Hunter Biden Says Laptop May Have Been His . . . Or The Russians Did It

In a bizarre interview, President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden finally acknowledged that the infamous laptop may indeed be his . . . or the creation of Russian intelligence.  After offering detailed accounts going back years on his drug addiction and abuse, Biden seems incapable of remembering whether he had this laptop with thousands of files, including personal and embarrassing images of his having sex and doing drugs.

In his interview with CBS’s Tracy Smith, Biden is finally asked about the lap — which is an improvement over other media including a recent interview by NPR.

In the interview, Biden was asked about the laptop. He answered cryptically: “There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the — that it was Russian intelligence.”

There was not a serious pushback on that incomprehensible answer like “you can remember details from your period of addiction going back 20 years but you cannot remember this laptop?”  Or how about this: “even if you cannot remember your own laptop, you have seen the pictures and emails. Are those authentic pictures and emails?”

Hunter Biden remains in a protected media space on questions about the specific emails and photos, including emails showing raw influence peddling worth millions.

Instead, crickets.

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  1. It seems the left has one set of rules for conservatives and another for themselves. The real question today in America is… who is justice serving?

  2. “That depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

    – Bill Clinton

    “What? Like with a cloth or something?”

    – Hillary Clinton

    1. ‘What Difference At This Point Does It Make?!’

      – Hillary Clinton testifying to Congress on Benghazi

  3. “There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the — that it was Russian intelligence.”

    Hmmm….It sounds like an answer from…Bill Clinton. Hunter Biden is fast becoming the Billy Carter to his dad. He is going to be a gift that keeps on giving. Wait, he has a gun permit? I thought Joe was anti-gun. maybe for the Hoi Palloi and not for his own.

  4. OT:

    NBC News reports
    • Vehicle rammed barricade at Capitol
    • After striking 2 Capitol Police officers, driver jumped out of car with a knife and was shot by Capitol police
    • At least 2 officers injured
    • Suspect in custody

      1. @anonymous

        Must have been another “white supramacist” attack!


  5. The fact is that Turley gets paid by FOXNEWS to talk on TV, so now, does he get paid to write for them as well.

  6. Turley presumably believes it is commonplace for a computer repair shop owner to make copies of hard drives from customers who fail to pick them up and then provide a copy to the President’s attorney, Giuliani. JT also apparently believes it is commonplace for a computer repair shop owner to search through thousands of emails & photos on the hard drive of a customer who failed to pick it up.

    Turley has now spent 6 months proclaiming the smoking gun evidence showing Hunter’s criminal activities are “emails showing raw influence peddling worth millions.” Meanwhile, his star witness, Giuliani, is fighting a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit for making demonstrably false allegations about Dominion voting machines.

    Guilty until proven innocent, right JT? Any update on Gaetz’s legal problems?

    1. Turley is still working on Hillary’s e-mail story for his Trumpian troglodytes.

    2. The Bidens’ actions tell us that have told us your stupid narrative is false. They have never denied the authenticity of the laptop’s contents or alleged that those contents were wrongly obtained.

    3. Why don’t you suggest Hunter Biden bring a tort action for defamation against this notorious computer store owner if there is no merit? Maybe you can represent him in this endeavor?


    4. “Turley presumably believes . . .”

      It is revealing that you omitted the most important fact about that situation: Under Delaware law, that laptop became the property of the store owner. As his property, he is free to do with it as he pleases.

  7. Remember when the “fake” American press, the MSM, would criticize Izvestia and Pravda; pejoratively claiming they were communist state propaganda?

  8. “There was not a serious pushback on that incomprehensible answer like ‘you can remember details from your period of addiction going back 20 years but you cannot remember this laptop?’”

    No doubt you said the same thing about all the times Trump answered “I have no recollection” in response to Mueller’s questions. Oh wait, no, you didn’t.

    1. @anonymous

      Let’s just be honest, though I really do not expect much from s@@tlibs like yourself.

      You really don’t care about any of the actual facts surrounding this event. You are a leftist and support leftist policies and if this means covering up or making excuses for Hunter Biden (or any other leftist sacred cow) so be it. Just say so and I would respect you more. But again, won’t hold my breath.


      1. I couldn’t care less whether you hold your breath, Antonio, as you do little here other than troll liberals with childish “s@@tlib” insults and pretending to read people’s minds.

        I care what the facts are with Hunter Biden. We don’t know what they are. Just like we don’t know what the facts are yet with Matt Gaetz. I’m not going to make up excuses for either one of them. I’m going to wait for the facts for both of them. Why? Because I care about facts much more than I care about partisanship.

        In contrast to HB and MG, we do know for a fact that Turley is a hypocrite, and since it’s his blog, he deserves to be called out for it. If you don’t like that, too bad.

        1. @anonymous

          You racist p@g! I can’t believe you criticized me like that. I’m Hispanic and a member of a recognized victim group – Spanish name, Spanish is my first language. And if I were leftist Hispanic, you would be sucking up to me by now and expressing solidarity. I guess you don’t get PC, “woke” protection unless you have “woke” politics.


            1. I know it must upset you and alternate universe cult that people that actually think and seek out the truth can interrupt your mind mumbling shared psychosis of the world.

            2. @anonymous

              Am I a troll? If I am not mistaken a great American icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said riots are the “voice of the powerless”. Leftists excused last summers “mostly peaceful protests” in such a manner (btw – these “mostly peaceful protests” resulted in 2 billion in insurance payouts). I am an ordinary person, have next to no influence in law or public policy, so I classify my words as such. I am not writing to convince you or anyone else of my position, only to point out leftist hypocrisy and double standards.

              It is interesting that someone like Professor Turley who is not a conservative of any sort is vilified for merely trying to point out the facts of this situation. Soon enough, you’ll be calling him a “Nazi” too. BTW – I am not a “Nazi” and no affiliation which such despicable groups. But you’ll be classified as one for merely questioning leftist, egalitarian dogmas.


        2. “I care what the facts are with Hunter Biden. We don’t know what they are.”

          We know what a lot of the facts are, and those facts are sufficient to demonstrate serious wrongdoing.

          1. No, we don’t know what the facts are re: whether he can “remember this laptop,” which is what I was addressing.

            You certainly haven’t specified what facts you’re referring to. That he’s a recovering addict? something else?

        3. “I care what the facts are with Hunter Biden. We don’t know what they are.”
          We know no member of the Biden family has claimed they are fake, which suggests that everything in them is consistent with what they remember being in the emails they sent and received. We know that Hunter got payments that any reasonable person would conclude were corrupt. If you don’t pick any one of the many payments he got from people who needed Joe’s influence and explain it another way.

          “we do know for a fact that Turley is a hypocrite,”
          You haven’t shown that. Saying “i can’t recall” to a corrupt prosecutor is not the same as deliberately lying about knowing what was in your laptop

    2. Hiding Hunter is just using the Clinton Playbook on how to avoid prison…..Memory lapses do not get you put in prison and of course the Media, all being good Democrats, shall never ask a hard begged question.

      Heck….the FBI does not either when it comes to the Clinton, Obama, Biden families….or Pelosi, Feinstein, Swalwell, et al..

      The DOJ has had what….over two years to ask those questions and prosecute violations of Federal Crime by Hiding Hunter?

      1. “Memory lapses do not get you put in prison and of course the Media, all being good Democrats, shall never ask a hard begged question.”

        Unless you are General Flynn being asked about the details of a phone call which the FBI has on tape, but you don’t.

        1. Flynn wasn’t indicted because of his memory lapses. He was indicted because he denied events that he couldn’t conceivably have forgotten in such a short time. For example, he denied talking with the Trump Team in Mar a Lago prior to talking with the Russian ambassador, when he was getting directions from them and that was the reason he didn’t talk to Kislyak til the next day.

            1. Nope. He lied to cover up his contacts with the Trump Transition Team before talking with Kislyak.

          1. “He was indicted because he denied events that he couldn’t conceivably have forgotten in such a short time. ”
            Actually no, he was indicted because FBI agents SAID he denied things, with no evidence other than the honor as FBI agents. Which is no evidence at all.

    3. When did Muller question President Trump? Secondly you are aware that the Executive Branch is STRICTLY HIERARCHICAL and a subordinate has zero constitutional authority to interrogate the president. Also it is infuriating that press and democrats kept insisting that the House of Representatives is a “co equal branch of government”. The Senate and House together are ” co equal ” to the Executive branch.

    4. When an obviously corrupt prosecutor (and if you doubt that remember, he was in charge while the Whitey Bulger stuff went down) is questioning you under oath you say as little as possible. We know the DOJ will lie to claim you committed perjury.

  9. He left his laptop for repairs, and there is a document with his signature on it, agreeing to pick it up within a certain time and pay for the repairs. Why is that document being totally ignored?

    1. Because we live in the Twilight zone now. If Hunter owned up to the laptop the media would edit it out. We are in a bizarre place where the media just creates “facts” out of thin air and demand that they be deemed so, look at Lester Holt. He thinks that journalists should not even listen to more than one side… This would be comical if it weren’t for the fact our education system is failing and new generations of stupid people are being fed and watered as we speak, and believe this stuff…

    2. @perplexed

      If someone claimed to possess a laptop owed by me that contained pictures of drug usage, various sexual acts, underage porn, etc. and ran a news story on such, I would sue them for defamation since no such laptop exists; and have never possessed such. Wonder why Hunter Biden didn’t do so??

      I’m perplexed at why this righteous warrior (Hunter Biden) didn’t vindicate his rights in tort.

  10. Hunter Biden must be appointed as the next Secretary of the Navy. A long and extinguished career as a Naval officer, unwavering loyalty to the United States and unquestioned integrity, two medals with the V for valor…our nation needs more men of his chracter in charge…

    1. I was thinking it would be as the new Drug Czar….what with all of this vast experience with that field of endeavor.

      1. WTF is up with you Americans and your “Czars”? Why the hell would you want a position named after dictatorial, superstitious, ignorant incompetents whose sole achievement was being better than the Communists who replaced them?

  11. Major is the new Hunter. Major was brought on board to be the media scapegoat (seems to be working). Champ warned me about this.

    1. This just in: Champ is turning state’s evidence. Fears he is next. Exclusive interview on Tucker tonight.

  12. Hunter. I think that is a family last name. They made it a first name. He was also first and last in his grades.

    1. This is how odd the Biden family is.

      Hunter’s brother Beau named his son Hunter. Hunter named one of his daughters Naomi, after Hunter’s dead sister. Hunter and his most recent wife named their son Beau after Hunter’s dead brother Beau.

      After Beau died, Hunter began an affair with Beau’s widow. While having an affair with his sister-in-law, Hunter was also fooling around ‘sexting’ his sister-in-law’s sister. All while his first wife was shocked to find all this out and filing for divorce. Drugs, drugs and more drugs were involved and used by all parties. Sex and drugs and lotsa money. Where’d the moola come from? Taking China, Russia, Ukraine bribes. It’s all a regular day in the Biden family “business.”

      While having an affair with his dead brother’s widow, sexting and professing their love with his sis-in-law’s sister, Hunter was also banging and impregnating a stripper (who gave birth to another Biden boy Granpa Joe refuses to acknowlege as one of his grandchildren), Hunter met and married his current wife within a week of meeting her and now they have a son named Beau.

      Crazy and corrupt. THIS is Joe Biden’s screwed up family that the media are telling us we should be so happy to have in the White House running the country. No thank you.

      1. And don’t forget how impressive it is that Joe Biden is married to a “Doctor.”

      2. Also interesting to note that Hunter’s daughters are besties with the Obama daughters and spent many nights having sleepover parties at the Obama White House residence.

        Can you imagine how screwed up those granddaughters are by now? With such a screwy, unstable home life and drug-addict parents? Now the grandkids spend weekends with Grandpa Joe at Camp David playing Mario Kart video games. And the media fawns, “awww isn’t that nice”

        1. Then there is Ashley Biden. And HER husband also cashing in on the family business. “Public service” is a very lucrative “business” for the Biden family.

          1. It’s lucrative for the Trumps too. All those Secret Service agents renting rooms, renting golf carts, eating at Trump’s hotels, … all of which is a family business. And then there are Ivanka’s Chinese patents, …

            And members of Congress on both sides of the aisle also benefit.

            Whether you like it or not, all of this is legal. If you object to it, write your members of Congress and tell them to pass a law against it.

            1. Right. Write to members of Congress to ask them to pass a law against something that they all beneift from. I think I’ll keep on complaining about them being corrupt as hell, like Joe Biden, and telling people to stop thanking any of these lifers – lifelong professional politicians — for their “service.” So-called “Service” made the Obamas on their way to being billionaires. It’s absurd. What Trump may have gotten out of SS staying at his properties is chump change comapred to what these corrupt families like Biden’s are raking in and will continue to rake in.

  13. you would think reporters would have some pride in their work or some competitive drive to break a story. You would think.

    1. @zzclancy

      That’s easy! They paid actors who resembled Hunter Biden to role play. Amazing isn’t it?

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