters of Nazis and the KKK. This language seeks to label the votes of almost half of the electorate as virtual hate speech or extremism. The same call is now being heard on campuses for a purging of those deemed complicit in the Trump administration.  That is beyond outrage. It is opportunism to use this tragedy to settle scores and purge opposing voices. The alternative is free speech. We can continue to engage each other in civil and respectful dialogue — the very antithesis of what occurred on January 6th. Universities could play a critical role in that dialogue but it will require a faith in free speech and ourselves that seems diminishing by the day.

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  1. Just curious if Ted Kaczynski — University of Michigan (1962–1967), Harvard University (1958–1962) — is on the list to have his Degree revoked by Harvard?

  2. “Trump ally Mike Lindell of MyPillow pushes martial law at White House

    Photographer snaps pictures of notes near West Wing
    Visible words include ‘Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting’

    My Pillow founder and Trump supporter Mike Lindell was photographed entering the West Wing of the White House on Friday, carrying notes which seemed to advocate the imposition of martial law.


    On his Facebook page on Friday, the mustachioed seller of sleep aids wrote: “Keep the faith everyone! We will have our president Donald Trump 4 more years!’”

  3. The Ostrich effect! Golly, I thought institutions of higher learning were dedicated to the proposition of open dialog, the exchange of ideas, the broadening of understanding; NOT of sticking their heads in the sand and refusing to acknowledge ideas, beliefs, or even the existence of individuals who don’t necessarily agree with them !! Has arrogance become a virtue ?!

  4. “Why Do Most Countries Ban Mail-In Ballots?: They Have Seen Massive Vote Fraud Problems”

    152 Pages Posted: 9 Aug 2020 Last revised: 8 Dec 2020
    John R. Lott

    US Department of Justice

    Date Written: August 3, 2020

    Thirty-seven states have so far changed their mail-in voting procedures this year in response to the Coronavirus. Despite frequent claims that President Trump’s warning about vote fraud/voting buying with mail-in ballots is “baselessly” or “without evidence” about mail-in vote fraud, there are numerous examples of vote fraud and vote buying with mail-in ballots in the United States and across the world. Indeed, concerns over vote fraud and vote buying with mail-in ballots causes the vast majority of countries to ban mail-in voting unless the citizen is living abroad.

    There are fraud problems with mail-in absentee ballots but the problems with universal mail-in ballots are much more significant. Still most countries ban even absentee ballots for people living in their countries.

    Most developed countries ban absentee ballots unless the citizen is living abroad or require Photo-IDs to obtain those ballots. Even higher percentages of European Union or other European countries ban absentee for in country voters. In addition, some countries that allow voting by mail for citizens living the country don’t allow it for everyone. For example, Japan and Poland have limited mail-in voting to those who have special certificates verifying that they are disabled.

    France has made an exception this year to the ban on absentee ballots to those who are sick or at particular risk during the Coronavirus pandemic. Poland and two cities in Russia have adopted mail-in ballots for elections this year only, but most countries haven’t changed their regulations.

    France banned absentee voting in 1975 because of massive fraud in Corsica, where postal ballots were stolen or bought and voters cast multiple votes. Mail-in ballots were used to cast the votes of dead people. Examples for other countries are provided.

    – SSRN

    1. Tuesday is one day, a 24-hour period.

      If a vote is not executed and counted on Tuesday, the vote is illegitimate and invalid.

    -Win Valuable Prizes by Reporting Dangerous Activities

    WASHINGTON, DC- The Party today announced its new Party Points program, which was adopted as part of the historic domestic terrorism legislation enacted by President Biden earlier this week. Party Points can be used to win valuable prizes and earn privileges under the Party’s social credit program.

    Party Points can be earned by reporting persons engaged in dangerous activities such as supporting domestic terrorist Donald Trump and his allies. Points can also be earned by reporting persons known or suspected of questioning the results of the 2020 election or failing to express admiration for senior Party official Nancy Pelosi, who the Party has entrusted to be third in line for the Party’s nuclear launch codes.

    “Earning Party Points is easy and fun. This morning on the way to my part-time job at the non-profit, I earned 100 points just for using the new Party Points app to upload a picture of a pickup truck with a Trump bumper sticker,” said Hope Taylor (they/them/their) of Round Rock, Texas. “On my break, I redeemed my Party Points for a caramel macchiato at the Starbucks downstairs. My macchiato tasted so much better knowing that I helped bring a domestic terrorist to justice,” they concluded.

    “I literally feared for my life when my mother wondered whether the 2020 election might have been tainted. The Party Points app even let me report her anonymously, so she’ll never find out it was me,” said Shannon Haggerty-Jones (he/him/his) of Lake Forest, Illinois. “The Points put me over the top for a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. But what really rocks is that the Party will cover my college tuition while my parents are being re-educated,” Haggerty-Jones added.

    The Party Points app is available on all major Party-affiliated technology platforms, including Google, Twitter, Tik Tok, and WeChat. Points can be redeemed at participating retailers nationwide and can also be used to earn privileges such as interstate travel.

    Blog moderators and readers will recognize that the foregoing is intended as satire to foster discussion on important issues relating to the role of the government, the rule of law, and free speech.

  6. A lot of fascists posting comments – and they aren’t the ones arguing the Harvard people are being ridiculous.

    The Left is hell bent on executing a Night of the Long Knives, only they’re more ambitious – they want to read 74 million people “out” of society.

    “Never let a crisis go to waste,” and all that rot.

    1. I must ask….can we arrive at a set of definitions for specific terms used here so we all have commonality of definition thus be able to debate effectively by using those agreed upon definitions.

      Let’s fill in the Blanks here…..

      White Supremacist
      Law and Order
      Rule of Law
      Due Process
      Freedom of Speech
      Free Speech
      Re-Education Camp
      All of the hyphenated American labels one by one
      High Crimes and Misdemeanors

      As it seems far too many folks use their own individual definition of these words and concepts thus causing some unnecessary argument as some are patently wrong in their usage of the words.

  7. Here’s an interesting admission by one of the purveyors of the Big Lie of election fraud;

    “We received a lengthy letter from Dominion’s defamation lawyers explaining why they believe that their client has been the victim of defamatory statements. Having considered the full import of the letter, we have agreed to their request that we publish the following statement:

    American Thinker and contributors Andrea Widburg, R.D. Wedge, Brian Tomlinson, and Peggy Ryan have published pieces on http://www.AmericanThinker.com that falsely accuse US Dominion Inc., Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., and Dominion Voting Systems Corporation (collectively “Dominion”) of conspiring to steal the November 2020 election from Donald Trump. These pieces rely on discredited sources who have peddled debunked theories about Dominion’s supposed ties to Venezuela, fraud on Dominion’s machines that resulted in massive vote switching or weighted votes, and other claims falsely stating that there is credible evidence that Dominion acted fraudulently.

    These statements are completely false and have no basis in fact. Industry experts and public officials alike have confirmed that Dominion conducted itself appropriately and that there is simply no evidence to support these claims.

    It was wrong for us to publish these false statements. We apologize to Dominion for all of the harm this caused them and their employees. We also apologize to our readers for abandoning 9 journalistic principles and misrepresenting Dominion’s track record and its limited role in tabulating votes for the November 2020 election. We regret this grave error.”


      1. The following facts about Dominion remain true:

        — It’s machines are easily corrupted, as has been demonstrated countless times. (Look it up. Start with Texas.) Does that prove that Dominion committed fraud? No. But it is sufficient grounds for serious investigations. And it proves that if you want the keys to the castle, use Dominion.

        — Dominion’s corrupt Security Chief, Eric Coomer, destroyed the company’s claim to be “nonpartisan.”

        — The company has serious “China problems” that demand investigation. (Financial journalists — where are you?)

        For years, I taught at top-tier MBA and EMBA programs. I taught corruption cases. I wrote about fraud cases and served as an expert witness. If you had asked me to investigate Dominion, here’s what I would have advised (based just on what is currently, publicly known):

        If you know what’s good for you, stay far away. There are serious product deficiencies — and the company is evading any discussion of those product flaws. There are serious financial irregularities — and the company is evading any discussion of those irregularities. And finally, as a sure symptom of trouble — the company aggressively changes the topic whenever questions are asked about those (and many other) problems.

        Don’t trust individuals or companies who will not give a full accounting. Don’t trust people who have mastered the art of deflection. They are trying to hid something.

        And don’t let them bully you. Scam artists are infamous for being bullies.

        1. I did Fraud investigations at a Federal Law Enforcement Agency and would love to be able to do that kind of investigation into our Election systems that are being questioned.

          My agency was quite “conservative” meaning we took great pains to focus upon the evidence and let it determine what we did and let it lead us to a final result.

          I see a great many Red Flags that beg to be questioned and resolved.

          Either the evidence being presented to substantiate the claims or not…..as one examines the information in the allegations either there is real evidence to support that or there is not.

          Only by conduct of such an investigation, including audits, examination of records, review of procedures and policies and confirming adherence to both, forensic examination of the Voting machines, computers, software and related items, and interviews of the persons involved and responsible for the conduct of the Election…..will we know if we had a secure Election or not.

          The investigative process is old fashioned in many ways and is only complicated by the technical aspects of the computers and software but there are experts who can look into that part of the process.

          The rest is straight forward.

          My guess why the resistance to any of this being done so far….is the fear the allegations are true even if insufficient to over turn the election.

          The legal issues such as in Pennsylvania should have been taken up by the SCOTUS in my opinion….that could have been decided on the merits of the case and ruled upon in a very narrow manner….did the PA Supreme Court err when it made its decisions re the Election Laws of Pennsylvania….and if so….the case could have been returned to that Court for remedial action as that Court deemed necessary….probably deciding the Legislature should have made the decision and not the SoS and Board of Elections.

          An investigation of the Election system would only point out those concerns as those are legal issues and not forensic.

          The one thing Investigators do not believe in is the concept of “simple coincidence”. They happen sometimes but must be proven to be exactly that and not merely assumed.

          There are too many “coincidences” in the 2020 Election to be purely random and that adds to my concerns.

          1. RC: That was an excellent summary of the investigatory process. It sounds like your method was similar to mine: If there is evidence of a “red flag,” continue investigating. And if someone tells you: “Don’t look over there” — that’s where you start looking.

            This election landscape is populated with red flags, and with agenda-driven people demanding: “Don’t look there.”

            Some are sneakier. They tell you: “We already investigated that, and found nothing untoward.” My response was always: “Thank you very much. But I’ll conduct my own, first-handed investigation.” Invariably, their “investigation” amounted to kicking the tires.

            1. Neither you or Ralph have any reason to want to cast doubt on the recent election than the line Trump started selling months before the 1st vote was cast – did the same thing in 2016 – designed to give an excuse in the likely event he lost – he can read polls.

              While not perfect – no election with 150 million voters ever will be – and with room for further improvements (Trump opposed legislation to aid the states due to Covid difficulties) this election was more secure than previous elections and with more paper ballots and upgraded digital security.

              Maybe you should investigate Florida and Ohio. I’m sure Biden won them in a landslide.



    Christopher Wray is finally working.

    Christopher Wray is protecting America and picking up the “crazies” and the “agitators” who provoked them into participating in the violent, incoherent, insane and suicidal protests at the Capitol.

    Christopher Wray, inexplicably, could not find any of the crimes and corruption related to the American Communist Deep Deep State’s (i.e. military/industrial complex) Obama Coup D’etat in America.

    The egregious and insidious FISA court fraud was apparent, glaring to even high school, nay, kindergarten law prep students.

    Surely Wray knew of the entire operation, he watched his colleagues being marched off of the 7th Floor, the very place Wray was born and raised.

    Why didn’t Wray act?

    “We will stop him.”

    – Peter Strzok to FBI paramour Lisa Page

    “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

    – Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1960

    Three and a half years later, Eisenhower’s “military/industrial complex” removed President John F. Kennedy from office.

          1. If there were a lot, it would be easy for them to catch more. They don’t catch a lot because there aren’t a lot.

            1. So you’re saying election fraud and corruption and vote tampering are OK, right?

              You’re saying no investigation is ever necessary or appropriate when state election officials violate state election laws, right?

              You’re saying it’s OK for election workers to kick out election observers from an opposing party and continue counting in their absence, right?

              ELECTION 2016 – HILLARY’S LAW SUITS

              “Dems losing voting challenges but winning on optics”

              Party lawyers square off in the swing states as legal battles heat up in the final stretch of 2016.

              Democrats have little concrete to show for a week of legal battles charging Donald Trump and his allies with a sweeping voter intimidation campaign, but the effort may pay off politically for Hillary Clinton by energizing her backers to get to the polls to stop a real or imagined GOP onslaught.

              The latest flurry of court actions brought by the Democratic National Committee and state Democratic parties — punctuated with a plea for relief late Sunday night to the Supreme Court — has so far failed to yield any change to the legal playing field heading into Election Day. Still, the litigation has drawn more attention to claims of a Republican effort to suppress the votes of African-Americans and Latinos — groups Clinton urgently needs to show up at the polls for her on Tuesday.

              “They’re turning the court into an arm of their PR effort,” complained one GOP staffer closely tracking the lawsuits.

              “There’s probably been a couple hundred stories reprinting the AP” article summing up the lawsuits, the source added. “It reinforces the narrative they’ve worked on for years is that Republicans are racists.”

              Timothy La Sota, lead attorney for the Arizona Republican Party, questioned the timing of the Democratic lawsuits early last week just as Clinton was mired in the latest turn in the FBI investigation saga. “They’re desperate to change the storyline,” he said.

              “These lawsuits were big on nasty hot-button words like ‘conspiracy’ and the Ku Klux Klan Act but bereft of actual substance,” he said. “Their goal was to use a lot of nasty words and sort of hope that that would carry them.”

              – Politico

          2. “The best have lost all conviction, while the worst / are filled with passionate intensity”

            This would suggest that my 800 words constituted a rhetorical grenade thrown in the class war, where the status conferred by educational degrees, like those of nobility in an earlier day, is crucial to those who went to great expense of time and money to attain them. All this hatred directed at me touched a nerve in their otherwise fairly empty lives because my words hit them where they live: in their status. “I don’t believe the butt of Epstein’s piece was women,” Nicholas Clairmont writes, “but rather credentialism—which is the hornet’s nest one cannot kick today. Oh boy, you do not want to piss off the people whose sense of self hangs in a frame on their wall.”

            Sad when the supposedly highly educated are among the crudest, most fragile, and easily unhinged people in the country. But I guess that’s the way it is, kiddo.

            The Making of a Misogynist
            What’s up, doc?
            by Joseph Epstein


        1. The law requires that the election be held on Tuesday, one day, a 24-hour period.

          In a fair, accurate and honest election, voters present at a polling place to be identified, certified and vote, and illegal aliens, past and present, are denied.

          Rational nations don’t hype illegal immigration to dilute the vote.

          Multiple laws in multiple states impose election requirements which were knowingly, wittingly and deliberately violated.

          Election observers are not kicked out and votes counted in their absence in a real election.

          The judicial branch refused to hear claims of election fraud and vote tampering.

          The NFL has “Instant Replay” to scrutinize every aspect of every single play.

          The President was Gallup’s Most Admired Man, 2020.

          The President won Florida.

          The President won Ohio: “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

          “Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson doesn’t have much faith in a potential Joe Biden presidency. In fact, he doesn’t see the Democratic Party as a good choice for African Americans altogether, he told CNBC.”

          “I think Black Americans are getting a little bit tired of delivering huge votes for the Democrats, and seeing minimal return in terms of economic wealth and closing the wealth gap, the job creation and job opportunities,” Johnson, the millionaire entertainment magnate and philanthropist, told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble via video call.”

          – CNBC


          “So Goes Ohio, So Goes the Nation”

          The Buckeye State serves as America’s microcosm, a sort of melting pot between Northern manufacturing, Midwestern farmland, Appalachian terrain, and Upper Southern culture—all squeezed in between bustling urban centers. It’s often remarked that candidates in Ohio really run five campaigns, each with a different message tailored to the four corners and central area of the state. Everything—party splits, rural/urban divides, racial percentages, education levels—combines nicely into a sample quite representative of the nation at large.

          – Harvard Political Review, October 31, 2012

  9. “Trump leaves White House with his lowest-ever approval rating after Capitol riot, impeachment”

    Joey Garrison


    WASHINGTON — As he prepares to leave office, President Donald Trump’s job approval marks are on a downward spiral, led by sinking support among his Republican base, following last week’s riot at the Capitol and subsequent impeachment.

    In a new poll from the Pew Research Center, only 29% of Americans said they approve of how Trump is handling his job – the lowest of his tumultuous presidency and down 9 percentage points from August. Sixty-eight percent said they disapprove of his job performance.

    The poll found 75% of Americans believe Trump bears at least some of the responsibility for the attack, with only 24% saying he has no responsibility. About half, 52%, of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said Trump bears at least some responsibility for the Capitol violence.

    Nearly two-thirds of the poll’s respondents, 68%, said Trump should not remain a major national political figure in the future, while just 29% said he should remain one. If the Senate votes to convict Trump following his impeachment, he would be barred from holding federal public office again. -USA TODAY

  10. ” But, alas, we forget the dodo”, and why it is now extinct.

    This was written 62 years ago. We now have a nation full of dodo’s who aren’t even interested in expending the energy to “grub up a good living”.

    They just want to be paid for existing.

    “At this point we find ourselves confronted by a very disquieting question: Do we really wish to act upon our knowledge? Does a majority of the population think it worthwhile to take a good deal of trouble, in order to halt and, if possible, reverse the current drift toward totalitarian control of everything? If the United States of America is the prophetic image of the rest of the urban-industrial world as it will be a few years from now — recent public opinion polls have revealed that an actual majority of young people in their teens, the voters of tomorrow, have no faith in democratic institutions, see no objection to the censor­ship of unpopular ideas, do not believe that govern­ment of the people by the people is possible and would be perfectly content, if they can continue to live in the style to which the boom has accustomed them, to be ruled, from above, by an oligarchy of assorted experts.

    That so many of the well-fed young television-watchers in the world’s most powerful democracy should be so completely indifferent to the idea of self-government, so blankly uninterested in freedom of thought and the right to dissent, is distressing, but not too surprising. “Free as a bird,” we say, and envy the winged creatures for their power of unrestricted movement in all the three dimensions. But, alas, we forget the dodo. Any bird that has learned how to grub up a good living without being compelled to use its wings will soon renounce the privilege of flight and remain forever grounded. Something analogous is true of human beings. If the bread is supplied regularly and copiously three times a day, many of them will be perfectly content to live by bread alone — or at least by bread and circuses alone.

    Take the right to vote. In principle it is a great privilege. In practice as recent history has repeatedly shown the right to vote by itself is no guarantee of liberty. Therefore if you wish to avoid dictatorship by referendum break up modern society’s merely func­tional collectives into self-governing voluntarily cooperating groups capable of functioning outside the bureaucratic systems of Big Business and Big Govern­ment.”

    – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, 1958

    1. Harvard is a joke. All universities today are a disgrace. I used to think it was only state universities but these last 4 years have shown me how Ivy League and many once “prestigious” universities are frauds.

      Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were important authors to read when we were younger because now we see their prescient work.

      Now that Biden has “won” the election, it is not surprising that NY, IL and VA are suddenly calling for opening up their economies and schools.

      We have become a totalitarian state. My family and I fled Communism thinking America would never fall. So much for that

      ‘We Simply Cannot Stay Closed’: Vaccinations, Boosting Economy Top Cuomo 2021…

      Gov. Andrew Cuomo pledged New York will vaccinate millions and jumpstart its flagging economy in 2021 as part of his annual address to the state that began Monday.
      chicagotribune com

      Mayor Lori Lightfoot pushing for Chicago bars and restaurants to reopen for…

      Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she wants the city’s bars and restaurants to reopen for indoor service “as soon as possible” and plans to discuss the issue with Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

      Northam: Time to start reopening schools; they are ‘safe’
      Virginia’s public schools need to begin planning how to resume in-person learning, Gov. Ralph Northam said Thursday as the state rolled out new guidelines for school districts on how to

    2. RHODES AND ESTOVIR below are the same person. They are just 2 of many, many handles used by the blog troll.

      1. Anonymous jumps in with her troll fetish again. There was a cartoon where Mickey Mouse was carrying buckets of water. Then there was more water and there were two Mickeys. Then more water and four Mickeys. More water and eight Mickeys. Then 16, Then 32. Then 64. And on it went. You can picture the trolls multiplying in Anonymous’s head. Day after day she comments about the trolls. Make them stop she screams. Please make them stop. PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP!!

        1. No doubt you’ll tell Art Deco the same thing. He frequently claims that most of the liberals commenting here are all sock puppets for a single person.

  11. Expect more information to come out about the insurrectionists.

    From an affidavit submitted in support of the criminal complaint against Dominic Pezzola, aka “Spaz,” by FBI Special Agent Melissa Ammons –
    “W-1 stated that after the events at the Capitol as described above, he or she spoke to an individual he or she knows as “Spaz,” along with other individuals. W-1 stated that during that conversation, “Spaz” bragged about breaking the windows to the Capitol and entering the building. In a subsequent interview, W-1 clarified that “Spaz” said that he used a Capitol Police shield to break the window. W-1 said that “Spaz” can be seen on the cover of many newspapers and recognizes him from those photographs. W-1 stated that other members of the group talked about things they had done during the day, and they said that anyone they got their hands on they would have killed, including Nancy Pelosi. W-1 further stated that members of this group, which included “Spaz,” said that they would have killed [Vice President] Mike Pence if given the chance. According to W-1, the group said it would be returning on the “20th,” which your affiant takes to mean the Presidential Inauguration scheduled for January 20, 2021, and that they plan to kill every single “m-fer” they can.1 W-1 stated the men said they all had firearms or access to firearms.”

  12. The don’t even try to hide their totalitarian principles these days.

    The governor of Pennsylvania declares that claiming election fraud in PA is not protected speech.

    Yes it is. It should be a great worry that we have elected officials that stupid.


  13. Professor Turley and others have stated that there was no evidence of systemic fraud in the election. I wanted to determine if there was enough fraud to swing the election pendulum. My first question was what amount of fraud is acceptable? It seems all parties acknowledge there is fraud but, no one states the percentage of fraud. I went to various web sites to seek information of voter registration numbers, the United States Census site, and confirmed numbers from individual states to verify numbers I retrieved from the web. The findings are interesting. The Census numbers put the total population at 328.2 Million and the population under 18 years of age at 73 Million rendering 255.3 million citizens with the right to vote (rounded numbers). This equals 61.8 percent of the population eligible to vote. Looking further into state by state voter registration numbers there are 174 Million citizen registered to vote, equaling 53 percent of the population. Taking these numbers into consideration I then looked at individual states considering registration to population eligibility and found a high of 81% of the population in Michigan registered to vote and low of 46% in Wyoming. Other states with a disproportional registration to the averages above include Alabama 75%, Colorado 72%, Delaware 75%, Iowa 70%, Kentucky 80%, Maine 80%, New Hampshire and New Jersey at 73%, New York at 70%, North Dakota 76%, Pennsylvania 71%, Road Island 76%, and Vermont 80%. Then I considered the percentage of votes cast to eligible voters (voter turnout). The national average was 73%, with a highest being Minnesota at 91% and the lowest Washington DC at 12%. The majority of States had turnout above the average of 73% only being skewed by lower turnout in a few states. I believe the telling numbers are those representing registration to population eligibility. It’s hard to fathom 81% or even 70% of the population of an individual state is above 18 years of age and have registered to vote none the less. Again I’ll ask what percentage of voter fraud is acceptable and what is the true definition of systemic fraud?

  14. During the interesting discussions below about the propriety of revoking degrees I raised the question whether this standard shouldn’t apply to MLK’s degree, revoking it because he clearly plagiarized large sections of the dissertation for which the degree was rewarded.

    The university has reviewed the allegations and confirmed them but doesn’t see a point to revoking the degree now.

    The point would be honesty.

    Counter arguments were made that MLK was a force for good and to the extent that may be true most of us would not have a problem if the university converted MLK’s degree to an honorary doctorate for his accomplishments. He did not earn the academic degree. He likely did earn an honorary degree.

    In this respect the university has failed to act and demonstrated it can be as dishonest as King was.

    Then I raised the question of King’s behavior when a parishioner of his was raped in a motel room while King stood by and laughed while the FBI recorded the crime but shamefully did nothing to stop it.

    I was surprised to discover that Professor Turley has already addressed that particular event here:


    Besides finding the account shocking, Professor Turley rightly questions the propriety of the American press largely refusing to cover what, by all accounts, is an important addition to history. Why should we have to go to European news, which I often do, to get stories that the American press strangles and buries by night?

    My admiration for Professor Turley’s devotion to open dialog only increased to see that he dared to comment on this radioactive issue.

    Our media has been lying overtly and by omission for a very long while. And now the deceptions extend to ‘social’ media.

    I read a Facebook post by a physician who received the Covid vaccination and who declared that anyone who can should get it. She had some side effects but considered them minor compared to the risk of getting the disease. She added photos that included a very swollen arm following the injection. I forwarded the article to a physician acquaintance but when she opened it the photographs of side effects had been deleted, probably by Facebook but I don’t know for sure. I am sure some Facebook censor had good intentions removing those photos, but it is said that good intentions pave The Road to Hell. In the last couple of weeks that has proven to be very true.

  15. “Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.”

    – Thomas Jefferson

    The communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) are going to have to dissolve (i.e. purge) Jefferson, the Constitution and freedom.

    Purges of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

    Great Purge

    The most prolific period of executions occurred during the Great Purge, from 1936-1938. An estimated 4 million people were executed and millions more were sent to prisons.

    – Wiki

  16. Once again some of the students and faculty at over rated Harvard are showing themselves to be brainless pissants.

  17. Turley keeps trying to discount the Trump Insurrection and attempted coup as nothing more than an exercise in free speech, instead of what it really was–an attempt to subvert the valid results of a fair election, fomented by a mentally ill narcissist who cannot accept rejection and defeat–the leader of a group of racists, White Supremacists, xenophobes, anti-Semites, misfits and malcontents. Therefore, addressing the insurrection by revoking Harvard degrees would, according to Turley, amount to a chilling effect on free speech.

    The Trump Insurrectionists intended to invade the Capitol Building, lynch Pence if he didn’t somehow award the election to Trump, and to kill Pelosi, Schumer, and any other Democratic member of Congress they could locate. They came equipped with zip ties, helmets and other military gear. And, as to those members of Congress who objected to the results of the 2020 election, knowing that their phony objections were baseless–they are opportunists–trying to take advantage of the gullibility of Trump disciples solely for political reasons. They know better. It was disgusting to watch. That’s the best that can be said of them. As Congresswoman Mikie Sherrell noted, she saw groups wearing MAGA hats and other pro-Trump insignia being given a tour of the Capitol the day before the attempted coup. Due to COVID restrictions, tour groups haven’t been allowed since last March, so it aroused her suspicions, and she immediately contacted the Sergeant at Arms. Her observations were validated by 30 other members of Congress. Therefore, this is looking more and more like an inside job that was aided by certain Republicans in Congress. Democratic and some Republican members of Congress have expressed that they fear for their lives, and not just from the usual group of deplorables, but from other members of Congress. one of whom–some dumb bottle blondie redneck from Georgia–admits to being part of Q-Anon, and proudly poses brandishing an automatic rifle. Some Republican members of Congress have refused to go through metal detectors, so there is concern that the are packing guns. This sh*t has to stop. Biden and Harris won the election. Fair and square. Numerous re-counts, signature matches, court rulings and investigations prove this is true. Chris Krebs says the election was fair–the most-secure in history. Bill Barr says there is no evidence of fraud. The disgraceful events of January 6th must be addressed in the harshest possible manner–commensurate with the enormity of the offense against America–and not just in the criminal courts.

    A degree from Harvard is more than just proof that a course of study was completed satisfactorily. Harvard holds itself out as the incubator for world-class leaders, researchers, and quality educatin. It’s school motto is “veritas”, which means “truth”. Rescinding a Harvard degree for those who aided, abetted or or sympathized with the Trump Insurrectionists is more than appropriate. The Trump Insurrection was never about free speech–it was an attempted coup–so the entire underpinning for Turley’s take on the incident is faulty.

    1. Natasha, Oh my God. indeed it was a dire day when the nation was almost overthrown by a few nut jobs. There actions have been condemned by important representatives on the right. Where is the corresponding condemnation of the riots across our land by the important representatives of the left. Instead, these acts of violence have not been condemned but encouraged by Democratic leaders. You carry on at length in your approval of the purge at Harvard and you demonize those who question an election result but you write not a letter about those who abated murder and looting in the streets. I’ll request an assignment for you. Gather all the quotes from those who declared that Trump was not a ligament President (questioned his election). I’ll give you a week to complete your assignment. On second thought, a week will not be enough time for you to find them all. It continued for four years. Take more time if needed. We will be waiting anxiously for an A+ paper.

      1. Yeah, we heard the pathetic “what about” arguments made by dipsh*t Gaetz in opposition to Trump formenting an insurrection. There is no “Left”, much less representatives thereof, and no Democratic leader has ever encouraged violence. The violence that happened after the deaths of George Floyd and other blacks murdered by the police were not incited by a lying narcissist who is a sore loser and who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Who actually “abated murder and looting” in the streets? Name them and dates, times and places.

        Trump, however, said nothing against those of his disciples wearing anti-Semetic “Camp Auschwicz” and “6mwe” shirts, even though his precious little Ivanka is a converted Jew. He said nothing about them smearing feces and spreading urine in the Capitol or defacing Rep. John Lewis’s memorial. A generic, milquetoast condemnation of violence is insufficient. He has never admitted lying about losing the election fair and square, trying to bully election officials into committing fraud by “finding” nonexistent votes or nonexistent fraud, or trying to bully Pence into awarding him the presidency over the will of the American people.

        Just like another of your stupid heroes, Louie Gohmert, who thinks he has the right to demand Biden’s concession or “don’t make me come over there”, who the hell do you think you are to command me to do anything? I don’t even know what a “ligament” President is, but I do know that Russia helped him cheat to get into our White House, and that Dan Coats was fired for refusing to back down from this truth. I also read the Mueller Report that explained how Trump’s campaign accepted help from Russian hackers to spread lies about Hillary Clinton on social media, in districts based on insider polling information provided by Trump’s campaign. He is not, and never will be, viewed as “legitimate”, and this is why.

        1. “Trump’s campaign accepted help from Russian hackers to spread lies about Hillary Clinton on social media”

          Yet another dead giveaway that Natacha is a ChiCom troll.

          Direct all attention to Russia. Pay no attention to China. Wash-Rinse-Repeat…over and over and over.

          Hey Natacha.

          Have you ever noticed the amazing resemblance between Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh?

          1. So many deep, insightful comments on this blog! Here we have an irony-challenged Trump lover mocking the appearance of a world leader… You can’t make this stuff up!

        2. Natasha, you should stop looking at just statements by the right and look at Pelosi “Uprisings should have happened earlier”. Maxine Waters “You should get up in their face at a restaurant”. Kamala Harris “ The protests (proven to be violent on actual video tape) will and should continue. No encouragement to violence to be found here. We have it on tape. Look America. Natacha is giving a class at Harvard titled, “Don’t Believe Your Lyein Eyes”. Her vision makes her eminently qualified to further your education. Step right up ladies and gentlemen. Step right up. You won’t believe what your eyes are not allowed to see. Just one of the points to be presented in the subject matter.

          1. Natasha, you should stop looking at just statements by the right and look at Pelosi “Uprisings should have happened earlier”. Maxine Waters “You should get up in their face at a restaurant”. Kamala Harris “ The protests (proven to be violent on actual video tape) will and should continue. No encouragement to violence to be found here. We have it on tape.

            The left wing trolls on here have never been, are not here, and will never exist to dialogue, engage, discuss, exchange intellectual discourse or otherwise seek consensus. Like their handlers and cult ideologues, theirs is an extensive of divide and conquer.

            Until you get that, you’re just furthering your anxiety, depression and shooting blanks. Best to engage your local milieu and change your immediate world for the good you represent. The folks you are engaging have no good will towards you or any of us. This is not new insight

            1. Estovir, thanks for your response. Maybe I am naive, but I think there are on occasion some readers who come to this forum with an open mind. I don’t think that just fading away and letting the centralized government prognosticators have free reign is a good course of action. Pointing out the control everyone else team members is a worth while endeavor. Hang tough.

              1. Good to see you realize what I am trying to bring to your attention.

                I learned long ago when engaging in public speaking to direct my message to the silent audience members, the ones who showed no emotion or perhaps never raised their hands or faces. Likewise when writing articles or commenting on internet forums, non-responders or lurkers are very much part of the audience.

                If you’re commenting for the lurkers, then you do well. I often post my Catholic commentary to the lurkers, not the regulars on here. OTOH, if you are thinking your attackers are interested in consensus building, you’re better off speaking to your dog who more likely will wag its tail when you are done and give you positive feedback.

                Remember the return on investment our Lord received: 12 bumbling idiots/apostles, all fled. Our Lord healed 10 lepers and only 1 returned to thank Him.

                Our calling as Christians is not to expect changes but to be Faithful.

                Break a leg


    2. Ew! An attempted coup. Just like those armed insurrections in Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia etc. Look America , a takeover of our government by three or four armed citizens. Such a powerful uprising our land has never seen. Much worse than the takeover of our cities by thousands where the American flag was burned. Be aware my fellow countryman, this is the real danger to your freedom. These words are taken from Natacha’s treatise on the bill of rights. Her best line. “Give me the right to shut people up or give me death”. Her writings must remain for our children to commit to memory in grade schools for centuries to come. It gets so confusing when trying to figure out where the takeover is really coming from. Then again, maybe not.

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