Do The Democrats Really Want Unity?

Below is my column in the Hill on the increasingly divisive rhetoric and actions taken on Capitol Hill. Rather than plot a course to between greater unity, many are seeking to muscle through extreme measures that will only further aggravate and deepen our divisions.  The media from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times have run editorials encouraging aggressive moves to secure control of the Senate, including the ending of the filibuster. That move would make every vote a muscle play — producing sweeping changes in a country that is clearly divided and seeking political compromise.

Here is the column:

There are times when being a law professor ruins everything. You go to a great movie with your wife and get a sharp elbow after whispering in the theater that the character really cannot question a witness like that. Or you watch a football game with friends and try to explain that the cameraman wiped out by the running back would have a great torts case.

Inauguration are no different as when Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed the wording on the oath for President Barack Obama.  Then, this week, in the middle of one of the more beautiful inaugurations in history, I fixated on Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) announcing that she would be the first person to call Joe Biden “Mr. President.” She was wrong, factually and constitutionally. Biden had been sworn into office early, by about ten minutes to noon, and Chief Justice Roberts had just called him “Mr. President.” Yet the true president at that moment was in Florida: Donald Trump legally would remain in office for ten more minutes, under the 20th Amendment.

It will be a fun bit of trivia for constitutional law geeks, but it was also telling. Everyone in Washington, including many in Republican leadership, were a bit too eager to begin the Biden administration and to end Trump’s. However, it should be a cautionary tale, too. Democrats are moving aggressively to muscle through an ambitious agenda in Congress that may raise serious constitutional questions and cause even greater political divisions.

After noon, the real President Biden set to work on a host of executive orders. In the first two days, Biden signed almost three dozen new executive orders, ranging from stopping deportations of undocumented persons to extending a freeze on student loan payments, from mandating mask-wearing to guaranteeing access by transgender children to bathrooms and sports. Some of these executive orders, if implemented directly, could be challenged in court. However, Trump and other modern presidents have increasingly used such orders to set new priorities and policies.

What is happening on Capitol Hill is far more concerning. Democratic leaders are pushing Biden to act unilaterally, as did President Obama when faced with a divided Congress. Obama actually used his State of the Union address to declare his intent to circumvent the legislative branch after it refused to pass his legislation in areas such as the environment and immigration.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats have called on Biden to simply cancel student debt up to $50,000 per student, wiping out billions in debt and potential federal revenue. That is a major unilateral decision when the national debt is approaching $28 trillion — one done without debate or deliberation. (In fairness, students are being crushed by such debt during the pandemic and, more importantly, Congress previously gave broad authority to the Education secretary over debt management.)

Other calls for sweeping new decisions, from immigration to wealth distribution, are more concerning. Democrats insist they won both houses and the White House and, as President Obama once said, “elections have consequences.” However, this election was not an overwhelming victory or endorsement. Rather, it shows a country divided virtually down the middle. While voters clearly rejected Trump and his controversial leadership, they voted widely for Republicans down the ticket. The House saw a significant loss of Democratic seats and has one of the slimmest majorities in modern history. The Senate is divided literally in half, and a majority is only possible with Vice President Harris voting to break ties on the floor.

Clearly, voters did not support the agenda of the far left, and many seem to have preferred divided government. Yet, many on the left do not want to wait for a broader mandate to implement sweeping changes. They are pushing for the District of Columbia to be made a state, likely adding a two-vote majority for Democrats in the Senate. At the same time, there is a push to end the filibuster. Many Democrats are calling for Schumer to end that long-standing protection of minority rights in the Senate. Schumer has refused to guarantee that he will protect the filibuster tradition, even though he demanded that it be preserved during years of Republican Senate control.

In both chambers, Democrats are calling for the possible expulsion of fellow members who voted to challenge electoral votes before the Jan. 6 riot in the Capitol. I opposed that electoral-vote challenge — but it was not “sedition” or “insurrection” to vote for it. Federal law expressly allows for such challenges, and Democrats have mounted challenges in past elections. These calls demonstrate a crisis of leadership in a country that remains a political powder keg. We have seen extreme violence on both the left and the right for four years, from Portland to Washington itself. The Inauguration occurred surrounded by 25,000 national guard troops, due to the Jan. 6 riot by the extreme right, and it was followed by rioting in various cities by the extreme left.  Riots have continued this week in various states.

Yet despite an election that clearly favored compromise and divided power, leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and others are fueling divisions. Reps. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) and others have accused colleagues of possibly giving tours to “insurrectionists” before the riot to provide (in Sherrill’s words) “reconnaissance for the next day.” (The group Sherrill saw reportedly was a representative’s own family.) When confronted with such scurrilous accusations, Pelosi insisted that Republicans were known to have given “aid and comfort” to those seeking to destroy the country. Those words are derived from the Constitution’s provision on treason. Such reckless rhetoric and actions show that leaders in Congress are seeking to capitalize on our divisions, not to heal them.

The greater concern, though, is the total silence of Biden, who has spoken of healing the nation but done little to seek unity. He could, for instance, declare support for the filibuster, which he staunchly defended as a senator — but he hasn’t. That would take real leadership, to support a rule that makes things more difficult for you but could force real compromise and national healing. Many were eager — a tad too eager — to declare Biden president on Inauguration Day. Now he needs to show there was good reason for their hope. To show that he is not just another politician but a president who sees our divisions as a threat to our entire nation. He needs to lead.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. You can find his updates online @JonathanTurley.


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  1. Newt Gingrich tweet:

    “Why would President Biden issue an executive order banning the term “Chinese virus”? Covid 19 came from China. No one doubts that. Biden’s executive order banning “Chinese virus” is like a big wet kiss to the dictator Xi Jinping. Pretty pathetic for an Amnerican President.”

    (Biden, Inc. bought and paid for by CCP)

      1. Anonymous the Stupid, do you really think Gingrich doesn’t know how to spell “American”?

        Try thinking your hardest and see if you can’t find another reason.


      What’s True

      Biden’s order directed federal agencies “to ensure that official actions, documents, and statements, including those that pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic, do not exhibit or contribute to racism […] against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.”

      What’s False

      The executive order does not explicitly reference the phrase “China virus.” The so-called “ban” only applies to federal departments and agencies, not personal speech. -snopes

  2. Why aren’t Republicans in Congress being big a-holes and doing everything they can to get tough questions and answers on the record for some these people Biden put forth? Why not procedurally delay all of Biden’s nominees in the same way Democrats stalled as many of Trump’s nominees for as long as they could get away with? And they got away with it! Republicans need to up the outrage! Shout from the rooftops what these Dems are doing! How do Democrats get away with all that garbage and Republicans just ask softball questions and vote to confirm because why??? Because Republicans say NOTHING! They make no stink about any of it! Message for Republicans: Block them, delay them, deny them, create the same problems Democrats did for Trump’s nominees. Please START fighting back with the same and MORE garbage than these a-hole Democrats regularly do! They just rammed thru SHAM IMPEACHMENT NUMBER TWO and the Republicans just let it happen. For Pete’s sake Republicans, FIGHT BACK for once! Republican capitulation is INFURIATING to us.

  3. “Biden signed almost three dozen new executive orders, ranging from stopping deportations of undocumented persons to…”

    Fortunately, TX AG Ken Paxton was able to get a temp restraining order to stop the toxic EO stopping deportations of ILLEGAL ALIENS.
    The fightback has begun.

  4. No dictatorship in history EVER seized absolute power and established itself with the intention of co-existing with anyone they deem a threat to their securing and preserving their hold on that power.
    For Dummies Check List
    Extensive political repression ✔
    Complete lack of democracy 1/2✔ Widespread personality cultism ✔ Absolute control over the economy 1/2✔
    Massive censorship✔
    Mass surveillance✔
    Limited freedom of movement ✔
    Widespread use of state sponsered psyops and terrorism✔
    Use of concentration camps and Warsaw Ghetto style political districts aka lockdowns/nursing homes/hospitals 1/2✔
    Repressive Nationwide Secret and Multi Tier Law Enforcement and Judicial System ✔
    Religious persecution ✔
    State atheism 1/2✔
    Fraudulent/NO elections ✔
    Possession of weapons of mass destruction and threats/intent to use them against the People ✔
    Desensitization to, defense of and justification for state sponsored mass murder and genocide by those in power and their state controlled media ✔
    It’s 11:55 PM in The Constitutional Republic.
    Do you know where your Rights are?

  5. As for do they want unity? What? Why else would that party embrace a foreign ideology and then subvert the military?

  6. They had to renounce their allegiance to the Constitution to become Socialists then hide behind the name Democrat. No one forced them to renounce their citizenship they did it on their own. Why were their invalid votes even counted? Not our fault they did that so why are we stuck with an illegal government and…. why did the miitary not uphold it’s sworn duty. to protect and defend the Constitution. Maybe they are waitingfor things to get so bad … such as Harris moving up a job they can do the martial law thing and NO One can refute them taking that step or they are just a different kind of military than those of us who were real soldiers.

  7. You either win games or you lose them, Professor. No grading on a scale. Trump won a technical victory and governed by executive order. McConnell gig napped two SCOTUS seats off the same, less than impressive win. But it was a win.

    Dems shouldn’t bite on McConnell’s, or republican whining. He’s an entitled wuss and so is the base of the republican party. In fact, Dems should honor Mitch and provide unity by taking his tricks and working them against him — and even up him one. Chuck should take Mitch to Brooklyn in every single ‘negotiation’. Don’t like it? Review the behavior of Mitch’s behavior forever. Don’t give him any slack to work with.

    The country would’ve been so much better off with an HRC win in ’16 and her going into office saying: damn right there’s a whole lot of deplorables mixed in with you guys…, in fact, I apologize for calling you deplorable. What I really meant to say is that you’re racist. And gullible.

    Elvis Bug

    1. What? Say whaat? The number one achievement of Trump is that he spared the country a Hillary presidency with Bubba as co-president/First gentleman…and for this alone Trump deserves a spot on Mount Rushmore.

  8. It’s not Joe Biden calling the shots. Biden is a puppet. They needed a moderate, a deal was made, we get you into the White House, you do what we say. And since Biden is not clean by a long shot, they can blackmail him any time he balks. Biden is an old school Democrat. He had the opportunity to walk in and be the hero who saved America just by fiddling with the numbers and taking credit for the Trump economy. Instead, he’s driving the country over the cliff. Why? The whole thing makes no sense unless you understand that Biden is highly compromised. Turley as usual can only see a very limited version of the truth since his head is buried so deep in the sand but America overwhelmingly chose Trump and the Republicans rode his coattails. The cheaters just didn’t bother with the down ballot. You thought you were voting for a moderate and instead you get leftist totalitarianism. It was only preannounced. Congratulations.

    1. “They needed a moderate, a deal was made . . .”

      That deal was engineered by George Bush (who always hated Trump).

      Before the South Carolina primary, Biden’s campaign was on life support. South Carolina was his “firewall.” And he needed the endorsement of Representative Clyburn, a bigwig in South Carolina politics. For various reasons, Clyburn was wavering. Then Bush told him: Biden is the only one who can defeat Trump. And, at the last minute, Clyburn endorsed Biden. The rest is history.

      The Bush family got its revenge.

      1. Yeah Sam, that’s exactly what happened. As a lifelong Democrat – since high school – I was just waiting for my marching orders from George Bush and Rep Clymer., just like we had been promised at our May Day cell block meeting. Organizing millions of voters was a piece of cake.

        How did you figure this out so quickly?

  9. I dont know what Turley is complaining about. Hes the Zionist communist, the non observant Jew, puppet of the Rothschilds. You and your arothschild cabal wanted to sieze power. Well, niw yiu have what you always wanted. Stop complaining.

  10. Just one more example of the Biden administration spreading intentional disinformation (ie, lying) with zero pushback or fact check from the “journalists” at Fake Newz CNN:

    ‘Biden senior adviser Cedric Richmond to @PamelaBrownCNN last night on Covid vaccine distribution: “The sad part is the last administration didn’t leave anything. They didn’t leave a plan.”

    Truth: Trump admin’s “no-plan” vaccine distribution has already nearly reached the ‘one million shots a day’ that Biden set as *his* 100-day goal. FactCheck: It is already being achieved under Trump’s “plan.”

    For pete’s sake CNN, could you do some FACT CHECKING on these Biden admin liars? CNN and all the other Fake Newz are letting Biden get away with repeating this intentional lie: “Trump didn’t have a plan. Trump didn’t have anything in place.” It is disinformation and lies being spread by Biden and his team by a complicit Fake Newz Media.

    More Unity!

    1. ‘The WH is setting a goal for vaccinations we are already on the way to achieving, and portraying the virus in as dire terms as possible. (note chart below). Then when things improve, Voila! The wonders of the Biden administration. Clever, but not honest.’ @britthume

      1. No doubt Brit Hume called out Trump for bragging about s…t he had nothing to do with or for exaggerating about accomplishments – like he did everyday for 4 years..

        Wait, you say he didn’t?

        1. Point is that Joe Biden himself keep touting “truth over lies” while he flat-out lies every time he opens his mouth and the Fake Newz dutifully repeats the lies as truth.

          1. And Biden touts “unity” as he’s bypassing Congress and ramming through a divisive, unpopular agenda, killing jobs, lying about Covid, calling Trump and his supporters ‘Nazi’s,’ and throwing his support behind a staged military occupation of DC and the farcical Senate impeachment show trial. It’s all so unifying for the country, isn’t it? Sarc ON Loud so Grandpa Earpiece* can hear it.

            *There is video of Biden walking into the Capitol building on Inauguration Day, through a doorway with Marines stationed on either side, and as Joe and Jill walk past the Marines, Grandpa Earpiece says, out loud, “salute the Marines” …as he kept right on walking through the doorway! Old Joe did not salute the Marines even as his “earpiece” reminded him to do so! How long can they keep up this charade?

            1. You think Biden is doing this? He’d sign his own resignation if they put it in front if him. They don’t even let him pick his own Jello.

              1. Of course not. I’m saying “Biden” as in “Biden’s handlers” – who we still do not know who these people are. or do we?

            2. It’s a volunteer (mercenary) force. Anyone who thinks they join the military to defend me is either naive or a liar. They “defend” nothing except the MIC and Zionism, an affront to George Washington in his Farewell Address where he forbade “permanent foreign alliances.”

              I agree with James Garner’s speech in The Americanization of Emily: Cowards, those who refuse to fight are the only true heroes and defenders of innocent lives. The late US Marin Lt. Colonel Smedley Butler was right (RIP): “All wars are banker’s wars.”

              Wiki states that in modern war 10 innocent non-combatants die per each 1 military combatant. The bankers and MIC don’t care who wins or loses: they make money regardless the outcome.

              1. It’s a volunteer (mercenary) force. Anyone who thinks they join the military to defend me is either naive or a liar. They “defend” nothing except the MIC and Zionism, an affront to George Washington in his Farewell Address where he forbade “permanent foreign alliances.”

                You’re not much for abstract thought, are you. Did you know the troops Washington had under his command were volunteers? Were they naïve or liars?

                The exact quote from Washington regarding foreign entanglements is: It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world. It is entirely ignorant of you to suggest he forbade these alliances. The context from the quote was we were a new nation, with significant domestic challenges, heavily in debt and without a military force able to project any meaningful support to another country.

                The truth is that a military force is necessary. Ours is a voluntary force. We also need foreign alliances. Unless you favor taking countries by force and making them our own, we need foreign ports to refuel our ships and stores. We need other nations as allies to protect the freedom of navigation. We need other nations to ally with us against entities that threaten our national security. Where this goes off the rails is when the political class decides to use this force to entangle our country in alliances that do not have anything to do with our national security. These are political calculations that our military is required to follow, if lawful. In other words, don’t be such a naïve twit whining about having a volunteer military. You’re blessed to have honorable men and women to do the hard work you don’t understand. Instead, look at the political class who also take an oath, but dishonor it the moment they drop their hand.

        2. One more example of “truth over lies” for ya Friday:

          ‘First month of Biden admin:
          Govt says Covid tests too sensitive; new adjustments will result in drastically reducing # of cases.
          WHO & others saying Covid-19 likely came from Wuhan lab after all.
          Multiple state/local govt. officials say lockdowns don’t really work.
          Not bad.’


          1. Yep and President Biden just keeps on repeating the Democrat lies re Trump:

            •”colluded with Russia”
            •”extorted a foreign government to investigate a political opponent”
            •”incited an insurrection”

            None of it is true but Dems always manage to get false narratives entrenched.

    2. Trump is not a politician. Professional politicians always lie (that’s my definition of a politician by the way). The reason they want to impeach him a second time is purely fear…afraid he’ll come back in another office, so they want to ban him. Both sides want this, because he is not a politician and is threatening their feed trough scheme. He should have learned you cannot win in a game where your opponents set the rules. He should not run again; he should come back in a game where he sets the rules: I think he and Mike Flynn should start a show using private investigators to dig up dirt on all these scum Congress people. Each week they can target another one for their expose. That would be a good use of his time and I’d be sure to watch. Call it “Hot Seat.”

  11. ‘Executive Orders:

    Clinton—2 in his first week in office
    Bush—2 in his first two weeks in office
    Obama—5 in his first week in office
    Trump—4 in his first week in office

    Biden—30+ in his first five days in office (Unity!)

    Remind me again which president governs like a dictator?’


    1. Think we wouldn’t notice you all never had any problem with Trump signing executive orders? How about the deficit? Want to start complaining about that too?

  12. ‘There’s a word for new regimes sending in the military to occupy the capital while demanding their apparatchiks put the previous president on trial for speech crimes, but it’s not “democracy.”’ @seanmdav

  13. It is instructive when anyone quotes corporate news organizations when their credibility is in the toilet

    The Echo Chamber Era

    Matt Taibbi

    “ Media critics who work in the corporate press, like Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post, seem determined to look everywhere but inward for solutions. The dominant legend in our business is that if Republicans believe in fairy tales like Q and “Stop the Steal,” the traditional press can do nothing but stand its ground.

    Sullivan’s reaction to at-times “embarrassing” Inauguration Day coverage was an injunction to reporters to resist the temptation to try to appear more balanced by showing “toughness” with regard to the incoming Biden regime. If anything, Sullivan said, the press should stand even taller in its opposition to red-state lie merchants like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, “without fearing that they’d be called partisan.”

    Karen Attiah, the Post’s global opinions editor, took the same approach. She wrote that Trump had been caused in part by the media’s penchant for “balance” and “presenting both sides.” Going forward, it will therefore be necessary to work even harder avoid missteps like Politico’s much-criticized decision to publish Ben Shapiro, which Attiah decried as a decision defended with the “rusty armor of both-sidesism.”

    It’s astonishing that after so many years of decline in trust in media — this phenomenon has been going on for over a decade now, something I first started noticing when I published The Great Derangement back in 2008 — media people still think the issue is a mathematical question of “sides,” with widespread audience revulsion a kind of reward for their unflinching correctitude.

    Sullivan was a lot closer to the truth when she warned of being seduced by the return of a Biden administration that closely reflects “our values,” which she described as being like the world as represented in West Wing: celebrating “multiculturalism, a belief in the principles of liberal democracy, and a kind of wonky idealism.”

  14. Disenfranchised? Don’t take my word for it.

    Executive Summary

    The 2020 presidential election witnessed an unprecedented and coordinated public-private partnership to improperly influence the 2020 presidential election on behalf of one particular candidate and party. Funded by hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other high-tech interests, activist organizations created a two-tiered election system that treated voters differently depending on whether they lived in Democrat or Republican strongholds. Private monies dictated city and county election management contrary to both federal law and state election plans endorsed and developed by state legislatures with authority granted by the United States Constitution.

    Moreover, executive officials in swing states facilitated, through unique and novel contracts, the sharing of private and sensitive information about citizens within those states with private interests, some whom actively promote leftist candidates and agendas. This data sharing allowed direct access to data of unique political value to leftist causes, and created new vulnerabilities for digital manipulation of state electronic poll books and counting systems and machines.

    This public-private partnership in these swing states effectively placed government’s thumb on the scale to help these private interests achieve their objectives and to benefit the candidates of one political party.

    But wait, there’s more…

  15. Horowitz To Investige Plot Trump Considered For Coup At Justice Department

    The Justice Department’s inspector general announced Monday that its office is opening an investigation into whether any current or former department official tried to improperly “alter the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election” — a broad review that comes on the heels of a revelation that then-President Donald Trump considered replacing his acting attorney general with an official more amenable to his unfounded claims of voter fraud.

    Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the review in a two paragraph news release, though he noted his jurisdiction would be limited to “allegations concerning the conduct of former and current DOJ employees,” and he could not examine other government officials. The news release said the inspector general would follow its normal process in releasing the results of its work publicly.

    Horowitz’s announcement comes just days after reporting that Trump entertained a plan to replace the acting attorney general for his final weeks in office, Jeffrey Rosen, with a different department lawyer, Jeffrey Bossert Clark, who was more amenable to wielding the department’s power to help keep Trump in office. According to people familiar with the matter, Trump only aborted the plan after Justice Department officials threatened a mass resignation.

    Edited from: “Inspector General Will Investigate Whether Any Justice Department Officials Improperly Sought To Help Trump Overturn Election”

    Today’s Washington Post

  16. “Journalist and co-founding editor of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald, argues that media censorship, in an effort to prevent domestic terrorism, has gone too far.”

  17. None of this would inspire unity, or even the more reasonable alternative, cooperation.

    As Dennis Prager has pointed out, people who call for unity rarely are willing to change their own opinions. They want the other side to come over to theirs.

    So Democrats say they want unity. OK. Does that mean that they will apologize for calling Republicans white supremacist Nazis? That they’ll try to understand our point of view instead of condemning it as evil, etc?

    Here is an example. Many critics of transgenders in sports say that it’s a form of cheating. Gendered sports divisions exist because of physiological differences, not behavioral. “Identity” is behavioral and performative. Allowing biological males to compete in female sports is cheating. It allows mediocre males to absolutely sweep female sports divisions. It takes away scholarships and other opportunities from biological females. It creates a men’s sports division, and a coed division.

    Gendered private spaces were created for safety. Again, it’s not about identity. It boils down to “no male genitalia are allowed in these spaces.” The kind of blanket rulings Biden and Democrats create would mean that a man with a beard and construction boots could stroll into a woman’s changing area, without being challenged. He can just say that he identifies as a woman. He doesn’t have to make any effort to pass. He just gains entry. I have already seen these rules get abused in bathrooms here in CA, where we witnessed a man go into a bathroom with girls he wasn’t related to.

    But when a conservative tries to have these conversations with a Democrat, is there an interesting exchange of ideas? No. You’re transphobic.

    Is that unity? No. It’s agree with Democrats or be censored, harassed, possibly fired, ruined, and never work again. Sure you can disagree, but you’d better not voice it out loud.

    Democrats being the first in our nation’s history to impeach an ex-president don’t want unity. Trump says “peacefully protest,” and he gets impeached. Pelosi says, “I don’t know why there aren’t uprisings. Maybe there will be,” and she remains in power. Maxine Waters can tell people to go out, make a crowd, and show anyone who works for Trump that they’re not welcome anywhere, anymore. Kamala Harris can say that people should “beware” because these violent uprisings are going to continue, and should continue, and she gets elected Vice President.

    Does that sound unifying to you, or a recipe for civil unrest?

    1. Karen, I’ve never called you or anyone here a “white supremacist Nazi”, but I’ve been called worse. I have called anyone who voted for Trump an idiot and fool for that act, no matter what else you’ve/they’ve done in life, and being the truth I can’t apologize for it. I take solace knowing that in 10 years you’ll probably try to forget you voted for him too. Kind of like voting for W – who admits to that?

        1. JT, how does it feel to throw away a life of credibility as a legal scholar? After you were the only “legal scholar” to defend Trump at his first (of two!) impeachments you exposed yourself as a partisan republican cheerleader. Your lame argument was that the impeachment was “moving too fast”. Well how about 3 days to impeach the treasonous Trump a record breaking second time? Yet you continue to promote hyper-partisan commentary. In the old days traitors were given a quick trial and quick capital punishment. Today, sadly, the likes of you defend the the lowest form of life ever to slither in and out of Washington. I think you would have made a fine press secretary for Trump.

    2. Karen, I’m not convinced that Democrats honestly care that much about transgenders. ‘I’ certainly don’t.

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