The Hunter Biden Reclamation Project: Jimmy Kimmel Is The Latest To Embrace Hunter’s Scandal Spin

84 thoughts on “The Hunter Biden Reclamation Project: Jimmy Kimmel Is The Latest To Embrace Hunter’s Scandal Spin”

  1. But when it was their turn to be constitutional Hunter was part of the aristocratic establishment and got away with everything just like Comrade Clinton

  2. I have to agree Hunter Biden is a seriously messed up drug addict and alcoholic who apparently has suffered mental illness and PTSD since childhood. His family has suffered horrific tragedies and he credits his dad for his unwavering love. That love obviously has not been enough for him to fight his demons of addiction and irresponsibility. I read Hunter’s book and it will take a miracle apart from the one he claimed married him after they professed their love on the first date, to heal this bruised but privileged soul! It is beyond sad but his life reads as one train wreck after the other with a pause that I pray for him will be an ultimate end to the roller coaster of bad decisions he has made. I would not be surprised if he does not have some sort of bi polar or other deeper mental health challenge, because of his reckless nature. It won’t be surprising if irregularities, or even crimes will be uncovered by investigations into his past. He simply is not someone with sound reasoning. Who marries their brother’s widow especially after confessing his deep and abiding love for his dear brother. That had to be totally uncomfortable for the whole family. The widow bears responsibility also. But more is, he would be totally forgotten if his father had not risen to the Presidency. Now, he like all other political figures and politically aligned figures will make more money for more crack because I do not believe he is clean!

  3. Is it possible to drown in the smugness of people like Jimmy Kimmel? He’s on Chucky Schumer’s speed dial list of useful idiots. It’s so gross how celebrities suck up to Democrat politicians and their offspring. One of the worst suck-ups was Julia Roberts gushing over Dr. Fauci and Hollywood giving him a special ‘hero award’ or some idiocy for doing his j.o.b. very badly. Does Hollywood know how despised they are by much of the country at this point?

  4. Jimmy Kimmel is on board because he likes keeping his job and doesn’t want to get “canceled”.


  5. The pedophile defenders are out in force today.

    You guys should head to the border. Plenty of helpless and parentless children there.

  6. Johnny Carson, who was also a liberal BTW, was ten times better than Kimmel and all the other late-night rodeo clowns. Heck, Baghdad Bob was funnier than late night these days. Woke humor is not funny. Woke drama is not compelling. With few exceptions, corporate media has become cheap and formulaic.

    Woke entertainment is very much like the Soviet Union’s idea of culture… an ugly, nasty, boring monolith of lies and groupthink.

  7. Jonathan: Like a junkyard dog you have Hunter Biden by the leg and you won’t let go. Hunter is no golden boy. He used his family name to get jobs on corporate boards. But neither you, the Republican controlled Senate nor Trump 2020 election were able to come up with more than allegations and innuendo–in search of a crime. Last year Republican Senator Ron Johnson, no stranger to conspiracy theories, launched an investigation into allegations that Joe Biden and his son were involved in some nefarious scheme in the Ukraine–all in an attempt to tarnish Biden as a candidate. Both Johnson and the Trump campaign were trying to prove Biden’s “unfitness for office”. After months of investigation and testimony from ten witnesses what did Johnson have to show for his effort? An 87 page report that contained nothing, nada, zilch! In fact all the witnesses rebutted all of Johnson’s allegations that Biden used his position as VP at the time to manipulate US foreign policy to benefit his son. But the failure of Johnson or Trump to come up with any dirt on the Biden’s has not stopped you from continuing the witch hunt with unfounded allegations that Hunter Biden could be charged with a “possible federal crime”. What crime? You don’t say. If there were violations of some federal criminal statue no doubt you would filling your column with chapter and verse. So far as I can determine using your family name to get jobs on corporate boards is not a crime. Otherwise a lot of people would be doing hard time and boards would be desperate to find new board members. Landing “jobs far beyond his [Hunter’s] experience” , to use your words, is also not a crime. Maybe the Burisma board of directors should not have hired a former “crack addict” but that’s not a crime either. Instead of beating a dead horse you should concentrate on some real crimes–like sex trafficking of minor girls by the low-life Rep. Matt Gaetz. Now there is a guy who needs to be held accountable.

    1. Hunter Biden is an enormous security risk to this nation. Matt Gaetz is not. Attacking JT for pursuing what media won’t and FBI can’t ask is unacceptable and shortsighted.

    2. Instead of beating a dead horse you should concentrate on some real crimes–like the rape of minor girls by the low-life Bill Clinton on Epstein’s Lolita Express. Now there is a guy who needs to be held accountable.

    3. But neither you, the Republican controlled Senate nor Trump 2020 election were able to come up with more than allegations and innuendo–in search of a crime.
      Crime. Thats the rub.
      But when its a Democrat, its…”There is no controlling legal authority.
      But when its a Republican, its…Its not the nature of the evidence, but the seriousness of the accusation.

      I always thought Alice in Wonderland was a charming kids fantasy, but Democrats use it as a how to manual.

    4. You say that because you choose (to watch msnbc) not to dig for the facts. This kid and father are a disgrace to America. Now in the process of destroying it. I’d be sick if me my kids or my kids kids kids had to worry about a income in their lives. Instead I’ll choose to sit back and watch useful idiots destroy a gift called America. After you cheat the democracy, it is crumbling already. Either a instant correction by voters or she will crumble at light speed. Enjoy news you need to hear instead of hearing real news based on facts. I can’t get over the morons in this country. Blinded by a failing ideology.

  8. It’s endlessly entertaining to see how mesmerized Turley is by Hunter Biden. Okay, we get it, you’re upset Bush nominated Hunter to the Amtrak board of directors & the Senate unanimously confirmed him when Republicans had a Senate majority. You’re utterly dismayed that any Yale law school grad could land a lucrative job so quickly. You are beside yourself that the media was suspicious of Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, somehow coming into possession of Hunter’s laptop, then giving the purported contents to the New York Post one month before the 2020 election.

    I wholeheartedly salute JT’s mission to expose false narratives being replicated across news and entertainment forums.

    1. And Yale/ Amtrak not the problem. You know it. Supercilious silly snarky replies won’t help transparency in a propagandized nation where addicts sell info to our enemies for money and even more influence peddling, while the double standard continues. Imagine if this were Eric Trump Jr accused.

    1. Turley proves once again that he is a paid hack–keeps trying to breathe life into a “scandal” dreamed up by the Republicans. That dog won’t hunt, Turley. Do you get a bonus every time you write something accusing Hunter Biden of crimes?

      1. Nothing to see here, right boys? Hunter Biden is a danger to our nation. He is not just another privileged junkie pedophile, but a treasonous leaker. I trust Guliani, warts and all.

      2. NUTCHACHA,

        Asks herself daily, what in the world would I be without unconstitutional forced busing, generational welfare, quotas, affirmative action, rent control, minimum wage, “fair housing,” “non-discrimination” and “hate crime” laws, WIC, TANF, HAMP, HARP, HUD, HHS, etc., etc., etc.?

        NUTCHACHA is the personification of unconstitutional.

  9. As much as I understand the frustration shown by Professor Turley, I do not share it. Jimmy Kimmel is an entertainer and not a news man. It is his job to entertain, not to find the truth. Yes, he is adding to the obfuscation of Hunter Biden, but the people that will watch Jimmy Kimmel are not going to care about Hunter Biden anyway. Hunter Biden is not going away and at some point it is going to end up in front of Congress if not Justice.

    If anyone thinks that any politician is going to seriously go after Hunter Biden for anything other than try and either hurt or embarrass his father Joe, you had better start to read up on the way Washington works. Hunter is goi h to a gift for Republicans that will keep on giving.

    1. You don’t have much regard for people who watch Jimmy Kimmel. Do they not vote? Do they not care about the character of the people that they elect to run this country?

      Also, do you think Jimmy Kimmel would have given this guy such a softball interview if he and his Dad was a Republican?

      1. Tucker Carlson’s lawyers argued in court that he shouldn’t be trusted to give his viewers factual information, even when he claims that something is a fact.

        Why do you hold Jimmy Kimmel to higher standards than Tucker Carlson?

        As for “Do they not care about the character of the people that they elect to run this country?,” Hunter Biden is not an elected representative.

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