Hail To The Chief: Joe Biden Becomes Our 46th President

Just before noon, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as our 46th President.  Most of us wish him the greatest success in leading this nation and hopefully plotting a course of unity rather than division.  He could prove one of the most consequential presidents if he strives to bring this country together on policies that can garner support from both sides of our political divide. He had the reputation as a Senator when I had the pleasure of interacting with him.  That is the Joe Biden who I hope will emerge as our 46th President.I have great hopes for this administration, particularly as an environmentalist. I was critical of the Trump Administration for its onslaught on environmental protections. I am hopeful that we can see rapid progress on that area. There are a number areas where Biden could offer needed changes from foreign relations to government ethics.  I have my obvious concerns over free speech and changes to the Supreme Court but I am hoping that Biden will steer a more moderate course as our new president.

Despite our reduced inauguration due to the security, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration. The Biden team did an exceptional job under difficult conditions. I particularly was moved by Lady Gaga’s rendition of our national anthem. There may have been a better performance at an inauguration but I cannot remember one.

One disappointment today is that we cannot have our traditional inauguration party. This is a great moment for our country regardless of who is elected. While I did not vote or support Trump, I was critical of those Democratic members and protesters who refused to recognize him as the legitimate president four years ago. I was even more critical of President Trump’s attacks on Biden’s legitimacy, particularly in his January 6th speech. We are holding our own smaller party with our immediate family to celebrate Biden’s inauguration.

What was strange is that we can usually buy cakes and cupcakes with an inauguration theme. We literally could find no items so we had to have a cake for Biden and Harris made specially. I view inauguration day like the Fourth of July as a celebration of our Constitution and commitment to the peaceful transition of democratic governance.

On a personal note, I have to shout out one particular member of the Biden family. I am a fanatical dog lover and I hated the fact that the Trumps lacked a presidential dog. That will now be rectified with the Biden’s two German Shepherds, So welcome Major and Champ to the Pantheon of presidential pets.

So here is to our President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris  . . . and to the United States of America.

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  1. 27.8 plus trillion and counting is the United States public debt.
    What was the public deficit each year of President Trump’s time in office? The same question for President Obama? … for President Clinton? … for President George H. W. Bush? … for President George W. Bush? … (and my personal favorite-joke!) for President Ronald W. Reagan? (deficits!, don’t matter; attributed to Duck Cheney, but first uttered by Reagan; go check his 8 years as Governor of California) for President … well, you get the idea.

    Now, ask the question of the balance of trade for those same “folks,” as some like to say when they are being “folksy.”

    Now, on a “lighter” note: what is body mass index (BMI) for “Americans” from 1960 to 2020?

    What is an American? Someone buying something they don’t need, at prices they can’t afford with money they don’t have.

    I read two articles recently. Both cited different “polls or surveys.” The “ claim” or “finds” were if 13 percent of the people who voted for Biden had known of the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden “dealings” in the Ukraine and China, which was suppressed by the so-called internet media and social media as well as N.P.R. and 21 intelligence officers-officials, the 13 percent would have voted for Trump.

    I suggest the professor with his sinecure, with close his social and his close political-economic-theological self interest with his “Elite” fellow travelers does not understand or want to admit that the so-called American Dream” he is living no longer exists and the overwhelming majority of Americans know it, whether or not they want to honestly admit it or not.

    Perhaps, more importantly, the majority of Americans know who destroyed their chance at the American Dream.

    Now, the professor wants us to “believe” (one of his favorite words) and faith (another of his favorite words) in newly inaugurated President.

    As a comedian once said, “yeah, that’s the ticket!”

    dennis hanna

  2. Sad day for the Country….there I is nothing to celebrate other than the peaceful transfer of power to a new Administration.

    That it comes into being under very questionable circumstances at a time of genuine need for national unity there is no rational hope that will happen.

    Out of one side of the new President’s mouth is the claim of being the healer and the re-uniter but immediately we see orders that immediately indict that previously said.

    This is not about cake and rejoicing that we see a Leftist Agenda being once again promoted no matter the cost to our economy, national financial well being, or our standing in the views or the World.

    At a time when we see a loss of faith in our Judicial system, our Election system, our Federal Government, the FBI, Congress, and the Media…..we are worried about the lack of Cake?

    This is the start of a very perilous time….with threats to the very existence of our Nation….and the principles it was founded upon.

    Yet, we worry about Cake?

    What say we worry about the basic Right and Freedom set forth in the First Amendment itself and forget all about Cake.

    Let’s worry about the attack on the Constitution itself by the Left….who believes anything goes in their zeal to advance their agenda.

    No….the shortage of Cake is something we as Americans should be worried about today….perhaps like the French at one time we should worry about bread and not cake.

    We saw how that turned out for those that said “Let them eat Cake!”…..and how that showed the first Americans the path to a better way.

  3. Dear President Biden,

    The same influences that threaten conservatives today will soon threaten the Democrat’s eastern establishment and the Constitution, itself. For the sake of UNITY and LIBERTY, I hope you will quietly but firmly reign in these influences.

    UNREGULATED GLOBALIZATION: China is a financial time bomb. Beijing wants our 401k’s to rescue themselves and won’t pay it back, and Wall Street does not care because they will get paid on the transaction, not the investment.

    Beijing will bury Silicon Valley when Beijing doesn’t need them anymore, and in the meantime, Beijing is deliberately manipulating our corporate media to funnel anti-American bigotry and divisiveness into our national dialog to shift attention away from Beijing’s horrible human-rights record.

    UNREGULATED IMMIGRATION: The Democrats are no longer assimilating immigrants. Immigrants are assimilating the Democrat party, and the effect is radicalizing the Democrat base. Think the SQUAD. Slowing immigration during the early 20th century helped prevent political collapse during the Great Depression.

    THE RADICALIZATION OF EDUCATION AND MEDIA: this requires no explanation. It’s all around us and getting worse.

    1. 2024 cannot some soon enough! Let us pray that enough voters wake up by the elections for USA House and Senate in 2022 that some awful legislation will not be enacted … and some reversed.

  4. “Most of us wish him the greatest success in leading this nation and hopefully plotting a course of unity rather than division. He could prove one of the most consequential presidents if he strives to bring this country together on policies that can garner support from both sides of our political divide.”
    Welcome to the Resistance! It’ll be fun seeing the bumper stickers on pickups instead of Volvos and Range Rovers. Oh and Biden will find out yet again it’s easier to win than govern. But then he’ll forget it.

  5. He didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know what office he was running for. He didn’t know his wife from his sister. He stayed in the basement.

    You just gave the Nuclear Suitcase to a guy with Dementia.

  6. “Always walk past a barking dog”, is the best way to deal with petty tyrants.

    The pics of Hunter Biden having sex with his 14 year old niece are all over the internet. That says everything about Joe.

    So just be patient and wait for them to turn on themselves. In the meantime, consumerism is a very powerful weapon.

    1. If you’re looking at pictures of 14 year olds having sex with anyone then you’ve been viewing child pornography, Rhodes. Did you just confess on this blog?

  7. As a federal contractor for the past 30 years, 14 years under Republicans and 16 under Democrats, I can say that the great American Rip Off has started. Biden Administration will be an continuation of the Obama’s Great Rip Off of the American Treasury. Republican are pikers as compared to this group, and with the press covering up for them, god help the United States.

    1. The whole point of politics in the Democratic Party is to build patron-client relationships where the Democratic pol brokers the distribution of tax money to his peeps. Call it chuckschmerism.

    1. No forensic audits then Mr biden is not the legitimate president.

      We can’t have forensic audits of our electoral process, that would create a constitutional crisis. But a 3+ year Trump/Russia collusion hoax and special council investigation. Perfectly acceptable. Good luck unifying on that evil, twisted logic.

    2. You need to stop listening to the alt-right bull. The privacy of ballots is protected under state law. The Secretary of State for most states is responsible for conducting elections, including voter registration, setting up the polls, printing and sending out absentee ballots, allowing provisional ballots, counting the ballots, tallying the results and certifying the results. They cannot allow any “forensic” auditors to view the ballots, voter registrations or other official documents to protect the privacy of voters and the integrity of the process. There has never been any “forensic audit” of any election. Nor does there need to be.

      Because Trump began lying to cover his predicted election loss even before the election, there was extra scrutiny in every state. IDs of voters were checked when voters arrived to vote–by both Republican and Democratic poll workers. Ballots were carefully placed into automatic counting machines under the scrutiny of Democratic and Republican poll workers, as well as “poll watchers”. Paper ballots were secured after they were cast by both Republican and Democratic poll workers, and the counting was done under the scrutiny of Democratic and Republican poll workers, as well as watchers. Chris Krebs said this was the most-secure election in US history. Bill Barr said there was no widespread fraud. There were multiple recounts, re-recounts, signature match re-checks and the results were certified by the Secretaries of State of all 50 states, including Republicans, even after Trump demanded that they “find” him 11,000+ votes that did not exist in Georgia. Why wouldn’t you believe these people over Trump, a proven chronic, habitual liar?

      1. Natacha, you are simply repeating the CNN/DNC propaganda. I personally watched two plus full days of testimony, under oath, from Republican poll watchers in 3 different states, during legislative hearings, where they all repeated experiences where they were prevented from doing their jobs and were verbally abused in Democrat-run cities. I personally saw video tape of suitcases being dragged out from under a table after vote-counting supposedly was stopped for the night. I personally saw video tape of a counting-room worker running the same stack of ballots through a scanner multiple times. Strange, simultaneous stoppages in the counting process happened in multiple locations, all Democrat-controlled. Yet, to my knowledge, none of these issues were investigated, much less resolved. How hard would it have been to depose the guys who dragged those suitcases out and ask them who, what, why and when? How hard would it have been to put that counting-room worker under oath and ask questions. No, I cannot say that there was “widespread fraud sufficient to change the outcome of the election” but I sure can say that where there is smoke there may well be fire and the smoke was pretty thick. Yet the Democrats uniformly opposed any inquiry, and some Republicans were also totally uninterested in getting the “facts”. Hatrted of the Orange Man crossed party lines, as we all know. Moreover, credible legal issues such as that arising in Pennsylvania were never, to my knowledge, directly addressed and ruled upon by the appellate courts. Rather, they were dismissed on procedural grounds, such as “standing” and timeliness. You would think, that after spending 3 years and zillions of dollars on an investigation run by dozens of partisan Democrats into phony charges that there was “Russian collusion” involved in the 2016 election, which turned up nothing, the Democrats could have supported a far smaller and focused investigation of the integrity of the 2020 election. But no, not at all. What we get is the pablum that you have regurgitated. The 75 million deplorables will not forget.

  8. It’s quite a relief to have the serial liar gone. Now he’s free at last to address his several pending felony indictments, NY State tax fraud issues and the rape in the Bergdorf ladies changing room that left behind a typical DNA loaded stain… Mary Trump has given her DNA for the prosecution.. America has a ton of schadenfreude to offer Mr. Trump, wishing him the entirety of his over due banquet of consequences. Next up: conviction in the Senate. Mitch McConnell hates him and has 17 G.O.P. willing to take the trash out permanently. Otherwise Mitch would never have called Trump out.

      1. He’s been ordered to sit for a deposition and provide a DNA sample. If it’s all fiction, neither should pose a problem for him.

    1. Pretty sure Russia is upset at their loss of control after losing the guy they helped get elected, you know the one who said he wanted them back in the G7 and trusted the word of Putin over our own intelligence agencies.

      Anyway, thank God there is a dignified POTUS back in the White House. I’ll sit back and watch this board regain it’s stability along with the country. I imagine the GOP will right their ship as quickly as McConnell can expunge the crazies Trump’s brand helped get elected, as Cruz, Graham and the other sniveling opportunists retake their positions from the pre-2016 nomination days in short order, or it will split apart as Rand Paul suggested. Either way, the country and the world are better off with someone sane back in the White House. To the next 4 years!

  9. Just before noon, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. became our 46th President.

    He’ll be the placeholder for whichever cabal is making the decisions. There’s been a limit to the degree to which the media can actually conceal his impairments, so they’ll be in Pravda mode for a while, at least until a faction in the cabal can arrange to shuffle him and Dr. Jill out the door. There are several memory care units around Rehoboth Beach.

      1. St. Elizabeth’s was at one time a massive asylum. And, yes, state asylums were one collecting pool of people with senile dementia. They don’t use asylums for that anymore and, in any case, the asylum census is 1/10 th of what it was in 1955.

        1. Art Deco….You’re right and actually I was making a joke….when I lived in DC, everyone joked about St. Liz
          It has really scaled down to its Southeast campus.

  10. Democrats did everything to say/accuse Trump of not being a legitimately elected President with a bogus Russian collusion claim. Trump returned the favor with the election fraud claim. Previously it was Hilary’s deplorables and Romney’s 47%.
    This is where politics is today. There is no unity to be found, calls for censorship are mainstream.
    Not sure how you can reconcile those that want more centrally planned economy and more government power over the individual and economic decisions of private business with those that want maximum individual and economic freedom.
    They are mutually exclusive.

    1. Not sure how you can reconcile those that want more centrally planned economy and more government power over the individual and economic decisions of private business with those that want maximum individual and economic freedom.

      Well the answer has been all over the news this past week. Deprogramming and reeducation.

  11. I don’t understand how, with all the extreme leftist actions to attack Conservatives for purely partisan differences since this man’s contested election. If it were NOT A FACT that Joe Biden sent his crack-smoking and unaccomplished son to babysit CCP operatives while all of his family members literally lined their pockets and purchased their mansions with MILLIONS IN BRIBES—if THAT were not a fact then I would say there is a chance this could turn out good.

    Over 75 million Patriots who voted in the 2020 Election are not going anywhere.

  12. The Federal Government of the USA is now officially a Criminal Enterprise. God save and free the individual States and their citizens.

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