“Everybody’s Mistakes Except My Own”: Trump’s Final Pardon List Offers A Telling Reflection On His Legacy

I can pardon everybody’s mistakes except my own.” Those words of Cato of Elder have long been the principle guiding presidents who have resisted the temptation of issuing themselves self-pardons.  There have been ample abuses of this power, but that is one dishonor that presidents have spared the country. Despite predictions by many in the media, Trump left office without adding that ignoble distinction. He did not grant clemency to himself, his family, or close associates like Rudy Giuliani. What is so telling is that we are so shellshocked from the last four years that this act of restraint was a reason for celebration and praise.  Notably, the lack of the self-pardon might not be a welcomed by critics as it may appear. There is now no impediment to a charge for incitement, a much-touted possible charge that some of us believe would fail ultimately in the courts on either the trial or appellate levels.

I have admittedly been a critic of President Trump’s record of pardons from his first foray into presidential clemency. Moreover, there are many worthy and righteous pardons issued by the Trump in this final list. Many came through the traditional process of the pardon office and the Justice Department in identifying cases of excessive sentencing or questions of innocence. Yet, today’s pardons will add to Trump’s troubled legacy on clemency.

Some presidents have used pardons to amplify their policies like Barack Obama pardoning hundreds of non-violent drug offenders. Yet, the signature category for Trump was political corruption. Indeed, Trump has pardoned those accused of acts that are similar to allegations that he has faced during this presidency. His legacy is heavily laden with public officials convicted or accused of wrongdoing. He previously granted dubious pardons for former California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter and former GOP Rep. Chris Collins as well as Joe Arpaio, the highly controversial former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

That pattern continued on his last day with pardons for former Arizona Rep. Rick Renzi of Arizona who convicted of extortion, bribery, insurance fraud, money laundering, and racketeering. He also added former rep. Robert Cannon “Robin” Hayes who served as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party and Chair of the National Council of Republican Party Chairs. He was convicted of making a false statement to investigators.  He also added former California Rep. Randall “Duke” Cunningham, who accepted bribes while he held public office.

Also included on the list were political operatives like Paul Erickson, the conservative figure who pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering charges and Robin Hayes, a North Carolina political donor convicted of trying to bribe officials. There is Elliott Broidy, former Deputy National Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee, who was convicted for a conspiracy to serve as an unregistered foreign agent. Yet, the most notable political operative is former adviser Steve Bannon who has not even faced trial on serious fraud claims linked to an online fundraising campaign known as “We Build the Wall.” He was facing one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, each of which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Notably, Bannon was pardoned but not his alleged co-conspirators – making the clemency look more like a raw personal favor. Bannon’s pardon follows a long list of former Trump associates granted such relief, including Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.

The political beneficiaries were not all democrats. Trump granted clemency for Kwame Malik Kilpatrick one of the most corrupt Democratic mayors in the country. In Detroit, Kilpatrick was convicted of racketeering and bribery in office.

In many ways, pardons are a telling reflection of presidents and their times. Some were acts of healing like Thomas Jefferson’s pardoning of those convicted under the infamous Alien and Sedition Act; Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon; and Jimmy Carter’s pardon of Vietnam draft dodgers. Other pardons reflect the corruptions of our times and our Presidents.  President Warren Harding was accused of selling pardons, including to mob enforcer Ignacio Lupo, known as “Lupo the Wolf.”  George H.W. Bush issued pardons for individuals involved with the Iran-Contra affair, including Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.  Bill Clinton used his final day in office to debase this power with a pardon to his own brother Roger Clinton and his friend (and fellow Whitewater business partner) Susan McDougal. He also pardoned a man who is generally viewed as one of the least worthy recipients of a pardon in modern history: the fugitive financier and Democratic donor Marc Rich. The list of infamous characters pardoned by presidents is a virtual rogue’s gallery. 

Donald Trump’s pardons are arguably the most reflective of any America president. Trump had the lowest percentage of acts of clemency for a president. Yet, if you were a corrupt politician, a political ally, or a celebrity, Trump seemed inclined to both sympathy and clemency. Indeed, Trump seemed comfortable with openly using the power to reward friends, allies, or family. Trump signed a prior grant to the father of Jared Kushner, one of the most disgraceful pardons ever handed down by a president.  Charles Kushner was described his case as “one of the most loathsome, disgusting crimes” he ever prosecuted as U.S. attorney.” The case involved the use of a prostitute, a hidden camera, and an effort to intimidate his own brother-in-law but sending the film to his own sister.  Most presidents would have burned Kushner’s petition in a profilactic act of cleansing. Trump instead granted a presidential act of clemency.

Trump also continued his predilection towards celebrities This includes rapper Lil Wayne who pleaded guilty in 2020 in federal district court to illegally possessing a loaded, gold-plated .45-caliber handgun while flying to Florida on a private jet in 2019 as well as an array of drugs. He also pardoned rapper  Kodak Black, who was sentenced on federal weapons charges.  However, he has been a campaign supporter. No one would credibly claim that these pardons were based on anything other than celebrity status.

The pardon list is also notable in lacking any overarching theme other than personal or political ties. For example, while Trump was moved by Lil Wayne, he was not moved by Julian Assange who is being hounded by the Justice Department due to the publication of classified information on Wikileaks. (In full disclosure, I have worked with the Assange defense team in London). Assange’s case raises major concerns over press freedom and freedom of speech. What he does not have is a gold album – or a gold-plated handgun for that matter.  Someone acting for the interests of the public or free speech clearly does not resonate with Trump as much as those accused of fraud or political corruption or personal excess.

It is bizarre that our expectations of the President on pardons have been reduced so far that there is a sense of gratitude that Trump did not abuse the power with grants to himself or his children. While I have long maintained that the Constitution does not bar self-pardons, I also view it is as an abuse use of that power. This was a rare act of restraint. It will also force the hand of many Trump detractors. For example, the D.C. Attorney General and a host of legal experts have maintained that Trump could be charged with criminal incitement. I believe such a charge would fail in the courts on free speech grounds. If it did so, it could ultimately be cited as a vindication for Trump on his second impeachment. By not pardoning himself, Trump has now forced the hand of these figures who have been insisting that they are eager to bring such cases.  Those claims would now however have to be made to real courts as opposed to pandering to parts of the electorate.

Trump’s pardons show a disregard for prosecutions for political corruption and a great regard for his personal friends and political allies. There is little redeeming in that record. Indeed, in the end, the most redeeming moment was the absence of the additional abuse of self-dealing. Like other aspects of his presidency, Trump can point to that curious distinction as redeeming. Like arguing that he never did fire Robert Mueller, it is a distinction by omission. In terms of his legacy, however, “it could have been worse” is hardly an inspiring political epitaph on presidential clemency.

This column also appeared on Fox.com.

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  1. “Some presidents have used pardons to amplify their policies like Barack Obama pardoning hundreds of non-violent drug offenders. Yet, the signature category for Trump was political corruption.”

    I reviewed the entire list of pardons and commutations that the White House released. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-press-secretary-regarding-executive-grants-clemency-012021/

    The overwhelming majority of them are for non-violent drug and other non-violent crimes. You cherry-picked a handful of pardons you disagreed with and made it seem as if they were representative of all. They’re not even close. Did you bother to review the actual list or did you just go with the mainstream narrative? I thought you were more honest than this.

      1. Bengal, I am not sure what type of list you looked at but that is important because most of the lists show what was plead to. The actual crimes might have been violent but for various reasons including providing information on a bigger fish the prosecutors permit a plea for a lower charge. I’m not a lawyer so take this with a grain of salt.

        The case discussed with anonymous, where he foolishly tried to prove himself correct ,was a high profile case that had political backers. Lopez had connections with Cuba and Fidel Castro so there was pressure from the Democrat Party members favorable to Castro that asked for the pardon. I think one of the previous Democratic nominees for President, Bernie Sanders, was just one of them. The Lopez release was not for meritorious reasons, but political, from the Democrats.

  2. Can the Liberal Left be happy? I truly have my doubts; they seem to take no solace with our new President Biden, and their idea of a future. They cling to grievances of supposed infractions cast upon them by President Trump. They want to rewrite the past and follow the dictates of the Ministry of Truth, Freedom is slavery,, Ignorance is Strength and War is Pease, or in modern parlance, Democrats are good, Republicans are bad. They cannot accept victory without malice towards their political foe. Below are few thoughts of a great sage of the past:
    Nicomachean Ethics from Book 2 _____
    With regard to anger also there is an excess, a deficiency, and a mean. Although they can scarcely be said to have names, yet since we call the intermediate person good-tempered let us call the mean good temper; of the persons at the extremes let the one who exceeds be called irascible, and his vice irascibility, and the man who falls short an inirascible sort of person, and the deficiency inirascibility._____ There are three kinds of disposition, then, two of them vices, involving excess and deficiency respectively, and one a virtue, viz. the mean, and all are in a sense opposed to all; for the extreme states are contrary both to the intermediate state and to each other, and the intermediate to the extremes; as the equal is greater relatively to the less, less relatively to the greater, so the middle states are excessive relatively to the deficiencies, deficient relatively to the excesses, both in passions and in actions. For the brave man appears rash relatively to the coward, and cowardly relatively to the rash man; and similarly the temperate man appears self-indulgent relatively to the insensible man, insensible relatively to the self-indulgent, and the liberal man prodigal relatively to the mean man, mean relatively to the prodigal. Hence also the people at the extremes push the intermediate man each over to the other, and the brave man is called rash by the coward, cowardly by the rash man, and correspondingly in the other cases.

    1. Are the QAnon conspiracy theorists finally ready to accept that it was a huge hoax?

      I believe their fundamental reason for existence is to make that specific point…nearly everything you’ve been led to believe is a hoax. So you might want to be a bit more specific on what it is.

      1. bengalmomma says:
        January 20, 2021 at 4:46 PM

        QAnon are a bunch of nutters that do not deserve so much attention and are now disilusioned with Q from reports. ”

        Yep most all of them a bunch of govt Nutters controlled/run Nutters! Qtards, ADL Tards, SPLC milita Nutters@OKC, antifa Fascist, BLM Racist, Boogieloo babes, KKK, Milita tard groups, most all a run out of any number of US Govt intel phyop groups like FBI/DOJ/CIA, etc….

        Tell your kids/friends best bet is to stay away from all of them. Try leading locally?

        Go Ch’k out places like Banned.Video for a collection of 1/7/20 onsite videos & elsewhere.

        All the govt false flag ops against the US people are boring to me now as they are so easy to spot as they are happening, yet I sense the govt intel Deep State Aholes are about ready now for a few fresh batch of False Flag Ops to scare the heck of the US Gen Pop into giving up more liberty/Freedoms like they did after OKC & 911. And then they’ll (Deep State) give the gen Pop the outcome of 911, “The Patriot Act” X 20. AKA: Citizen Slaves will only be left with the Right to Shut to Phk Up.

  3. The only reason Trump didn’t pardon himself is because he finally listened to what his attorneys were telling him: if you no longer are in jeopardy of criminal prosecution because you have been pardoned, you cannot invoke the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. You can, therefore, be compelled to testify and produce documents.
    Narcissist to the bitter end.

  4. Bill Clinton used his final day in office to debase this power with a pardon to his own brother Roger Clinton and his friend (and fellow Whitewater business partner) Susan McDougal.

    She’d cooled her heels in a federal lockup for 18 months rather than offer immunized testimony in front of a grand jury. Now that’s a friend.

    Billy Jeff also paid the cosmetology school tuition for his brother’s ba*tard child. The youth’s mother hadn’t managed to get a brass farthing out of Roger Clinton. (If you can locate the late Michael Kelly’s compare-and-contrast column on the brother’s, you’ll get a chuckle).

  5. Was It Worth It?
    By: Judd Garrett
    Objectivity is the Objective
    January 17, 2021

    The National Guard, the FBI, the CIA are being sent to the Capitals in all 50 states, and there’s going to be over ten thousand National Guardsmen at the inauguration on Wednesday. The question is, why now? We experienced seven straight months of riots in our major cities, the death and damage has been well documented, yet Governors and Mayors refused to take action to stop those riots. Why? Why would they refuse to act to protect and defend the citizens of their cities and state? The cities most damaged by the 2020 riots are all Democratically controlled and all refused federal assistance to stop the rioting?

    Prior to the January 6 Capital riot, Washington, DC mayor Muriel Bowser wrote a letter to the U.S. Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of the Army, stating, “to be clear, the District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment.”

    Why would she turn down help from federal law enforcement when she warned about potential violence at the rally? Why? The same reason she turned down federal law enforcement’s help during the riots in DC this summer. She wanted the riots to occur both times.

    Like other Democrat Governors and Mayors, if the riots could be blamed on Trump, she didn’t care if her city burned and her citizens were killed. There is video evidence of the DC police opening the doors, stepping aside and allowing the rioters inside the Capital. Who gave that order?

    Continued at: https://militaryveteransofdisqus.org/was-it-worth-it/

    1. She wanted the riots to occur both times.

      In case you thought Democratic mayors and governors had any concern for the welfare of their subjects, last summer’s riot fest should have disabused you of that. Wasn’t that cute how the dyke mayor of Seattle discovered law and order when her own house was under siege?

    2. I am a deeply repentant ex-Trump supporter.

      In defense of those DNC aparatchiks who refused Nat. Guard help when it was their own kind (Dems) rioting: those Governors were rightly fearful those NG troops would kill even some who did not deserve death. And you can bet your bippy those would have been of the darker skinned variety, not apple whites like Trump and his white nationalists.

      One of my closest friends is an all white citizen, an ex-Marine aviator who now works at a Homeland Sec. Fusion Center. Who do you think he said is the nation’s biggest internal threat now: right leaning white nationalist types.

      A relative is very sick w/Covid. Her and her mental case Reformed Christian (Zionista) husband parrot Trump: it’s all a hoax and of no concern. She is so sick now she sounds like she’s gonna die. One of her kids called and asked her dumb as rocks ultra right wing GOP loving scum bag husband how she’s doing: he replied, “She’s fine.” You can’t buy with money the level of stupid you’ll find in still-Trump supporters now.

      Trump’s attitude must have killed tens of thousands of innocent dumb shites like the family described above.

        1. Here’s the thing, Allan. Being as deluded as you are has to be a tremendous weight to carry and most of the people on this blog comment section realize it enough to at least grant you the space to comment. But your mean spirited idiocy does have its limits. There are times when your just need to shut up and don’t have the wherewithal to figure it out yourself. So here’s a little bit of help: STFU moron. At least learn to pick your spots much better than you do now. You’re an embarrassment to yourself, your family and whatever philosophical trope you somehow think you’re representing.

          1. I see your best friends are Maoists and anti-Semites. You reflect very well on all the leftist anonymous posters. Keep up the good work.

  6. “Some presidents have used pardons to amplify their policies like Barack Obama pardoning hundreds of non-violent drug offenders. Yet, the signature category for Trump was political corruption.”

    I just finished reviewing all of the pardons and commutations that the White House released. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-press-secretary-regarding-executive-grants-clemency-012021/

    The overwhelming majority of them are for non-violent drug and other non-violent offenses. Yet you cherry-pick a handful of pardons that you don’t like and make it seem as if they’re representative of all. They aren’t even close. I expected better of you. Truly shameful.

    1. White collar crime is non-violent.

      It can still do great harm.

      The question is how much harm was done by the people he pardoned, not just whether or not the harm occurred via violence.

      1. Anonymous, you keep talking and talking without saying much of anything. Last discussion you asked for an example and I provided what you asked for. You are now starting the same game again without finishing the first. You cowardly ran away after the response so here it is again.

        Though I didn’t want to go through those that killed after commutation by Obama and others whose pardons weren’t acceptable I will provide one that has always stuck in my head. ( A head to head with Trumps pardons and commutations with Obama will lead to Obama having pardoned or commuted more of the worst than Trump and we will be finished with the comparison before we evaluated half of Obama’s.)

        “Most Americans may not have heard of Lopez, or the organization he helped lead, the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN), a radical Marxist Puerto Rican independence group. With the focus of post-9/11 terrorism falling almost exclusively on Islamist radicals, the violent nationalists of yesteryear—Puerto Rican, Cuban, Croatian and Jewish—have faded into obscurity. But during the FALN’s explosive heyday under Lopez’s leadership, the group was anything but obscure. In fact, from 1974, when the group announced itself with its first bombings, to 1983, when arrests finally destroyed its membership base, the FALN was the most organized, active, well-trained and deadly domestic terror group based in the United States.”


  7. I’m disappointed in JT. We have seen this over and over the past 4 years. Breathless conjecture or reference to a “source”, reporting some wild theory, “Trump is going to invade Skokie”, or “Trump will refuse to leave if he loses”. Then the chin stroking begins as he “shows restraint” or “was persuaded by his advisers”.
    At least we won’t see that anymore as a supine press will simply retransmit the state press releases.

  8. “we are so shellshocked from the last four years”…I for one was more shell shocked by the various diatribes and actions coming from the democrats that I ever was by Trump Tweets (which basically I don’t pay attention to). So the country elected a person who is in the throws of senility so everything can ‘go back to normal’. The Joe Biden Mr Turley knew is not the Joe Biden of today by any stretch. Anyone want to start a pool on how long Biden lasts as POTUS?

    1. What do you think Pelosi was getting at with all her 25th Amendment talk?
      We are one “dog faced, pony soldier” away from President Harris.
      God help us.

    2. “we are so shellshocked from the last four years”…

      Reminds you of Nicholas von Hoffman’s assessment of Watergate and the public discourse about it. His take: there were about 200,000 in the New York – Washington corridor who ‘felt kind of beat up’ by the summer of 1974. The rest of the country was unmoved until it was discovered that Nixon had cheated on his federal income taxes.

    3. It’s sadder and sadder when I hear Americans repeat the lies they heard on Fox. Biden is far from the “throws of senility”, but Trump is still not far from trying to stir up his base to start more trouble. I guess 5 dead due to the Trump insurrection and 400,000+ dead due to mishandling of the Trump Pandemic aren’t enough. Trump is fat, doesn’t exercise, consumes a poor diet and is under stress he caused himself. He’s also under financial pressure because he has over $400 M in loans due soon. Biden is slender, exercises, has a genuine, loving marriage and won the most votes ever in the history of US presidential voting. Between the two, Trump is statistically more likely to die before Biden.

      Sadly, America cannot go back to normal until the fat one admits he lied to his disciples about the election being stolen. Mitch McConnell said so the other day, several commentators have brought home this point, and Fox has quit repeating this lie, but this fact needs to get hammered as often and with the passion as the original lie, so that the disciples will come to believe it and come to the realization that Trump’s bluster about losing the election is due to the sad state of his mental illness. Until the Trump disciples finally figure out that they were lied to, that the election was legitimate, and that, consistent with polling predictions and Trump’s dismal failures, Americans voted him out, this country cannot heal, and if it cannot heal, then we’re in for more strife and problems.

      1. Why do you think Biden is *not* senile? Everyone else seems to know it. Just because the fake news media covers it up and protects Biden and the Democrat Party doesn’t mean it isn’t so. Fact check for ya: Biden is senile.

  9. If Biden truly wishes to begin to unify the country in a striking way he could add to his day 1 list by pardoning Trump and his family and requesting all State AGs to drop all actions under State law against any of them. This would do a lot to arrest the slide of the US in the direction of those political cultures where the departing leader must fear prosecution by the incoming one.

    1. That’s absolutely the wrong thing for Biden to do.

      A serious wound doesn’t heal properly unless it’s cleaned.

      The only reason the Trumps would fear prosecution is if they’ve committed crimes, in which case they should not be above the law. Biden should refrain from interfering and leave it to the DOJ and state AGs to make whatever prosecutorial decisions they see fit.

      1. You are so correct, Anonymous. The Catholic Church and other religions teach that in order for there to be forgiveness, there must first be an acknowledgement that a wrong was done, next, that the wrongdoer sincerely regrets what s/he did, and his/her request for forgiveness. Without an acknowledgement that a wrong was done, there cannot be forgiveness, because what is there to forgive if a wrong was not done? Under Trump’s narcissistic logic, he believes he did nothing wrong in stirring up the disciples to storm the Capitol in a last-ditch effort to prevent finalization of his Electoral College loss. He tried everything to prevent the truth of his rejection that was predicted by every poll and the results of historically-low presidential approval ratings since he took office. Even before Election Day, he told the faithful that Democrats were going to try to steal his second term. He made an ass of himself by declaring himself the winner in the early morning hours after the election, and after that, tried every possible thing to prevent the will of the American people from becoming a reality–filing dozens of lawsuits, challenges, demanding recounts, demanding re-recounts, signature matches, poll and vote counting watchers, cajoling and then threatening Secretaries of State and Governors, and lastly, urging his disciples to storm the Capitol demanding that he be declared the winner. All based on his lying that he not only won, but won in a landslide, and that there was a conspiracy to take away his victory, based on nothing but his massive ego and big mouth. None of it worked, but 5 people are still dead, Nancy Pelosi’s laptop and 4 others were stolen, offices, files and papers were rifled and stolen, the Capitol was breached, and Trump’s faithful left human excrement and desecration of memorials behind. That crime against the people of the United States demands that the instigator, as well as those he instigated, be held accountable.

        Trump hasn’t asked to be pardoned, and he won’t because his massive ego won’t allow him to admit he was rejected or that lying about losing the election and stirring up his disciples was wrong. Biden should absolutely NOT even consider a pardon.

      2. Trump and his family could be prosecuted not because they committed any crimes but to pursue political vendettas. Pardons, and requests to State AGs to stand down, would end that possibility. From the standpoint of the political well being of the country, that benefit would outweigh any benefits to be gained by a successful prosecution, even if one could be concluded.

        1. Daniel,
          That would certainly be a positive step towards unifying this country and precisely why Biden and the Democrats will do exactly the opposite.

        2. There will be no peace or finality until Trump admits he lied, apologizes to the American people, and tells his supporters that demanding that they storm the Capitol was wrong. This is not a “political vendetta” at all. There is an unanswered crime that was committed against the American people–the desecration of our temple of American freedom and democracy that our predecessors fought and some died for. The one who instigated this insurrection must be brought to justice for lying to his disciples. Their attack on the Capitol was not spontaneous–it was the product of Trump’s constant lying about the election being stolen, repeated and reinforced by his media supporters and even members of Congress, and a call to arms to achieve “justice”. There can be no justice without his admission that he lied and a request for forgiveness, which won’t happen due to Trump’s mental illness. Asking them to “stand down” without admitting that he fairly lost and that it was wrong to encourage them to “fight” for him is a waste of time. The disciples will continue to believe that a wrong was done to them until he sets them straight, which he will not do.

          1. “There will be no peace or finality until Trump”

            ha ha ROFLOL

            hey lady don’t hold your breath

            there will never be peace on Earth, because all men have it in their nature to compete

            there will be no finality until you die

            in the meantime spare me these droll remarks

            Sal Sar

          2. There is an unanswered crime that was committed against the American people–the desecration of our temple of American freedom and democracy that our predecessors fought and some died for.

            Why yes there was. And There will be no peace until everyone involved in the Crossfire Hurricane/Crossfire Razor and subsequent Mueller investigation are brought to justice. You have every right to deny the existence of that real desecration of our public institutions, but you will never convince the millions of Americans, that base reality on facts and evidence, that what you support is anything but anti-American. So continue as you see fit to defile this blog with your insane worldview, that’s what will always define you as our domestic enemy.

  10. I would more likely take this nonsense of an article seriously if anyone on the left were in prison. But, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, and Hillary Clinton, are still on tv selling lies. How is it inciting riots and or sedition for Trump to push a conspiracy theory about Democrats cheating an election when Hillary Clinton commissioned smear merchants to destroy the country in one of the biggest lies ever told, “Russiagate.” Even now, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi pitched Russia again.

    The reason Trump granted pardons to people that were found to be corrupt is because he just faced four years of nothing buty partisan attempts to come up with any reason they could to remove him. Make no mistake, the Russia investigation was an act of corruption at the highest levels. It was a coup. No one has paid for that coup and these people are actually getting pats on the back while silencing those that were targeted. The biggest act of corruption was directed at President Trump, so he can only guess that the same thing might have been aimed at others.

    Personally I will hold the last four years against Democrats forever. They are absolutely deserving of nothing but scorn. Their double standards are alarming and being race hucksters is even worse. James Comey should be in prison but instead, after he lied to Congress and a President of the United States while attempting a coup he is talking about the evil coup Trump supposedly incited? No, he should pardon anyone that Democrats ever felt as corrupt, because Democrats have no soul, they only serve themselves and they have never found a lie that they won’t tell.

    1. I’m wagering his experience with Andrew Weissmann and John Durham (among others) left him very skeptical of the probity of federal prosecutors. Paul Craig Roberts has been flaying the Department of Justice for 20 years; he’s a crank, but in this circumstance, he may be a crank with a point.

  11. I found many of Trump’s pardons to be greatly disappointing. Especially pardoning Bannon but not Assange. I heard on news or read somewhere that McConnell threatened Trump to not pardon Assange or else McConnell would vote for the impeachment. If this is true, seeing how McConnell has thrown Trump under the bus already, and suspecting that Assange has some info on McConnell or his wife, if I had been Trump I would have given McConnell the middle finger by pardoning Assange. Pardoning Assange would have been more supportive of Trump’s disrespect of the truly fake news and appalling suppressive Narrative out there.

  12. Good luck to Biden, he’s going to need it.

    I hear his backers have already drafted 17 executive orders for him to sign this afternoon.

    Normally they have none or one ready. 17! amazing. The billionaires had their list ready.

    Saloth Sar

    1. The list doesn’t come from billionaires.

      They include things like
      -reverse the so-called “Muslim ban”
      -rejoin WHO, Paris climate deal
      -halt evictions
      -mask mandate on federal land

      1. oh really? allow me to elaborate:

        reversing muslim ban serves the billionaire interests because

        1. it imports more labor and they always want more labor to push down wages
        2. they like to use different and diverse groups to throw existing American groups off balance. ergo, muslims, who throw everybody off besides themselves. the smaller groups are no threat to bilionaire power– it is the legacy groups who threaten them.,

        WHO paris deal
        First let me say, l i happen to believe in global warming, and that it’s enhanced by anthropegenic co2.
        I just think humanity has to adapt, because, the tipping points are close and there is no way to elimate 7/8 of the global population to get down to the level where a steady state carbon emission economy could be achieved. we will just have to live with global warming come what may.

        but Bill gates doesnt think so. he’s an advocate of all that stuff and very explicitly a fan of DEPOPULATION too
        bill’s not worried about losing us serfs and peons– he has robotics and AI to do his work for him

        halt evictions:

        continuation of trump policy, and a dubious one, WILL DESTROY SMALL LANDLORDS WITHOUT ACCESS TO BIG CREDIT

        when the little landlords DEFAULT, then THEY will move in and scoop the properties up, just like 2008!


        Sal Sar

  13. I hope that the DC establishment is proud of itself that there is a meager list of 2000 people at inauguration protected by 25,000 troops. How pathetic!

    It seems they are truly an elite, who fears the peasants.

    Sal Sar

    1. And to think that none of those past presidents got anywhere close to the popular vote total as Biden. He truly is the people’s (republic of china) president.

  14. Trump should have pardoned Assange, and prolly Snowden too. They were worthy.

    Obviously he is afraid of the military-industrial complex.

    Saloth Sar

  15. Edward Snowden is only a criminal and a traitor under US law, but Assange is worse. Wikileaks is an outlying criminal enterprise that cannot be tolerated by sovereign nations everywhere. Convicting Assange is unimportant; what’s necessary, and unavoidable under any system of international sovereignty, is preventing Wikileaks and any future spinoff from functioning again.

    1. This is BS. Wikileaks did nothing more than what was done in the Pentagon Papers. If it was legal for the NYT then it’s legal for them

      Otherwise, change the law and quit allowing the billionaire operations like NYT and Wash Post to have their special privileges

      Sal Sar

    2. WIkileaks is a PUBLISHER. Same as New York Times was in publishing the Pentagon Papers. Remember those or was that before your time?

  16. Speaking of pardons, did you see this letter?

    Let us be the first to say that President Biden has been the greatest of all time.


    Joe Biden
    Hunter Biden
    James Comey
    Peter Stzrok
    Susan Rice
    Hillary Clinton
    Barack Obama
    Fiona Hill
    Lisa Page
    etc. etc. etc.

  17. As usual, we seem to look only at things that Trump did that we do not agree with. Even though he had more knowledge of the subject than we do. I can’t wait to see Biden pardon his son Hunter, and his brother Fred at the end of his first term, since I don’t think there will be a second run for Joe.

    1. In terms of his legacy, however, “it could have been worse” is hardly an inspiring political epitaph on presidential clemency.

      If you looked at the similarities of 1860 Civil War and today, you’d be thinking of Chopin’s funeral dirge and not epitaphs.

      Biden, with apparent signs of cognitive impairment and memory loss, will be presiding over a country as divided as in 1860. At that time Republican Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency and Democrats responded with Civil War.

      Lincoln was strong, clear of mind and had courage, likely in response to his long history of major depressive disorder.
      Biden has none of these cognitive skills and probably has a psychiatric illness that progresses with advanced age

      America then suffered from epidemics of infectious diseases of pneumonia (including influenza), typhoid, dysentery and malaria that accounted for two-thirds of the deaths during the Civil War.
      America today is plagued with a virus that exhibits remarkable fitness (mutations) that targets two-thirds of Americans (overweight and obese, comorbidities stemming from excessive weight)

      Lincoln had no medical resources to dispense to Americans save resolve. He stopped the war and the death of the country.
      Biden has umpteen medical resources but no mental clarity. He can not stop the virus, he can not heal Americans poor health, and the nation will become a morgue.

      1. Well look at the bright side. Less useless mouth breathing Americans spewing CO2, then less global warming.

        Right, green advocates?

      2. Trump had umpteen medical resources but no mental clarity. He did not stop the virus, he did not heal Americans poor health, and the nation has become a morgue.


      3. I has had 7 in my immediate family. Ages 72 down to 11. The 72 year old had comorbidities. After the same treatment as Trump he was out of the hospital in 5 days.. The other six were 52, 50, 47, 11, 13 and 14. They recovered at home within 3 days. Reality is Covid is highly contagious, but not highly deadly. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html It is now up to governors to organize distribution of vaccines and treatments efficiently.

  18. I guess you could look at this list of pardons and say Trump cares nothing about political corruption and influence peddling. Indeed, that is what many of us thought all along.

    But remember that time Trump took such an interest in political corruption and influence peddling he called the President of Ukraine and demanded he open an investigation into Hunter Biden’s possible influence peddling? Even went so far as to cut off military aid to the Ukraine until such an investigation was announced.

    Turley thought Trump’s actions in Ukraine was because of a genuine concern with corruption and influence peddling. Indeed, even told Congress not to impeach because such concerns of Trump’s were valid.

    Trump does not care about corruption – he only cares who is on his side and who is on the other side.

    1. Well I for one think Trump was honest when he pledged to drain the swamp. He found the swamp, added more sludge and sewage to it and drained it right on top of Washington. I also think he was honest when he said he’d make America great again (he just left out a few words “make it so that America has to be made great again”). By destroying America’s reputation abroad and bringing it to its biggest crisis in modern history, it’s at a point where it’s greatness is in question, so Biden has no choice but to make America Great again, with no where to go but up. Trump and his ilk helped destroy the Republican Party so now it can be rebuilt, though it’s going to take a long time.

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