“More Of This Please”: Professor Calls For The Death of Trump Supporters

An Australian professor of “moral psychology” used Twitter to call for the death of Trump supporters.  Neither Twitter nor his colleagues objected to Macquarie University Associate Professor Mark Alfano calling for “more of this please” after reading that a Trump supporter died in the recent Capitol Hill riot. He also called such deaths “comedy.” He is not the first academic to call for such violence or defend killings. We previously discussed Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis who writes for the site Lawyers, Guns, and Money and declared that he saw “nothing wrong” with the killing of a conservative protester. (A view defended by other academics). Other professors have simply called for all “Republicans to suffer.” What is striking is that such views are neither barred by Twitter nor, according to a conservative site that broke this story, denounced at his university. For my part, I have always maintained an Internet originalist position on free speech opposing censorship, so I would prefer that these academics not be banned. However, there is a stark contrast in how such views are treated by both social media companies and universities. Likewise, there is legitimate condemnation of the social media statements of figures like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and many QAnon figures, but virtually nothing on figures voicing extremist views on the left in the mainstream media or academia.

Alfano was mocking the death of Rosanne Boyland, 34, who was crushed to death in the riot. He appeared to relish the news of the death of a Trump supporter and tweeted “More of this please.” He then lashed out at those on Twitter objecting to his hateful statement by calling one a “dumb***k.”  He added “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when a MAGA chud gets crushed by fellow rioters and dies.” “CHUD” is an acronym from the 1984 horror movie C.H.U.D. for “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller.”

Alfano previously taught at the University of Oregon. His curriculum vitae lists work on morality and psychology and lists such grants as “Social virtue epistemology: What does it take to be an intellectually humble Socratic gadfly?” and “Challenging the use of masculinity as a recruit mechanism in extremist narratives.” There is also “Scaffolding the media for intellectually humble discourse.” It is hard to see any humility or morality in Alfano’s commentary.

Again, I view this as protected speech and would argue against efforts to ban Alfano from Twitter or punish him at this university. While these extremist figures rarely show the same support for the right of others to speak, they are the test of our principles of free speech and academic freedom.


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  1. Simple. Accessory to murder prior can be followed by the same ‘during and the same ‘after’ and all three felonies. Might be different in Oz.

  2. Have you ever taken a class from someone who has publicly called for your death, and everyone else with the same mainstream political beliefs as yours? This isn’t a microagression.

    Your professor has power over your academic career, and future, for those 10 or 15 weeks. Some play Nero.

    Parents, you really need to vote with your wallets, for the safety of your offspring, and to promote the return of free speech.

    Universities are all in. The goal of too many is to be a Democrat or Leftist madrassas at this point, even at the cost of academic excellence.

  3. This professor is Australian and probably thinks he’s okay because Australia confiscated firearms, but there were more than 300 million firearms in the United States at last count, and that was some time ago. Idiot Shelia Jackson Lee has introduced a bill aimed at disarming the American public. Keep it up folks, and you’ll see civil war and what people say on social media and cable “news” isn’t going to amount to a tinker’s damn.

    1. Why is it that We are made to suffer insult and injustice silently..with no ability to reply,defend ours selves,to slap them back in the face, so to speak by all of the Media? We are sick and tired of the abuseby the Leftist criminals and having to suffer it with mouth taped shut.

          1. It wasn’t an insult, Allan, only a statement of fact, correcting the false claims that “We are made to suffer insult and injustice silently … having to suffer it with mouth taped shut.”

            The stupidity is in your response.

            1. Anonymous the Stupid, it was a put down which is a type of insult. There was no reason for it and that is proven by your inability to provide one. Casca had reality on his side. You had only your Stupidity.

      1. Casca, you aren’t suffering because leftists are “taping your mouth shut”. You are suffering because those are the consequences of exercising free speech. There’s a fine line between speech that has malicious intent and speech that is more rhetorical. Saying “republicans should suffer” is not extreme.

  4. That is a clear and present danger to individuals and bids me ask What Proof those filing the charge are fit to serve?

  5. The list is long of Trump’s major, putrid failures. Among the biggest are his lies that he would introduce medical care “bigger and better than Obamacare” and his claim to “drain the swamp” after which his DOJ did absolutely nothing to enforce applicable anti-trust laws to financially dismember our Tech Oligarchs, who blatantly, repeatedly and without consequence enforce unfair and illegal tactics to silence their political foes as described in this article.

    One can only presume if the scum bag professor described in this article had the wherewithal to kill 60M political foes without consequence he would do it, making Pol Pot blush in his grave with envy and admiration.

    Twitter suspended someone for using the word “retard” as a pejorative.

    Am I the only who noticed that scum bags like Commit are gone now that Biden is POTUS and their paid DNC troll employment ended?

    1. “The list is long of Trump’s major, putrid failures. Among the biggest are his lies that he would introduce medical care “bigger and better than Obamacare””

      Start by blaming John McCain whose vote permitted Republicans and Democrats the ability to redo the healthcare system. Trump tried, but there is a limit to what one can do with impeachment and so many people afraid that the outsider will end their perks. He did start the ball rolling on certain healthcare issues and did create some improvement, but unfortunately not the comprehensive plan needed. Drugs is a good example but one of the reasons why the pharmaceutical industry was so against him.

      1. Trump never even released the healthcare plan he kept promising. It’s a wonder you don’t gag sucking his **** all the time.

        1. Disgusting and Stupid.

          Had Congress had their eye on the ball more could have been done. Had McCain not killed the repeal of ObamaCare more would have been done.

          Examples of what was done.

          revamped the VA health system
          eliminated Obama individual mandate
          Individual health insurance at lower cost
          permitted employer pooling saving employees money in premiums
          lowered Medicare Advantage premiums.
          Improved access to HSA’s
          cut red tape
          decreased Rx costs
          Ended reliance on WHO which gave us wrong information.

          …and more but you are too Stupid and blind to recognize the things that were done. Now you can go back to the bathroom and finish the job.

          1. No matter how much you want to distract from it, Allan, Trump promised to release a healthcare plan, and he never did it.

            He lied to you about it over and over.

            I gather that you spend your time in the bathroom doing a “job” and project your own activity onto others. Do you fantasize about sucking Trump’s **** while you do this “job”?

            1. Anonymous the Stupid, all a President can do is try which he did. Congress passes legislation but you are too Stupid to recognize that. Trump did act where he could and changed healthcare for the better.

              “He lied to you about it over and over.”

              Just like your mother lied every time you lost a tooth and she put a dollar under your pillow. I guess you still don’t know that. Why? Because you are Anonymous the Stupid.

              Maybe you wouldn’t be so Stupid if you ever got out of the bathroom.

            2. No matter how much you hate and pontificate against Trump you refuse to see the good he was able to do in a system so corrupt it made dishonest elections the norm…amongst other putrid norms of the swampy left. The Demoratzi zeig heil party continues the lies bigger and better than Stalin , and moa combined. And with fearless senile lord Darth Biden of china stumbles on doing his masters bidding…all the while people like you clap your flippers like bloated seals enmass and bark through your fangs in “stupiforic” pleasure soaked with their brand of soma. How does it feel to be a cog in the wheel of injustice lubricated with hypocrisy ?. Do tell, do tell.

      2. John McShame,

        Egomaniacal, Avaricious, Opportunistic, Double-Dealing and Corrupt Lord of the Lucrative Phoenix Fiefdom.

      3. He promised loudly and publicly several times. He lied. Get over it.

        John McStain can rot in hell BTW; he never heard of a war he did not want the US to fight.

        1. “He promised loudly and publicly several times. He lied. Get over it.”

          I just provided a list of some of the things he accomplished in the healthcare sector. I guess you have difficulty reading. You aren’t dumb are you? Additionally, were you were never taught that legislation comes from Congress?

          Sounds like you preferred ObamaCare. Maybe you were almost completely subsidized off someone else’s back. That sounds about right.

          1. S.Meyer, you keep saying you provided proof, but you haven’t. I can see why Trump is your idol.

            1. I provided a list. It is not my job to provide you with a much needed education.

    2. Are you a paid RNC troll, “Princess.” Is that why you assume that others are paid?

    3. What do you envision the Biden/Harris DOJ shall look like? Why have hundreds of current/former/retired DOJ employees/prosecutors not come out and protest publicly as they did when Trump was President?

      Will Sally Yates get on her soap box again since she has not been named as AG?

      Judge Garland has a reputation for being “Liberal” but just in his Decisions….how will he address the many problems at the DOJ?

      The Left hated Bill Barr….and in the end the Right lost faith in him.

      We have seen how sleazy Holder and Lynch were…..so what shall the future hold under the Biden/Harris DOJ?

  6. Young,

    As you know we have mutual interests in section 230. The WSJ recently had a column whose address I should have posted earlier. It is excellent.

    The Constitution Can Crack Section 230


    Tidbits extracted.

    Liability vs liability the two meanings. Monetary costs are one portion of liability. Does that exclude other liabilities in the form of non-monetary legal remedies.

    Actions taken “in good faith” (exists in section 230)

    “Content” vs viewpoint.

    “In the meantime, some state legislatures will probably adopt civil-rights statutes protecting freedom of speech from the tech companies. Recognizing that such legislation isn’t barred by Section 230, lawmakers in several states are already contemplating it”

    1. S. Meyer– Thank you, I have read Professor Hamburger’s article. He is a brilliant man who wrote “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?” The answer is yes. It is a solid, deep study book primarily, I think, for lawyers and judges. Many lawyers and non-lawyers might have trouble with it. Gary Lawson who is a prominent author of books on Administrative Law that is used in many law schools has written very favorably on Hamburger’s thesis. Professor Hamburger, with others, has formed an institute that sometimes brings cases challenging administrative law.

      Earlier when I commented here on the Parler suit I also addressed Section 230 pointing to some of the opportunities for suing despite its presumed protections and mentioning one or two of the points the Professor Hamburger has raised. Unfortunately, the Parler suit went before a radical federal judge and did not get the preliminary injunction that I, and many others, believe it should have gotten if the law had been followed. Much of the judicial system has proven rotten. Compare Clinesmith’s treatment with that of General Flynn and others from the Trump administration who have ended up in front of these black-robed sadists.

      For a long while administrative law has been a great danger to a free society and it is about to become much more dangerous as the radicals who have taken over the government commence to rule by diktat and ukase.

      1. Young, thank you for your additional input. It made the WSJ worthwhile for this weeks cost.

        I agree with you on administrative law. I don’t understand how we can let administrators do the job of Congress. …”All legislative…” and why I don’t have a right to a trial with a real judge. I’ve had personal experience with both, fortunately ending in my favor.

        …My big question is will the nation survive as a constitutional republic over the next 4 years or be one in name only?

        1. I am worried that even the name won’t survive. Thanks to Squish Republican passivity the whole works is in the hands of radicals, lunatics and one senile old man though I doubt he is allowed to do much. We don’t know who is running the show though I imagine they will plot against each other at some point.

          1. I listened to Joe Manchin tonight as he can be a vote that holds back far left Democrat desires. I wonder who is pulling his strings because he can make for an easy out for the less radical side of the Democrat Party. Unless there are Democrats out there that believe in our Constitutional Republic we are doomed. Most of the Republicans are not inspiring.

            1. Democrats are already talking about putting a primary challenger against Joe Manchen and Krysten Senema to intimidate them. Krysten is a Democrat but more sensible than the last two senators Arizona had.

              A lot of Republicans appear to have no moral fiber at all, slap you on the back with a smile one day and stab you in the back with a smile the next. For them the Republican Party is a get together for cocktails and canapes and getting their mugs on television, nothing important. I think a lot of the people they relied on can no longer support them.

  7. Is This Academic Someone Of Any Significance?

    Professor Turley identifies this offender as:
    “Macquarie University Associate Professor Mark Alfano”.

    Is Macquarie University a school most Americans recognize? And even if this school enjoys some level of respect, there are academics all over saying things every day that would sound flaky if analyzed in a column. I once took a university class where the instructor used the art of Edward Hopper to illustrate how urban life led to alienation.

    One could write a column about Professor Johnathan Turley of George Washington University. Turley runs a blog where the main commenter is an obnoxious bore who fields endless puppets to parrot Trump-friendly talking points. By now everyone knows said troll is Turley’s stooge. Yet Turley continues to feature himself as the nation’s greatest champion of free speech. ..Go figure..!

    1. Straw man. Your Q is irrelevant. Turley’s crystal clear point is NOT that this dope should be silenced or who he is, it’s rather the hypocrisy of our Tech Oligarchs that own us that the progressive Professor is allowed to promote murder as a political tool while conversely Twitter suspended someone for using “retard” as a pejorative. If you miss that this is unfair and hypocritical in the extreme you are naive and/or stupider than dirt, with all due respect.

      I can only presume you are NOT that naive and/or stupid and rather than you present a straw man to beat to the dreary and non-bloody death, to distract from the real point listed above.


  8. Great news from the Democrat city of Chicago.

    21 shot 4 dead

    Down from the previous weekend.

    1. Alan, that means that guns are far too plentiful, a point completely lost on Republicans.

      1. Ha! It doesn’t mean that at all. One gun in the hands of one criminal could easily be the problem. You see, it’s the person that is the problem, not the gun. A point lost on Democrats. After all, it’s Democrat run cities with strict gun control that seem to suffer the highest rate of gun violence. So the problem is that Democrats are far too plentiful, a point completely lost on Democrats. Killing yourselves would be a good start.

      2. Alan, Republican policies don’t appeal to urban residents in ‘any’ big city. Republicans essentially gave up on cities long ago. So this whole “Democratic run cities” is strictly for rubes.

        1. Paint Chips, let us assume you are correct. Who is paying the price? Blacks and Latinos, not the upper middle class or rich. So much for the Democrat Party being the party of minorities and the poor.

          Machine politics, bribery and cheating seems to be working.

          Tell us why Chicago can’t stop the killing. Why are the murder capitals almost all Democratic run cities. That is the question you should be asking yourself.

          1. Alan, you don’t seem to grasp that most of these deaths are young gangsters shooting at each other. So more guns are not the answer. It seems so elementary yet it flies right over your head.

            1. Paint Chips, what can one say? Chicago has been under control of Democratic leadership for a long time. They have some of the stiffest gun control laws yet neither the laws nor the party in power, Democrat, has helped.

              Insanity is defined as making the same mistake over and over again. That is what you do best.

              I will take you to another city NYC. That city was considered dangerous but leadership changed. The dangers subsided and the economy improved. Today with typical Stupid Democrat leadership the city is going downhill. Do you know what is needed most in poor sections? Police protection and better schools. NYC Democrat leadership is diminishing police protection and destroying charter schools that were proven to work. That is Democrat leadership in action. It stinks. That type of Democrat leadership will end up leaving NYC like Chicago being happy when the killing continues at a lower rate.

              You tell us why Chicago and other Democrat cities do so poorly and why NYC improved under different leadership and went into the toilet with the leftist leadership presently in power. Democrat Party leadership doesn’t have to be as bad as it is. We have seen examples of smart management in the past that is not being seen from most of the Democrat strongholds today.

      3. Aninny;
        By all means turn your gun in. One less jackarse with a gun makes me safer with mine. Oh and I’d take great pleasure in sighting up the Aussie jackbooter prof. Too bad he’s out of range. But then again he knew that before he tweeted. Coward, mate?

      4. It isn’t that guns are too plentiful. It is mostly a feral demographic that is inclined to kill and commit crimes by whatever means comes to hand. Look at the statistics. Some facts completely elude Democrats. I would venture to suggest that shootings and other crimes in a neighborhood are directly proportional to the number of blacks in that neighborhood. Taking down statues of old white men who fought in the Civil War didn’t reduce murder in Chicago or Baltimore even one tiny bit.

        Is that racist? I don’t care. Even math is racist these days. It is truth available to anyone who cares to look.

        Try living in a predominantly black neighborhood as I have done and you won’t need statistics. You will see it, and likely experience it, for yourself.

          1. “Do those neighborhoods need more guns?”

            The nice people in those neighborhoods do. The scum already have them. Chicago has pretty much banned guns for good guys but the rascals keep blasting away. That funny-looking, weird, lesbian mayor blames guns from other states but those states don’t have the same ‘gun’ problem.

            In the UK where guns are banned pretty much only the bad guys [often black] are armed and shooting. That aside, crime doesn’t stop when guns are gone. It stops when criminals are gone. Unarmed criminals in the UK have taken to occupied home invasion, often carrying knives [also banned in the UK to a degree] so they can beat and torture innocents to find their valuables. That wouldn’t happen so often if the good folks could protect themselves. Don’t expect the UK police to protect anyone; they have gone full PC and are busy arresting people who post ‘wrong-thought’ on social media.

            I would add that the Chief of Police in Detroit [also black] is a great cop who has urged citizens to arm themselves and defend themselves against the criminal scum. I recall some time ago an infirm grandmother [black] took his advice and it did not go well for the young thugs who broke in to rob her.

            You are a leftist who expects the government to change your diapers and protect you. It won’t. The government doesn’t care about you.

          2. Pretty much everybody in Chicago who is a law abiding citizen needs a gun if they can keep and use one safely and competently, since the police have been stood down by the evil mayor

            Democrats have been buying guns too in case you utopian fools do not realize it. All law abiding sane American adults have this right and by Heaven should use it. I don’t fear my fellow citizen– right now I only fear the BILLIONAIRES, our enemy, and their lackeys who want to reduce America even more to a totalitarian system as we sit at home playing with digital devices and argue over trifles


            Sal Sar

      5. You contradict the U.S. Constitution.

        You may be the one who licitly amends it, or you may be the mortal enemy of it, and of America.

        Personally, I believe there is no variance between the two.

      6. Typical anti constitutional drone hogwash from the typical anonymous left dronebotzi . There are gobs more firearms in rural areas…but it seems the multicultural uneducated masses in demoratzi controlled areas of urban blight seem to have serious issues with violence and general mayhem. Why ?. If you can not see why you are part of the problem.

      7. MOLON LABE.

        My guns never killed anybody. They’ve been safe and sound for decades in an “undisclosed location” but can be brought into lawful and righteous self defense in short order


        Probably you crazed radicals dragging the once great Democratic party to the left think you can take them. Try it; try it!~ you will have a lot of former Democrats to disarm too, keep that in mind

    2. “21 shot 4 dead”

      And carjackings skyrocketing:

      “In the first month of this year, Chicago police reported 218 carjackings, a 283% increase when compared to the same time period last year. In January 2020, there were 77 carjackings.”


      Meanwhile in D.C., the National Guard protects politicians from jaywalkers.

      Message from the ruling class to plebs: “Your lives don’t matter.”

  9. The Professor posts this stuff regularly but still refuses to believe that his party is a major source of harm on this planet. Either he is privy to inside information we are not, or he is in denial. You are not voting for the party of JFK anymore, folks.

  10. I assume that since I find this threatening and offensive and aimed at people like me that I can report it as an instance of hate speech & have the fellow arrested.

    1. If you found someone using “retard” as a pejorative he’d do hard time, maybe felony; progressives pining to murder Trump supporters get keys to the kingdom! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! ENJOYING YOUR BREAD AND CIRCUS?

  11. More of the famous leftist love and tolerance they keep reminding us of. We saw plenty of this love and tolerance last summer after the death of St. George of Floyd (Peace Be Unto Him).

    Wonder if Twitter will ‘deplatform’ this guy for violating their rules?

    We deplorables could probably use some of this love and tolerance up close and personal. So I recommend that BLM and the Brave Masked Wonderful Warriors of Antifa ™ spread their message of enlightenment to locales away from urban America. Might be uplifting for all.


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