Hail To The Chief: Joe Biden Becomes Our 46th President

Just before noon, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as our 46th President.  Most of us wish him the greatest success in leading this nation and hopefully plotting a course of unity rather than division.  He could prove one of the most consequential presidents if he strives to bring this country together on policies that can garner support from both sides of our political divide. He had the reputation as a Senator when I had the pleasure of interacting with him.  That is the Joe Biden who I hope will emerge as our 46th President.I have great hopes for this administration, particularly as an environmentalist. I was critical of the Trump Administration for its onslaught on environmental protections. I am hopeful that we can see rapid progress on that area. There are a number areas where Biden could offer needed changes from foreign relations to government ethics.  I have my obvious concerns over free speech and changes to the Supreme Court but I am hoping that Biden will steer a more moderate course as our new president.

Despite our reduced inauguration due to the security, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration. The Biden team did an exceptional job under difficult conditions. I particularly was moved by Lady Gaga’s rendition of our national anthem. There may have been a better performance at an inauguration but I cannot remember one.

One disappointment today is that we cannot have our traditional inauguration party. This is a great moment for our country regardless of who is elected. While I did not vote or support Trump, I was critical of those Democratic members and protesters who refused to recognize him as the legitimate president four years ago. I was even more critical of President Trump’s attacks on Biden’s legitimacy, particularly in his January 6th speech. We are holding our own smaller party with our immediate family to celebrate Biden’s inauguration.

What was strange is that we can usually buy cakes and cupcakes with an inauguration theme. We literally could find no items so we had to have a cake for Biden and Harris made specially. I view inauguration day like the Fourth of July as a celebration of our Constitution and commitment to the peaceful transition of democratic governance.

On a personal note, I have to shout out one particular member of the Biden family. I am a fanatical dog lover and I hated the fact that the Trumps lacked a presidential dog. That will now be rectified with the Biden’s two German Shepherds, So welcome Major and Champ to the Pantheon of presidential pets.

So here is to our President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris  . . . and to the United States of America.

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  1. Jonathan: Yes, The Biden inauguration yesterday was something to behold. Looking at all the faces (even with face masks) at the Capitol ceremony that included former presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama it is clear Biden intends his administration to reflect and serve all Americans. When Trump took office he made it clear with his slogan “Make America Great Again” that he would serve only the interests of white people. Hopefully, we will now turn away from these racist policies. But the day before he left office Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Secretary of State and loyal supporter to the end, made it clear he rejects Biden’s approach to governing. Pompeo denounced “multiculturalism”. He said: “Woke-ism, multiculturalism, all the -isms–they’re not who America is. They distort our glorious founding and what this country is all about”. By “glorious founding” Pompeo clearly means he wants to return to a time when only white people made all the decisions. Pompeo wants to run for president in 2024. So, although Trump, who is facing a second impeachment trial, may lose political relevancy, it looks like Pompeo and other Republicans will carry the mantle of “Trumpism” forward.. We can’t begin to heal the country if we don’t confront the anti-immigrant and racist policies that are part of Trump’s legacy.

    1. ” . . . that he would serve only the interests of white people.”

      Spoken as a true racist, of the lowest type — the stunted mentality that cannot see individuals and cannot grasp ideas, that sees everything through the lens of race. And who is ignorant about how the free market policies of the Trump administration raised the standard of living for countless minorities who believe in self-sufficiency.

  2. Weird how “most of us” includes virtually none of your commentariat here… Odd. Ever wonder why that is, Johnny? Why do you think it is that virtually all folks here appear to fall into one of two categories: 1)screw that unity stuff! or 2)But he stole the election!

    Do you think it might have anything to do with your long history of transactional “principles”?

    I guess the only thing we can do is wait until constrictive view on impeachment expands yet again to its Clintonian…. and Obama…. levels. As we all know it will… Because that’s who you are.

  3. JT: “. . . plotting a course of unity rather than division.”

    For Biden and his supporters, “unity” means unite under one party — or else.

    We now have the specter in this country of political “crimes,” of those supporting the opposition being labeled “domestic terrorists,” of demands to “re-program” and “re-educate” conservatives. And to achieve this “unity,” the nation must de-degree, de-platform, de-list, fire, not hire, refuse to publish, and viciously shame those with opposing political opinions.

    To achieve “unity, said every authoritarian ever, we need to purge the country of its anti-state ideologues. The “state? C’est moi,” said Biden/Harris/Obama.

    People mistakenly think that the most effective slogan by which to destroy freedom and a country is: “Divide and conquer.” Far more effective is: Unite and rule.

  4. JT: “Most of us wish him the greatest success . . .”

    Just as I hope that a bank robber or arsonist fail miserably, so I hope that the Biden administration fails miserably in its attempts to implement looting, destructive policies. His administration’s statist, authoritarian, racist policies are inimical to America.

    If there were truth in advertising, Biden’s slogan would be: “Make America Weak Again”

    — Hobble wealth creators by imposing massive government controls on the economy

    — Kneecap the energy industry, e.g., kill the Keystone Pipeline

    — Throttle businesses with entry-level employees by forcing companies to pay $15/hour minimum wages

    — Suffocate industry with widespread environmental regulations

    — Loot wealth by raising taxes

    And, like a vampire, drain America’s spirit:

    — Push Armageddon (to a constant refrain of: “There are dark days ahead.”)

    — Spread the vicious notion that America is a “racist nation”

    — And, above all: Traffic in guilt, some unspecified, unearned guilt — for being “white;” for being a proud American; for wearing a MAGA hat; for wanting to breathe; for wanting to speak without fear of being de-platformed or cancelled; for wanting to be free, productive, happy.

  5. The American Flag is the
    Heart and Soul of 328 million
    Don’t burn it.
    Don’t trample on it.
    Don’t desecrate it.

  6. Joe Biden cancelled the 1776 program. That was a thing to unite us as Americans. He’s not interested in uniting us that’s for sure. Wake up people and get ready for a wild ride. If you thought 2020 sucked well I got bad news, 2021 gonna be even worse

    Sal Sar

    1. Psaki talks about transparency! When she was in Obama admin, they literally doctored video of an official State Dept video to remove a Psaki answer that subsequently became embarrassing during Iran talks. Then falsely claimed it was a “glitch.”

  7. “So here is to our President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris . . . and to the United States of America.“
    Apparently mutually exclusive notions as Biden spent the entire day issuing executive orders benefiting everyone at the expense of the USA. How global!

    1. And his press secy is already telling flatout lies. It was not a “muslim ban” as Psaki just called it. How divisive. Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, she reminded the reporter who asked about his pro-Abortion actions being taken. How very Catholic of him. How about repeating the Fine People lie one more time? Joe’s campaign was launched on this lie. Oh and Joe says he is gonna defer to Congress to do its duty and pursue the divisive, punitive Senate impeachment trial. How unifying for teh country. Because Biden/Harris is all about “unity.”

      News flash y’all. Joe and Kamala are not about “unity.” Wait till you see what’s coming.

      News flash y’all. We do not have a watchdog media in this country. We have propanda pushers.

      It was a nice Republic, too bad we couldn’t keep it.

    2. Mespo,

      I think everyone can see all the enemies here/world in recent years have loved to attack/tie the US down using our legal system to engage in illegitimate lawfare tactics bog down Trump/Biz & his supporters.

      Seem to me now in a turn of play lawyers/Biz & loyal citizens use every legitimate legal means to give those aholes & their supporters/biz, like Kolhs/Bed,Bath, Beyond, Target, WalMart. Facebook, Twitter,MSFT., etc., a very special American welcome back we can.

      IE: after Twitter started massive banning spree the competitor Gab gained 2-3 million users in like a couple of weeks.

      I’m reminded of the officer’s comments when it was reported to him his outfit was surrounded. How fortunate his group was as they could now attack the enemy in any direction.

      Legitimate Individual Lawsuits everywhere against the Commie Blue/etc., states govts for destroying/harming all those hundred of thousand of Business, like in Virginia, elsewhere is but one position that could be taken by the mass.

  8. Oh, now we can say beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty, name of each of criminal cabal ,what and when and why, and of course where and to what extent in OBAMA GATE. The exact same lawyer Marc Elias , I’m flummoxed, the closet I can come is the story of a disgruntled farmer complaint being dismissed because Ned’s reputation of sharp dealing was so widely known that farmer made the bargain at his own risk and the Supreme Court would not get involved. I saw lawyer’s name bandied about once or twice, and kudos to Marc Elias well played

  9. Great article!


    “Published January 17, 2021
    Epiphany: Buffalo Guy As the Abomination of the Desolation


    Who Determines Truth?

    “So when you see standing in the holy place `the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel – let the reader understand – then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” Matthew 24:15-16.[1]

    (Who runs the USA? Who determines the truth? The first question is determined by the answer to the second question. In the USA there is a struggle between the powerful private interests (now Globalist) who are given a real advantage by the First Amendment which is based on principles that organize American society, and the civil authorities who have responsibility for the welfare of the people entrusted to their care. The struggle is between the national and the global, the have nots and the haves, Americans and others, red states versus blue states.

    The Main Stream Media (MSM) with the Democrats represent the interests of the Globalists. We cannot trust them. They employ a variety of tactics with some of the most effective being to assign to their targets the very motivations and machinations in which they engage. The result is to create a situation that divides the USA and can be better used by the Globalists to achieve their goals, even if it includes crushing nationalities and religions or even if it means inciting civil war.)

  10. “Unity” for the Democrats and Joe Biden means conformity and uniformity to their agenda and narrative. Kind of like the China CCP version of “unity.”

    1. Which is why there was a military occupation of DC this past week and more soldiers lining the streets today than citizens. “Unity” my ass.

      1. There is no way 80 million “citizens” voted for Joe Biden. DC was a ghost town today, except for the military on the streets. People don’t just stay home because the mayor of DC said so. All very suspect. Wake up people and smell the covfefe.

    2. Joe Biden today says let’s all come together and ‘unify’ the country. But if you voted for Trump, we’re coming after you. Unity!

  11. I would have said First President of America United. At the moment the
    United States of America has no one seated.

  12. Professor, I really don’t care if I don’t meet your standards. You can criticize me all you want, but the man inaugurated today is the epitome of corruption in Washington and will receive no reverence from me. “Viva la Resistance.”

  13. I am curious why anyone would think Joe Biden would bring the country together.

    Some of his Day One proposals are to grant 11 million illegal aliens citizenship, which pledge led to yet another massive caravan of illegal immigrants. He is heavily supported by teachers unions, and so he opposes vouchers that would allow parents to take their kids out of poor performing public schools and send them to private schools they couldn’t otherwise afford. He is on record opposing Charter Schools. (https://nypost.com/2020/11/30/joe-biden-reportedly-to-be-tough-on-charter-schools/)

    What’s the trend we are seeing as Democrats rise in power? Amazon shut down Parler, the free speech alternative to FB, and promptly was sued. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are censoring and deplatforming conservatives at a level that would have made Lenin proud. There is a movement to prevent former Trump Administration staffers from ever working again. There is talk of “deprograming” Trump voters. What’s next? Arm bands and concentration camps for political dissidents?

    Biden will no longer hold China accountable. He’s putting us back into the Paris Climate Accord, which just flows American taxpayer money in slush funds, while allowing China to keep increasing its rate of pollution.

    Do you know what else we’re seeing? The rise of racism and prejudice against whites, and especially white males. It’s cache to be prejudiced against cis gendered straight white men. We’re seeing the rise of racially segregated graduations, dorm rooms, and organizations. MLK’s dream of having his children judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character is now deemed part of white supremacy.

    Any anyone sees unity and a brighter future from this? It’s like the early days of various Leftist movements, when supporters are starry eyed as they persecute dissenters.

    The same people who claim they are morally superior people striving for unity also claim 74 million Trump voters are white supremacists, evil people…without a shred of irony.

    This is bad. And beautiful, insincere, carefully crafted rhetoric by the persecutors won’t change that fact.

    Biden has a slick smile, and is a smooth talker. He also stands accused of a very long history of selling political influence and pay to play. Who cares if he says nice things to your face? It’s his actions that count.

    1. I am curious why anyone would think Joe Biden would bring the country together.

      Reconciliation requires Faith in God, listening and humility. Turley’s religion is politics, or as Fr John Courtney Murray SJ articulated, the “religion of democracy”. Turley’s religion is at odds with the Founding Fathers of this nation. He would have never survived before, during, immediately after the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln prayed, knelt, and implored God to bring the nation together.

      As believers, we understand that healing is a gift that we can only receive from the hand of God. We know, too, that real reconciliation requires patient listening to those who disagree with us and a willingness to forgive and move beyond desires for reprisal. Christian love calls us to love our enemies and bless those who oppose us, and to treat others with the same compassion that we want for ourselves.

      We are all under the watchful eye of God, who alone knows and can judge the intentions of our hearts. I pray that God will give our new President, and all of us, the grace to seek the common good with all sincerity.

      Statement on the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr., as 46th President of the United States of America from Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles, President, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


    2. Well said. My opinions precisely, however I believe shortly, Biden will be out of the picture. He is deteriorating cognitively, and it will be short order promotion of Kamala Harris, an unprincipled, power-seeking disaster of an empty …dress. With fancy sneakers and mean ambition. Sad to imagine the first female with some color as this woman. Sort of akin to the first woman on a dollar bill, sadly. It felt more like a quarter, ironically. We women have been shafted again with this one.

    3. And this ticket is so popular in the vote that it took over 25,000 federal troops to install them. Not a great look for a democracy. Now cover you face for 100 days. Wear something on your sleeve that swears allegiance.

      1. 26 k actually

        DC swamp is in fully tyranny mode now, really pathetic. america is a laughingstock, from all the other countries whose elections we interfered with, all the other “regime changes” the USA did on the sneak and then enforced with military muscle.

        Now it’s been done to us I think. The troops prove the point.

        At best, super bad optics. Apparently they are less clever than we thought

        Sal Sar

  14. Will biden/HARRIS “unite” those who voted for a 2nd term for President Trump with his sycophants before or after we get “re-programmed”???

    1. You can’t re-program them. Their software is hard wired and they don’t have enough CPU power or RAM anyhow.

      1. I should have made it clear: “those OF US who voted …” I’m waiting to hear of my reqappointment to be re-programmed; fortunately, I’m retired, so I don’t need to fear losing a job.

        1. You have much to fear. Think about all the Lois Lerners out there, for starters. Think about the purging of pension systems, and the de-valuing of the dollar. Must be you don’t have any children or grandchildren to worry about.

          1. Get your gold and silver and bitcoin, and look out below. A federal debt default is coming. Maybe later or maybe sooner. BUT–. DO NOT FEAR IT. When it implodes then the tyranny won’t be able to hold us in its grip any longer

            Sal Sar

      2. Molly, your “us and them” approach is sure to bring love and peace, healing and justice. The disregard of the opinions and beliefs of millions of decent, hardworking people signified by your derisive comment might lead a nation to total despair, and I’m hopeful you’re not in a position of any real leadership. Want to get yourself compared to Goebbels? We are all like rats needing eradication? Deplorables to be stuck on trains? A real shame to see such venom and deliberate misunderstanding.

    2. 1970—Remember since 2016 we have heard “He’s not my President”; He’s illegitimate.” And Viva la Resistance?” These are my mantras for the next four years.

      1. Exactly….and those on the right who say they will not reduce themselves to the level of the Dem left’s Resist! and #Not My President four year tantrum tirade are completely wrong. The left/Democrat leadership on the Hill is both ruthless and vicious, as well as unethical, vengeful, tyrannical, and full of contempt for conservatives. We will lose everything this country stands for and values by being the weak but ‘oh so principled’ party of sorry ass worthless losers. Trump was the best thing to ever happen to the Republican Party.

        1. The Uniparty is back. The Obama sycophantic complicit media is back. America is not.

        2. I couldn’t have said it better. One thing that has come out since the election is the corrupt Republicans showing their colors (yellow). I don’t know if the party is salvageable. A serious House and Senate cleaning needs to happen next time they put their hand out for us to give to their campaign.

          1. PLATA O PLOMBO

            this is how it’s done

            think about it.

            if we don’t have the silver, maybe we have the lead?

                1. Anonymous, since I don’t know your party, I don’t know which side you think should murder the other, but the first civil war should have taught us the destruction is too high a price. If all these crazy progressives would read “The Communist Manifesto” they would realize that’s where they are demanding we all go, and it is a living hell. Unfortunately they are too lazy to investigate the ones who are lying to them. Throughout history communism has never worked. One party, one thought, and zero liberty is slavery.

      2. And mine as well. But I will not shout them. Freedom of speech has been the first casualty, and the second is faith in our voting system.

        1. Betsy, Although they will try to erase our ability to communicate with each other, we’re going to have to stick together through it all. Christian persecution is not far into our future, I’m sure.

          1. See how the Church survived in the USSR. Face to face meetings, only trust those you know, paper making a comeback over digital.

            See how the socalled mafia handled business for a century. Those methods should be studied by those who love freedom.

            The tools are all out there to be learned, but you better learn them fast you law abiding citizens, because they are gonna make things illegal that will make you into criminals like it or not

            and no matter how hard you want to lick them boots, they’re gonna taste bad. Maybe get moving on independent living and local community empowerment while you can., Get off the internet and do it in real life. Make it happen. Make you and your people strong.

            The easy way was always a lie. Life is struggle, living requires pain. Embrace it and grow stronger

            Sal Sar

  15. China is celebrating this day. Russia, Iran, North Korea, and the Palestinian Authority are all celebrating. Antifa, Hunter Biden, BLM, the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Deep State are all celebrating. Jonathan Turley is celebrating this day as well. Sounds like a great party! Oh, and we are told that JT is unhappy because Trump did not have a dog and because JT could not purchase the proper cupcakes and cake. Really makes one wonder!

      1. MollyG,

        I can see you’re enjoying today now that that ole USA Republic has fallen, has been destroyed & you & your friends are under full Commie/Nazi control just as you/others wished.

        Be careful burning all the books you guys don’t fall in the fire.

        And I hear Biden’s/Komillie’s round up & re-education of 2/3rds of the US’s pop of non-Biden supporters is going Swimmingly.

        BTW: Would you mind tell us where to find the info you used to become Commie so we to can be good Commies also?

          1. What’s your bet on how long Biden will last before they install Kamala? One year? Two? All Four years? He’ll have the media running cover for him, of course, so that buys him time. But what’s your guess for how long the senile old man hangs in there?

            1. My bet is the day after the mid-terms. The 22nd Amendment allows her up to ten years in the Oval Office. That would be one abdication and two stolen elections.

          2. Molly G,

            With all due respect did you even casually glance at what King Biden was wearing today?

            And here’s a bit of what he did with his 1st day puppet powers:

            Acting as my personal medical Doctor, Biden prescribed a 100 days of masks for me & everyone. ( Sorry Biden, everybody is Hippaa baby, Ahole )

            Move to stop move protecting the US’s southern border & restart all 200 mil. plus illegal immigration as prescribed by the Globalist UN type aholes.



            And now, if you’d be so kind, would you please point us lesser subjects of the Clown, I mean Crown, as to where we can find the book you used so we all can to be better Comrades like you?

            Cause you now, it’s all Helter Skelter for everyone now.

            1. Yes, Biden is asking everyone to use a mask, something Trump should have done in April.
              And he is submitting a bill to Congress about immigration, very normal. And not close to 200M.

              1. Please Molly do some basic research, Dr Fauci himself co-wrote & others reports showing wearing masks spread diseases worst then not wearing mask, (FDA, etc.). ( Sorry but I’m yelling at you people, I don’t dare Risk myself another case of Bacterial Pneumonia/Spread of Covid 19 type Viruses from expose to you risky people wearing masks or myself wearing one. Irreparable Harm of Millions of Lives anyone with a brain for 10 bucks? You bet your life on it if you wish, but pardon me & other if we refuse to.)

              2. And he is submitting a bill to Congress about immigration, very normal. And not close to 200M. ”

                Best I recall Biden’s “Puppet Masters” a few years back are calling for over 300 million to totally swamp us.

                But relax, all those illegals from 3rd world Sholes flooding in, that don’t have much if any education, that don’t believe as most Americans. they’ll be the new slave orderlies in the hospitals take care of people like you/me and you/our loved ones.

                1. I tell you what. Let them come. The Democrats think they will be able to control all them, they’re nuts.

                  Eventually, they will get the picture like we natives have. Let them come, and soon there will be even more angry poor people before you know it and in the end we are gonna get the billionaires. They’re the enemy and they’re going to pay, eventually.

                  I see antifa on the march today. Gee. I wonder if they will stand down if Geo Soros tells them too. If he cuts the money off. I wonder. We gonna find out, I think.

                  Sal Sar

                  1. Notice all the Pedos/claimed Pedos in antifa fascist ranks, the Lincoln Project, politics, Biz, etc..

                    What were the odds Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked by a mob of many try to harm him, He fired in self defence hit 3 & they were all known Pedos? It seems most all the Trump haters turn out to be Pedos.

                    What’s up with that? Where do they all come from??? Weird.

      2. oh molly, just wait, the dance has just begun. who knows what else 2021 has in store

        remember, you are just a worthless CO2 emitter to bill gates, not much difference between you and any other red state yahoo

  16. For once, just once can the Trump supporters put country over party, or one man.

    1. Which country are you talking about? Given what you’ and your fellow travelers have put my country, the United States of America, through these past 4 years, it’s certainly not any country I’m familiar with.

      1. Olly, your family friends and neighbors are the ones who you owe your closest loyalties to, not any abstractions . Real people come first.

        Maybe it’s time as Americans we quit worshipping this false god of the socalled “Creedal nation.” I can see the creeds are BS anyhow. More like just empty slogans which the billionaires use at their pleasure to protect their pets, and then toss aside when it’s their targets.

        Anyways, if things get hot and I gotta die, ok, but it aint gonna be for any slogans, I tell you that. It’s gonna be for people of flesh and blood and those that I know and are close to me. Molon Labe

        Sal Sar

        1. You’re quite the cast of characters. No abstractions, huh? No slogans? So your war on billionaires is what? Oh, that’s right, it’s your idea so it’s brilliant. Col. Kurtz, Pol Pot? Molon Labe? No slogans, no creeds? You’re spiraling and that’s a shame. Your Kurtz character was the better you.

    2. FishWings – were you ever in support of unity with Trump voters while Trump was president? Because I recall some rather prejudiced statements you’ve made. Do you not put country over party?

      The fate of the country is exactly why 74 million plus people are extremely upset.

      If the Left’s massive censorship of conservatives, and talk of “deprogramming” them, doesn’t make you sick with unease, then you care more about party than country, yourself.

      1. You’re at it again, Karen. First of all, Trump lost the popular vote in 2016, so most of America was never behind him, proven by his historically-low polling numbers. They weren’t behind him because he was unfit and unqualified to serve, which has been proven. Secondly, he also is a rabid racist, praising White Supremacists, calling them “very fine people” and referring to Mexicans as “rapists, murderers, animals and criminals”. Most Americans are appalled by this, as it runs counter to our values as a people. There’s nothing prejudiced about pointing out these truths. Third, he lied. Constantly. The worst of his lies was the lie about the election being stolen, and THAT is the reason why people are upset. They haven’t figured out yet that Trump is a pathological, habitual liar and narcissist who tried every possible way to cheat his way into a second term, despite all polls showing him losing, despite historically low polling numbers, despite multiple recounts, re-recounts, checking signature matches, poll watchers, vote counting watchers, demands that Secretaries of State and Governors award him electoral votes, dozens of lawsuits, threats against Governors and Secretaries of State, and finally, fomenting an insurrection that left 5 people dead. Fourth, Trump is not a “conservative”. Conservatives believe in personal responsibility and integrity, which includes not lying constantly, paying valid debts, and not cheating on your spouse. None of this applies to Trump. Read the writings of George F. Will and Bill Kristol if you don’t believe me.

        There is no “Left”, if you are using this Fox News term to describe people opposed to Trump. Most Americans have always opposed Trump. What disciples like you need is to hear the unvarnished truth–Trump lost the election, fair and square, just as every poll predicted he would, and consistent with his historically-low polling numbers that never reached 50% approval. This was the most-secure election in US history, so says Chris Krebs, a Trump appointee until he was fired for telling the truth. There was no widespread fraud, either. So, says former Attorney General Bill Barr, before he was fired for telling the truth. Every Secretary of State has certified the results, including Republican ones, despite Trump’s demands to “find” him votes that are nonexistent.

        Trump never asked for unity–he did everything possible to divide this country into 2 camps–his devoted disciples–and everyone else, about whom he cared nothing. He even stirred up an insurrection that left 5 people dead, trying to overturn the results of the election he lost. He refuses to admit that he lied. The disciples still believe, and that’s why they are “extremely upset”.

        1. Natacha – Where’s Hunter? The crackhead bag man is now hanging IN the White House with the Big Guy. Who cares, right?

          1. Ask Chairman Xi and Tony Bobulinksi about China Joe and his Bag Man.

            The Biden Crime Family is now in the Big House. Disgusting corruption will continue same as it has for 40 years. American foreign policy is for sale again.

      2. Let the Left bring on the censorship. Perhaps it is best free speech dies. Then when we have the power, we will silence them, starting with the fake news, the propaganda arm of global billionaire plutocracy, and then silence all their minions, with all the tools of the state which have for so long been neglected.

        Will we? Well, perhaps, if we survive them doing it to us. Because it’s coming. And we need to pay them back like Lamech, 77 times

        Think this over hard folks. I recommend moderation, but, an initial game theory strategy of tit for tat.

        Now here is my first tit for tat. You want to take my freedom of speech away, ok. But then, forget about that first amendment, because if we survive it, then we’re gonna be taking yours.

        See, the slogans are going out the window. It is ugly and is gonna get uglier. The strong will survive. And part of strength is adaptation. We have to adapt and that may very well mean throwing some of these “sacred” bromides out the window. Which ones? Well, let’s see where Joe’s gonna let this all go, how far and how fast. Joe has the power to call it back. Will he? Maybe we can get back to ordered liberty and equal justice.

        But if it’s gonna be a gang fight, then guess what, I want my gang to be the winner. We’re gonna see about all that folks. We’re gonna see.

        Saloth Sar

    3. As soon as this voted-for-Trump person is “re-programmed” I will become a toadie for biden/HARRIS. BTW: Once again, the D party gave me no choice but to vote for Trump.

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