“Don’t Do That”: Reporters Tell Police Chief Not To Use The Term “Riot”

We have been discussing the long-standing effort of many in the media to avoid referring to “rioting” in states like Minnesota and Oregon. Even with rioting and looting in full view in the last couple nights, the networks continued to refer to protests or at most “protests turn violent.” It appears that Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon never got the memo. At a press conference, he was scolded for calling the widespread rioting a “riot” by reporters.

Gannon was briefing reporters when he used the “R word.” He was asked by a reporter “What was your decision to issue a dispersal order while they were peacefully protesting in front of the police station?”

Gannon responded by saying “Just so that everybody’s clear, I was front and center at the protest, at the riot.” That led to one person to object “Don’t do that” and another exclaiming “There was no riot.” The objections were reportedly made by the press members.

Gannon was not inclined to yield to the word police:

“It was. The officers that were putting themselves in harm’s way were being pelted with frozen cans of pop, they were being pelted with concrete blocks. And yes, we had our helmets on and we had other protection and gear but an officer was injured, hit in the head with a brick … so we had to make decisions. We had to disperse the crowd because we cannot allow our officers to be harmed.”

The scene was reminiscent of last year when Craig Melvin, an MSNBC host and co-anchor of “Today,” tweeted a “guide” that the images “on the ground” are not to be described as rioting but rather “protests.”  He noted “This will guide our reporting in MN. ‘While the situation on the ground in Minneapolis is fluid, and there has been violence, it is most accurate at this time to describe what is happening there as ‘protests’ — not riots.’” 

Conversely, there is a clear effort in the media to not refer to the Jan. 6th violence as a “riot” as opposed to “an insurrection.” The nomenclature reflects a tight control of how these stories are being framed by the media. The concern is that there is more effort in framing than reporting these stories by some in the media.

There is no question that the violence in Minnesota began as a protest and many engaged in peaceful demonstrations.  However, what occurred over the last two nights was clearly rioting as Chief Gannon stated.  The fact that people felt justified in telling the Chief to conform his own language to fit a narrative is astonishing.

The scolding of Gannon followed another reporter lashing out at Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey before he was fired.  because it would be “inappropriate.” A reporter immediately challenged him that  “What was inappropriate was killing Daunte Wright… You are working harder to protect a killer cop than a victim of police murder.”  Another reporter declared “racial profiling … happened in this situation. We are standing in solidarity and calling for the firing of this officer.”

There are growing calls for advocacy in journalism. This includes academics rejecting the very concept of objectivity in journalism in favor of open advocacy. Even Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker writer Steve Coll denounced how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being “weaponized” to protect disinformation. Censorship and advocacy journalism have become articles of faith for many in showing their commitment to racial and political reforms. The result however has been the steady decline in trust for the media.


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  1. ‘The murder of #Daunte Wright is rooted in white supremacy and results from the intentional criminalization of Black and Brown communities.

    This system can’t be reformed.

    It must be dismantled and a real system of public safety rebuilt from the ground up.

    #DefundThePolice’ @benandjerrys

    Ice-cream is for everyone, is it not? De-politicize ice-cream!

    1. Naw the murder of Daunte White is because a lady cop screwed up. That guy could just have easily been some white, mullet-headed meth zombie who tried to bolt, and the lady cop shot him.

      She screwed the pooch. She resigned.

      She’s gonna get sued and the family of Daunte White are going to be millionaires faster than you can say “JAckie Robinson.”

      1. Have we learned the race of the lady cop? My guess is if she were white, that news would have been all over the airwaves.

        1. She’s white and it’s all over the airwaves.

          She blew it. Simple as that.

          This has nothing to do with black or white.

          IT has everything to do with right hand goes to gun, left hand goes to taser.

          She got rattled – or is old – and she screwed the pooch.

          It’s all on the body cam. Clear as day.

    2. @anonymous

      “This system can’t be reformed.”

      “It must be dismantled and a real system of public safety rebuilt from the ground up.”

      I truly hope you have a close and personal encounter as a result of defunding the police. I mean defunding the police is an absolute and necessary good – what could possibly go wrong?

      Just make sure you have your “good liberal” card on your person at all times.


      1. No, read the post again. It is a tweet by Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. ‘Woke corporate’ ice cream that I will never buy.

        1. @anonymous

          Thanks and I apologize for jumping the gun. Unfortunately, the owners of Ben and Jerry’s are unlikely to have any such close encounter due to having the money and means to escape the results of the policies they support.


  2. Leave the outlaw body count to the bounty hunters…..For a few dollars more

    I thought I was having trouble with my adding …But its alright now.

  3. That’s the point, isn’t it?

    The communist “dictatorship of the proletariat” runs the country.

    The communist press runs the democrat party and together, they run communist America.

    There is no Supreme Court, sworn to support the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Elections, communism and anarchists are moot under the dominion of the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The rabid communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) brutally dominate the meek conservatives.

  4. If the media insists on being abusive, should we not consider limiting the special rights they have under the First Amendment?

    1. No, we shouldn’t think about limiting the press’s 1A rights. They have the same rights you and I have – no more and no less – and we don’t want our own rights limited, so we don’t try to limit theirs. But I don’t want to hear them claim that they have MORE 1A rights than me.

  5. The press continues to shoot itself in the foot with its “gotcha” shameless carrying of water for Marxists, Socialists, Democrats (who aren’t part of the above) and Antifa. As if we all can’t see what’s happening with our own eyes.

    1. Most of these dingalings who claim to be Marxists wouldn’t know Karl Marx if he jumped into bed with him.

      They’re mostly a pack of riotous proles who don’t understand anything and just want to break stuff.

      There are idiots on both sides – Antifa, BLM, QAnon, Proud Boys.

      There’s just endless oceans of stupid out there. On both sides.

  6. ” The result however has been the steady decline in trust for the media.”

    The terrifing thing is that media people just don’t care. They are Holy Warriors on a mission. How do make them want to be trusted?

    1. The steady decline has been in the intelligence of the American public.

      Many of the media figures are smart people trying to keep truth on an even keel.

      But it’s pearls before swine.

        1. Anderson Cooper is good. Fair and honest and minimal BS.

          Left-slanted but how could he not be?

          I’m not a big Rachel Maddow fan but others love her.

          Woodward and Bernstein are in their slugging still.

          A lot of the writers for The New Yorker are very good if you’re smart enough to dig their jive.

          All depends on the intelligence of the person.

      1. “The steady decline has been in the intelligence of the American public.”

        Marcus, you are using anecdotal experience by looking in a mirror and looking at who you associate with. You are not particularly intelligent and have demonstrated that lack of intelligence on this blog over and over again.

        1. Like I said: Pearls before swine.

          The decline of American intelligence is easy to sum up: Donald Trump.

          That a pussy-grabbing, wife-cheating, sad-stripper-shtupping, student-defrauding, draft-dodging, charity-stealing, multi-bankrupt, solder-insulting, tax-evading charlatan and fraud could get anywhere near the presidency – much less win it and completely screw it up for four years – is a clear indication of just how gullible and dumb Americans have become.

          And you wouldn’t know intelligence if it jumped into bed with you.

          Another Trump-loving prole.

          1. “Really poor training and judgment by officers. “

            Trump made it to the big leagues. You remained small only to get smaller and smaller with the passage of time.

            1. Trump made it to the big leagues and completely screwed it up.

              Trump made it to the big leagues because America didn’t like Hillary and had no other good choice.

              Trump made it to the big leagues when America needed leadership and he was completely out of his depth.

              How many tens of thousands of Americans died or went on unemployment and how much did the economy lose and the nation debt increase because God chose to punish and plague America with Coronavirus because America was venal enough to elect a fraud like Trump?

              Hopefully he is going to prison for a number of crimes.

              The dumbest 50% of America had their horrid president for four years with the expected result: economic, humanitarian and constitutional catastrophe.

              Trump made it to the big leagues and then got voted out after one term and you really have to be a numbskull to accomplish that.

              1. “Trump made it to the big leagues and completely screwed it up.”

                BM, Let’s take things one at a time. Trump’s plans provided the lowest rate of unemployment for blacks. Do you think that was a screw up?

                “God chose to punish and plague America with Coronavirus because America was venal enough to elect a fraud like Trump?”

                That is a comment from an obsessed and perhaps crazy person.That type of comment is not meant to be refuted. Instead the person is meant to be pitied.

            2. S. Meyer:

              BM said: “And you wouldn’t know intelligence if it jumped into bed with you.

              Another Trump-loving prole.”
              I guess Ben Bowel Movement hasn’t figured out the proles were the presumptive heroes in Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four.” To quote Winston: “the proles remained human” while their antagonists did not. It’s funny when unlettered Marxists (especially those claiming literacy) are exposed for the intellectual frauds they are. Funny? Maybe “ironic” is a better word.

              1. Mespo, we are dealing with a lot of arrogance from people that are only superficially informed. I think their ultimate desire is to virtue signal because that permits them to climb the (false) ladder without much effort. That ladder leads nowhere but they can see the true ladder in a distance that requires thought, work and intelligence. Those are qualities they do not possess and that makes them hateful.

                  1. Anonymous the Stupid, you are neither a ‘pal’ nor a brother though I understand your desire to associate with those that are able to think.

                1. Did you see that press release from the White House today: “Anyone who uses the expression ‘virtue signaling’ is a wannabe pesudo-intellectual putz and will be sent to the front line in Taiwan.”

                  Better take it back, or next thing you know you will be babbling about “Chem Trails” and “Deep State” and “Agenda Whatever” and other nonsense that makes no sense.

                  Do you have clothing for Taiwan?

                    1. Did you know that Chemtrails are a government conspiracy designed to make Americans so gullible and dumb, they actually believe Chemtrails are a government conspiracy?

                    2. Oky (and some of the others, here) believe every conspiracy theory known to man — except the real ones.

                    3. I’ve seen “Chem Trails” since the 1960s and I’ve seen “Chem Trails” a thousand miles out to sea.

                      Who is the government trying to poison a thousand miles out to sea.

                    1. Well the world is overpopulated by a factor of 8, that is true.

                      My math is California/Norway.

                      California and Norway are almost exactly the same size.

                      California has 40 million people.

                      Norway has 5 million people.

                      California has problems.

                      Norway is the best-run country in the world.

                      So: California/Norway = 8.

                      Take any town, city, state, county, province, country and take 1/8th of the population and that’s what it should be.

                      Overpopulation is why there are wars over natural resources.

                      Overpopulation is what pressurizes the mess at the border.

                      Overpopulation is the 8th Deadly Sin.

                    1. Gotta agree with Anon @ 1:49 about the deep state.

                      Seeing is believing, Ben.

                      You’re a smart guy. It’s only a matter of time before you get it.

                    2. Which Deep State? The right wing or the left wing?

                      Who are these people?

                      Are they in positions of power or just people with money pulling strings?

                      Are the Koch Brothers the Deep State?

                      Bill Gates?

                      Define the Deep State please.

                    1. Well anyone who uses dumbass expressions like “virtue signaling” should get the Kim Jong Un treatment with the anti-aircraft guns, but I didn’t want to be mean.

                    2. Ben, I know you would like to distance yourself from virtue signaling but that is all you have.


                    3. Define “virtue signaling.” I’m not even sure I know what it means.

                      Seems to me to be a phrase used by pseudo-intellectuals trying to sound smart.

                      I’ve been afraid to look it up, just as I would be afraid to dig into a 2000-pound pile of horse manure.

            3. Allan S. Meyer, you again demonstrate how many of your insults describe you better than the person you’re trying to insult.

                1. I have to chime in too. Calling someone Bowel Movement? I mean I laughed, because I appreciate juvenile humor, but come on, man. You’re becoming like that turd that just won’t flush.

                    1. D’oh. Pardon me, Mespo. I’ll make up for my mistake with a little toilet humor.

                      I renamed my toilet form John to Jim the other day.
                      That way, I can tell people that I wake up and go to the Jim every morning. Ha!

                      What did they find in the toilet in the star ship Enterprise?
                      The captain’s log.

                      And one more….for the road….

                      A drunk enters a confessional booth. The priest is waiting for the sinner to speak up, but the drunk doesn’t say a word. After a while the priest coughs… nothing… he coughs again… nothing. The priest was patient until now, but enough is enough: he starts banging on the wooden grid.

                      The drunk finally says: “No use knocking, buddy… there ain’t any toilet paper here either…”

                      Ba da ‘bum’

              1. “Trump made it to the big leagues. You remained small only to get smaller and smaller with the passage of time.”

                That comment pertains to you as well as BM and you prove it again and again. I think Mespo’s scatological humor fit the circumstances.

                Your don’t get larger and larger by having pretend friends patting you on the back. I makes you look more Stupid

                  1. A lack of originality Anonymous and it makes you sound Stupid. But that is not new. That is normal for you.

                    1. “trying to inject ego into his blood”


                      Maybe Ben could give you some writing tips, S. Meyer.

                    2. Anonymous the Stupid, aside from you who would want to downgrade themselves?

                    1. Anonymous the Stupid, though you hate hearing the truth, I have proven to be your best friend telling you the truth that is obvious to everyone else.

              2. The Fighting Gerbil added a bit of moral support from a pretend friend. The +100 is pats on the back because mommy isn’t here to soothe his ego. Anonymous the Stupid remains as Stupid as ever.

          2. This Ben Marcus is himself a proletariat but he is self hating, and thus insults other workers, and volunteers himself as a typical billionaire-butt licking Californian snob. He insults the workers (proles) for voting their interests, he insults other people he presumes to be less intelligent than himself, mostly because why? He’s convinced of his own smarts, that’s why. He talks down to people with higher academic qualifications than himself, because, well, see, that’s how many Californians act. Oh, lest we fail to state the obvious, he is also the very type of a Democrat leadership Cheerleader. Ever met Pelosi and Feinstein, did you get a chance to lick their soles? Probably not but would.

            See, folks, reckon whether you are with the workers and the heartland, or whether you are a willing slave of the coastal resident billionaires of global capital .

            Eventually, this will all be resolved politically.


      2. btw, Jonathan Turley is one of the ‘smart people trying to keep truth on an even keel’

      3. Of course there has been a decline in the intelligence of the American public. In 1920 the U.S. population was approximately 90% white European origin. In 2020 that had fallen to approx. 70%, with the decline due to increases in black and hispanic population. A cursory analysis of the findings in – https://www.human-intelligence.org/race-differences-in-intelligence/ – will reveal the decline in intelligence of Americans is a function of increases in population of lower intelligence racial groups. As a corollary of this, the rise of Democratic majorities is mainly due to their reliance on votes from the overwhelming majority of these lower intelligence voters. The result is Democrats’ electoral successes depend on the decline of American intelligence through “diversity”. I have no doubt that if the U.S. was facing a flood of Northern Europeans the Democrats would be at least as anti-immigration as they accused Trump of being.

        1. I don’t think it was black or Hispanic voters who put Trump in office and it definitely wasn’t black or Hispanic voters who were suckered into raiding the Capitol by claims of election fraud.

          That crowd of deplorables was as white as white can be.

          There are oodles of dumb white folks, too.

          1. No, it wasn’t black or Hispanic voters who put Trump in office it was an OVERWHELMING majority of white voters (with average I.Q. 15-20 points higher than blacks or Hispanics from South America) that put Trump in office. However, it was only by getting an overwhelming majority of black and Hispanic votes that Biden and most other Democrats are able to win elections in the U.S. By simply subtracting the votes of these lower I.Q. groups from vote totals you would see the Democrats as a perpetual minority party whose only hope of getting elected would be either complete reversal of their political views or the actual solution they have employed – flood the U.S. with low I.Q. voters who they can rely on to boost them into the majority.

            1. I know a lot of really dumb white people and a lot of really smart black and hispanic people.

              If America had mandatory voting like Australia, I wonder which way the country would swing if there were a 98% turn out?

              Whoever put Trump into office is dumb as dirt.

              Was that white voters?

              Biden has roped the whirlwind and is reminding Americans what vision and leadership are all about.

              Trump accomplished very little in four years, other than to play the fiddle while Rome burned.

                1. No: Roped.

                  He has inherited a godawful mess from Trump – just as Obama inherited a Godawful mess from Bush43 – and he is riding hard to bring that bucking bronco under control.

                  The reaping will be done far down the line, when those 500,000 EV chargers are installed and America has weaned itself from fossil fuels and are running 90% electric cars on wind, solar, hydro, tidal and nuclear energy from Bill Gates’ TerraPower nuclear genertors.

                  Biden is leading America kicking and screaming into the 21st Century but doing more than parading around in a stupid red hat.

                  That’s MAGA.

                    1. Yeah we saw the ropers during the Capitol riots.

                      Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.

                      They hung themselves.

              1. “and is reminding Americans what vision and leadership are all about.”


                “Trump accomplished very little in four years”

                Wrong again.

          1. Unfortunately for you all that means is the AVERAGE American I.Q. has risen over that time frame. If you correlate that with the average I.Q. of the various racial groups currently, you can conclude that it only means that Americans have higher I.Q. average now because ALL groups have risen. You are still left with the fact that average I.Q. NOW is still showing that blacks and South American Hispanics are lower I.Q., hence Dems are reliant on a large proportion of their votes coming from lower I.Q. voters.

            1. I said “average.”

              Your conclusion, “hence Dems are reliant on a large proportion of their votes coming from lower I.Q. voters,” doesn’t follow from your premises. More men who haven’t attended college join the Republican Party and more people with college degrees join the Democratic Party. Of course, education level need not correspond to IQ, but you also shouldn’t make assumptions about how subsets of a given race separate out.

              1. If you have any understanding of statistics you’d realize that Dem voters of black and Hispanic origin must be lower I.Q. on average to vote in the numbers they do for Dems. A greater than 2 standard deviation from norm of 85 I.Q. would need to be an I.Q. in excess of 100 for a black or Hispanic. That would leave only <3% of these above an average American I.Q. of 100.

                1. If you have any understanding of statistics, you’d know that when a third or more of a given population (e.g., Blacks, whites, Asians) don’t vote in the first place, you shouldn’t assume that the voting population of any race has the same distribution of IQ as the entire population within that race.

                  According to you, where is the IQ cut-off for “lower IQ voters” (in your claim “Dems are reliant on a large proportion of their votes coming from lower I.Q. voters”)? Is it people with IQ under 100? under 90? … According to you, what is a “large proportion”? Is it >25%? >40? …

                  1. It appears you don’t even understand what statistics are. And as I said – 1 standard deviation (equal to over 84% of general population) that still leaves less than 30% of black and Hispanic voters within the range of average voters overall, but 97% of them would fall below 100 I.Q.

                    1. I do know what statistics are and may well have studied more statistics than you have.

                      It’s striking that you couldn’t bring yourself to answer my questions:
                      According to you, where is the IQ cut-off for “lower IQ voters” (in your claim “Dems are reliant on a large proportion of their votes coming from lower I.Q. voters”)? Is it people with IQ under 100? under 90? … According to you, what is a “large proportion”? Is it >25%? >40? …
                      Until you answer that question, we can’t assess the extent to which Democrats AND Republicans “are reliant on a large proportion of their votes coming from lower I.Q. voters”

                      ” that still leaves less than 30% of black and Hispanic voters within the range of average voters overall, but 97% of them would fall below 100 I.Q.”

                      No. 97% of the total Black and Hispanic population would fall below an IQ of 100 (as would half of whites), but you do not know what percent of voters would fall in each set because you do not know the distribution of voters in that entire population, since at least a third of these populations don’t vote. Stop conflating the total population and the voting population. These are not the same, and there’s no reason to assume that the distribution of IQs in each population is the same (quite the opposite, there’s a reason to conjecture that the people with low IQs don’t vote. For example, ~40% of Black adults often don’t vote; suppose they’re the 40% of Black adults with the lowest IQs. ~50% of Hispanic adults often don’t vote; suppose they’re the 50% of Hispanic adults with the lowest IQs. Then you have to look at what fraction of the remainder have an IQ of 100 or more. Previously you noted that would be 3% of the total population, but it’s clearly going to be greater than 3% of the voting population.

                      Also, keep in mind that Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race, so these sets have non-empty intersections.

          2. In an addendum to my previous reply – You may want to take up your dispute about average American intelligence decline with Ben Marcus. It was his statement at 1:24 PM Apr 13 that was the origin. I merely pointed out the comparative I.Q. of the races as an explanation that was in rebuttal of his blaming decline in intelligence for the Trump Presidency.

  7. Based on this definition below, you could say that January 6 was a “riot of mullet-headed deplorables.”


    a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.
    “riots broke out in the capital”

    street fight
    violent disorder
    mob violence
    street fighting

    an impressively large or varied display of something.
    “the garden was a riot of color”
    lavish display

    take part in a violent public disturbance.
    “students rioted in Paris”

  8. Another piece of advice? Don’t resist arrest. Don’t jump in your car and bolt.

    It pisses cops off and mistakes get made.

    Did that guy deserve to get shot?

    No, he was just a dumb 20 year old.

    But he was old enough to know that you don’t resist arrest.

      1. The body cam footage has been out for a while.

        The lady cop with 26 years experience screwed the pooch.

        She blew it and that police department is gonna get sued to the end of time and they’re going to lose.

        She just lost her cool and shot the guy.

        The guy could have been white. It wasn’t racial.

        It was a mistake.

        1. Duante was being arrested on a felony gun warrant, he resisted and fought with the cops, got shot by a cop, who IMO had no business being on the force, esp because she supposedly had decades of experience, and still she could not handle the situation better than what is on that footage? She will pay the price, as she should, and this kid will be made into yet another ‘hero’ when he is not.

          1. The lady cop resigned today.

            She knows she blew it and might get sued for it and is probably shaken by it and so she resigned.

            And yes, if that guy hadn’t resisted arrest he would still be alive.

            Did he deserve to get shot? No.

            But don’t resist arrest. Very very simple. Don’t do it.

            Or shit could happen.

            1. “But don’t resist arrest. Very very simple. Don’t do it.”
              Very law and order of you, Benny. Conservative. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.

              1. Oh I’m probably very conservative in some ways. I’m just anti-stupid is all.

                I wrote a dystopian novella called No Man Needs Nothing in which California brings back the English Transportation laws of the 1700s to sweep the streets and prisons of America of all the vagrants, drug addicts, thieves, screwups, etc.

                A Norweigan woman invents a kind of solar flora that converts solar radiation into electricity at very high efficiencies.

                That solar flora allows vast tracts of desert to be shaded and irrigated and electrificed and terraformed and places like Nevada and Baja California and the Northern Territory of Australia are transformed into frontier penal colonies – just as Virginia, Georgia and Maryland were frontier penal colonies in the 1700s, where the British sent their undesirables in chains.

                I also wrote a synopsis for a screenplay for Scott and Clint Eastwood called Breaking Point, in which the homeless/druggie/thief population of Santa Cruz are being hunted and killed by vigilantes.

                Scott Eastwood plays Harry Callahan Junior – except he is Clean Harry and not Dirty Harry – and he is brought in to investigate.

                Don’t resist arrest from cops. They don’t like it. Mistakes happen.

                That kid was stupid, and now he’s dead.

                  1. I didn’t publish 𝑁𝑜 𝑀𝑎𝑛 𝑁𝑒𝑒𝑑𝑠 𝑁𝑜𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔.

                    Just wrote it for myself as a pressure relief for a busy brain.

                    I’d never tried fiction before.

                    But the other two dozen books have sold well.

                    Just got a royalty check yesterday, thank you very much.

  9. ” That led to one person to object “Don’t do that” and another exclaiming “There was no riot.” The objections were reportedly made by the press members.”

    Afterwards, the left repeats what the press wants. There was no riot. That permits the fools on this blog to remain brain dead.

  10. What was the reporter worried about? Having to actually report was what was said as compared to what they want said? If throwing bricks and such is peaceful, what does the reporter consider a riot? How about those businesses that were robbed by those peaceful protests? I thought riots had violence in them and peaceful protest do not. Maybe violence against police do not count.

  11. The Fake News is also reporting that things are just fine at the border. No crisis and no need for Joe or The Giggler to make a visit because everything is fine. They are just cleaning up the mess left by President Trump (another enormous lie Joe Biden continues to get away with)

    Did you see this? —->

    Joe and The Giggler are offering government employees 4 months of paid leave to go to the border and care for the over 20,000 children they now have in their custody. Outrageous.


    “The Biden administration has offered thousands of federal employees four months of paid leave if they’ll volunteer to help care for migrant children who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

    The administration emailed the federal workers asking for help with Unaccompanied Alien Children, or UACs, according to The New York Times.

    “The desperate plea landed this week in the email inboxes of employees in government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and NASA: Will you consider taking a four-month paid leave from your job to help care for migrant children in government-run shelters packed with new arrivals at the border?” the Times reported.

    “The request to much of the federal work force came from the Department of Health and Human Services, which is at the heart of a frantic effort by the Biden administration to keep up with a surge in young people crossing the southwestern border hoping to reunite with relatives already in the United States,” the paper wrote.

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday said on Fox News that he thinks the number of UACs will be higher than the 35,000 the Biden administration estimates will be in custody by June.”

    1. Every unaccompanied minor who tries to enter at the border should be IMMEDIATELY returned to the country of origin. There are 3 ways for these minors to have arrived – 1. They are runaways. Solution is to return them to their parents. 2. They were sent on the journey across hundreds of miles alone. A clear case of parental neglect and child endangerment. Solution is to return them to country of origin for authorities to place in foster care or gov’t facility for orphans AND parents should be imprisoned for child endangerment. 3. They are victims of kidnapping/human trafficking. Solution is return to country of origin for return to parents.
      These are the actions the U.S. would take if these were U.S. citizens who were found crossing into another country unaccompanied.
      If none of these actions occur U.S. has become complicit in aiding and abetting the above crimes and should rightly be considered a rogue nation.

      1. You make too much sense. Joe Biden’s solution? Give federal workers 4 months of PAID LEAVE from their not-so-essential-government jobs to do Child care on the border, in hotels, at military bases, wherever else they are stashing the 20-30,000 kids. It’s a crisis of Biden’s making. And it appears to be intentional.

        1. Of course it’s intentional. After they allow all these minors into the country, the left will demand their parents be brought here to reunite the families for “humanitarian reasons”. Just like what they are trying with the “dreamers”. Next they will demand citizenship for them all. Net result – Dems bring in MILLIONS of illegals and grant them the right to vote.Only in America would criminals be allowed to steal something (residence in the U.S.) and give the proceeds to their children. Could you imagine if someone broke into your home and stole everything and the authorities said you can never get those things back because the criminal gave it to their kids and they are now legally entitled to keep them.

      2. “U.S. has become complicit in aiding and abetting the above crimes and should rightly be considered a rogue nation.“

        Kevin, what you are saying means that Biden is acting like a rogue President or doesn’t know what he is doing. I can’t disagree with you.

        1. Biden is reminding America what leadership and vision are all about.

          There’s more to it than parading around in a stupid red hat and grabbing women by the pussy.

          That’s the silver lining in Coronavirus: It swept Trump out of office and put America back into responsible, intelligent hands.

          1. I can see what you believe to be intelligent hands. Those that are demented and spend most of their mental energy trying to stand erect and not falling.

            You didn’t answer the prior question about why Trump did a bad job by reducing unemployment in blacks so maybe you will answer this one. Why when Trump had our immigration policy almost completely straightened out did Biden have to create havoc on the border? Biden is already starting to backpeddle his position on the border. A second question, under Trump the vaccine went out almost as fast as it came in. Under Biden there is a build-up of vaccines so that 50 million doses remain in storage while people die. Why?

          2. Biden is a front man. And not very convincing in his figurehead role. Kamala is a hireling too, hireling of the California billionaires that bootlickers like BM adore

            1. Biden is a frontman for truth, justice and the American way, and he is leading America kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with his infrastructure and jobs proposals.

              That’s MAGA. That’s leadership. That’s taking action and having a vision.

              Not walking around with a stupid red hat on.

              And what’s wrong with California billionaires?

              Most of these people worked their way up from nothing and got rich by being smart and productive and progressive.

              Elon Musk? Mark Zuckerberg? Peter Thiel?

              Right on soul brothers, saving the world.

            2. The smart people and the smart money believe in Biden.

              Biden’s infrastructure plan is probably why Tesla jumped $60 yesterday – yay.

              The proles just don’t get it, but it don’t matter.

              The proles are proles and they do as they’re told.

  12. When journalists become propagandists for one party, they are no longer journalists and are no longer entitled to access.

    Trump caved on Acosta, but CNN is a Dem party organ and should have been muzzled by the Trump administration.

    Access by the 4th estate is earned by reporting; propagandizing is abusing the privilege.

    Slippery slope, but Lefties think that they can game the system without consequences to the system.

    Their abuse has consequences.

    1. What consequences? CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, WaPo, etc. are mouthpieces for Democrats and the “national security state.” They currently have near total power and can act with total impunity. For over four years, now, just about everything Democrats and the MSM say is the opposite of reality.

  13. Let’s get it straight. When lefties riot, it is “unrest.” When right wingers riot, it is an insurrection.

    1. @barnum

      I will make a deal with s@@tlibs. I will refer to the January 6th event as an insurrection if they will refer to the events which occurred at the capitol during the Kavanaugh confirmation and the Iowa State Capitol (by the glorious BLM nonetheless) as such.


  14. It’s only a riot when politicians are threatened. Citizens not so much and police are fair game these days. The nation has lost it’s collective mind.

    1. The politicians, like Tlaib, want police defunded except where they protect the elite Democrats who also have their own armed guards. At the same time they wish to take away any sort of defense from you and me.

      We must prevent the elite from making us their slaves. I have stopped using whatever goods and services I can from WOKE companies.

      1. SM

        You are absolutely right.

        We have to have the discipline to research who we buy from and not support those who despise us.

        To be accurate, those who despise us and undermine the republic.

        1. The police aren’t going to be defunded. That’s a bunch of left wing nonsense as bad as the right wing nonsense.

          Defunding the police leads to anarchy and who wants anarchy?

          Elite Democrats have their own armed guards?

          Did Pelosi have her own bodyguard during the Capitol riot?

            1. Her own bodyguard or the Capitol police?

              Well if she had her own personal bodyguard she proved it justified by what happened at the Capitol.

              The mullet-heads should consider themselves lucky they didn’t get within harm’s way of Pelosi or her bodyguards would have opened fire.

              You sure she had her own bodyguard?

              Prove it.

              1. BM:

                Well her personal detail only officially logs on when she’s goes off site. (I’m betting they do more than that). The 2,200 man (chicks, too) Capitol Police handle the security of the building/occupants and did on the day in question. They did a good job for the most part. Tell me, do you have a 2200 man police force at your disposal and a security detail following you around 24/7 when not in your writer’s studio? Or merely the right to carry a weapon to handle those chores?

                1. Yes the Capitol police. That’s their job. But not her own private security service. Not even sure she would be allowed to have that.

                  Pelosi needs that kind of security, because she is standing up for truth, justice and the American way in a nation loaded with mullet-headed know nothings.

                  Dangerous ones.

                  1. Pelosi is a traitor to the people. She is the servant of a rootless cosmopolitan elite of global capitalists resident in NYC and also her own districts in California. But at least she is a somebody, whereas, BM is a nobody, currying her favor from obscurity.

                    1. Pelosi is rad.

                      She stands for truth, justice and the American way.

                      And you’re just another dimwit barking about “globalists” and “chem trails” and “Agenda 21” and the “Deep State.”

                      You just do no get it. But it don’t matter.

                      I made her a crossword puzzle for her 80th birthday and told her she’s rad.

                      I’m from San Francisco and we’re proud of her for standing up to a tsunami of incompetent, Red State BS.

  15. January 6 was an insurrection, a riot, don’t you see the difference? Now that Jan. 6 is over, and actual riots are happening in cities being burned and looted, the Fake News is back to calling them “protests.”

    News flash for the “news”: no one trusts a thing you say. and those who do are fools.

    Fake News CNN is now the leading ‘propaganda network’

    1. whig:

      “The fourth estate has disappeared, having become completely absorbed by the fifth.”

      As in fifth column? Or maybe just as the pathetic drunks we know a lot of them to be?

      1. There’s lots of quality, responsible journalism out there.

        You just have to be intelligent enough to recognize it.

        And most people aren’t.

        1. Once respectable news organizations like Washington Post and New York Times can no longer be trusted to tell the truth. They tell outright lies, knowingly deceive, and intentionally peddle misinformation, all while accusing others of doing it. CNN is now more propanda than ‘news.’

          You just have to be intelligent enough to recognize it.

          And most people aren’t.

          1. Actually, if you judge by CNN’s rating’s, it seems most people do recognize it As for the WaPo, they made it clear when they called for Trump’s impeachment a few hours after his INAUGURATION.

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